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  1. # Do you have any previous modding experience, if so, where?
  2. #### Yes, I have been staff on many Discord servers and Minecraft servers. For discord servers I was staff on Latenci's Public Discord, Apexay's Public Discord, and NotroDan's Public Discord.
  3. Latenci's Public Discord had around 30,000 members while I was staff. I was a Head-Admin for about 2 months. I resigned because players were able to pay for staff, which upset me. However, while I was Head-Admin I learned how to get my point across to users without being aggressive.
  4. Apexay's Public Discord had around 5,000 members while I was staff. I was a Moderator for 3 weeks during. I resigned from Apexay's because of the extreme toxicity within the staff team. However, I am not longer affected to toxicity within the staff team, so I would not resign for that reason again.
  5. NotroDan's Public Discord had around 2,000 members while I was staff. I was Senior Moderator for 1-2 months. I was demoted from the staff team because I was not active enough. Activity will usually not a problem for me, but I was not playing Minecraft more.
  6. For Minecraft servers I was staff on ReactiveMC and BlueHCF.
  7. ReactiveMC was a fairly popular Minecraft server at the time. The server had an average of 300 players at a time. I was a Moderator on the Skywars and Prison server for about 4 months. I lost my staff rank because the server shutdown due to not having enough funds to keep running.
  8. BlueHCF was not as popular as reactive, but was a good Minecraft server. The server had an average of 75 players. I was a manager on HCF for about 2 months. I lost my rank because the server transferred Ownership and I was  demoted.
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