Ichor Omega-An Ongoing Jumpchain Project

Mar 2nd, 2015
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  1. Ichor Omega: An Ongoing Jumpchain Project
  3. AKA The Rot of Stars AKA The Crucible of Tribulations AKA The Doom of Olympus AKA The Invisible Fortress AKA That Which Sunders OH GOD ITS EATING MY FACE
  5. “4 Then the third angel poured out his bowl into the rivers and the springs of waters; and they became blood. 5 And I heard the angel of the waters saying, “Righteous are You, who are and who were, O Holy One, because You judged these things; 6 for they poured out the blood of saints and prophets, and You have given them blood to drink. They [a]deserve it.”7 And I heard the altar saying, “Yes, O Lord God, the Almighty, true and righteous are Your judgments.” Revelation 16:4-7”
  7. This is an ongoing initiative to create the most destructive, versatile and portable tool in all the multiverse. Specifically-it will be a nanomachine swarm beholden solely to our will and control, incorporating both metallic and biological properties as well as magical, scientific and spiritual paradigms. Amongst other things, it is the ultimate alchemic catalyst.
  9. 1. Baseline components (Physical)
  10. -Iji: Technical Expertise, Nanomaster
  11. -Marvel jump: Adamantium, Vibranium, pym particles
  12. -Dragon Age: Lyrium
  13. -Metal Gear Rising: Senator Armstrong’s Heart, nanopaste
  14. -Raildex: Dark Matter sample acquired from equ. Dark Matter suit
  15. -Transformers: Transformium
  16. -One Punch Man: I Can’t Believe It’s Not Magic
  18. Using the understanding of nanomachine mechanics gained from Iji jump, we shall use our nanite field to assimilate properties from the other components mentioned here by dissemating and assimilating their subatomic components. In the case of adamantium/vibranium, we shall first analyse the base elements that make up these metals and then have the nanites assimilate those, before using transformium to harden them into a substance bearing their approximate density on command. The OPM upgrade both enhances the nanites’ ability to rip apart physical objects and drain energy much faster, while their Transformium infusion will enable them to create and/or emulate more advanced machenisms. The swarm’s lyrium infusion make it an efficient conduit for laying enchantments upon the swarm, as well as conducting our own magic through it.
  20. Fundamental principles
  21. -Elder Scrolls: Spellmaker
  22. -NGNL: Transmutation
  23. -FMA: Simple and Advanced Formulae
  24. -Minecraft: Equivalent Exchange, Thaumcraft
  25. -Journey To The West: Trigram Knowledge and Manipulation; Crucible of Eight Trigrams
  26. -Van Helsing: Deranged Alchemist (initially partial knowledge only via Arcane; knew the formula for Panacea but not the basics of drawing a pentagram), “Fulmigati’s last and greatest accomplishment”
  28. Initially, most physical effects induced by the nanite field will be through brute-force. However, over the centuries we shall seek out fields of study similar to and relating to classical alchemy, and preprogram the swarm to form increasingly complicated transmutation circles to alchemise both physical objects, and eventually spiritual substances such as souls. The goal will be to create a grand unified theory of alchemy which unites multiple disciplines into one seamless paradigm which both enables the nanoswarm to self-replicate by alchemising ambient environment into duplicates of itself as well as creating a variety of physical phenomena through alchemisation on a grand scale. Additionally, should it prove impossible to integrate more esoteric metals like mitheral into the baseline swarm, rapid prepared alchemy circles will be used to spontaneously generate structures composed of those alloys on a need-to-have basis
  30. 2. Add-ons up to jump #280
  31. -FMA: Alchemy lore (simplified formulate+advanced formulate+Alkhehestry): Knowledge of alchemic ritual circles combined with the fine manipulation of nanomachines enables the creation of ritual circles at the will of the nanite field user-and the creation of more complex formulae, enabling rapid alchemisation of substances by the nanoswarm alone. Nanoswarm’s primary combat operation is the formation of a complex formula to alchemise physical matter into more nanites; naturally /extreme/ trauma to most nearby substances given complexity of nanoswarm (this extremely advanced formula will need constant modification to keep up with the swarm’s current level of technology)
  32. -Valkyrie Profile: Angel Slayer enhancement added
  33. -City of Gold: Solar device schematics. Alternate fuel source for nanomachines
  34. -DMC/Bayonetta: Angellic soul infusion. Some of the halos of angels who opposed us were forged into the nanomachines instead of being devoured. This leads to exponentially better performance from the swarm in reproducing lightning/fire magics, enables it to briefly form into structures made of the golden metal used by angels and other angellic properties.
