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  1. games i can stream at any time:
  2. bit.trip runner (that music)
  3. bit.trip flux (fun to play just because the music is great)
  4. the conduit (boring. boring. boring.)
  5. doc louis' punch-out (really short but i like it)
  6. donkey kong country returns (i'm REALLY bad at this game depending on my mood)
  7. frobot (fun to play, maybe not to watch)
  8. kirby: return to dreamland (fun game)
  9. mario kart wii (maybe i'll stream a wi-fi match or two if someone wants to do that with me)
  10. megaman 9 (i'm bad at this too)
  11. punch-out (if i can remember the patterns of each of the challengers i'll be able to rape this game)
  12. skyward sword (don't choose this unless you want to watch cutscenes)
  13. sonic 4: episodio uno (bad physics. EVERYWHERE.)
  14. strong bad's cool game for attractive people: episode one (it's a point and click adventure, so)
  15. super smash bros brawl (i'll probably mod the hell out of it to make it interesting)
  16. super mario galaxy (probably as luigi just because luigi)
  17. super mario galaxy 2 (i haven't finished it yet)
  18. super paper mario (i streamed the end but only dimjim was watching)
  19. twilight princess (it's a game i have and i listed it
  20. wii sports (boxing, fuck yeah)
  21. wii sports resort (100-pin bowling is silly, archery is pretty cool, swordplay is lol)
  22. any nes/snes/gb/gbc/gba game (i see mario adventure and wario land 4 in my future)
  23. any n64 game on virtual console (mario retardy, anyone?)
  25. games i can stream after i get a gamecube memory card:
  26. luigi's mansion (unless everyone wants to watch me do it all in one run)
  27. wind waker (definitely need a memory card for this, also sailing)
  28. mario sunshine (i have no idea why everyone says this is a bad game)
  30. games i can stream after i get my wii to read backup discs:
  31. chibi-robo
  32. kirby air ride
  33. mario kart double dash
  34. paper mario 2
  35. pikmin
  36. pikmin 2
  37. pokemon colloseum
  38. starfox adventures
  39. super smash bros melee
  40. four swords adventures
  41. wario world
  43. games i can stream after i get all the parts to my n64:
  44. majora's mask (if you name a single problem with this game i will punch you in the goddamn mouth, twice if you say the time limit is too short)
  45. ocarina of time (bland but i'd play it just for nostalgia)
  46. donkey kong 64 (i've never finished this)
  47. super mario 64 (it was only good when it was new)
  49. games i can stream after i actually find the copy:
  50. new super mario bros wii (it has "mario" in the title)
  51. excite truck (i'm a sucker for racing games and in my opinion it did motion controls right)
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