Secret Lewds: Dom Flutters x Sub Rara

Mar 1st, 2020 (edited)
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  1. >For Rarity, it had been a long, long day
  2. >Not that it was a bad one; in fact, it had been a pretty decent Friday, by all accounts
  3. >The day was long precisely because Rarity could focus on nothing except what was coming as soon as her classes ended
  4. >During the period she shared with Fluttershy, the girls’ eyes occasionally met, and they shared blushing, pregnant glances
  5. >Rarity could feel an unladylike sweat building up under her collar; she hoped nobody would notice
  6. >After the schoolday was over, she bid goodbye to her friends, and even refused an invitation to Rainbow Dash’s weekly playing-video-games-in-our-underwear-and-eating-pretzels party
  7. >Fluttershy also refused, and she and Rarity shared their own, private goodbye
  8. >”So, um… do you still want me to come over?”
  9. “Oh, absolutely! I’ve been daydreaming about it all day.”
  10. >Fluttershy giggled, a pleased pink tinge rising in her cheeks
  11. >”When will your parents be gone?”
  12. “Seven sharp, so they say. And they’ll be taking Sweetie with them too. We’ll have the whole evening to ourselves.”
  13. >”Ooh~” Fluttershy cooed. “That sounds heavenly.”
  14. “Agreed. And let me say, after the week I’ve had, this is *exactly* what I need.”
  15. >Fluttershy glanced around to make sure nobody was watching, then nuzzled up against Rarity
  16. >She was taller by nearly six inches, but she almost seemed small when she got into her cuddly mode
  17. >”I’ll see you soon, okay?”
  18. “I’ll be waiting for you, darling…”
  20. >And wait for her Rarity did
  21. >After getting home, she treated herself to a long bubble bath while she read a novel just spicy enough to get her in the mood
  22. >When every inch of herself was smooth and squeaky clean, she retired to her bed, dressed in only a bathrobe
  23. >At 6:30, her parents knocked on the door and said goodbye
  24. >They had to take Sweetie Belle to some epic junior-league volleyball tournament, and wouldn’t be back until 10:00, if they were lucky
  25. >Rarity bid them a sweet goodbye, doing her best to hide the giddiness bubbling up in her chest
  26. >By the time seven o’clock rolled around, Rarity was practically counting down the seconds
  27. >The silent house enveloped her, ready to be filled with all sorts of terrible antics
  28. >And then she heard a knock at the downstairs door
  29. >She whipped out her phone and texted Fluttershy
  30. [Come on in! I’m upstairs~]
  31. >She heard the door open, followed by Fluttershy’s soft, nervous footsteps coming up the stairs
  32. >Rarity reclined in the bed, positioning herself so that she’d be the first thing her friend saw upon opening the door to her bedroom
  33. >She opened the chest area of her robe a little, letting a healthy bit of cleavage spill out
  34. >Fluttershy poked her head in, her face nervous
  35. >A relieved smile broke out across her face when she saw Rarity
  36. >”H-hey.”
  37. “Good evening, dear.”
  38. >You, um, sure look ready…”
  39. “Oh, I’m practically salivating here, dear.”
  40. >”I kinda spent all afternoon at the shelter. I smell a bit like dog. Is it okay if I shower and then, um… get changed?”
  41. “Please do.”
  42. >Fluttershy ducked out of the room, but reappeared a second later
  43. >”And, um… remember, our safeword is Generosity. If I hurt you at all, or make you feel bad, just… stop me, okay?”
  44. “I know, dear.”
  45. >”I’m serious, if I go too far, it’s totally okay. I won’t be hurt. If I hurt you or make you feel bad at all, just—“
  46. >Rarity laughed
  47. “Darling, trust me. I’m ready. Now go clean up. I need you~”
  48. >Fluttershy smiled, flustered, and disappeared once more
  50. >Rarity lay back and waited, her skin flushed and heat flooding through her chest
  51. >She heard the whisper of water in the shower, then the creak of the floor as Fluttershy finished and stepped out
  52. >Several minutes passed, during which she heard nothing
  53. >Then her bedroom door opened again
  54. >Fluttershy stepped in, but it was far from the same Fluttershy who had stood in here just a second ago
  55. >Fluttershy’s rose-pink hair, which normally hung in a curtain over half of the girl’s face, was now swept back over her brow and fell in long, straight waves across her shoulders
  56. >Her nervous, gentle expression had been replaced with a steely, commanding gaze
  57. >And instead of her favorite green skirt and white blouse, she wore nothing but leather: a corset that made her breasts look like they could kill someone, a tight bottom that was little more than a black thong, and knee-high boots worn over fishnet stockings
  58. >In her bare hands she clutched a black briefcase, which she dropped to the floor with a loud *thunk*
  59. “O-oh my. You never fail to impress, Fluttershy, darling.”
