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  1. Xiao Wandou whispers: "You did know I'd be spying on this conversation, correct?"
  3. You whisper to Aya: "I am not so foolish to underestimate your abilities so, Miss Wandou!"
  4. Xiao Wandou whispers: "It's very hard to tell when you're bluffing and when you're not, Mr. Seibrem. I'm still expecting her promise. You'll have made my position very difficult if she's going to continue attacking us."
  6. You whisper to Aya: "Do not worry, Miss Wandou; you shall receive what was promised to you. In return, I expect you to hold up your end of the bargain as well."
  8. Xiao Wandou whispers: "I like you, so I'm letting you go. But I'm going to need something to truly trust to explain this to my... captain. As I said, this puts me in a difficult position. I will simply assume you will deliver something soon."
  10. You whisper to Aya: "The feeling is mutual, Miss Wandou! You can understand my reluctance to accept all you say upon merely your word, yet I shall do so anyway! And all the better to hasten our eventual meeting, I believe!"
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