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  1. [05:37] <@As_Always> Righto gents, welcome to AA's D&D where everything's made up and the points don't matter.
  2. [05:37] <+Thaddeus>  /startparty
  3. [05:38] <@As_Always> Starting scenario incoming.
  4. [05:38] <+Thaddeus> lol
  5. [05:38] <@As_Always> The pain in your wrists hurts the most. There is other pain – pain in your head, in your knees, in your ribs, but the pain in your wrists hurts the most. It is probably the most current. After time, you realise that your wrists are still bound. Tightly, and with what feels like wire. The pain is emanating from that, then. That’s why it feels so bad. You are probably bleeding.
  6. [05:38] <@As_Always> The last you remember is being clocked in the head by something hard. Travelling along a road towards a place to rest your head, you fell prey to a band of goblins marauders. Seems you strayed too close to their war camp. And now here you are, bound, blindfolded and on your knees in a goblin warcamp.
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  8. [05:38] <+Haz> Suck goblin dick
  9. [05:38] <@As_Always> You are unsure as to who or what is around you.
  10. [05:39] <+Foerthan> Blindfolded?
  11. 01[05:39] <+Douk> Fiddle with knots and attempt to loosen them.
  12. [05:39] <+GreenAcidRage> Attempt to slip my wrists out of the knots.
  13. [05:39] <+Foerthan> I want to examine the situation in detail if we're not blindfolded. Guards, etc.
  14. [05:39] <+Thaddeus> Attempt to cast spell with which to see through blindfold
  15. [05:39] <@As_Always> You are blindfolded.
  16. [05:40] <+Haz> Do I still have weapons?
  17. [05:40] <@As_Always> Douk rolls a 1d20 for 3. You are unsucessful in loosening the wire.
  18. [05:40] <+Thaddeus> Not while we're bound.
  19. [05:40] <+Foerthan> In that case, attempt to loosen the wire.
  20. [05:40] <@As_Always> GAR, however, rolls a 15 and after a while manages to get his hands free from the wire.
  21. [05:40] <+Haz> Attempt to remove blindfold
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  23. [05:41] <@As_Always> Foerthan, you roll a 7, and loosen your binds only sligtly. The pain is lessened.
  24. [05:41] <+GreenAcidRage> Cry out, attempting to sound out how many, if at all, guards are around me. Keep my wrists looking like they are bound.
  25. [05:41] <@As_Always> Haz, rubbing and rocking your head on the ground in front of you, you sucessfully remove the blindfold. Looking around, you see it is night, with 4 others around you.
  26. [05:42] <@As_Always> You see no guards
  27. [05:42] <+Thaddeus> Ask GAR to remove my bindings
  28. [05:42] <+Haz> Attempt to loosen and remove binds on my hands
  29. 01[05:42] <+Douk> "Would anyone mind freeing me from these god damned binds?"
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  31. [05:42] <@As_Always> GAR, you shout loudly.
  32. [05:42] <+GreenAcidRage> Remove blindfold, help party.
  33. [05:42] <@As_Always> ...
  34. 03[05:42] * Ranger-Arukado is now known as Arukado_DGX
  35. [05:43] <@As_Always> You here a rough grunt coming from the north.
  36. [05:43] <+GreenAcidRage> (Sheeeeetttt)
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  38. [05:43] <@As_Always> You remove your blindfold
  39. [05:43] <+Foerthan> Can I re-attempt to loosen my binds?
  40. [05:43] <@As_Always> ...
  41. [05:43] <@As_Always> And loosen the bonds of the party around you.
  42. 01[05:43] <+Douk> "I do not think it would be wise to shout in a place such as this friend"
  43. [05:43] <+Haz> WHY DID YOU YELL
  44. [05:43] <@As_Always> You are now each free, and unblindfolded.
  45. [05:43] <+Thaddeus> Examine surrounding
  46. [05:43] <+GreenAcidRage> I THOUGHT WE WERE IN A TENT.
  47. [05:43] <+GreenAcidRage> Search for improvised weapons/check for my own.
  48. [05:44] <+Haz> Check inventory
  49. 01[05:44] <+Douk> check inventory
  50. [05:44] <@As_Always> You are in a small clearing. There is a burned-out fireplace here. Around you lies shabby lean-to's and other improvised shelters. There is a goblin guard snoring on the ground, obviously unnatentive and undiciplined.
  51. [05:44] <@As_Always> You have each the clothes on your back and no more.
  52. [05:44] <+Thaddeus> Bind guard
  53. [05:44] <+Thaddeus> Without waking him up?
  54. [05:44] <+Haz> There are no guards
  55. [05:44] <+Thaddeus> lol
  56. [05:44] <+GreenAcidRage> steal guards weapon.
  57. [05:44] <+Foerthan> "Make sure to gag him first."
  58. [05:45] <@As_Always> Thaddeus creeps over to the guard, with a rag and wire in hand. He deftly crams the rag into his mouth, and after a short scuffle and muffled shouting, the goblin guard lies on the ground, bound and gagged and very much awake.
  59. [05:46] <+Thaddeus> Take goblin hostage
  60. [05:46] <+Thaddeus> On second thought, goblins have no honor. Off the guard.
  61. [05:46] <@As_Always> GAR, you pick up a jagged dagger. It could closer be described as scrap metal with a point.
  62. [05:46] <+Haz> Take goblins weapons
  63. [05:46] <+Haz> damn
  64. [05:46] <+GreenAcidRage> Slice the guards throat.
  65. [05:47] <+Thaddeus> Or rather, goblins are expendable.
  66. [05:47] <+Haz> Do I have clothes/armor?
  67. [05:47] <@As_Always> You quickly dispatch the guard. The goblin jerks around, then lies still.
  68. [05:47] <+Thaddeus> Just clothes on your back. Pay more attention, Haz.
  69. [05:47] <+Haz> Does the goblin have armor?
  70. [05:47] <+Thaddeus> Scout to the north
  71. 01[05:48] <+Douk> "You just killed him man.  What if that orc had a wife and kids."
  72. [05:48] <@As_Always> The goblin is wearing piecemeal armour of leather, obviously taken from various sets in varying states of disrepair.
