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  1. Some Rules:
  2.     1] Respecting other players is always encouraged, you can mess about with each other as a joke but if you're just annoying the other person you can be warned.
  3.     2] Free Fire is on, however randomly doing it outside an event will cause a punishment chosen by the Moderator dealing with it.
  4.     3] "Grenade Bombing" is not permitted, this includes throwing SCP-018 or a Grenade into an elevator. Especially one with a large quantity of people. Grenade bombing is permitted if it is the opposite team.
  5.     4] Earrape music is not allowed over the INTERCOM, voice chat, or spectator chat. Normal music is however permitted.
  6.     5] The MICRO-HID is not to be used against teammates.
  7.     6] Hacking is exploitable, if you are found with a leaked admin password you will be immediately punished. (If you accidentally have an admin password contact the owner)
  8.     7] Trapping SCPs inside SCP-914 or any other locked containment area without an online SCP-079 is punishable.
  9.     8] Finally, have fun.
  12. This more understandable set of rules was made by Karma one of the moderators
  14. Discord:
  16. thank you for actually reading this.
  18. p.s if the admins are being bad use the discord.
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