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CMC Poop Contest Day 4 (SCAT)

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  1. >Scootaloo walked among the trees, the air was unusually cool tonight.
  2. >She had no recognition of how she got here, but was strangely not worried about the fact.
  3. >There was an internal pain in her abdomen she couldn’t quite pinpoint, every time she focused on it, it seemed to blur out.
  4. >Walking for a while brings her out into a clearing, and two more shapes appear in the foliage.
  5. >The soon come out into view, and under the moonlight she is able to make them out.
  6. “Applebloom? Sweetie Belle?” She calls out to her friends.
  7. “Scootaloo? What are you doing here?” Applebloom responds.
  8. “I… I don’t know. I just remember walking here, and just wanting to walk.”
  9. “Same, what do we do now?”
  10. >Scootaloo thought about it for a moment. It was clear something wanted the three of them together. For what though, she couldn’t imagine.
  11. “We wait, something wanted us here.”
  12. >Scootaloo’s words made sense to the others, so they waited.
  13. >While waiting, Applebloom had started to rub her stomach.
  14. >It had been hurting for a while, and she had no idea what was causing it.
  15. >It was almost like she wanted to… Poop!
  16. “Girls! Ah remember needing to poop!”
  17. >Scootaloo thought about her friends words for a moment. Something about what she said rang a bell.
  18. “Thats… right. I need to poop as well… Sweetie, do you have to?”
  19. >Sweetie felt her gut, the urge was definitely there. And strong.
  20. “Yeah… But we were doing something, what was it….?”
  21. “We were… pooping to see… Wait! We where having a pooping contest!” Scootaloo cries out.
  22. >Sweetie focused on her guts. Now that she knew what the pain was, and that she had intentionally wanted it to happen, it suddenly became much more exciting to her.
  23. “Right! We were camping, and then scootaloo told a spooky story, and we went to bed!”
  24. >Applebloom nodded, the events were coming back to her now.
  25. “Yeah. The last thing ah remember, is going to sleep. Ah don’t even remember wakin’ up th’ mornin.”
  26. >”That would be because you haven’t woken up yet, little filly.”
  27. >The three ponies turned to the voice, a blue alicorn walked towards them, mane flowing in the moonlight.
  28. “Princess luna! It’s great to see you again, but… why are we here?” Scootaloo asks.
  29. >”I am here because of your most recent contest, the one where you three compare stool sizes.”
  30. “Are- Are we in trouble?” Sweetie asks, voice cracking up at the thought of having the night princess mad at them.
  31. >”Not in the slightest, I am here to help educate you on your endeavor. What will be said here, will strictly remain between the four of us.”
  32. >”Now then, it appears that all three of you have developed a certain affinity for bowel movements and feces, am I correct?”
  33. >The three crusaders nod in unison.
  35. >”Right, this is called a fetish. It is something that you feel attracted to, that other ponies don’t normally do.”
  36. “So, we are really weird for doing this?” Sweetie asks.
  37. >”Publicly, yes. You see, many ponies have fetishes, each pony has different ones. For example, Rarity has a fetish for clothing. Now while you may not have that fetish, it doesn’t make  Rarity’s fetish weird.”
  38. >”The fact that the three of you share the same fetish, is a very lucking thing. Unfortunately, many ponies disprove of the ‘scat’ fetish.”
  39. “So, what do we do with this fetish?” Sweetie asks.
  40. >”You keep it to yourself, at least until such a time when you wish to reveal it to your special somepony.”
  41. “Euck! I’ll never have one of those!” Scootaloo says, sticking her tongue out.
  42. >”Hmm, perhaps not. But just remember, this is your fetish. Do not go around telling any pony, even though you trust them. Not even your sisters.”
  43. >”This will be your secret, for you to enjoy and relish in.”
  44. >The sky grows bright, and the stars fade into obscurity.
  45. >”I must go now, the sun is rising. Take care, and be sure to embrace your fetish, while also keeping it personal.”
  46. >The sky grows brighter, and Luna fades into the light.
  47. >The Cutie Mark crusaders have but a moment, until the sky blinds them, and they are thrust into the world of the awake.
  48. ……………
  49. >Sweetie Belle opened her eyes, the light in the tent was bright and orange.
  50. >The feeling of urgency in her bladder motivates her to get up.
  51. >The rest of the CMC seem to be getting up as well. Even scootaloo, with her bad habit of sleeping in, started to wake.
  52. >Sweetie scoots out of her sleeping bag, and stretches.