  73. [05:48] <+GreenAcidRage> Support Thaddeus.
  74. [05:48] <+Haz> Take leather armor
  75. [05:48] <+Foerthan> I'll support Thaddeus as well.
  76. 01[05:49] <+Douk> Walk towards one of the lean tos and search the contents.
  77. [05:49] <@As_Always> Thaddeus takes off a short while north. Looking about, he sees more improvised structures, a few smouldering fires, and a few proper tents. You hear snoring of goblins, and there is various pieces of trash strewn about.
  78. [05:49] <@As_Always> Haz, you don the piecemeal armour
  79. [05:49] <@As_Always> It is a tight fit but feels better than the wire handcuffs
  80. [05:50] <+GreenAcidRage> Murder the sleepy goblins.
  81. [05:50] <+Thaddeus> Search tent #1
  82. [05:50] <+Thaddeus> (assuming there are three) (few)
  83. [05:50] <+Haz> Search tent #3
  84. 01[05:50] <+Douk> "Before we go on an orc cleanup I think we should all find weapons."
  85. [05:50] <+Foerthan> "My fists will suffice."
  86. [05:51] <+Thaddeus> "Agreed. Gar, take it easy," I whisper.
  87. [05:51] <+GreenAcidRage> "Oh, alright. But god help you if they wake up."
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  89. [05:51] <@As_Always> Thaddeus, opening the tent's flap you see various maps, with scribbles and markings all over. This seems to be an operations tent - if you could call it that, coming from goblins.
  90. [05:51] <+Thaddeus> "You saw the way the last one threw a fit. These few are close enough that they would wake each other."
  91. [05:52] <@As_Always> Haz, you find various boxes. None are opened.
  92. [05:52] <+Haz> OPEN BOXES
  93. [05:52] <+Haz> ALL OF THEM
  94. [05:52] <+Foerthan> Examine tent #2
  95. [05:52] <+GreenAcidRage> Stand guard
  96. [05:52] <+Thaddeus> View map that appears to mark camps location, and where we WERE bound.
  97. [05:52] <@As_Always> GAR, you stand guard as Haz openes the crates and Foerthan opens the secend tent.
  98. [05:53] <@As_Always> Haz, you find equipment. You recognise some of it as your own and the rest obviously taken from other prisoners or victims. Foerthan, you open the tent to find a goblin warchief and two of his harlots sleeping in luxury.
  99. [05:54] <+Haz> Equip best equipment and distribute the rest
  100. [05:54] <+Thaddeus> "Foer, back out slowly, please. Haz. Get us our shit.
  101. [05:54] <+Thaddeus> "
  102. [05:55] <+GreenAcidRage> Equip my equipment. "I'll assissinate the warchief when im dressed."
  103. 01[05:55] <+Douk> Walk carefully to the tent haz is at.
  104. [05:55] <+GreenAcidRage> (Assassinate*)
  105. [05:55] <+Haz> Can I stack armor and make it better?
  106. [05:55] <+Foerthan> Continue to look inside the tent, but make no move forward for the moment.
  107. [05:55] <+Foerthan> Also, examine the warchief in more detail.
  108. [05:55] <+Foerthan> Size, equipment, etc.
  109. [05:55] <@As_Always> Thaddeus, you determine you are near the west shore of the continent. You could have guessed, tasting the salt on the air. Other noteable locations are a port-town, circled in red. Two other locations, underlined in black, show an elven resort to the north and a goblin tower, far to the east. Not much else appears on the map.
  110. [05:55] <@As_Always> (Alright, equipment time)
  111. [05:56] <@As_Always> (Seeing as everything is made up and the points don't matter)
  112. [05:56] <@As_Always> (You'll each get a decent weapon and set of armour. No diamond-studded armour of rainbows, fellas)
  113. [05:56] <@As_Always> (But grab something good for your adventuring)
  114. [05:57] <+Haz> I WANT RAINBOW ARMOR
  115. [05:57] <+Haz> Alright
  116. 01[05:57] <+Douk> I grab a bow out of the chest
  117. [05:57] <+Haz> A nice bow and a huge-ass stack of arrows on my back
  118. [05:57] <+Thaddeus> Tie on leather leggings, vambraces and a light mail chestpiece. Covering it all in a flowing robe. Grab prized possesion, a long, hand-and-a-half sword, crackling softly with electricity.
  119. [05:57] <@As_Always> (I'll also kit you out with various supplies: Rope, torches, rations for a week's travel, camping gear, flint and tinder, etc)
  120. [05:57] <+Haz> Is the armor in the boxes better than mine?
  121. [05:57] <+Haz> Also, running shoes
  122. [05:58] <+Haz> And a small knife
  123. [05:58] <@As_Always> The armour in the box is worlds better than the armour you stole from the goblin.
  124. 01[05:58] <+Douk> Douk also grabs a set of fur armor out of the chest that looks to be some sort of bear.
  125. [05:58] <+Haz> Take and equip it of course
  126. [05:58] <+GreenAcidRage> I equip dusty leathers, perfect for sliding into shadows or the bushy background, and a well-honed, powder poisoned dirk.
  127. [05:58] <+Foerthan> (Considering that I'm a monk, I shouldn't need a weapon. Prefer fists to stave/kama. Robes would be nice though)
  128. 01[05:58] <+Douk> equip quiver
  129. [05:58] <+Haz> EQUIP BEARD
  130. [05:59] <+Haz> Alright
  131. [05:59] <+Haz> Seriously
  132. [05:59] <+Haz> Beard
  133. [05:59] <+Foerthan> gently lay the flap of the tent back down, walk over to the chest, search for a robe. Equip robe if there is one.
  134. [05:59] <+Haz> And turn out of the tent and shoot all guards as quickly ans accurately as I can
  135. [05:59] <+GreenAcidRage> Oh lawds
  136. [05:59] <@As_Always> (Haz, c'mon bro, don't start griefing)
  137. [05:59] <+GreenAcidRage> How about you let me dispose of the warchief first?
  138. [06:00] <@As_Always> You all take and equip the gear you search for.
  139. 01[06:00] <+Douk> "Haz if you and I simultaneously shoot the two orcs GAR can slit the last ones throat.  All will die in their sleep."
