Full Bloom (Dorome)

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  1. Full Bloom
  2. Tags: Dorome, monstergirl, vanilla, nsfw
  4. Today was like any other day out in the fields, long and hot. Thankfully the work was over and now it was time for some rest and relaxation. You are a farmer, you live by yourself and tend to a decent sized garden growing food and alchemy ingredients that you would sell in town. Ever since you were a child you loved to tend to your parents garden, they even let you take care of your own couple of plants. The feeling of raising something from the earth and sustaining it was fascinating and relaxing to you. When you became a adult you saved enough coin through your hard work of tending to the fields and were able to finance a small house with enough land to start a garden for yourself. After some time you were able to get the garden producing at a decent cycle that you had a steady income and things were going by very smoothly.
  6. But some months back while you were tending to your vegetables you noticed you had some company in your garden with you. It was a Dorome, a woman made of mud slowly trudging through the walk paths of your garden as to not disturb any plants. You couldn’t tell if she was stalking you since she seemed to be aimlessly wandering around and making quite some noise. Having quite some knowledge of these monsters thanks to stories of young male farmers having to avoid getting sucked in by them while being careless in the fields. Still you had the drop on her so you decided to follow behind her and hopefully get an idea as to what she is doing. Trailing behind the Dorome you cant help but notice how strangely they move, like that of a slime but much more viscous and sloppily. Yet she didn’t seem to leave a trail, instead where she shifted the earth stayed completely dry, she must be able to control this to keep her body in check. Speaking of body you couldn’t help but make out the curvature of her figure,  she seemed to morph her body to be able to resemble long hair and a hourglass figure from behind. Realizing that now you were stalking her and through your own garden even you decided to get her attention.
  8. “Excuse me Miss?” you call out to the Dorome. With that she stops her shifting, standing completely still the figure slowly the turns to face you, and you are greeted by one of the warmest but surprisingly goofy smiles you have ever seen. The Dorome now facing you, her eyes locked on you. You take a second to take in the sight of her body, long flowing hair covered her breasts, a slender frame traveling down to her wide thighs and full legs. But the most distinguishable feature were her huge arms made of mud, using them to help her crawl around and keep her upright and a dull red gem planted above her breasts. Gathering your mind you continue “Miss this is my property and I was hoping you could explain why you’re on it?” you ask the Dorome who is still staring at you. After some time she finally responds in a sudden manner, “Im sorry, this garden is just so fertile and beautiful, would you happen to be one of the farmers?” the girl slowly responds. Her way of speaking and the way she held herself was strange for a monster, she was sluggish and slow with her speech and her movements . “I am, like I said I own this land and im the only one here. Im glad you like it but is there something I can help you with?”. With that her already huge smile grew even wider and so did her eyes, and she slowly began shifting towards you. “Wow a farmer like you is willing to help a girl like me, I mean we only just met but yes I need help” the girl says while shifting towards you her arms starting to reach out towards you. “Actually Miss I just wanted to know what your doing he…” before you can finish your sentence while backing away from the Dorome slowly coming towards you with a very concerning smile on her face, you trip over yourself and almost fall over onto your crops. But you land in something very warm and wet. The Dorome was able to catch you with by making a arm of mud to catch you, she seemed to be shoving her right arm into the ground.
  10. “You should be more careful Mister, you almost feel on your pretty little plants” she says while letting you out of her grip. Looking over to where you would have landed you notice a plot of rare alchemy herbs that make up a decent part of your profits. Thankfully this Dorome was able to help you, and unfortunately that means now you should at least hear her out. Standing up and noticing that you're clothes are clean despite having been held in the muddy palms of the Dorome, her control over her muddy body was outstanding. “Well Miss I guess I should be thanking you, im usually not that clumsy you just startled me a bit” and with that the Dorome gives you a concerned look and her smile grows weak “Why human? Are you not use to monsters?” she asks. Truth be told you had not problem with monsters at all but obviously this woman didn’t seem to understand how she was coming off. “No no never mind miss, can I get your name and what it is I can help you with?” you respond. With this her smile returns to its original width and goofiness. “My name is Demi, and well you seem like a experienced farmer so I was hoping….you could help me learn how to grown things?”. After finishing her sentence Demi breaks eye contact with you for the first time in the conversation, looking to the floor with her smile growing small and timid. Certainly a strange request especially from someone who is literally made of earth. “Sure I can teach you how to tend to soil and plant some seeds, I have a empty plot somewhere and this shouldn't take long” but Demi is quick to respond. “No silly, im a Dorome yet im barren. My mother bloomed beautiful flowers from her hair yet no matter what I do, the seeds I take in I cant grow anything from my body”. This request just got a lot stranger, this Dorome wanted your help growing things from inside of her? “Im sorry Demi but I am not so sure that I can help you with that, I mean I can grow things from the earth but im not sure about” cutting you off again the Dorome looks at you again with quite the expression on her face, a reassuring smile and eye full of excitement. “But Mister I am earth and you seem to have quite the green thumb so maybe you can help make me more fertile?”. Having no idea if the same rules of the earth applied to this woman in front of you, you decide nevertheless to give it a shot. Sighing you respond “Ok Demi, call me Anon. I guess I can try and help you bloom something, I have some spare seeds around so in the morning lets get started shall we?” with that Demi's smile grows again and she thank you and you head off to bed.
