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  1.    Another day, and more monotony. Every morning, you get up, take a look at the mirror -- at your messy red hair and your ever-so-slowly shrinking muscles -- and feel like going back to bed amidst the overwhelming nothing that comprises your to-do list. But sometimes you fight the boredom by committing to an activity, and today was one of those days.
  3.    Today you decided to look for a costume. You have an interest in cosplay, and, if possible, you would love to get a costume for a girl and have her wear it. And so, you decided to look around town for a costume that would be perfect for someone to wear. Eventually, you come across a costume shop that seems to fit the bill perfectly.
  6.    You decide to take a look around. A middle-aged, soft-looking man with spectacles looks up at you from the front counter as you enter before silently resuming a crossword puzzle. You make a beeline for the anime & manga section, a section seldom found in costume shops in North America. You scan up and down the rows, passing all forms of familiar fashion. Maya Fey, Weiss Schnee, Kiyoko Kirigiri… and Rem from Re:Zero.
  9.    That last one catches your interest. It’s a maid uniform, with hair clips, a light blue wig, a flower-shaped ribbon, and a maid hairband. Something about the way all the pieces of clothing come together is strangely captivating. You want to have it. It’s perfect. You take it off the rack and go to the front counter.
  12.    “Hi, I’m Jory. I’d like to buy this costume, how much is it?”
  15.    “Free of charge!” Said the man. “Enjoy the outfit to your heart’s content!”
  18.    What a lucky break! Beautiful and free? There’s no better deal in the world! You thank the man running the register and run back to your house. You stick the maid outfit in your closet and wait for someone who could wear it to visit.
  21.    A few days pass and you begin to grow impatient. You bought the costume in the first place so you could have a girl wear it, but you hadn't entirely thought through the part where you needed to invite a girl to your house to try the thing on.
  24.    Maybe… nah. That’s ridiculous. You’re 5 foot 11, and Rem is what, barely 5 feet? Ignoring every other reason why you shouldn't wear that dress and that wig and that makeup, none of it would even fit you. You scold your brain for even considering the prospect.
  27.    Those reasons feel less and less compelling as a month passes. Still, nobody visits to try the outfit, and still, your desperation grows. The thing will spoil at this rate. Did clothes even spoil? In a way, figuratively speaking.
  30.    Another month passes and you’ve had enough. Even if , your patience has long since run thin. You’re wearing it or nobody is. You pull the whole ensemble from your closet and put on each piece. First, the dress and corset. You pull and pull, trying to get the thing to fit you, but it doesn’t work. You’re not sure what you expected, and you set them on a shelf. You go back and see if there’s anything that will fit for now. The wig might fit, you think to yourself. You put the wig on, enjoying the tickling feeling of the hairs sliding down your scalp. It fit perfectly fine. You put on the makeup and hair accessories, too. It all fits fine also. You gain some confidence and look for what else you can find.
  33.    As you scan the pieces of clothing, you feel a weird, pressure-like sensation in your face. Almost like it’s… reshaping, somehow. But you pass that off as the weight of the makeup as you grab the leggings and put them on. Your legs put up a bit of resistance to the tiny little things, but in the span of a few seconds, they give, letting the leggings slide on. It was like your legs had shrunken down! This costume was fitting fine after all! The same thing happened when you put on the sleeves. You reach up for the shelf you set the dress on. It almost seems a bit harder to reach this time. But you reach it and try one more time to put it on.
  36.    And like the leggings and sleeves before them, they fit perfectly. It must have been a confidence thing all along. But that doesn’t matter! The outfit is finished! Of course, you have no idea how you look. You had changed sans-mirror in self-consciousness. But you have to get a look at yourself at some point, so off to your bathroom you begin to travel.
  39.    You step into the bathroom and look in the mirror. It… It’s Rem. You don’t even look like yourself anymore! You’re Rem! Panic almost sets in, but it quickly settles as you consider the full consequences of the change. Yes, your life as you knew it is over. How couldn’t it be? But maybe this new life could yield some positives, too.
  41. Hey, at least you have someone to wear the costume now.
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