  35. -Type-Moon jumps: Mystic Code(ification?). By turning the swarm into a Mystic Code, its physical components become far swifter, stronger, flexile yet durable; think Fast Wheel’s mercury blob. Acquisition of a Magus family crest enables commencement of artificial nanite circuits research
  36. -Mahou Sensei Negima: Gift of Chao/Thousand Master upgrade. It’s unclear what this can achieve (poss. enables the swarm to open dimensional portals, supress magic, siphon a more varied variety of life energies and hack networks independantly?) but it certainly guarantees significant advances in overall performance as well as its use as a magic focus.
  37. -Shadowrun: Farlight Excalibur schematics integration. Increases nanites’ individual computation ability by assimilating and breaking down the computer’s circuit systems
  38. -Red Alert 3: Imperial nanoswarm blueprints. Acquired the ability for the swarm to form an inpenetrable dome for 5 minutes
  39. -Fairy Tail: Archive magic enchantment permance via lyrium
  40. -One Punch Man: I Can’t Believe It’s Not Magic. EXTREME increase in the swarm’s ability to assimilate/emulate physical phenomena, drain energy of all sorts and strip the flesh off an opponent in less than a second
  41. -Blazblue: Nox Nyctores creation (achieved after 50+ more jumps’ experimentation). Nanoswarm draining now applies to normally indestructible or immutable magical sources as well as concepts. Through overclocking, the nanoswarm may alter probability in the user’s favor. Nanoswarm can create minor time-space distortions to attack, and thusly emulate similar technology like Russian implosion technology. Additionally, enchanting enables artificial seithr creation via channeling mage ability through nanoswarm’s preprogrammed ritualistic latices
  42. -Dark Souls: Soul Smith. Soul manipulation and forging was vital in spiritual upgrades of the nanoswarm. Additionally, an iteration of Gwyn’s soul (the Old Iron King’s soul) was discovered and forged into the swarm instead of devoured, improving its ability to increase heat.
  43. -Mass Effect: Eezeo analysed, base properties broken down and distributed into swarm for rearrangement into eezeo structue in order for possible mass effect field generation tasks
  44. -HALO: Blueprints for forerunner and Covenant tech dissemated into the swarm
  45. -Age of Mythology: Mithril reduced to subatomic elemental components and redistributed into nanoswarm for selective reconstruction-
  46. -Skies of Arcadia: Black Crystal. Analysed, scanned and samples extracted by nanoswarm to acquire physical inversion, reversal, technological disassembly, selective magic cancellation and gravitational manipulation properties
  47. -Deadman Wonderland: Wretched Egg-class Branch of Sin. Unique strain of BoS bearing distinctive red crystals created using Wretched Egg powers, and implemented into nanoswarm. Nanoswarm now able to manipulate and reconstruct biological properties. Commencing the introduction of integrating Naruto chakra circuits and plasmid effects via swarm by alchemically converting native biological life and reconstituting it into appropriate forms/using inherent magic/ to artificially reconstruct spiritual energies’ properties (implementation is still highly experimental at this stage)
  48. -Macross: Music Meister technology. Inherent schematics for musical controls integrated into nanoswarm’s database. Nanoswarm can now be sustained by ambient sources of music, or hardwire other subsystems to respond to a specific soundwave emitted from the Jumper
  49. -XCOM: Psi-Amp schematics integrated for remote psionic manipulation
  50. -Harry Potter: Horcrux technique (+100 jumps). Utilising the original technique, a portion of our soul will be imbued within the nanoswarm, to afford finer manipulation via spiritual synchronicity. Later corruptive perks will necessitate the shearing off of more soul-fragments into the original nanoswarm-horcrux to imbue it with the combined corruptive properties of Corruptive Influece+Corruption+Corrupting Corruption That Corrupts+Evil Power+Dread+Malicious Aura+Posession+Entire V:TR Nightmare ability set+Oubliette+Dark Power
  51. -Soul Hackers: Magnetite infusion
  52. -Full Metal Panic: Lambda Driver schematics encoded into nanoswarm, reproduced in tandem with Strong Spark inspired modifications. Note: Nanoswarm must materialize Lambda Drivers as “pylons” in order to be enhanced with the user’s willpower
  53. -LOTR: Elven Enhancement applied to nanite swarm, permitting mystical invisibility module. Commencing experiments Mithril reduced to trace elemental form, distributed into swarm. Durability of swarm greatly enhanced.
