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  1. Bill_Nye_The_RNG_Guy (1:43:19 PM) No your in a LT
  2. Zweven (1:43:28 PM) ?
  3. Bill_Nye_The_RNG_Guy (1:43:31 PM) And you were playing really aggresive and got shit on because of it
  4. Bill_Nye_The_RNG_Guy (1:43:37 PM) That's why it wasn't a GG for you
  5. Zweven (1:43:40 PM) do you even know what happened?
  6. Zweven (1:43:45 PM) how did i die? tell me
  7. Bill_Nye_The_RNG_Guy (1:43:56 PM) You got rushed by a Skorp
  8. Bill_Nye_The_RNG_Guy (1:43:57 PM) I saw
  9. Zweven (1:44:04 PM) yeah he killed me just to die
  10. Zweven (1:44:09 PM) that's called lemming rushing
  11. Bill_Nye_The_RNG_Guy (1:44:12 PM) Again
  12. Bill_Nye_The_RNG_Guy (1:44:18 PM) Played really aggresive
  13. Zweven (1:44:32 PM) dude the chances of a scorp rushing mid on that map is like next to none
  14. Zweven (1:44:37 PM) don't even try and tell me it isnt
  15. Bill_Nye_The_RNG_Guy (1:44:38 PM) If you weren't spotted by the MT it maybe could've been a different story.
  16. Bill_Nye_The_RNG_Guy (1:44:53 PM) Don'
  17. Zweven (1:44:56 PM) aight whatever man. i disaggree
  18. Bill_Nye_The_RNG_Guy (1:45:01 PM) get angry because you made a bad play bro
  19. Bill_Nye_The_RNG_Guy (1:45:07 PM) Own it and learn from it
  20. Zweven (1:45:09 PM) dude it was a good play
  21. Zweven (1:45:18 PM) chances of that scorp pushing me were very slim
  22. Bill_Nye_The_RNG_Guy (1:45:21 PM) Good that you played aggresive and got rushed?
  23. Bill_Nye_The_RNG_Guy (1:45:23 PM) Idk
  24. Bill_Nye_The_RNG_Guy (1:45:46 PM) Not losing your tank is a good thing
  25. Zweven (1:46:26 PM) you're wrong my dude. my play was good. I got unlucky cause he LEMMING RUSHED ME
  26. Bill_Nye_The_RNG_Guy (1:52:57 PM) Ok we get it
  27. Bill_Nye_The_RNG_Guy (1:52:58 PM) your bad
  28. Bill_Nye_The_RNG_Guy (1:53:03 PM) you made a bad play
  29. Bill_Nye_The_RNG_Guy (1:53:05 PM) get over yourself
  30. Zweven (1:53:11 PM) says the guy who did nothing all game
  31. Zweven (1:53:19 PM) you're just pissed cause i'm a re roll
  32. Bill_Nye_The_RNG_Guy (1:53:31 PM) I dont really care if you're a reroll or not xD
  33. Zweven (1:53:36 PM) my main is in PINGU. and i have you blocked on that account already. have fun getting blacklisted on this account too
  34. Zweven (1:53:43 PM) you make your clan look bad btw
  35. Bill_Nye_The_RNG_Guy (1:53:47 PM) I'm just telling you that you made a ad play
  36. Bill_Nye_The_RNG_Guy (1:53:54 PM) My clan is dead lmfao
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