  53. >The feelings spike her need to urinate, and she loves it.
  54. >She turns away from the crusaders, and begins to rummage through her backpack for food.
  55. >While sweetie is looking for food, Applebloom wakes up.
  56. >The first thing she sees, is a white mare with her plot pointed at her.
  57. >Theres something more though, but it’s hard to see thanks to the color of light inside the tent.
  58. >There something sticking out of sweetie- Oh no.
  59. “Uhh, Sweetie Belle, are you tryn’ ta poop right now? Ah mean, ya could have at least gone outside first.”
  60. >Sweetie turned to face her friend, she had yet to empty herself, so it was weird that Apple Bloom was asking these questions.
  61. “Huh? What do you mean? I just woke up.”
  62. “Well, it’s just that yer… crowning.”
  63. “Crowning?”
  64. “Ah can see yer poop, Sweetie.”
  65. “Bu- But that must mean…”
  66. >Sweetie ducked her head into her sleeping bag, checking for any hint of brown.
  69. >By now Scootaloo has her eyes open, and the first thing she sees is Sweetie Belle.
  70. >The sight of Sweetie wiggling her open hole in front of her makes her wings extend involuntarily.
  71. “Uhh, Sweetie… You kinda have something…”
  72. “She knows, Scoots.”
  73. “Ah, okay.”
  74. >After about a minute of searching, Sweetie is relieved to find that she did not relieve herself in her sleep.
  75. >It must have happened while she was stretching.
  76. >’Maybe I can get my friends to do the same?’ she thought.
  77. >A rumbling in her pit distracts her, and she looks to her empty bag.
  78. >No food, they would have to go into town to get some.
  79. “Girls, we’re out of food. I don’t want to go into town, not like this.”
  80. “Well, I’m sure theres some wild berries around. We could eat those.” Scootaloo suggests.
  81. >Some food would be helpful, plus there wasn’t really much she could do in her current situation.
  82. “Alright. Scootaloo, can you find some food? And Applebloom, can you help me with this?”
  83. >Scootaloo gets up, grabbing her saddle bag and heading out.
  84. “Sure Sweetie Belle, but let’s take it outside.”
  85. >Sweetie and Applebloom head outside, applebloom covering her hoof in toilet paper again.
  86. “Alright, can ya raise yer plot into the air? It’s kinda hard the way yer standin’.”
  87. >Sweetie Bell does as applebloom asks, mimicking the stretching pose she had earlier.
  88. >Before applebloom starts to push it back in, she stops to admire it.
  89. >It’s much wider than before, clearly stretching Sweetie’s hole to the limit.
  90. >Her only conclusion as to why Sweetie didn’t completely void herself when she was asleep is probably because it’s thicker inside, and thus got itself stuck.
  91. >The turd is sticking out about 2 inches, and judging from the size it’s nearly 3 inches wide.
  92. >The brown mass currently stuck in Sweetie smells terrible. Terribly beautiful.
  93. >Slowly applebloom raises her hoof to the turd, and starts to push.
  94. >The crap, having been exposed to the outside world is cold to the touch.
  95. >It’s not easy, as the massive log refuses to return to it’s creator.
  96. >Applebloom, putting all her effort into the task, shoves the feces into sweetie with a satisfying ‘schtuuuch.’
  97. “Ohhhh!” Sweetie moans, not prepared for it’s coldness.
  98. >Immediately she starts urinating, relieving her fluids.
  99. >The stream hits the ground, some of it spraying back into Applebloom’s face.
  100. “Heh, Sorry Applebloom.”
  101. “It’s okay, ah don’t mind.”
  102. >The stream pouring out of sweetie is too much a temptation, and applebloom slowly brings her face to sweeties stream.
  103. >She opens her mouth, and puts her lips to Sweetie’s lips.
  104. >She drinks the stream from the source, and it is more sweet than any cider she has ever tasted.
  105. >Sweetie can only blush and shiver at the feeling of Applebloom drinking her.
  106. >Applebloom decides to try something a little more daring, and she sticks her tongue into sweetie.
  108. >Sweetie spasms, and a wave of new fluid floods into Applebloom’s mouth.
  109. >Applebloom drinks until Sweetie runs dry, wiping her mouth clean.
  110. “Applebloom… why did you do that?”
  111. >Applebloom shrugs.
  112. “I dunno, it just looked good. If ya want, ah’ll make sure to save mah juice for ya.”
  113. “Yes, you seemed to enjoy it, and the longer it’s inside, the better it is. Right?”