  60. >Fluttershy sneered
  61. >”Oh, shut up. You know how to address me.”
  62. >Rarity shivered as Fluttershy’s steely tones washed through her
  63. “Yes, my apologies, Mistress Shy.”
  64. >Fluttershy rolled her eyes
  65. >”Oh, what a *good* little sub. Do I have to remind you of your place every time?”
  66. “I suppose it wouldn’t hurt~”
  67. >”Ugh. Just get over here. Annoying little worm.”
  68. >Rarity rolled out of bed and approached Fluttershy
  69. >”Kneel.”
  70. >Rarity dropped to her knees atop the plush carpet
  71. >Fluttershy cupped Rarity’s cheek in her hand, her gaze unamused and cold
  72. >”Hmph. Hardly even worth my time. What can this worthless mouth even do?”
  73. >She pressed her thumb between Rarity’s lips, mashing it against Rarity’s tongue
  74. >Rarity began to tremble
  75. >”Aww, scared already?”
  76. >She pressed two fingers into Rarity’s mouth, spreading her lips and playing with her tongue
  77. >”You should be happy I’m even touching you right now.”
  78. >Fluttershy removed her hand and wiped Rarity’s own spit off on her face
  79. >”Up.”
  80. >Still kneeling, Rarity rose, and Fluttershy cupped her breast
  81. >”Hmm. Always disappointing. Not even built like a real woman.”
  82. >Fluttershy swept her hand over her own prestigious rack, and Rarity blushed, lowering her eyes
  83. >Fluttershy tweaked Rarity’s nipple, and Rarity gasped as pain twinged through her
  84. >”What’s the matter? That hurt?”
  85. “No, mistress.”
  86. >Fluttershy pinched Rarity’s nipple again, harder this time
  87. >”What was that?”
  88. “No, Mistress Shy,” Rarity whispered, tears welling in her eyes
  89. >”Hmm. Fine. I suppose I can have some fun with you. But if you don’t get me off, there’s going to be a *lot* of pain in store for you.”
  90. “Y-yes, Mistress Shy.”
  91. >”Now. Let’s put that mouth to good use.”
  92. >Fluttershy pushed the crotch-area of her thong aside, revealing the smooth contours and trimmed pink hair of her pussy
  93. >Rarity stared at it like a woman bewitched, and Fluttershy let out a hard, merciless laugh
  94. >”You’re so thirsty, aren’t you? Well, at least you know what you’re good for. Lick me.”
  95. >Rarity bent in and pressed her mouth to Fluttershy’s cooch
  96. >”Hmph. Not bad. Not… bad.”
  97. >Fluttershy shut her eyes
  98. >Rarity did too, losing herself in the salty-sweet taste and the musky, flowery aroma of Fluttershy’s sex
  99. >Fluttershy’s scowl never left her face, but she trembled and spilled her juices into Rarity’s mouth
  100. >”A-ah…”
  101. >Rarity drank everything, and all she didn’t catch in her mouth splattered across her face
  102. >She smiled up at Fluttershy
  103. “Did I do well, my mistress?”
  104. >Fluttershy shrugged
  105. >”You did what I asked.”
  106. “Y-yes…”
  107. >”I suppose you deserve a reward. What hole do you want me in?”
  108. “U-um…”
  109. >”Answer me.”
  110. “I want whatever will m-make my mistress happy.”
  111. >Fluttershy rolled her eyes
  112. >”Ugh. What a little brat. Get on the bed.”
  113. “Y-yes mistress.”
  114. >Fluttershy smacked Rarity across the face
  115. >”Shut up.”
