Twilight and Spike Watching request (SCAT)

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  1. Continued from:
  3. >Twilight stirred awake.
  4. >Her body was going through those familiar motions again.
  5. >Cocking her head to get all the kinks out, she took note of her surroundings:
  6. >She was in her bed.
  7. >That was good.
  8. >She was also dry, and maybe a bit smelly too.
  9. >The neural synapses in her mind fired off, and she started to remember the day before.
  10. >Spike had done her test, and she had passed.
  11. >That was good, it meant that she was free of the disease that had been going around.
  12. “Alright Sparkle, think… I passed out on the floor, and I remember being wet.” She said to herself.
  13. “Spike must've dragged me up the stairs here… He really is my number one assistant.”
  14. >Spike in turn smiled in his sleep, his subconscious reacting to the compliment.
  15. >Twilight turned away from the dragon, and towards her mirror.
  16. >Any notes she had would be on there.
  17. “Lets see… Wake up, done. Stretch… Done”
  18. >Twilight flipped a few pages to skip to the end.
  19. “Do something special for spike… Not done.”
  20. >She frowned. It was 8:00, but Spike was asleep.
  21. >Waking him to do something special would be counter-intuitive, so she decided to wait until tomorrow.
  22. >She never specified whether it was 8:00AM, or 8:00PM.
  23. >Her bowels rumbled again, reminding her of why she got up. Now was as good a time as any, might as well empty it.
  25. >She sat on the toilet, muscles releasing their holds on her body.
  26. >The first thing to exit her was the light stream of urine that had collected in her bladder while she slept.
  27. >Her bladder wasn't the thing that woke her up though.
  28. >In fact, she didn't even feel the need to relieve herself. It just came naturally.
  29. >Her full bowels were the things that demanded to be empty, delay would only cause further discomfort.
  30. >Some relaxation, with little effort, she was able to coax her plothole open.
  31. >An uneven ball started to push through, it would be the first to exit the oven that was its home.
  32. >It was a relaxing dump; the quiet of the night… the breeze from the door…
  33. >Wait, DOOR?!
  34. >The alicorn quickly turned her head towards the breeze, eyes wide as she saw the cause. A tiny purple and green dragon had been spying on her.
  35. > How long had he been there, she didn't know.
  36. >Both were too startled to make the next move; Twilight from being spied on, and Spike from being caught.
  37. >Her plothole clenched up, pushing the turd back into her body.
  38. >That never felt good, the bitter tang of defeat as her bowels were forced to reaccept the mass.
  39. >She blinked, and Spike scurried away.
  40. >Digestion protestin', she got up to find him, and maybe figure out why he was doing that.
  42. >Five minutes later, and she had found him: hidden in the leaves by the balcony.
  43. “Spike, what in Tartarus  were you doing in my bathroom?” She half asked, half demanded.
  44. >“I- Well- You see-” The dragon tried to say, unsure where to start. “Don’t tell anypony about this okay?”
  45. “Of course, but if you've been spying on other ponies, or been doing anything illegal…"
  46. >“No, nothing illegal… It’s just… I really like watching you go poo.” The dragon admitted.
  49. >Twilight was a little more than confused.
  50. >She had read that some ponies had some really weird kinks, but poop? Really?
  51. >That’s just crossing the line, if you have a sick fetish, keep it to yourself!
  52. >But then she thought of something else, maybe he was doing this because he had nowhere else to go.
  53. >To get a good view of himself preforming the action was just not possible with pony or baby dragon spines.
  54. >Unless he found somepony to go with, he would have to resort to watching other ponies in secret, or try to suppress his normal nature.
  55. >'Huh.' She thought. 'It must be had having something you love being so taboo.'
  56. >She came to a resolution. If he was just watching, then he wasn't hurting anypony.
  57. >If she could help her friend, she would.
  58. >Besides, he had just drank her pee a few hours ago, and by comparison, looking at her poop might be considered less odd.
  59. >She smiled, and put her best face forward. \
  60. “Okay Spike, I’m sorry for yelling at you. If you come down, I guess I could let you watch me go.”
  61. >“R-Really twi?!”
  62. “Really. Just don’t go around town telling ponies that I let you watch.”
  63. >“No problem!” The dragon said, jumping down from the branch to the alicorns back.
  64. >“This is going to be AWESOME!”
  66. >Back on the ol' throne again, this time Twilight was with Spike standing in front of her, eagerly awaiting the show.
  67. >At first, the purple mare had a little trouble opening up her hole again.
  68. >It seemed it did not want to be watched, it’s action was sacred.
  69. >Yet, the pulsing plothole of Twilight, mind fighting body fighting bowels, only served to elate the watcher, and he watched with ever increasing attention.
  70. >The crackle of mucus sounded off, and Twilights excretion started up again.
  71. >The first brown bolus was shy, and it came out halfway before it slowed and stopped.
  72. >Twilight exhaled, this might be a bit harder than she thought, especially with spike watching her.
  73. >Nevertheless, she gave another go at it, and pushed harder.
  74. >The hardened waste slowly made another move out of her rear, and more clumps of feces packed together and moulded together into a log slid out.
  75. >It was sticking out about 4 inches, when her lungs couldn't take any more, and she exhaled.
  76. >Her sphincter closed again, pinching off the loaf, which had been hanging out of it, and a soft *plink* was heard as it met the water below.
  77. >Twilight still had much more to give, and she sucked in another breath, and pushed once more.
  78. >This time, however, it was much easier now that the hard front had been dealt with.
  79. >The long smooth brown log slid out again, and met its brother at the bottom of the toilet.
  80. >There was a small brown smudge against her plothole where the contracting muscle had met feces, and spike helped her clean it off with some toilet paper.
  81. >And as the two exited the bathroom, the crap swirling around the toilet bowl, Spike remembered something.
  82. >“So I guess you want me to mark off ‘Do something special for spike’, huh?”
  83. “Nah.” The alicorn replied.
  84. “If I did, then that would mean you would only be able to watch as when you did something special.
  85. This way, you don’t need to do anything to catch a show.
  86. Now, come on, we have a lot of studying tonight.”
  87. >Spike couldn't believe it.
  88. >The mare he loved was actually going to allow him to keep watching her.
  89. >He smiled and left the room, maybe he wasn’t so weird after all.
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