  140. [06:00] <+Haz> Do what DOUK said
  141. 01[06:00] <+Douk> "If GAR can sneak in that is."
  142. [06:00] <+GreenAcidRage> "Sounds like a plan."
  143. [06:00] <+GreenAcidRage> "Can I sneak? Is that a joke?"
  144. [06:00] <+Thaddeus> "They're all sleeping.. I'm pretty sure he'll be alright.
  145. [06:01] <+GreenAcidRage> Attempt to co-ordinate the attack with Douk and Haz.
  146. [06:01] <+Thaddeus> I managed to bind the last one, and I'm no rogue."
  147. 01[06:01] <+Douk> I fiddle around finding an arrow that isn't covered in rust and notch it.
  148. [06:01] <@As_Always> Performing the artwork you have all practiced for so long together, you move in position, weapons ready. As a group you strike the sleeping guards, taking them all out in the span of no longer than a few seconds.
  149. [06:02] <@As_Always> There are no complications with the manouver
  150. [06:02] <+Thaddeus> Take position behind warchief tent
  151. [06:02] <+Haz> Imma go shower
  152. [06:02] <+GreenAcidRage> Attempt to sneak in and assassinate the warchief.
  153. [06:02] <+Haz> So, follow and do whatever people tell me within reason
  154. [06:02] <@As_Always> (Righto HAZ)
  155. [06:03] <+Foerthan> (Did I ever get any information back from when I examined the warchief in detail earlier?)
  156. [06:03] <@As_Always> (If you are taking too long, I'm giving away your slot, though)
  157. [06:03] <@As_Always> (Oh shi-!)
  158. [06:03] <Geraldo_Magnusson> (I want his spot. Dibs.)
  159. 01[06:03] <+Douk> (did we kill the chief and guards already?)
  160. [06:03] <+Foerthan> (Guards.)
  161. [06:03] <+GreenAcidRage> (Not chief)
  162. [06:03] <@As_Always> Thaddeus and GAR take up positions on the tent, Foer examines the sleeping warchief in detail.
  163. 01[06:03] <+Douk> ok
  164. 04[06:04] * Edd (~chatzilla@B5907DF1.10033CC7.F7B2F209.IP) has joined #vDND
  165. [06:05] <@As_Always> He is unremarkable for a goblin. Scars cover his battle-hardened body, he is dressed in maintained leather armour, an axe lies by his side. Two goblin women lie of the floor with him; the luxuries of being chief.
  166. [06:05] <@As_Always> Around the room lies various trinkets of gold and silver.
  167. [06:05] <+GreenAcidRage> Kill him, and the women.
  168. [06:05] <+Foerthan> Is he lying on top of the axe at all?
  169. [06:05] <+Thaddeus> Attempt to disarm
  170. [06:05] <+Thaddeus> Yeah.. THat
  171. [06:05] <+Foerthan> If not, silently move the axe out of his range.
  172. [06:05] <@As_Always> Rolling for that...
  173. [06:06] <+Thaddeus> That's a little ruthless. I think the women should be spared.
  174. [06:06] <@As_Always> You sneak into the room, reaching out for the axe lying on the floor.
  175. [06:06] <@As_Always> Leaning over, holding your breath, you pick up the axe without a sound.
  176. [06:06] <+Foerthan> (For all we know, the females have daggers hidden on them. Don't be too quick on the "Spare" thing.)
  177. [06:06] <+GreenAcidRage> (GOBLIN women. They may as well be trannies.)
  178. [06:06] <@As_Always> You lift it free of the ground, and slowly start to back out.
  179. [06:06] <+Foerthan> (They can still knife you from behind.)
  180. [06:07] <+Thaddeus> I wouldn't hesitate to off them if they became hostile. But if they're innocent slaves, they need to be spared.
  181. [06:07] <@As_Always> Focusing on the goblin warlord, your foot knocks one of the goblin women in the leg
  182. [06:07] <+Foerthan> (Fuck.)
  183. [06:07] <@As_Always> She shifts in her sleep with a grunt...
  184. [06:07] <@As_Always> ..
  185. [06:07] <@As_Always> ...
  186. [06:07] <@As_Always> The goblin stays asleep.
  187. 01[06:07] <+Douk> I aim my bow steady at her face
  188. [06:07] <+Thaddeus> Are the females bound in any way, or do they appear to be there of own free will?
  189. [06:08] <@As_Always> You back out of the tent, axe in hand.
  190. [06:08] <@As_Always> The women are not bound in any way.
  191. [06:08] <+Foerthan> Are there any weapons noticeable around the women?
  192. [06:08] <@As_Always> And you can only make assumptions of the goblin hiarchy to determine if they are there of their own free will
  193. [06:09] <@As_Always> Looking around, you do not notice any other weapons on around them, save for picking up a gem statue and bludgeoning someone with it.
  194. [06:10] <+Foerthan> *whispering* "Your call. The chief is disarmed. I'll leave their fate up to the rest of you."
  195. [06:10] <+GreenAcidRage> I propose the archers pepper the Warlord with arrows, while everyone else stands by in case of crazy female attack.
  196. [06:10] <+GreenAcidRage> (woops, that was a whisper.)
  197. 01[06:10] <+Douk> "I find your plan to be acceptable GAR."
  198. [06:10] <+Thaddeus> Agreed. I'll have my blade pointed at one, my open palm at the other.
  199. 01[06:11] <+Douk> "Haz on your count"
  200. 01[06:11] <+Douk> (shit hes afk)
  201. 01[06:11] <+Douk> "Firing"
  202. [06:11] <+GreenAcidRage> (He'll do what we tell him to do IE autofire)
  203. 01[06:12] <+Douk> I look at Haz and we both fire arrows into the chief
  204. [06:12] <+Foerthan> Prepare to attack one of the females in case they should make a move to attack us when awoken.
  205. [06:12] <@As_Always> The two of you with bows move into a clear line of sight of the tent. The goblin chief, sound asleep and totally unawares, is punctured with two arrows from point blank range.
  206. [06:13] <@As_Always> He spasms, looses a shaking, weak cry with his eyes wide, then lays dead.
