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May 13th, 2022
15 days
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  6. The dystopian version of superintelligence is illustrated with frequency by leaders in the technology industry, and is famously depicted by Hollywood in films like Terminator, or more recently Ex Machina, and even the Avengers. The “angry god A.I.” is a story you know, because it is the story you are constantly told: we build the thinking machine, it surpasses our abilities in every way, and it destroys us for one of any number of reasons.
  7. Maybe it perceives us as a threat. Maybe we’re just in its way, and it hardly perceives us at all — humanity, a disposable insect race.
  9. There are of course many arguments in opposition to the now ubiquitous concept of our apocalypse by artificial intelligence. I myself have called into question the logic of such dystopian arguments in Anatomy of Next. But our subject here is less pertaining to the nature of the conscious machine than it is to the way we talk about this subject, and what it means. First, consider that most of the artificial intelligence depicted in culture looks human, a representation with no basis in technological reality. Then, the true scope of the Singularity is almost impossible to predict, which begs a question: where are these opinions about the broadly unknowable coming from?
  12. Fuzzy-Wuzzy - DASH
  13. Fuzzy;Wuzzy - COLON
  14. Fuzzy!Wuzzy - EXCLAMATION
  15. Fuzzy£Wuzzy    - POUND
  16. Fuzzy#Wuzzy - HASH
  17. Fuzzy%Wuzzy - PERCENT
  18. Fuzzy@Wuzzy - AT
  19. Fuzzy&Wuzzy - AND
  20. Fuzzy=Wuzzy - EQUAL
  21. Fuzzy§Wuzzy
  22. Fuzzy~Wuzzy
  23. Fuzzy?Wuzzy  - QUESTION MARK
  24. Fuzzy$Wuzzy  - DOLLAR
  25. Fuzzy[Wuzzy] - BRACKETS
  26. Fuzzy^Wuzzy
  27. Fuzzy(Wuzzy) - BRACKETS
  28. Fuzzy+Wuzzy  - PLUS
  29. Fuzzy±Wuzzy     - PLUS/MINUE
  30. Fuzzy|Wuzzy  - PIPE
  31. Fuzzy/Wuzzy  - FORWARDSLASH
  32. Fuzzy<Wuzzy> - BRACKETS
  33. Fuzzy{Wuzzy} - CURLY
  34. Fuzzy\Wuzzy  - BACKSLASH
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