  114. “Sure.”
  115. “Wait, don’t I get any?”
  116. >Scootaloo, who had had arrived shortly after Sweetie had started pissing, had seen the whole thing.
  117. >She had hidden herself by the bushes, her marehood dripping.
  118. >She had chalked that up to needing to pee, not yet understanding the concept of arousal.
  119. “Applebloom, you can give yourself to Scootaloo. I don’t mind if it’s not from you.”
  120. >The words somehow hurt Applebloom, a little upset that sweetie hadn’t picked her as her favorite.
  121. >She decided she would be able to give some to sweetie later, and that the orange pegasus needed her fill as well.
  122. “Alright, Scootaloo, do ya want it now? Or would you rather ah fill up a bit?”
  123. “Fill up please!”
  124. “Alright, when ah really need ta go, ah’ll let’cha know.”
  125. >Scootaloo nodded, she could hardly wait.
  126. >Her stomach reminded her of it’s emptiness, and she goes to unpack her saddlebag.
  127. >The inside is filled with blue colored berries.
  128. “Dig in!” She happily announces.
  129. >They eat their food, afterwards they go to clean themselves in a nearby stream.
  130. >With no food remaining, and a lack of desire to eat berries again for lunch, Sweetie decides to back to Rarity’s, and ask her for some lunch.
  131. >Applebloom and Scootaloo wait by the stream.
  132. >The sound of the water reminds scootaloo of her full bladder, one she had not completely emptied the night before.
  133. >She would just relieve herself then and there, but she had promised to give her liquids to Sweetie.
  134. >Within five minutes, she has her hoof pinned on her crotch, concentrating on making sure to keep every drop inside of her.
  135. …….
  136. >Sweetie hurried to carousel boutique, the cramps in her bowels flaring up again.
  137. >Ever so often, she would have to stop entirely, and concentrate on making sure was on top of the situation.
  138. >Often, she would get stares.
  139. >’Why would a filly just stop in the middle of a street, clutch her stomach, and then waddle off again in a few minutes?’
  140. >Or at least, that what she thought. She had no idea what ponies were thinking.
  142. >Eventually she reaches her destination, and walks into rarity preparing her breakfast.
  143. >”Oh there you are, Sweetie. How was last night?”
  144. “It was great! We told scary stories, and made a campfire!”
  145. “I came back to ask, can we have lunch here?”
  146. >Rarity put down her plate to look at her sister, something was amiss.
  147. >For starters, it looked as though sweetie was hunched over, almost like there was a pain in her abdomen.
  148. >Secondly, while sweetie maintained her usual cheerful voice tone, it almost seemed strained, and she kept grunting.
  149. >Finally, her tail was always raised. In fact, it looked very much like the sub-conscious action that a pony would perform when they needed to defecate.
  150. >A little more research into it would prove helpful, you don’t just ask about a ponies bodily functions.
  151. >”Alright sweetie, do you have anything in mind?”
  152. >sweetie thought about this for a moment. While she certainly knew she was hungry, the mass in her bowels made her think she was full.
  153. “Nothing much, something light.”
  154. >”Well, alright. If you want anything else, just ask.”
  155. “Okay.”
  156. >Sweetie headed for the door, just before she got to it, however, she stopped.
  157. >Another urge struck her, and she had to stop to take care of it.
  158. >Sitting down, she rubs her lower half to soothe the force.
  159. “Uugh.”
  160. >Sweetie’s stomach rumbles, and she can’t help but to think maybe eating wild berries was a bad idea.
  161. >Rarity, just watched. Her sister was in pain, and she wanted to do whatever she could to help.
  162. >Unfortunately, to help, she would need to ask a question.
  163. “Sweetie belle, when was the last time you had a bowel movement.”
  164. >Sweetie blanked. Was she really being that obvious? Luna had told her to keep her fetish private, even to her sister.
  165. >Maybe Luna only meant to hide the fact that she was doing it on purpose? If so, there was no harm in telling Rarity, right?
  166. “I… Um… Tuesday?”
  167. >Rarity was shocked, clearly her sister was constipated.
  168. >She briefly thought about not letting her sister eat anything until she cleared her system. But then again, who knew how long that might take.
  169. >Rarity didn’t want to jump into anything too quickly, she didn’t want to embarrass her sister by telling everypony she was constipated.
  170. >She needed a second opinion, somepony she could trust.
  171. >Applejack.
