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Takakashi_z Jan 19th, 2019 86 Never
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  1. Time-skip Application
  3. Key: Takakashi z
  5. Character: Bass
  7. Skill(or transformation): Ansatsuken.  I'm also throwing in my SNJ event application in here as well. I was told that it could be done since there's literally 0 Namekians in terms of population. I would like to propose an event where I meet my elder, or something along those lines in an event in order to unlock my transformation and what not.
  9. How well do you know the source material?(obviously not relevant if it's a transformation):Yes.
  11. Reasoning: After his crushing defeat at the hands of deceitful enemies, Bass found himself lacking overall in terms of strength. The massive gap between him and those who possessed seemingly otherworldly abilities made it clear that he had a gap to cross. In order to enjoy more battles that he craves, the berserk-like warrior would spend his time over the TS to cultivate his abilities under the watchful eyes of the Changeling Generals. Aspiring to climb the ranks and find even greater battle on the horizons of war and strife, Bass realizes that in order to find the 'ultimate' rush he sought, he had to overcome his weakness as it stands.
  13.  With that said, he spent ample amounts of time developing an entirely new fighting style, one that represents his desire to crush his opponents and climb higher upon the food chain. To experience euphoria in a seemingly never-ending marathon of battles.
  15. What is the moment: The Timeskip. . . .I guess. . .
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