  207. [06:13] <@As_Always> The two women, woken by the commotion, spring up with a look of fright
  208. 01[06:13] <+Douk> "We need to bind them"
  209. [06:13] <+GreenAcidRage> What Douk said
  210. [06:13] <+Foerthan> "Agreed."
  211. 01[06:13] <+Douk> "After, of course, searching them"
  212. [06:13] <+Thaddeus> "We won't be here long. Why is that necessary?
  213. [06:14] <+GreenAcidRage> "Well, we can bind them THEN search them."
  214. [06:14] <@As_Always> One is sitting with mouth agape and hands up, the other is attempting to speak to you in broken english.
  215. 01[06:14] <+Douk> "If we don't bind them we will have several camps of orcs on our tail"
  216. [06:14] <@As_Always> They are both backing away
  217. [06:14] <+GreenAcidRage> "GOBLINS. GOBLINS. NOT ORCS. GOBLINS."
  218. [06:14] <+Foerthan> "It's not like they won't manage to get out of the binds AFTER we leave."
  219. [06:14] <+Thaddeus> Listen to one speaking english
  220. 01[06:14] <+Douk> "Theyre all the same to me"
  221. [06:15] <+Haz> back
  222. 01[06:15] <+Douk> "True Foerthan, but it will buy us some much needed time"
  223. [06:15] <+Haz> "I say we do what Douk said"
  224. [06:15] <+Foerthan> "I agree that we should bind them. I was repsponding to thaddeus."
  225. [06:15] <+Haz> "I like his plans
  226. [06:15] <@As_Always> Thaddeus listens to the one speaking. It is not much more than pleas for her life.
  227. [06:15] <+Foerthan> (*Responding, even)
  228. [06:16] <+GreenAcidRage> Attempt to bind them, nonaggressively. Tell them what I am doing.
  229. [06:16] <+Thaddeus> "So hostile, all of you. I'm outnumbered. I guess we're binding them."
  230. [06:16] <+Haz> "we've got to get a move on"
  231. [06:16] <@As_Always> Taking nearby cordage you tie the two goblins. They do not resist when they see you aren't there to slice them up.
  232. 01[06:16] <+Douk> I walk over to the dead chief's body that is bleeding out onto the floor andI see my pipe laying on the chief's lap.  I softly say  "Never smoke another man's pipe" as I take it back.
  233. [06:16] <+Haz> "I say we go to the port town, find out hwy it was circled on that map"
  234. [06:16] <@As_Always> Douk gains a pipe!
  235. [06:17] <+Foerthan> "It's a precaution. They'll manage to set themselves free onc we leave, but for now, we don't need one of them doing anything stupid."
  236. [06:17] <+Foerthan> Agree with Haz.
  237. [06:17] <+GreenAcidRage> Search the tent for valuables, loot the chieftan.
  238. [06:18] <@As_Always> You take everything of value in the officer's tent. Between you you gather 145 gold.
  239. [06:18] <+Thaddeus> Gemmed statue? Or is that of our gold?
  240. [06:18] <+GreenAcidRage> Remove gems from statue.
  241. [06:18] <+Thaddeus> I can store magic in those babies. They're like batteries.
  242. [06:19] <+Haz> "I say we buy a hot meal"
  243. [06:19] <@As_Always> You remove the gems from the statues. You take 6 in total, and your party gold count is not 130
  244. [06:19] <@As_Always> *now
  245. 01[06:19] <+Douk> Douk steps outside the tent
  246. [06:20] <+Thaddeus> "If you gentlemen have a use for pretty gems, have at it, but I could actually make use of them.
  247. [06:20] <+Thaddeus> I'll take two, and leave the rest."
  248. [06:20] <+Foerthan> *To the female goblins* "Do not move until we are gone. If you attempt to follow us, we will kill you."
  249. [06:20] <+Foerthan> Leave the tent
  250. 01[06:20] <+Douk> Douk forms his hands into an odd shape and blows into them creating a sound barely heard by the human ear. His pet snowy owl hootie the third flies towards him from the horizon.
  251. 03[06:20] * Arukado_DGX is now known as Arukado-THF
  252. [06:20] <+Haz> Give my gems to thaddues
  253. [06:20] <@As_Always> The two goblins nod vigourously their agreement
  254. [06:21] <+Thaddeus> <-- 3 gems
  255. [06:21] <@As_Always> (I think GAR is leaving)
  256. [06:21] <+GreenAcidRage> Give my gems to Thaddeus.
  257. [06:21] <+GreenAcidRage> (Nah, ill just be less active)
  258. [06:21] <+Foerthan> Thaddeus may have my gem as well.
  259. [06:21] <+GreenAcidRage> (Muppet me if I take too long)
  260. [06:21] <@As_Always> (Righto)
  261. 03[06:22] * Elven_Bard-Sparklefaggot is now known as Fancy
  262. [06:22] <+Thaddeus> <-- 4 gems. (They're important)
  263. 01[06:22] <+Douk> The snowy owl perches on Douk's shoulder as Douk inquires  "Where have you been?"
  264. [06:22] <@As_Always> The party's situation: The warcamp is deserted, you each have a set of good equipment amongst other supplies, and between you you have 130 gold.
  265. [06:22] <+Thaddeus> 5* rather.
  266. 03[06:22] * Geraldo_Magnusson ( has left #vDND
  267. [06:23] <+Thaddeus> Recap on map gather from tent #1
  268. [06:23] <+Thaddeus> (Sorry)
  269. [06:23] <+Haz> "That map had a goblin tower and an important looking port town circled in red."
  270. [06:23] <+Foerthan> Do we have packs or anything to carry stuff in?
  271. [06:24] <+Haz> "I say we head to the port town and find out what they're planning, then head to the tower afterwards"
  272. [06:24] <+Haz> "But first, FOOD!"
  273. [06:24] <+Foerthan> If so, I'd like to gather up the most suitable of the goblin tents and stick it in our bags.
  274. [06:24] <@As_Always> You are a short way east of the western shore. There is a port town circled in red. To the north is an elven resort underlined in black, and a goblin tower far to the east. Nothing else jumps out at you.