  172. “Rarity, is something wrong?” Sweetie said, a little scared at her sister’s long pause.
  173. >”Oh! Ehh nothing. Just wanted to know.”
  174. >Sweetie was really worried now. Rarity would never ‘just want to know’ about when she used the bathroom.
  176. >She would tell the crusaders that she may have blown her cover.
  177. >Putting on a smile, she exits out of carousel boutique, hurrying to her friends.
  178. >Rarity would finish her breakfast, then head out to see applejack.
  179. …….
  180. >Rarity walked to the orchard, Applejack was out bucking.
  181. >Rainbow dash was there as well, taking a nap in a nearby tree.
  182. >She approached the two, waiting for a sec while she figured out where to start.
  183. >”Applejack, I have a few questions.”
  184. >”Well, go ahead.”
  185. >”It’s just, Sweetie Belle hasn’t gone to the bathroom since tuesday, and she seems to be uncomfortable.”
  186. >”Ah see, ya know, I think Applebloom has been the same way.” Applejack says.
  187. >”Ah mean, Looking at it, our fertilizer stores are lower than usual. What about you, Rainbow dash, notice anything in scoots?
  188. >”Well, I always go whenever I feel like it, that stuff is just extra weight. But I haven’t really been with the girl for a while now, so I don’t know.”
  189. >The conversation topic had started to make rarity a little queasy, so she decided to steer it back onto course.
  190. >”So, how do we help them? It’s not healthy for them to keep that inside of them. I have some laxatives back home they could take.”
  191. >”Don’t use laxatives, that will just force the crap out. With the amount in them, it needs to be slow and natural. Ah say we fill em up, and let them take care of it themselves.”
  192. >Rarity was appalled, Applejack was suggesting something that would put more into them, not take it out.
  193. >”Bu- But what if it doesn’t work, what if it just makes them-”
  194. >”Rarity, Ah have been caring for Applebloom since she was in diapers. Ah know how to fix constipation.”
  195. >Rarity had little to argue against experience, so she let Applejack decide the plan.
  196. >They make a huge meal, and then talk to them about it afterwards.
  197. >If they couldn’t still go, they would repeat the process at dinner, and so forth until they emptied themselves.
  198. >That was the plan, at least. And plans always had a way to fail.
  199. …………..
  200. >Sweetie Belle finally was within view of the camp, the run alone had made her stomach hurt.
  201. >She would need to talk with the other crusaders about the whole seven days thing.
  202. >When scootaloo saw sweetie belle, she could not be happier.
  203. >Her bladder was on the edge of breaking, and she had nearly voided herself several times because of it.
  204. “Sweetie, I’m full. You said you wanted a drink?” Scootaloo said, a little too eager to end her bladders suffering.
  205. “Yeah, but first I need to tell you two something!”
  206. >Scootaloo groaned at the fact that she needed to postpone her relief, even if it was for a brief moment.
  208. “Alright, I was talking with rarity, and she agreed to make us lunch. I may have also told her that I um… haven’t pooped in 4 days.”
  209. “Sweetie!” Scootaloo shouts, dripping a bit before she clamps down again.
  210. “It’s nothing big! I just told her I haven’t gone to the bathroom, I didn’t tell her that I wasn’t going on purpose!”
  211. “Besides, she doesn’t know you two haven’t gone as well.”
  212. >A little calmed down at the situation, Scootaloo reminds her friend of her current situation.
  213. “Speaking of bathroom, can you please help? I really need to go.”
  214. “Yeah, okay. I need you to stretch, keep your plot into the air.”
  215. >Scootaloo did as she asked, and as soon as she moved her hooves away from her crotch, she started dripping.
  216. >Slowly sweetie gets down, bringing her mouth up to Scootaloo’s marehood.
  217. >When she gets her mouth around it, Scootaloo releases, sending a torrent of urine down sweeties mouth.
  218. >It tastes like flat soda, sweetie notes.
  219. >She decides to attempt what Applebloom did for her, and she sticks her tongue inside her friend.
  220. “Ohhhhh, yeah…” Scootaloo moans.
  221. >A new current flows into sweetie’s mouth, this tastes different, and has an almost sticky sensation to it.
  222. >She chugs it down anyway, eager to get every last drop of liquid that has been cooking in her friend for the past 10 hours.
  223. >Eventually, the simple instinct of air>urine takes over, and sweetie is forced to remove her mouth and breathe.
  224. >Clicking her tongue a few times to better taste it, she watches scootaloo finish up with Applebloom holding her hoof to her friends anus.
