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  1.  dCTF is approaching and we can't wait to have you in!
  3. dCTF hosts will be reachable via an OpenVPN tunnel. The configuration for
  4. your team is available at:
  6.   http://www.cs.vu.nl/~sullivan/dCTF/OpenVPN_Conf/dCTF_team-bkitsek-dPR5TY2W2c5c0FnB.tar.gz.gpg
  8. The configuration tarball is encrypted with a symmetric key: the username
  9. you received upon registration. Treat both the VPN configuration and the
  10. username as strictly confidential: these are the information that will be
  11. identifying you throughout the game!
  13. It should be sufficient to untar the OpenVPN configuration tarball into
  14. your /etc/openvpn/ folder. Starting the client should automatically set
  15. the tunnel up for you (tested on Linux and Mac OS X).
  17. The tunnel IPs will be in the range of
  18. The game IPs will be in the range of
  20. Please, make the appropriate arrangement to avoid conflicts with such
  21. settings. To check whether your VPN tunnel is working properly, ping
  22. the IP address and see whether you get a reply (success).
  24. *************************************************************************
  25. ** Please, report back to us whenever you have the VPN tunnel working  **
  26. ** properly (or not), ASAP. We won't be having much time to check      **
  27. ** network settings as we're approaching the start of dCTF!            **
  28. *************************************************************************
  30. We will be making available a QEMU image, soon, which will be part of the
  31. game. Your OpenVPN server will be your Internet gateway: it MUST act as a
  32. NAT box for the clients connected to its local LAN. As a matter of fact,
  33. only VPN tunnel IPs are routed in the game's network (the QEMU image may
  34. be made available via the NAT box with a simple firewall/port forwarding
  35. rule).
  37. For local teams: we will be providing you with one Ethernet cable (the
  38. Internet). It's up to you to bring your own switch and power strips and to
  39. set up the OpenVPN server/NAT box accordingly.
  41. Do not hesitate to contact us at <dimva-oc@cs.vu.nl>, should you encounter
  42. any problem.
  44. May the force be with you...
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