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May 11th, 2020
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  1. <DSJ|Laptop> Clusters of people shuffle around the floor, but none really look up. Like the first floor, it's dim, and clustered with bodies of some sort in progress. None look up from their work, which appears to be putting people together.
  2. <DSJ|Laptop> Their heads are attached by some cable to the ceiling, a central wiring.
  3. <taylor_itkin> Lizzy looks at the wiring.
  4. <Odocoileus> She just is frozen in place and looks for a place to sneak into.
  5. <taylor_itkin> Can she roll ENGI to try and figure out wtf is going on?
  6. <DSJ|Laptop> Sure
  7. <padri> Liliya watches them as she steps onto the floor, checking to see if they react.
  8. <taylor_itkin> 4df+2
  9. <asimov> taylor_itkin: 3 (4df+2=-, 0, +, +)
  10. <plaidypus> 4df+2
  11. <asimov> plaidypus: 1 (4df+2=+, -, -, 0)
  12. <DSJ|Laptop> If you had to guess, the cables are for some kind of control, programming maybe? Using people as machinery for assembly.
  13. <plaidypus> where do the cables lead?
  14. <padri> No one reacts to her presence?
  15. <padri> Or have they not seen the team yet?
  16. <Odocoileus> Can tally sneak on in?
  17. <DSJ|Laptop> Into a wall. None of them react, they just move listlessly through the motions.
  18. <padri> Liliya doesn't try being sneaky; it seems irrelevant. She follows the cables.
  19. <taylor_itkin> Lizzy too.
  20. <plaidypus> Jameson takes a closer look at the people they’re building.
  21. <DSJ|Laptop> The cables go into the wall, but without a sledgehammer and some power tools you're not going very far.
  22. <padri> Oh. Then... just heading down the hall?
  23. <padri> Checkin the rooms?
  24. <Odocoileus> Tally follows liliya
  25. <DSJ|Laptop> The rooms have similar set-ups. They appear to be putting together people mostly like them, pre-assembled and misshapen.
  26. <padri> They're all 2nd floor people? No 1st floor people?
  27. <DSJ|Laptop> Yep
  28. <padri> She keeps peekin in rooms.
  29. <Odocoileus> Tally sniffs around fortl the dude they are looking for
  30. <DSJ|Laptop> Roll it
  31. <Odocoileus> 4df+6
  32. <asimov> Odocoileus: 4 (4df+6=-, 0, 0, -)
  33. <DSJ|Laptop> You notice a metal box, smaller than you'd expect, in a corner of the room. Some tubes run in and out of it
  34. <Odocoileus> She opens it up.
  35. <DSJ|Laptop> There's a man in there, the tubes surgically inserted into his chest and stomach, although on further inspection you note that the tubes are just connected to ports. He's wearing clothes, plain civilian ones with holes cut for said tubes.
  36. <DSJ|Laptop> And on that, pause for now BC
  37. <DSJ|Laptop> people are sleepy and/or paused
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