  225. “Ya know, after this we should have a pissing contest.” Applebloom states.
  226. “Yeah! It would be quicker than a pooping one, and still be as enjoyable!”
  227. “Ah don’t know about it being more enjoyable, Sweetie Belle. Ah really like this feeling of being full in mah bowels.”
  228. “Well, okay then. After this, we need to have a pee contest.”
  229. “I could go for that.” Scootaloo says.
  230. >Scootaloo finishes up, and as she gets up, she falls to the ground.
  231. >*Pffffffffssss*
  232. >A loud fart escapes her, and Applebloom rushes to her fallen friend.
  233. >She starts rubbing her friends belly, hoping to get all the gas out.
  234. >The turd inside her has been acting like a massive cork, preventing any gasses from getting out.
  235. >Have a fermenting log of food inside you, and you get some pretty nasty gas.
  236. >Applebloom sticks her hoof in Scootaloo the same way she did a few nights ago, checking her intestines.
  237. >She finds what she is looking for, and starts poking at the visible bulge.
  239. >Fighting her own gut, it was clear to Applebloom that they would not last much longer.
  240. “Girls, Ah don’t think we can do the seven day challenge.”
  241. “I… as much as I don’t want to, I think you’re right. maybe we should just last as long as we can instead?” Sweetie says.
  242. “That’s what Ah had in mind, ‘cides, it’s not like this is the only time we will be able ta do this.”
  243. “Yeah, okay. There’s still time before lunch, you want to do some crusading?”
  244. >Applebloom removes her hooves from Scootaloo’s stomach, and they leave the campsite behind.
  245. >For the next few hours, they plan on what to do for crusading.
  246. >Eventually, they grow hungry again, and head to Carousel boutique for lunch.
  247. >Opening the door, they see a myriad of food on the table.
  248. “Uhh… hey rarity, what’s with all the food?” Scootaloo starts.
  249. >Looking around, she spots Applejack And rainbow dash walking into the room.
  250. “…and what are you two doing here?” She finishes.
  251. >“Well, I have been always wanting to try some new cooking new recipes. Applejack, Rainbow Dash and yourselves are going to test them.” She lied.
  252. “Well, alright.”
  253. >Scootaloo was unsure, there was a lot of different plates, and if she had to sample each one…
  254. >She didn’t want to think about the consequences on her gut.
  255. >The other CMC thought the same, the idea of even more food being forced into their already full bowels made them think twice about eating.
  256. >They were hungry though, and they didn’t want all this food to be wasted, so they sat down and started eating.
  257. >Even by only taking a few bites of each dish, their stomachs soon become full.
  258. >They slow down, prompting Rainbow dash to make a remark.
  259. >”Heh, I didn’t think you girls would have stopped so soon.”
  260. >Scootaloo took that as some sort of challenge, and started eating again.
  261. >Despite the lack of space in her stomach, she forced more and more food inside of her.
  262. >The other crusaders watched as she ate, before deciding to join her.
  263. >Everything had gone to rainbow dash’s plan, she had got them to start eating again.
  264. >Eventually, their stomach stops expanding, hurting from the amount of food inside them.
  265. >Very bloated, it would take awhile for their stomach to process all the food, and send it along their tubes.
  266. “Uggg… I can’t eat another bite!” Sweetie moaned.
  267. >Now was the chance for Rarity to strike.
  268. >”Girls, I want to ask you a question. When was the last time you made stool?”
  269. “Huh?” Scootaloo asks, already knowing rarity’s response.
  270. >”Forgive me for being blunt, but when was the last time you went poop? Even before you girls ate, you all seemed bloated.”
  271. >”We know it’s none of our business but, we only want to help. Sweetie already told me she hasn’t gone in a while, and I suspect you two may not have as well.
  272. “Yes!” Applebloom blunted. “Ah haven’t gone in a while!”
  273. >Applebloom covered her mouth with her hoof, like her sister, she never was a good liar.
  275. >Scootaloo just watched, she was the only one who had not told about her bathroom use.
  276. >Inside of her, another bubble of gas rises. Applebloom’s massage helped, but there was still gas left inside of her.
  277. >*Geeeeuuurghle*
  278. >That didn’t sound good.
  279. >Scootaloo looked at her idol, she was waiting for an answer.
  280. >She didn’t want her to know, but the rising pressure inside her would give her away.
  281. >Moving slightly, she sits on her tail in the event of a blowout.