  12. This was months ago though, it was early summer now and despite many different attempts to get Demi to bloom anything nothing seemed to work. First you attempted to get her nice and firm, using your hands you kneaded her body out which was a strange feeling to say the least, Demi seemed to enjoy it though. Yet the seeds you had her place in her hair didn’t seem to germinate. So you made a special fertilizer for her to eat out of common vegetables and rare herbs that bolstered the fertility of soils it was put in. Despite her finding it very delicious and eating large portions for quite sometime she simply started to look healthier and while that was nice you started to feel discouraged. What else could you possibly do for Demi that could get her to start blooming? Still you started to enjoy your time with her, you really enjoyed having her around. Her very relaxed and calm personality and her cute yet goofy face were quite the combo. Plus she was so warm and soft, not to mention pretty on the eyes. You also enjoyed the small talk she brought with her while you worked the fields. You two could talk for hours about nothing, things like the weather, the clouds, the birds and the garden. You couldn’t help but feel like you were growing more than plants for this Dorome.
  14. You find yourself laying in bed after your long day of work and recollection of the last couple of months. You find it hard to sleep with the thoughts of what’s holding Demi back from being able to bloom, maybe you can ask about her mother and that might be able to give you some more insight. In the morning you walk out to the patch of land Demi seems to be fond of, a small amount of mud on the surface of a otherwise dry surface. Kneeling down and poking the puddle you call out Demi's name, and with that the puddle expands before your eyes as Demi rises up from the ground from her sleep. Rubbing her eyes and making that familiar goofy smile she greets you “Good morning anon” she lets out with a small yawn. “Good morning Demi, hey I was wondering if you could yell me more about your mother? What was she like and how she goes about her days?” you ask the still groggy Dorome. “My mother? Well anon im basically a spitting image of her except for the fertility.” Demi looks off into space before describing the details of her mothers beautiful hair. The many flowers that grew out of it and the smell they produced, it must be quite the sight but it didn’t help you figure out why Demi couldn’t grow anything. “Well Demi do you have any ideas because I am out of them?” you ask the Dorome.
  16. After sometime of staying silent and shifting around in place like she was embarrassed Demi locks eyes with you and with a huge goofy smile she starts to speak. “Well anon my mother always had my father around to give her his spirit energy” Demi slowly lets out. “Spirit energy?” you question Demi. Giggling and covering her smile with one of her massive arms she replies “Wow anon how can a human not know about their own spirit energy?” hearing something like that come from a airhead like her was kind of surprising and a bit humorous considering she seems impressed to know something you don’t. She continues “Spirit energy is in all living things. Plants, animals and human's all have it in them naturally, maybe your good at growing things because you can pour your spirit energy into the earth and help give extra nutrients to your crops?”. Well that’s a theory for sure. “But Demi if its true that im able to put my spirit energy into the earth even subconsciously then why didn’t it help the seeds we planted in you grow?” you question the Dorome. Again she starts giggling before responding “Well silly just because im made of earth doesn't mean all the same rules apply, after all I am a monster and the best way to get spirit energy is to just, take it from you”.