  54. -HALO: Forerunner and Covenant scehmatics downloaded into swarm’s database
  55. -Starcraft: Self-repairing protocols of local vehicles researched to improve nanoswarm regeneration rate
  56. -Viking Jump: Swarm given a name in ancient Norse runes to improve control. Uploading Odin rune configurations to nanoswarm, for future replication
  57. -Command and Conquer: Commencing research into application of alchemy to replicate Tiberium; NO DIRECT TIBERIUM INFUSION
  58. -Invader Zim: Time-Stasis fields and perpetual energy machine schematics uploaded
  59. -TF2: Medi-Gun schematics analysed, Australium assimilated
  60. -Overlord: After consultation with Overlady companion, minion sacrifice discovered to improve overall efficiency of nanoswarm
  61. -RWBY: Commencing research into Dust replication via alchemy. Dust tech enhancer blueprints uploaded into nanoswarm
  62. -Gargoyles: Grey goo companion integrated into canon swarm, merging ability pool. Basically fusion-ha of nanomachines
  63. -Stargate SG 1: Nanomachine based replicators studied
  64. -Vandread: Healing nanomachine samples acquired, reverse engineered
  65. -PS238: Alpha-technological skill applied to improve energy efficiency, general functionality
  66. -Clone Wars: The Force acquired as alternative power source
  67. -Minecraft: Diamond tools crafted, broken down to apply various enchantments including Thorns. Equivalent Exchange principles applied to improve existing alchemical functions
  68. -Zelda: Mirror Polish, Evil’s Bane applied to nanoswarm
  69. -Generic Sugar Bowl: You Can Have Both, You Know. Current effects unknown, but nanoswarm is apparently cleaner and more efficient?
  70. Unholy Heights: Let’s Give It A Boost acquired; nanoswarm upgrade process significantly limited by vast amounts of natural resources required
  71. -FF7: Shinra tech schematics uploaded into nanoswarm
  72. -Ghostbusters: Corrupting Influence applied to nanoswarm; full extent of ramifications unknown
  73. -Assassin’s Creed: Presursor tech. Neuro-interface between user and swarm improved by Precursor tech studies. Reliable psionic attack/illusion/forcefield creation without magic granted to nanoswarm. Nanites’ healing functions improved. Nanoswarm may manipulate electrons to fire “melta” energy rays without creating advanced constructs. Nanoswarm’s ability to replicate and interface with circuits and hardware greatly improved.
  74. -Jackie Chan Adventures: Magic must defeat Magic. Various enchantments made permanent on nanoswarm
  75. -Bionicle: Matoran technology and schematic uploaded into nanoswarm
  76. -Girl Genius: Various; see Strong Spark
  77. -Johnny Test: Various upgrades; see Newton Is Crying In His Grave
  78. -Jade Empire: Mythic forge used to improve nanoswarm effectiveness. Improvements mainly limited by appropriate cool names and backstories
  79. -Light of Terra: Commencing studies into Necrodermis/Fleshmetal integration and Zoat technology
  80. -Bubblegum Crisis: Self-augmented Fusion Boomer anatomy studied and reverse engineered
  81. -Soul Hacker: Magnetite integrated into nanoswarm
  82. -Commoragh: Commencing studies into pre-Fall technology
  83. -Anno 2070: Artificial Alloys engineered to improve nanoswarm’s ability to fabricate metals and substances from a submolecular set of items in tandem with grand unified theory of alchemy
  84. -Bioshock Infinite: Commencing studies into possible Lutece particle applications
  85. -Evangelion: Commencing experimental LCL manipulation techniques utilising the swarm’s crystalline Branch of Sin
  86. -Magical Girl Noir Quest: Nanoswarm imported as a Golden Weapon
  87. -MMZ: Reploid productions schematics uploaded to nanoswarm
  88. -FF8: Magical system interference, magical energy field draining and anti-magic protocals greatly enhanced. Self-repair protocals improved
  89. -Gears of War: Imulsion-based substance acquired, modified to prevent excess manipulation and analysed for replication; growth control moderated by nanoswarm’s Branch of Sin. Biological enhancement/modification protocols greatly enhanced
  90. -Psychonauts: Psychonautic technology uploaded into nanoswarm. Psionic enhancement greatly increased
  91. -Valkyria Chronicles: Commencing experiments in Ragnite creation/manipulation
  92. -MCU: Commencing Asgardian technology experiments; results currently inconclusive. Extremis and Nitramene infused into biological component. Cradle technology implemented to augment synthesis functions