  282. >”Uhh, squirt? You okay there?” Rainbow dash asks.
  283. >Scootaloo does what she can, moving her hoof to her stomach.
  284. >Sweetie Belle leans away, she didn’t want to be around what would come next.
  285. >Scootaloo’s hoof is not enough to relieve the pressure on her gut, and her heart rate quickens.
  286. >She [/b]really[/b] didn’t want to empty herself right now, especially not in front of her idol.
  287. >”Squirt. Don’t lie to me. When was the last time you went to the bathroom?” Rainbow dash asks, her voice stern.
  288. >Unable to take the strain any longer, she lets out her gas.
  289. >*Plbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb*
  290. >The feeling of relief is immediate, and Scootaloo stops patting her stomach.
  291. >A disgusted rarity just looks at the orange pony.
  292. >”Scootaloo. When was the last time you went to the bathroom? Rainbow asks again, her gaze penetrating Scootaloo’s defences.
  293. “T-Tuesday…” she mumbles out, embarrassed.
  294. >”Thats what I figured. Now come on, we’re going to the bathroom upstairs.”
  295. “O-Okay.”
  296. >The three crusaders go upstairs to rarity’s bathroom. Once there, they start taking squatting over the toilet.
  297. >The purpose of this exercise was to give the crusaders a chance at relieving their clogged bowels, and they knew this.
  298. >Surprisingly, once they had gotten into position, it took quite a bit of effort to not let their bowels explode.
  299. >Fortunately, this gave the assumption to the watcher that there were in fact trying to poop, despite the fact that there were trying not to.
  300. >Scootaloo was first, and while she was squatting in front of her mentor, Applebloom began to shift positioning.
  301. >The liquid she had so carefully kept inside her body for sweetie belle had increased with lunch, and she found herself trying to keep it in.
  302. >Even without pushing, her bladder was tired from the strain, and it wanted to be empty.
  303. >After about a minute or two with no results from scootaloo, sweetie belle got up and moved to the toilet.
  304. >Scootaloo went to sit next to Applebloom, head hanging low, and utterly embarrassed her idol had watched her squat on the toilet.
  305. >Sweetie was having trouble not going, her face twisting as she tried to stop her poop from leaving her body.
  307. >Her sphincter muscles were weak, having being stretched to their limits just this morning.
  308. >Her plot hole opens up slightly, showing a brown mass to anypony looking in the right angle.
  309. >Rainbow Dash’s was looking at her from the front, and she could not see Sweetie crowning.
  310. >”Alright Sweetie, that looks enough. We’ll try again at supper.”
  311. >Sweetie tried to force the turd back into her body. It didn’t want to go back in.
  312. >”Sweetie, thats enough. Give Applebloom a turn.” Rainbow dash says, a little more sternly now.
  313. >Sweetie inhales sharply, commanding all muscles to contract.
  314. >She succeeds in her mission, and waddles off of the toilet.
  315. >The effort needed to keep her turd inside can only be kept by sacrificing her movement slightly.
  316. >Sitting on her tail, she turns to Applebloom.
  317. >Applebloom, squatting feels her bladder release involuntarily.
  318. >The yellow stream falls into the toilet, and Rainbow Dash turns away as courtesy.
  319. >Sweetie watches on as her drink slips away from Applebloom, and into the toilet.
  320. >She is a little mad that applebloom wasn’t able to hold for later, but she can’t show it.
  321. >Applebloom watches as her sweet cider pours into the toilet. The soft yellow stream warm from her body.
  322. >She finishes up, and gets off the toilet.
  323. >”Alright, none of you went. We’re going to try this again after supper, alright?” Rainbow Dash says.
  324. “Alright.” Scootaloo confirms.
  325. >The three crusader exit out of carousel boutique, heading back to the campsite. They had a lot to talk about.
  326. …………
  327. >Huddled around the dead campfire from last night, all three of them lay on their backs.
  328. >Their stomachs are all distended, and small fart is emitted periodically.
  329. >Finally, Applebloom decides to break the silence.
  330. “Ah’m sorry ah wasn’t able to hold mah pee fer you, Sweetie Belle.”
  331. >Sweetie just blows some hair out of her face, not saying a word back.
  332. “Fine. Ah know ah was supposed to tell ya when ah needed ta go, but as soon as ah sat down, it just started flowing.”
  333. “…”
  334. >Irritated at the lack of response, Applebloom speaks out again, her voice elevated.