  275. 01[06:24] <+Douk> From the look in Hootie the Thirds eyes Douk can tell the lay of the land looks grim from up above.
  276. [06:24] <+GreenAcidRage> Assault the TOWER
  277. 01[06:24] <+Douk> "I say we visit this port town"
  278. [06:25] <+Thaddeus> After getting assaulted, bound, gagged, and murdering some green guys, I'd say a stay in town would be nice.
  279. [06:25] <@As_Always> (Yes, you have packs and misc equipment along with your combat gear)
  280. [06:25] <+Foerthan> (Err, right, sorry. Do we have a tent or such? If we do, no point in gathering one here, but if we don't...)
  281. [06:25] <+Thaddeus> We have the means to set up tents, sir.
  282. [06:26] <@As_Always> (Yup, tents and camping equipment you've gathered)
  283. [06:26] <+Foerthan> (Ah, right. Sorry about that then.)
  284. [06:26] <+Foerthan> "I must have overlooked that. Thanks."
  285. 01[06:26] <+Douk> Examine the current health of the party members.
  286. [06:26] <+Thaddeus> I'm wondering why we were taken in the first place? There must be some reason we were chosen.
  287. [06:26] <+Haz> TO THE FUCKING TOWN
  288. [06:27] <+Foerthan> "I doubt it. I think we just happened across them at the wrong time."
  289. [06:27] <+Haz> At any rate
  290. [06:27] <+Haz> I have to leave
  291. [06:27] <+Foerthan> "In any case, we should head towards that town."
  292. [06:27] <@As_Always> (Leave for good, Haz?)
  293. [06:27] <+Haz> Someone either take a second character
  294. [06:27] <+Haz> Leave for work
  295. [06:27] <@As_Always> (Righto)
  296. [06:27] <+Haz> Or someone take my spot or something
  297. [06:27] <+Foerthan> (I've only got about 20 minutes or so left myself.)
  298. [06:27] <@As_Always> (Yeah I'll get someone to fill it eventually)
  299. [06:27] <+Haz> I'll stay here just so I can come back and read the logs
  300. 01[06:27] <+Douk> (I think we should get another person in here)
  301. [06:28] <+Thaddeus> (I guess, we could choose from a band of mercernaries in town?)
  302. [06:28] <+Haz> So, I'll be here, just at work
  303. [06:28] <@As_Always> (Prehaps pause it at this point? Seems like a worthy checkpoint, about to head towards a town)
  304. [06:28] <+Haz> (Bye guys)
  305. [06:28] <+Thaddeus> (See who would best be suited to our party)
  306. [06:28] <@As_Always> (Seeya bro)
  307. [06:28] <+GreenAcidRage> (Cya HAz)
  308. [06:28] <+Foerthan> (Fine by me, but I don't want to hold the rest up if they wish to continue for now.)
  309. [06:29] <+Thaddeus> Pause for how long? I'm good for awhile.
  310. [06:29] <+Thaddeus> Or just a short break?
  311. [06:29] <@As_Always> Just a short break to get another character or two in.
  312. 01[06:29] <+Douk> (thad what type of spells, skills do you have?)
  313. [06:30] <+Thaddeus> Alright. Narrate us to town and the suck, AA.
  314. [06:30] <+Foerthan> (I'll just duck out here then so you can get the replacements in one chunk.)
  315. [06:30] <@As_Always> Alright bro. gg
  316. [06:30] <@As_Always> Ok, Zhek is in
  317. [06:30] <+Foerthan> (Staying in channel though so I can read the logs after classes.)
  318. [06:30] <@As_Always> What's sort of character are you playing?
  319. [06:31] <+Haz> Haz gives some money to the rest of the band for a hot meal at the inn
  320. [06:31] <+Thaddeus> (Douk, I'm a spellsword. Excel in destruction magic, with dabblery in alteration and mysticism. Enchanting as well.)
  321. [06:31] <+Haz> "Well fellows, I must head off to the elven resort. Perhaps if you venture that way you may see me again."
  322. 04[06:31] * Magnusson ( has joined #vDND
  323. [06:31] <Magnusson> So.
  324. [06:32] <+Haz> (Put me in as an NPC if they go there)
  325. 03[06:32] * Zetsumei is now known as Zets-RNG
  326. 01[06:32] <+Douk> "Farewell"
  327. [06:32] <+Haz> (I'm doing the same as Foerthan, just waiting)
  328. [06:32] <Zhek> I'm trying to think of a char, just a sec
  329. [06:32] <@As_Always> Ok! Magnusson and Zhek are our replacements
  330. [06:32] <Magnusson> Yes!
  331. [06:33] <@As_Always> I can either narrate them into the story, or just suspend disbelife and have em jump in right away.
  332. [06:33] <Magnusson> Narrate me in!
  333. [06:33] <+GreenAcidRage> Narrate em in
  334. [06:33] <+Thaddeus> Or we pick up some mercs in town.
  335. [06:33] <@As_Always> rjr.
  336. [06:33] <+Thaddeus> Or rather, adventuring partners. We won't need to pay.
  337. [06:33] <@As_Always> But whar are you characters, guys?
  338. [06:34] <Magnusson> I am a Dwarven Puncher, or "Monk"
  339. 01[06:34] <+Douk> Human Ranger
  340. [06:34] <@As_Always> Dwarven monk? I like it
  341. [06:34] <Magnusson> Drunken, angry, bearded. Punchy.
  342. [06:34] <+Thaddeus> I'm half elf. I never mentioned.
  343. [06:34] <@As_Always> Any breakthroughs, Zhek?
  344. 03[06:35] * As_Always sets mode: +v Magnusson
  345. 03[06:35] * As_Always sets mode: -vv Foerthan Haz
  346. 03[06:35] * As_Always sets mode: +v Zhek
  347. [06:36] <@As_Always> Yo, Zhek, you around man?
  348. [06:36] <+Magnusson> I think he is dead.
  349. 02[06:36] * +Zhek ( Quit (*.net *.split)
  350. [06:36] <+Magnusson> Yep.
  351. [06:36] <@As_Always> I guess not
  352. [06:36] <@As_Always> 4 man party it is.
