A Chainsaw Across my Heart solution

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  1. This is the complete walkthrough for my LDJAM 31 game A Chainsaw Across my Heart.
  2. Click on the passage indicated in this guide
  3. There are also other things to discover, but this is the bare minimum
  5. >thinking
  6. >video on youtube some years ago
  7. >friend's boat
  8. >we met
  9. >kiss her
  10. >...
  11. >video on youtube some years ago
  12. >Comicon
  13. >but that are only past memory
  14. >summer when we broke for some time
  15. >cared about us
  16. >a bit more...
  17. >i'm wasting my time
  18. >facebook {Close tab} [do that 4 times]
  19. >no, wait, what?!?!
  20. >{Send message}
  21. >{Write a mail}
  22. >...
  23. >i'm wasting my time
  24. >facebook {Close tab} [do that 3 times]
  25. >do something by myself
  26. >{Open TOR}
  27. >Go on that mail provider
  28. >{Do password reset}
  29. >{Enter her facebook account}
  30. >Done, let's go ahead
  31. >something else...
  32. >fucking monday
  33. >"Don't you want to know what happened yesterday?"
  34. >There are 2 i... click on the second one
  35. >who knows what she was thinking
  36. >{Are you alright?}
  37. >fear
  38. >without talking
  39. >i'm still thinking about us
  40. >demonize what happened
  41. >Ludum Dare it's coming...
  42. >Dicember 6th
  43. >the bell rings
  44. >Then i wrote this game
  45. >here
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