  335. “Ya know, this is all yer fault! If ya hadn't told rarity that ya needed ta poop, none of this would have happened! Princess Luna told us not ta tell anypony, and that includes yer sister!”
  336. >Enraged at the accusations, sweetie finally speaks up.
  337. “My fault!? You where the one who didn’t even try to hide it from your sister!”
  338. “That’s different!”
  339. “How!?”
  340. “Apples don’t lie!”
  341. >Sweetie was furious.
  342. “You hypocrite! You said not to tell anypony, you said so yourself!”
  343. “At least ah’m not some big know-it-all dictonary, who can barely keep their butt shut in the mornin!”
  345. “Thats it! I quit!”
  346. >The two bickering crusaders turn towards their orange companion.
  347. >Scootaloo had gotten up, and started walking towards the woods. There was an upset look on her face.
  348. >Forgetting their argument, the other crusaders get up and try to catch up with her.
  349. “Where are you going?” Sweetie asks.
  350. “I’m going poo. I’ve had it with stupid competition, all it’s brought me is pain in my stomach, and disputes between my friends.”
  351. >Squatting, Scootaloo starts to push her turd out.
  352. >The brown head reveals itself once more, but this time, instead of stopping, it continues to grow.
  353. “Scoot don’t! Ah don’t want ta contest to end like this!” Applebloom shouts.
  354. >Scootaloo’s plothole continues to widen, the massive turd inside her still growing.
  355. >The tip of the turd just barely touching the ground, Scootaloo has trouble cutting it off.
  356. >It seems to be stuck halfway through, the wider parts being more difficult to pass.
  357. >Straining, a slight dribble of piss leaks out of her marehood.
  358. >Her asshole being stretched to the limit, Scootaloo bites her lip in pain.
  359. >With no other option, she finally listens to her friends.
  360. “W-What do you girls want? Can’t you see I want some privacy here?”
  361. >Tears form in scoots eyes, the pain from her constipation proving too much.
  362. “We’re sorry we got in an argument. It was nopony’s fault…”
  363. “If ya want ta lose now, thats yer choice. But remember, Rainbow Dash would never give up!” Applebloom adds.
  364. >The pressure becomes too much, and she exhales, sending her creation to it’s much hated home.
  365. “Rainbow dash never had to deal with a 4 day old shit in her bowels!” Scootaloo yelled.
  366. >Recoiling slightly at the swear, Applebloom counters.
  367. “No, yer right. She never had to deal wit that. But that just means yer better at it! You can hold yer bowels much longer than she can!”
  368. “So what if I can hold my bowels!? I’ll never be able to f-fly, or g-get good grades, or have m-my mm- m-mom l-lo…”
  369. >Scootaloo collapses, tears streaming down her face.
  370. >The other crusaders run up to her, comforting her in her time of need.
  371. >Applebloom grabs her face and holds it to her chest, much like when Applejack did when she had asked question about her parents.
  372. “S’okay Scoot. No matter what, we’re here for ya.”
  373. >Scootaloo just buried her face into Applebloom’s chest, letting out her emotions into the yellow filly.
  374. >Sweetie belle just sat back and rubbed Scootaloo’s back, hoping to calm her down.
  375. >Years of bottled up emotion was pouring out, and the crusaders did what they could to fix the broken filly.
  376. >As much as Applebloom disliked the feeling of a damp chest, there was nothing in the world that could separate her from her friend.
  378. >A few tears were shed by Applebloom. She had never known her parents, but she missed them dearly.
  379. >Applebloom wiped her eyes clear, she needed to be strong for her friend right now.
  380. ………
  381. >Hours had passed, and the bright ball of light in the sky started to head home.
  382. >Scootaloo had calmed down quite a bit, and she had reduced her crying to mere sniffling.
  383. >They had brought her to see the sunset by the lake, and somehow the orange light reflecting on the water brought with it tranquility.
  384. >She had a headache, the tears that once streamed down her face had left her dehydrated.
  385. >She wanted to get a drink from the lake, but she felt it would ruin the moment.
  386. >Ignoring physical pain to mend an emotional one, she sat and waited.
  387. ………..
  388. >Another hour passed, and the sun was dancing on the edge of the horizon.
  389. >It was early fall, and a brisk coolness was carried in the wind.
  390. >Sweetie Belle decides to break the silence.
  391. “Girls, It’s past supper. We should head back in. Unless, you would rather stay here, Scootaloo.”
  392. *snif* “Nah, its fine. It’s getting cold here anyway.”