  353. 01[06:37] <+Douk> (Thad you have offensive and healing magic?)
  354. [06:37] <+Thaddeus> Very little healing.
  355. [06:38] <+Thaddeus> Mostly offensive and utility, support magic.
  356. 01[06:38] <+Douk> Douk searches th area for medicinal herbs
  357. 04[06:39] * Zhekthesecond ( has joined #vDND
  358. [06:39] <+Thaddeus> "But while we've been in town, I've been practicing a bit, and charging up these batteries.
  359. [06:39] <Zhekthesecond> Sup, Zhek here. Just saying there's a massive netsplit :|
  360. [06:39] <Zhekthesecond> ))
  361. [06:40] <+Thaddeus> You should be able to command them, and they'll do whatever (simple) bidding you like.
  362. 04[06:40] * As_Always_The_Second ( has joined #vDND
  363. [06:40] <As_Always_The_Second> Well, I'm back
  364. [06:40] <As_Always_The_Second> Internet shitted out for a moment.
  365. [06:40] <As_Always_The_Second> ...people still around?
  366. 04[06:40] * Zhek ( has joined #vDND
  367. [06:40] <+Magnusson> Yeah.
  368. [06:40] <+Thaddeus> Wards, healing, sight-beyond-sight
  369. [06:40] <Zhekthesecond> MAssive netsplit
  370. [06:40] <+Magnusson> I am still here.
  371. [06:40] <Zhekthesecond> FInally, I'm in .
  372. 02[06:40] * Zhekthesecond ( Quit
  373. [06:40] <Zhek> here we go
  374. 01[06:40] <+Douk> aye
  375. 02[06:41] * @As_Always ( Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
  376. 03[06:41] * As_Always_The_Second is now known as As_Always
  377. [06:41] <+Thaddeus> So, essentially, each member of the party now has a gem, charged with magic, good for one spell of morderate power."
  378. [06:41] <+Thaddeus> moderate*
  379. 03[06:41] * ChanServ sets mode: +o As_Always
  380. [06:41] <+GreenAcidRage> "Thank you, Thaddeus."
  381. 01[06:41] <+Douk> (Zhek what are you?)
  382. [06:41] <+Thaddeus> "I'll keep charging the two I have, so I have energy to back up on."
  383. [06:41] <@As_Always> Perfect, kept it rolling without me
  384. [06:41] <@As_Always> Good show
  385. [06:41] <Zhek> (( Demi-elf male rogue ))
  386. [06:42] <+Magnusson> (AKA: Pansy shit who can't punch)
  387. [06:42] <+GreenAcidRage> (Two rogues?)
  388. [06:42] <Zhek> (( Though I could always be a waifu demi-elf rogue ))
  389. [06:42] <+Thaddeus> (It would seem we have two rogues.)
  390. [06:42] <Zhek> (( Oh, we already have one? Fuck it, Waifu ranger here. ))
  391. 01[06:42] <+Douk> (We could always coordinate a triple sneak attack)
  392. 01[06:42] <+Douk> im ranger but whatever
  393. [06:42] <+Thaddeus> Douk is an archer. >.<
  394. [06:42] <Zhek> (( God damn it ))
  395. [06:42] <+Thaddeus> Ranger
  396. [06:43] <+Thaddeus> Role recap
  397. [06:43] <Zhek> (( Oh, I know. Demi-Elf Waifu Druid. ))
  398. 01[06:43] <+Douk> Human Ranger
  399. [06:43] <Zhek> (( NO ONE'S EV ER A DRUID ))
  400. [06:43] <+Thaddeus> <-- Half-elf spellsword
  401. [06:43] <+Magnusson> Dwarven Puncher Monk.
  402. [06:43] <@As_Always> Why not just roll a bard and be done with it?
  403. [06:43] <@As_Always> ultimate wiafu, bitches with strings
  404. [06:43] <Zhek> (( Because bard is my char for vndnd3 )
  405. [06:43] <@As_Always> Right, so we're good to go?
  406. [06:44] <Zhek> (( So yeah, Demi elf druid waifu ))
  407. [06:44] <+Thaddeus> Once you add Zhek to the party, yeah.
  408. 03[06:44] * As_Always sets mode: +v Zhek
  409. 01[06:44] <+Douk> (zhek is not with us yet correct?)
  410. 03[06:44] * Zhek is now known as TheElfDruid
  411. [06:44] <+Thaddeus> He gets narrated in here in town
  412. [06:44] <@As_Always> Right
  413. [06:44] <@As_Always> So
  414. [06:44] <@As_Always> Where we left off
  415. [06:45] <@As_Always> Just cleared out a goblin camp
  416. [06:45] <@As_Always> Well
  417. [06:45] <@As_Always> You all watched it happen
  418. [06:45] <@As_Always> The party is just about to head into town
  419. [06:45] <@As_Always> Hoisting their packs the step off onto the road
  420. [06:46] <@As_Always> During their travels, they notice quite a disturbance by the side of the road they are travveling.
  421. 01[06:47] <+Douk> Douk bends down and takes a sample of the grass.  He feels it between his fingers and tastes it.  "A wagon was plundered here not too long ago.  He must be wary."
  422. [06:47] <@As_Always> Douk skillfully recognises what happened here.
  423. [06:47] <+Thaddeus> "Dude, there's the wagon, aflame, right there."
  424. [06:47] <@As_Always> Thaddeus spots the wagon.
  425. [06:48] <@As_Always> It is, indeed, on fire.
  426. 01[06:48] <+Douk> Search for survivors
  427. [06:48] <+Thaddeus> Search for attackers.
  428. [06:48] <+Thaddeus> Scout*
  429. [06:48] <@As_Always> You look around the wagon. There are six bodies here, two armed, and four who look like the wagon's keepers.
  430. [06:49] <+Thaddeus> "Anything good? I could use a mail coif. I like my head intact."
  431. [06:49] <@As_Always> In the wagon there is various amounts of supplies being burnt away. You recognise few metal objects that were not destroyed outright: it looks like work for heavy construction
  432. 01[06:49] <+Douk> "Looks like these people," Duke lights his pipe and takes a deep puff "took a dead end"
  433. [06:49] <+Thaddeus> (Magnus and Ted aren't with us yet, correct?)
