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  1. Ok!!! This is getting out of hand!
  3.  This dance is growing faster than it ever has. People are assuming WCS is broken! THERE IS NOTHING WRONG with WCS PEOPLE!
  5.  This dance has evolved (because of music and pros pushing the envelope), over the past 25 years! Some US Open winners in the 80's were ridiculed for not doing swing then! This debate is as old as WCS and will continue! Is what we are doing SWING? But since "swing" is a musical term.....and we are not dancing to "swing rhythm," anymore...hhhmmmmm! This trying to define something that evolves...I
  7.  WCS will never be put into a box! This freedom of expression/creativity is what makes the dance so popular!
  9.  It will never be judged like Ballroom or ice skating! Do you want a technical score and artistic score. Do you want EVERY PRO to look the same? Same exact footwork? Same Arms?
  11.  While all these recent discussions are great and fun to talk about! There are NO solutions being offered!
  13.  IMHO, WCS's popularity worldwide is growing because people like the what the dance is and because all of us are teaching and showing the dance to many different regions throughout the world. PEOPLE LOVE THE DANCE!
  15.  What is the solution? Stop everything and go back in time 25 years? This triple crap is getting old! There is SO MANY GREAT ROUTINES of past years that if you watch the feet..recognizable triples are NOT THERE! It was rewarded then and it's being rewarded now. Nothing has changed accept for the music we are dancing to.
  17.  We need to find out what is the REAL underlying issue here! We need to stop dividing this community! It has happened before in almost every dance community..from salsa, a. tango, lindy, hip-hop...etc...IT SHOULD NOT HAPPEN TO US!
  19.  People this is our extended family and a passion for all of us!
  21.  Why chose this division! Debates are good...but where are the solutions being offered! This is ART people, judging art is very difficult!
  23.  Not to shamelessly plug Chico Dance Sensation...but come and watch people have fun DANCING WEST COAST SWING with no per-determined box...but pure art and creativity!
  25.  Anyway..Liza, I love your posts! Also, I am sorry for all the competitor's who have to deal with this! Parker Dearborn made a good point for all the chief judges! We should follow what the great Wayne Bott gave us!
  27.  Sorry everyone if I sound all know I have my ADHD complex! :)
  29. ya'll!
  31.  Keep is real people!
  33.  Peace!
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