  393. >Leaving the lake and its scenery behind, they return Rarity’s house.
  394. >Upon entering, a quick glance at Scootaloo tells them that they would be eating lightly.
  395. >Instead of using the trick that Rarity had made many food dishes, there was only one; Lasagna.
  396. >Scootaloo downs her glass of water, eager to get some fluids back inside her.
  397. >The dinner is short lived, and Applejack escorts them upstairs to the bathroom.
  398. >”Alright, ah don’t want any fussin’, so get on the toilet and be done with it.” Applejack says.
  399. >Applejack puts her ear to the door, listening as she hears the hooves go down the stairs.
  400. >”Alright.” She says, whispering.
  401. >”Now ah don’t know what the three of ya’ll are doin’, or what ya hope ta accomplish, but ah do know this: Tha three of ya have been holding in yer poops on purpose.”
  402. >The crusaders gasped, shocked that applejack had figured it out.
  403. >”It’s weird, ah’m not gunna lie. But hey, everpony has their fetishes.” she says, winking at the crusaders.
  404. >”How much can you girs suck in yer gut? she asks.
  405. >The crusaders show her, moving their distended bellies back inside with great effort.
  406. >”Perfect! That’s just what we need!”
  407. >Applejack gets over the toilet, and start to push.
  408. >The crusaders go wide eyed at the view, Applejack’s superior toned flank having no trouble pushing a long turd out.
  409. >”Heh, this show ain’t fer you though.” she says, cutting the end off with her muscles.
  410. >The piece falls into the toilet, and she flashes.
  411. >She does this twice more, and the crusaders start to understand.
  412. >Applejack was doing them a favor, and was convincing the others that the crusaders had gone to the bathroom.
  413. >”So, why’re ya doing this anyway?” she asks.
  414. “Well… We wanted to see who could make the biggest poops.” Sweetie says.
  416. >”Heh, when ah was yer age, ah probably would’ve done the same thing.”
  417. >Squeezing the last fecal ball out of her anus, she flashes, sending the waste down the pipes.
  418. >”Alright, now comes the hard part. Suck in yer gut and stay on mah left side, and we might just make it outta this.”
  419. >Applejack opens the door, and motions for the crusaders to follow through.
  420. >They inhale, and follow the orange pony down the steps.
  421. >Rarity watched as her friend guided the girls down the steps, it seemed as though they were going straight outside.
  422. >She was glad applejack had convinced them to go, and they didn’t have any more problems.
  423. >Watching her orange friend, she noticed something.
  424. >There! In the mirror!
  425. >”Dear celestia! Look at the mirror!”
  426. >The crusaders and applejack stop dead in their tracks, worried of Rarity’s watchful eyes.
  427. >Feeling the need to breathe, the crusaders struggle while rarity approaches them.
  428. >Rarity walks right up to applejack, her gaze paralyzing.
  429. >”Applejack…”
  430. >If the crusaders weren't already, they would be holding their breath.
  431. >”Your stetson is torn on the side! You really should have told me sooner. I can have that fixed up no problem!”
  432. >”Well, gee, thanks Rare’s. If you could have it fixed, than by all means.”
  433. >The crusaders see their chance, and they run outside.
  434. >Rekindling the fire, the crusaders gather around, ready to hear another of Scootaloo’s too spooky stories.
  435. “So you're with your special somepony, and you get some mail. You open it, and it says ‘What are you doing with my son?’”
  436. “You ask about it, and your special somepony says his dad is dead!”
  437. >Smiling, scootaloo utters the finishing line under her breath.
  438. “Then who was mail?”
  439. “AHHHHH!”
  440. >Sweetie screams, and bolts inside the tent, leaving Scootaloo and Applebloom outside.
  441. “Heh, ya know, ah haven’t gone pee since lunch. Ah should probably tell her.”
  442. “Ehh, go to sleep with it, that way she gets extra for breakfast!” Scootaloo suggests.
  443. >Applebloom chuckles, and she gets up to head to her bag.
  444. “Applebloom-”
  445. >She turns to the orange pegasus, her playful eyes replaced with more serious ones.
  446. “D-Don’t leave me… P-Please?”
  447. “…Sure Scoot.”
  448. >Applebloom sits next to scootaloo, and scoot rests her head on applebloom’s shoulders.
  449. >Within a few moments, scootaloo falls asleep.
  450. >Not wanting to disturb her friend, applebloom starts up at Luna’s sky.
  451. >She now waits for exhaustion to overtake her, so she too can sleep.
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