  434. [06:50] <+Magnusson> (Aye)
  435. [06:50] <@As_Always> (Correct. Working on it.)
  436. [06:50] <+Thaddeus> (Good deal.)
  437. [06:50] <@As_Always> Thaddeus scouts out for attackers, of which, there seem to be none. This appears to have been a hit-and-run)
  438. [06:50] <@As_Always> During the scouting, however, you do hear a noise coming fromt he bushes just foward where the wagon ran off the road.
  439. [06:51] <@As_Always> It does not sound hostile, but you cannot pick the creature that made it.
  440. 01[06:51] <+Douk> Send Hootie the Third to fly over the area.
  441. 01[06:52] <+Douk> Upon returning does Hootie appear docile or fearful.
  442. [06:52] <@As_Always> Hootie does an airial scan of the area. It sees two huminoid shapes grappling in between the trees, out of your line of sight.
  443. 01[06:53] <+Douk> "Let's have a look shall we"
  444. [06:53] <@As_Always> Being the adventurers you are, you come crashing through the bushes to see for your own eyes.
  445. [06:54] <@As_Always> The puzzle takes a strange turn as you find two figures under a tent-made-blanket. YOu hear quiet talking and see only a small amount of movement,.
  446. 02[06:55] * +GreenAcidRage ( Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.86 [Firefox])
  447. 01[06:55] <+Douk> "I say we find out why these shits are camping next to these murdered people.  Give them no room to breath.  Surround them
  448. [06:55] <+Thaddeus> "I'd almost forgotten about the wagon."
  449. 01[06:56] <+Douk> "Magnusson Zhek are you with me on this?"
  450. [06:56] <@As_Always> You three (GAR?) move into position around the covered persons, quietly. Throwing back the cover, weapons drawn, you find one of the attackers, and one of the atackees.
  451. [06:56] <@As_Always> A dwarf
  452. [06:56] <@As_Always> and an elf
  453. [06:56] <@As_Always> Lying together
  454. [06:56] <+Thaddeus> It is just the three of us though, we'd better be careful. Gar, climb a tree for an ambush.
  455. [06:56] <@As_Always> Enter:
  456. [06:56] <@As_Always> Mag and Zhek
  458. 01[06:57] <+Douk> Level the bow to the Attackers head.
  459. [06:57] <+Magnusson> "You know, I wish I had some ale right now."
  460. [06:57] <+Thaddeus> Douk, chill. We could use these guys.
  461. [06:57] <+Magnusson> I punch the ground.
  462. [06:57] <+Thaddeus> We'll forget about how we found you guys if you care to join us, gentlemen..? Or is that the appropriate term?
  463. [06:57] <+TheElfDruid> "Really, all you think of is ale.."
  464. 04[06:58] * GreenAcidRage ( has joined #vDND
  465. [06:58] <GreenAcidRage> Sorry
  466. [06:58] <GreenAcidRage> I got muted
  467. [06:58] <+Magnusson> I look at Thaddeus ANGRILY. "I am a DWARF. And I PUNCH."
  468. [06:58] <GreenAcidRage> somehow
  469. [06:58] <+Thaddeus> (It's all Gar. You were in a tree for ambush.)
  470. [06:58] <+Thaddeus> (good, lol.)
  471. 03[06:58] * As_Always sets mode: +v GreenAcidRage
  472. [06:59] <+TheElfDruid> *Glares at her wolf with a scowl.* And you! You couldn't here them coming?
  473. [06:59] <+GreenAcidRage> (WHAT? ELF DRUID WITH A WOLF)
  474. [06:59] <+Thaddeus> "You can punch all you want, dwarf. Do you have a name, and will you be joining us?"
  475. [06:59] <+TheElfDruid> (( Sup. ))
  476. [06:59] <+Magnusson> "My name is Magnusson, and I have nothing better to do... so, sure. I guess I will join you."
  477. [07:00] <+Thaddeus> "And you, Zhek?" (who is a lady, I suppose. I was unaware.
  478. [07:00] <+Magnusson> I stand up and shake myself off.
  479. [07:00] <+TheElfDruid> "Join?" She stands up, planting her spear next to her. "And for what goal exactly?"
  480. [07:00] <+Thaddeus> "Tomfoolery! Of course!"
  481. [07:01] <+Magnusson> "Tomfoolery? Does that involve ale?"
  482. 01[07:01] <+Douk> Hootie puffs his feathers out and stares menacingly at the Dwarf. "He doesn't like you"
  483. [07:01] <+Thaddeus> "All sorts."
  484. [07:01] <+Thaddeus> "We just barely survived a goblin ambush. We cleared out their camp, and came out with a map."
  485. [07:01] <+Magnusson> I make an angry face at the stupid bird. "I don't like your stupid chicken either."
  486. [07:01] <+Thaddeus> "I'm planning revenge, after a well-deserved rest."
  487. [07:02] <+Thaddeus> "And the silly gobbins have helpfully marked a tower for us."
  488. [07:02] <+TheElfDruid> "I've had enough of your ale talks!" She bumps the dwarf's head with her spear. "But sure, I'll join." She turns around to her wolf. "See that bird? No eating." The wolf does a sad puppy impression. "No eating, I said!"
  489. [07:02] <+GreenAcidRage> "We better FUCK THAT TOWER UP!"
  490. [07:02] <+Magnusson> "A map? I am a master of reading maps! Hand it over."
  491. 01[07:02] <+Douk> "I hope your knowlege of fighting overshadows your knowlege of ornithology"
  492. [07:02] <+Thaddeus> "It's a goblin map. A child could read it, but here you are."
  493. [07:02] <+TheElfDruid> "Obviously you don't know dwarves."
  494. [07:03] <+Magnusson> I look at the map, confused. "Well, this makes no sense." I hand it back.
  495. 03[07:03] * Retrieving #vDND modes...
  496. [07:03] <+TheElfDruid> *Chuckles.*
  497. [07:03] <+Thaddeus> "..figures."
  498. [07:03] <+Thaddeus> "Anywho.. I'd really like a drink and a day's rest."