  116. >Rarity raised her hand to her face; it burned, and she could already feel the bruise welling there
  117. >Tears welled from her right eye
  118. >She stared up at Fluttershy, and Fluttershy stared down at her, her eyes burning with malice
  119. >And then, suddenly, they changed
  120. >”O-oh my god! I actually hurt you! I’m so, so, so sorry! Oh no, oh no. Are you okay?”
  121. >Rarity half-gasped, half-laughed
  122. “No, no! I’m fine!”
  123. >”But… oh, dear, I didn’t mean to hit you so hard!”
  124. “Are you kidding? That was amazing. I… I think I came on impact.”
  125. >”Okay, but… it’s going to bruise.”
  126. “I’ll tell my parents I fell in the shower. Or got into a play-fight with Rainbow Dash.”
  127. >”O-okay…”
  128. “You are doing *amazing*, darling.”
  129. >”T-thank you.”
  130. >Fluttershy dropped down, and the two girls shared a quick hug
  131. >”I’m not hurting your feelings?”
  132. “You are. I *love* it. Hurt me more~”
  133. >Fluttershy’s face went beet-red
  134. >”I… think I can do that. Should I back into, um… the other mode?”
  135. “Yes, yes! I’m so ready~”
  136. >Fluttershy stood, closed her eyes
  137. >A second passed, and when she opened them, there was nothing but the cruel void within her face
  138. >”What, too much for the little princess?”
  139. “No, Flutters— I mean, mistress—“
  140. >Fluttershy hit Rarity with a vicious backhand
  141. >Rarity shuddered, as the mixed pain and delight sent fluids spilling down her thighs
  142. >”There’s more coming. Now get on the bed.”
  143. >Rarity scrambled atop the mattress.”
  144. >”And get naked. Show me your worthless ass.”
  145. >Rarity wriggled out of her robe, feeling the room’s chilly air and Fluttershy’s hard gaze sweep over her lithe, smooth form
  146. >”You didn’t answer me. What hole do you want?”
  147. “I suppose…”
  148. >”Too late. I’m going to take your ass.”
  149. “B-but Mistress Shy!”
  150. >”Aww, scared?”
  151. “No…”
  152. >”If I want it, it’s what we’re doing. Now raise your butt up.”
  153. >Rarity did as she was told, raising her ass into the air and pressing her face against the blankets
  154. >Fluttershy took Rarity’s butt in her hands, squeezing her fingers viciously into Rarity’s cheeks
  155. >”Embarrassed? Mistress can see your dirty little secrets.”
  156. “Is… is my mistress happy?”
  157. >”Hmmm… no.”
  158. >Fluttershy smacked her hand against Rarity’s ass, making Rarity cry out
  159. >”But I suppose you’ll entertain me. For now.”
  160. >She smacked Rarity again, then again
  161. >Tears streamed down Rarity’s face now, darkening her cheeks with her mascara
  162. >”I feel bad for you. Poor little Rarity. Getting used like a whore because it’s all your good for.”
  163. >Rarity whimpered
  164. >”Maybe your mistress will show you some mercy. If you don’t make a noise for the next minute, I’ll use the small toy.”
  165. “Y-yes mistress.”
  166. >”Good. The time begins… *now*.”
  167. >Fluttershy brought her hand down hard on Rarity’s ass
  168. >Pain flared through Rarity’s body, but she stayed silent
  169. >Fluttershy gently cupped the buttock she had struck, massaging it as if to ease the pain she had inflicted
  170. >Then she struck the other one, making Rarity grit her teeth
  171. >Her face was a mess of tears, and a line of her own drool traced down her chin
  172. >Fluttershy hit her again, then paused, and then brought another stinging smack onto her rump
  173. >Rarity groaned, partly in agony and partly in delight
  174. >Fluttershy chuckled
  175. >”Well, I suppose I’ll be using the bigger one after all.”
  176. “Please, mistress… I can’t… I can’t take it…”
  177. >”Aww. Too bad.”
  178. >She hit Rarity once more, for good measure
  179. >Rarity glanced over her shoulder, but Fluttershy glared at her
  180. >”Keep your face in the pillow.”
  181. “Y-yes, mistress…”
  182. >She closed her eyes and pressed her face into her pillow
  183. >Behind her, she heard Fluttershy opening the case, followed by the pop of a bottle being opened
  184. >There was the wet shlicking sound of Fluttershy rubbing something wet and gooey onto her hands
  185. >And then, Rarity felt something warm and wet prod against the tight opening between her buttocks
  186. “G-gah~”
  187. >”Too much already? This is nothing.”