  18. With that you notice that Demi's massive hands are missing, she has stuck them into the ground and they are now at both of your sides closing in as you're kneeling over to speak with Demi.  Attempting to dodge you try and raise to your feet and move back but you cant seem to move. Demi has shifted close enough to wrap your feet in her warm mud, unable to move Demi looks you in the eyes before pushing you over with her body into the palms of her massive hands that have shifted behind you. Flopping into the soft muddy grip of her massive hands Demi pushes her body close to yours, the warmth is like you just dove into a hot bath. Before you know it you’re on your back with Demi slowly creeping up your legs. “Demi what's going on are you ok?” you desperately ask the Dorome who's smile has grown wider. “Anon you really have no clue about spirit energy do you? Im going to put you inside of me and your going to pour your energy into me” Demi says with a lustful look behind her smile. Could she mean, she cant really be serious. But before you can finish your thought Demi has used her free hand to start unbuckling you pants. Nervous and a bit afraid you blurt out “Demi please wait I have never done this before!”
  20. With that Demi stops her shifting and with a happy but weak smile she looks and you. “Anon, I haven't either but I feel like I love you. Even if this doesn’t help me bloom at least we have each other”. And with those soft warm words running through your head and the thick warm mud gently massaging your body your head starts to go blank. “Ok Demi, if that’s how you feel” raising a arm through the thick mud you grab Demi's face. “And I love you too” with that you drag Demi close to you and lock lips with her for the first time. She felt very soft yet her tongue and lips has a coarseness to them. Demi had finally removed your pants and underwear revealing your hard member. Moving from your lips down to your lower areas she takes in the sight of your dick with a goofy and lusty smile before beginning to slowly put it into her mouth. The feeling was almost too much for you, the sticky warm mud running up and down your dick while you’re body enveloped in a warm living mud bath. Sloshing the insides of her mouth faster and faster while running her semi rough tongue up and down your shaft, you are unable to hold it for too long and end up coming directly into Demi's mouth. She buries her face in your crotch as to take you all in and get every last drop out before slowly releasing you from her mouth.
  22. Catching your breath from the excitement you just went through Demi seems to have a look of pleasure and pure ecstasy on her face. Laying in the mud you look up at the Dorome and cant help but notice the gem above her breasts has started to glow slightly. Maybe this spirit energy stuff was stronger than you gave it credit. Demi begins to speak to get your attention “Anon, that was amazing I feel so refreshed now. We have to do it again right now!”. Raising your head to meet eyes with her you can only reply with “Again?!” and with that Demi is already straddling you rubbing herself against your dick trying to get it at attention again. Thankfully the warmth and wetness from what you assume was her vagina were enough to stimulate you for another round with Demi, this time going all the way. Slowly lowering herself on you and enveloping you dick with her thick muddy folds, again you have to control yourself from coming from insertion and Demi after letting you take some time to catch yourself starts to slowly shake her hips. The feeling of her soft body slapping against yours, the wet noises but warm embrace were too much for you and lasting as long did the first round you release your seed into Demi who lets out a very loud and sensual moan. Falling onto your chest you wrap your arms around Demi and slowly drift into a nap.
  24. Waking up to the sound of Demi calling you name and gently massaging your scalp with her muddy hands you dart up to find yourself still in the fields. “Finally awake? Im glad you felt so good that you needed to rest I also had a good time anon” Demi says before letting out a small giggle. You cant help but notice her gem is glowing brighter now and has a much more vivid color. Still Demi's hair is barren. “Im sorry Demi but I don’t think it worked, the seeds didn't seem to react to the spirit energy” you say while laying back into her muddy embrace. Smiling down at you Demi responds “Patience anon you cant expect a miracle our first time, besides it took my mother months of taking in my dads energy before she became pregnant with me and started to bloom after she gave birth”. Upon hearing this you have a sudden epiphany and sit upwards. “Wait Demi, you mean to tell me your mother only started to bloom after she gave birth to you?”. Demi seems confused “Yes anon  my mother needed spirit energy so she met my father and the two of them fell for each other almost like we have”. Thinking back to when you met Demi you recall her simply asking for help, she never specified that she knew what she wanted from the start. “So why didn’t you just tell me from the start you needed spirit energy?” you question her. With her goofy smile she looks at you and says “Anon you are such a good farmer I assumed you knew about stuff like spirit energy and when you started to touch me and cook for me well it was just so nice I thought it was all apart of your plan to make me fall for you”. And here you both are in each others embrace with a shared feeling off love for one another,  smiling you accept how things have turned out since that day you found her shifting through your garden. “Hey anon, lets do it again tonight ok?”. Hearing that your smile grows wider and you hold onto Demi a bit tighter.
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