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  1. The worker owning work-making things idea.
  3. A little more than a hundred years ago, there was this big change when people started to realize they could make many big helping-things that does work in large numbers. This allowed people to make many more things than before, since each person could use the big helping-things to make them work better.
  5. But eventually, because these work-making things needed a lot of money to buy, only lots-of-money people could have it. But the problem is that since having it can make you many goods which you can have others buy for a lot of money, people with money can get a lot more money for no work. Because there were very few of the much-money people and very many no-money worker, the much money people can buy the time of the no-money worker for very little money. On the other hand, the no-money worker makes a lot more money for the thing-owning person, because they can make things that are bought for a lot more money than the much-money, thing-owning person pays for the thing-making-thing and the thing-making-person.
  7. Some people saw this and said: "Why is it that the worker can make so many good things, but he can not buy the thing he makes because he has no money?". People then answered that question with: "That happens because the thing-owning person is using his owning-things-state to take away the goods from the no-money worker."
  9. These people then tried to stop this problem by changing power away from the money-people-owning-things to the worker owning things, so that they can happy and finally buy the things they need, since there is no other money-person to take away the money made from the goods the worker makes.
  11. It is sad that in the end many people trying to stop this problem did it the bad way, and since they were very angry, they started a lot of fights, making people die. Also, sometimes they were angry enough to not want to use any way the much-money people did things, even if some of the things they did were good. This also caused a lot of hurt.
  13. Then a lot of people in different places saw how much hurt that these worker-owning-things idea did, but still made the same wrong-doing. Because they were scared, they tried to do everything in a different way than these worker-idea people did, even if some of the ideas they had were not bad either.
  15.  In the States they tried to not allow any kind of help to little-money people, even if it is for important things like seeing a doctor because of being sick -- calling this idea bad words to remind people of the worker-owning-things idea -- because they were so afraid of being like the worker-owning-things places, even if this idea is different from the helping-the-sick idea.
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