  188. >Fluttershy slid her finger into Rarity’s anus, up to her knuckle
  189. >Rarity let out a low, throaty moan
  190. >It felt *horrible*
  191. >Such a violation, having her mistress toy with that filthy part of her otherwise-pristine body
  192. >She felt like such a nasty, disgusting creature—it was wonderful
  193. “N-nuh… guh…”
  194. >”Aww, you love it, don’t you? You’re such a secret little whore. I bet you want more, don’t you?”
  195. >Rarity tried to answer, but Fluttershy was already pressing a second finger into her
  196. >She writhed, half trying to pull away from the foreign presence invading her innards and half trying to press herself against Fluttershy, to make the girl defile her further
  197. >The latter was winning
  198. >Rarity arched her back, waving her booty in the air like a desperate animal
  199. >Fluttershy snickered
  200. >”Oh, you want it bad. But… your mistress is missing something.”
  201. “W-what is it, Mistress Shy?”
  202. >”Turn around.”
  203. >Rarity did so, wincing at the pain that flared across her body
  204. >Fluttershy gingerly untied some of the strings holding her corset together, and let the cups covering her breasts fall away
  205. >Her massive breasts spilled out, hanging against her chest
  206. >Full mounds of flesh with rosy pink nipples, they filled Rarity with envy, humiliation, and a hot, heavy desire
  207. >”Amazing, aren’t they?”
  208. “They’re incredible, mistress.”
  209. >”All you have are those little-girl nubs. Don’t you wish you had ones like mine?”
  210. >Fluttershy cupped her own boob, and Rarity winced
  211. “I do…”
  212. >”You’re hardly a woman at all. Just a fun little toy for me to discard.”
  213. “I’m worthless, mistress. Compared to a real woman, like you.”
  214. >Fluttershy chuckles
  215. >”At least you know your place. Do you want a reward, little pet?”
  216. “Y-yes, my queen…”
  217. >Fluttershy grabbed Rarity by her hair and pulled her forward, until Rarity’s face was pressed against the pillow mounds of Fluttershy’s chest
  218. >”Suck.”
  219. >Rarity was ecstatic to obey
  220. >She took Fluttershy’s nipple into her mouth, sucking greedily at the warm, soft nub of flesh
  221. >Fluttershy smiled, and she pressed Rarity’s face against her other breast, and Rarity bathed it in the same treatment
  222. >”Good girl. Now, it’s my turn for some fun. Ass up.”
  223. “Y-yes, mistress. Thank you for letting me—“
  224. >Fluttershy smacked Rarity’s ass
  225. >”Shut up. And you’d better moan for me, understood?”
  226. “Of course.”
  227. >”I want the whole neighborhood to hear. Moan like the little slut you are.”
  228. “I will. Anything for you, mistress.”
  229. >Rarity returned to her previous position: face in the pillow, ass waving in the air
  230. >She heard the snap of straps against flesh, followed by the squirting of vicious liquid
  231. >She knew what was coming, and tried to keep her body limber and relaxed
  232. >But when the massive, wet silicone tip pressed against her waiting hole, Rarity tensed and shuddered
  233. >”Oh, stop. You’re so pathetic.”
  234. “I’m sorry…”
  235. >”I’m going to fuck your ass regardless. You might as well just accept it.”
  236. “I’m r-ready for you, mistress…”
  237. >”I don’t care.”
  238. >Fluttershy shoved the strap-on’s tip into Rarity’s butt, and Rarity nearly screamed
  239. >It was huge, and even with Fluttershy’s warm-up, her body spasmed and recoiled as the toy was forced into her
  240. “S-stop! Mistress, please, I can’t… g-guh… I can’t take… a-ah~”
  241. >Fluttershy didn’t even respond, she just inched the toy in further
  242. >Rarity squirmed amidst her covers
  243. >Her fists clenched around the blanket, and tears streamed down her face
  244. “Mistress, please! It hurts so bad…”
  245. >”Good.”
