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Jul 27th, 2016
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  1. Hello Kris and Allan, thanks a ton for your great show. Love listening to it every week and it has helped me learn more about unix in general and FreeBSD in particular.
  3. I have a question that you might be able to discuss on your show. Here's the background of my situation:
  5. I have been running on a beefed up Mac mini as my primary machine for the past 5 years, but it is getting to be a bit slow while doing anything besides general surfing the web. My main use of the mini has been running virtual machines via virtualbox (Linux and Windows) and photo management and some simple photo editing.
  7. Looking ahead, I would like to get a new computer and I would be willing to try out FreeBSD/DesktopBSD as the base platform. I only have limited experience with the BSDs but I do have a Freebsd box running a plex server at home. The reason for FreeBSD is of course ZFS as I like the snapshot features and see that this could be really beneficial for keeping my documents safe.
  9. Now, some of the software that I would need runs solely on Windows and/or Mac OSX; mainly a hardware security device & application for my online banking, and secondly I have a larger amount of photos, ~500+GB, in Adobe Lightroom for my photo management. This software doesn't run under FreeBSD from what i could see.
  11. I could of course setup a virtual machine for running windows software on BSD, but are you aware of alternatives? Should I just run a vmware/virtualbox/ something-else-virtual-machine to tackle these software limitations? Could behyve maybe increase the virtualized performance and help me in this scenario? The thought of working on a bunch of RAW photos in a virtual machine seems slow to me, and I am concerned that I would take a big performance hit if I attempted to try something like that. Changing this software to Google Photos isn't an option as I would like to have all photos locally and not indexed by someone else's computer in the sky. Any ideas regarding GPU passthrough for the virtual machines?
  13. Do you have any comments on how I should proceed in these matters? What do other BSD users do who must rely on Windows software, or for general gaming? Dual booting isn't really was what i was hoping for and I was hoping for an opportunity to try out a semi-pure BSD instead.
  15. Thank you and have a great day!
  16. Kind regards,
  17. Michael
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