  93. -Thundercats: Commencing soul-interface integration technology
  94. -FFXI: Craig blueprints uploaded to nanoswarm. Commencing crystal infusion into nanoswarm
  95. -Webmage: Binary casting system protocals upgraded. Reality altering apps fully implemented. Commencing research into creating a remote tap to harness the power of primordial chaos
  96. -Ragnarok Online: Mystical Amplification enables usage of equivalent exchange to exponentially increase total magical capacity
  97. -Avernum: Crystal research and samples integrated
  98. -FFXIII 1-3: Antimatter subroutines upgraded. Antimatter temporal/genesis principle applications integrated
  99. -Light Bringer: Various Luxin varieties integrated
  100. -Bomberman 64: Commencing Big Bang in a Can project to provide energy source
  101. -Armored Core: Core Competencies applied to generate automaton battle platforms from nanoswarm
  102. -Megas XLR: Commencing hyperdimensional structural augmentations
  103. -Battlestar Galactica: Final Five cylon tech integrated
  104. -Sly Cooper: Hate Chip replicated for additional energy source, schematics integrated into swarm to enable siphoning of hatred
  105. -Warframe: Orokin tech mental link with the void used to provide nanoswarm with additional power source. Unique warframe schematics integrated into nanoswarm in a bid to enable hyperdimensional energy channeling; results currently inconclusive although drastic improvement in alchemy processes reported
  106. -Killer Instinct: Nuclear core reverse engineered, attuned with nanoswarm as backup power source
  107. -Gunnerkrigg Court: Remote swarm control immensely improved. Commencing experiments into Ether manipulation and replication
  108. -FF9: Dark Matter integrated into nanoswarm. Hyperdimensional capabilities exponentially increased. Swarm is now capable of disintegrating most barriers on touch by extending/distorting/removing/crushing base matter between/beyond/outside of extradimensional boundaries
  109. -Bloodborne: Great One blood composition analysed and integrated
  110. -Zoids Legacy: Temporal analysis principle applied to swarm, enhancing duplication abilities greatly. Perfect and imperfect ZOS tech applications installed
  111. -Worm: Tinkertech cache acquired for services rendered to Cauldron
  112. -The Banner Sage: Stravh's whetstone and Dundr's Blessing used to improve anti-divinity capabilities
  113. -Discworld: Octaron included into nanoswarm via alchemy. EXTREME ENHANCEMENT to anti-magic /and/ magical capabilities
  114. -Thundercats: Implementing magitech schemata
  115. -Storm Hawks: Wireless Transmitter used to supercharge swarm with Big Bang in a Can's energy. Arcane Transmitter used to improve occult programming. Using the former, The Binding has been shorn of its downsides and harness previously soul-identity interface technology to directly assault the very essence of an opponent, with the nanoswarm acting as a dampener for incoming emotional transmissions and amplifyer for proprietary telepathic assaults. Universal Adaptor has EXPONENTIALLY increased all nanite capabilities.
  116. -Nanoha: Commencing Belkan reverse engineering protocals
  117. -Sins of a Solar Empire: Vasari phase space and nanotech integrated
  118. -Endless Legend: Commencing empirical Dust studies, focusing on the reconstruction of Pillars and the creation of a pseudo-indoctrination effect. Alchemic synthesis of native metals complete.
  119. -Posleen Wars: Sohon technospiritualism upgrade
  120. -Mistborn: Allomancy converted into magitech. Commencing divine metal synthesis project using innate power as Preservation's successor
  121. -Aquaria: Commencing Odd Container research. Commecning experiments with Maestro upon nanoswarm
  122. -Demon King Daimou: Anti-Magic sonic protocal integrated. God's schemata reverse engineered.
  123. -Generator Rex: Various reverse engineering-based tinkering
  124. -FEAR: Psionic attunement increased
  125. -Cave STory: Energy Weapons System integrated
  126. -Bastion: Gel cannister technology integrated. Shards and Cores reverse engineered for integration in all aspects of nanoswarm. Commencing Anti-Calamity technology research. Commencing Bastion research for further Mantic energy applications, projected to result in [DATA EXPUNGED]
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