  246. >Fluttershy shoved the toy the rest of the way
  247. >Red-hot pain filled Rarity’s guts, spreading outwards through her body
  248. >Her face was a wet mess, and her thighs were dripping with fluids
  249. >She couldn’t even tell if she had climaxed or not; pain and pleasure were indistinguishable now, and she wanted more of both
  250. >In spite of the agony, and the fact that her brain screamed at her to flee the source of her pain, Rarity pressed her butt against Fluttershy
  251. >”Good girl. You know what you want.”
  252. >The words of praise from her mistress salved all the pain
  253. >Rarity smiled, even as she wept with pain
  254. >She let Fluttershy slam into her butt again, and she gave her mistress all the moaning she wanted
  255. >At the beginning, she was crying and wailing in pain, but her cries gradually morphed into those of ecstatic pleasure as Fluttershy absolutely ruined her
  256. >Rarity knew she was cumming now
  257. >Again and again, she splattered her sheets with her juices
  258. >And when she could take no more, Fluttershy slid the toy out of Rarity, the act of which made her tremble in delight
  259. >She collapsed onto her ruined bed, trembling
  260. >Her thighs hurt from bucking against Fluttershy
  261. >Her arms hurt from supporting her
  262. >Her eyes burned with tears, and her throat hurt from crying out
  263. >Sweat stung her skin, and she felt like a ruined, disgusting toy
  264. >It was amazing
  265. >Fluttershy stood up from the bed, and silently stripped out of her costume
  266. >Nude, she approached Rarity’s bed, kneeling beside her
  267. >”I, uh… I think that’s it, right?”
  268. “Oh, that was… more than enough, yes.”
  269. >”Are you, um, doing okay?”
  270. “Darling, I’m on cloud nine.”
  271. >Fluttershy sighed, relieved, and clambered into bed next to Rarity
  272. >Rarity cooed as she felt Fluttershy’s full, soft form press up against hers, pulling Rarity into the “little spoon” position”
  273. >”I don’t think you’re a whore. Or worthless. Or any of that b-bad stuff I said.”
  274. “I know, dear.”
  275. >”I think you’re amazing. And you’re really cute. Sorry if, um, that… stuff about boobs hurt.”
  276. “It was excruciating. I loved it.”
  277. >”Okay… but just so you know, I actually think you’re beautiful. Really, really beautiful. The most beautiful girl I…”
  278. “I know, dear.”
  279. >Rarity twisted around just enough to kiss Fluttershy on the mouth
  280. “You were wonderful. As always.”
  281. >”Okay. I just… hope I didn’t go too far.”
  282. “Never. You’re a master, darling. Or should I say, a mistress.”
  283. >”Heh. Heheh.”
  284. >Fluttershy snuggled up against Rarity’s back
  285. >”I really like doing this.”
  286. “I do too.”
  287. >”I do have a kinda weird question, though.”
  288. “What’s that?”
  289. >”I, um, really like being the, uh… whatever I am.”
  290. “The domme, my sweet.”
  291. >”Yeah, that. But, uh… the stuff I do to you, it looks really fun. Maybe, just once, we could…”
  292. “Switch off?”
  293. >”Y-yeah.”
  294. “Oh, I think I could give that a try…”
  295. >Fluttershy sighed
  296. >”Thanks. To be honest, this is kinda a lot of pressure.”
  297. “I can imagine. You really are a star, though.”
  298. >”Awww, well…”
  299. “After tonight, darling, I am *yours* for whatever you want to do next week.”
  300. >Fluttershy giggled
  301. >”I think you kinda already were.”
  302. “Heheh. I suppose. But if you want to try something new, I am more than open.”
  303. >”Thank you, Rarity. For being… just, you know, really, really cool about all of this.”
  304. “Darling, there’s no need to thank me. You’re what gets me through the week, half the time.”
  305. >”I just wish we didn’t have to wait a week every time.”
  306. “If only. I just wish my wonderful family would leave more often. Though, to be perfectly honest, there’s little they could do to stop us, if we just…”
  307. >”N-no! I could never, not with people in the house! I’d be so embarrassed.”
  308. “Well, if I’m going to be in charge next time…”
  309. >”You wouldn’t!”
  310. “Are you saying you wouldn’t want that?”
  311. >”I… oh, dear. I mean, no, but…”
  312. >Rarity giggled
  313. “Oh, Fluttershy, darling. We are going to have so much fun together…”
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