  499. 01[07:04] <+Douk> "I say we pay this town a visit.  It is probable that since it is marked on the map they were going to attack it"
  500. [07:04] <+Magnusson> "I could too, but only if someone else pays."
  501. [07:04] <+Thaddeus> "Shall you accompany us to town, or will you stay at your camp here?"
  502. [07:04] <+Magnusson> I shrug. "Eh, I guess I will 'accompany
  503. [07:04] <+Magnusson> *accompany you.'
  504. [07:05] <+Thaddeus> "We have a bit of gold among us. We'll grab you a beer since you're attending our cause."
  505. [07:05] <+Thaddeus> "What do you two know about the wagon fire, though?"
  506. [07:05] <+TheElfDruid> "It would do me good to visit a town. Those hides need cleaning." She said while patting her hide armor.
  507. [07:05] <+Magnusson> "Don't know anything about the wagon fire. Was probably some stupid dog or horse or something exploding."
  508. [07:06] <+GreenAcidRage> "Yes, a horse obviously combusted."
  509. [07:06] <+GreenAcidRage> "Bravo, dwarf."
  510. [07:06] <+Thaddeus> "You were just camped... 100 meters or so away, and were completely oblivious?"
  511. 01[07:06] <+Douk> "I think it's best we don't inquire any further about the wagon.  We might not like the answers"
  512. [07:06] <+Magnusson> "I am a heavy sleeper."
  513. [07:06] <+Thaddeus> "And your wolf, druid, what does it know?"
  514. [07:06] <+TheElfDruid> *cleans her nails* "I might or have not might be involved in the destruction of metal.
  515. [07:06] <+TheElfDruid> "Knows? That you smell horrible. That's about it."
  516. [07:07] <+Thaddeus> "Try getting taken captive by goblins, then destroying their camp, and see how you smell."
  517. [07:07] <+Magnusson> I laugh wildly like a goddamn madman, spittle flying everywhere.
  518. [07:07] <+GreenAcidRage> I casually wipe spittle off myself, and cuff Magnusson on the head like he is a child.
  519. [07:07] <+TheElfDruid> *bumps the dwarf on his head with the spear again.*
  520. [07:08] <+Thaddeus> "Alright alright. We're forgetting about the wagon. After we pilfer gold, of course."
  521. 01[07:08] <+Douk> Hootie still stares menacingly at the dwarf
  522. [07:08] <+Thaddeus> "To town?"
  523. 01[07:08] <+Douk> "Let's get out of this shit hole"
  524. [07:08] <+Magnusson> "Might I remind you that my superior Dawrven skull is extremely hard and strong? Not like your prissy elven bone-cup."
  525. [07:09] <+Thaddeus> "Come along, you two."
  526. 01[07:09] <+Douk> "Onward to the town"
  527. [07:09] <+TheElfDruid> "Might I remind you I can outrun your goblin-length'ed legs."
  528. [07:09] <+Magnusson> "Dwarves are natural sprinters!"
  529. [07:09] <+TheElfDruid> "For ten seconds, maybe."
  530. [07:09] <+Magnusson> "More like fifteen."
  531. [07:09] <@As_Always> Your group decides to continue onwards to the town. After pilfering the wagon, of course (+50 party gold).
  532. [07:09] <+TheElfDruid> "Hooooo."
  533. [07:09] <+Thaddeus> (Oh yeah. Fat loot.)
  534. [07:10] <+Magnusson> (Dwarven sprinting. Fifteen seconds of it.)
  535. [07:10] <@As_Always> After a short while of travel you reach port town.
  536. 01[07:10] <+Douk> examine the general surroundings
  537. [07:11] <+Thaddeus> (Copying/pasting what I said about the gems earlier. "But while we've been in town, I've been practicing a bit, and charging up these batteries. So, essentially, each member of the party now has a gem, charged with magic, good for one spell of morderate power."
  538. [07:11] <@As_Always> It is quite small in size but it's gets it's share of buisness. There is an inn, a tavern, a store district, privet residence, and a milita post serving as the town guard. There is also, of course, a port and docks. The fresh salty sea air is refreshing to your nose.
  539. [07:11] <+TheElfDruid> "Now, wolfie, you have to stay out of the town for a while. I know, I know, but towns don't really like wolves. Just stay hidden until I come back okay?" She pats the wolf on the head before sending him back into the forest.
  540. [07:12] <+Magnusson> "Humans love animals. I don't. I hate them. Especially flying chickens."
  541. [07:12] <+Magnusson> I angrily look at that damned Hootie thing.
  542. [07:12] <+Thaddeus> examine store district in greater detail
  543. [07:12] <+Thaddeus> (180 party gold?
  544. [07:13] <+GreenAcidRage> Attempt to casually swipe things/
  545. 01[07:13] <+Douk> Hail the guard
  546. [07:13] <+Thaddeus> "Douk, our friend is stealing. Leave the guard be."
  547. [07:14] <@As_Always> You head to the town and into the store district (180 party gold). Overall, it is mostly trades and good set up for ships. There is very little int he way of personal gear outside of general supplies.
  548. [07:14] <+Thaddeus> "Well, we have enough supplies for plenty of travel. I don't see anything we particularly need here.
  549. [07:14] <+Magnusson> I look for locals to punch.
  550. [07:14] <@As_Always> GAR rolls for "casually swiping things"
  551. [07:15] <@As_Always> ...
  552. [07:15] <@As_Always> On a 1d20
  553. [07:15] <@As_Always> GAR rolls a 3
  554. [07:15] <+Thaddeus> (owned)
  555. [07:15] <+GreenAcidRage> (Fuck.)
  556. [07:15] <+GreenAcidRage> (TOWN GUARDS TIME)
  557. [07:15] <+TheElfDruid> (( aw yeah ))
  558. [07:15] <@As_Always> "OI!" shouts a nearby guard
  559. [07:15] <+Thaddeus> (sunuvabitch)
  560. [07:15] <+GreenAcidRage> "What cunt?"
  561. [07:15] <@As_Always> "I saw that one, pirate! Get your greedy mits away from that!"
  562. 01[07:15] <+Douk> Douk casually bumps into the guard biding GAR time to flee
  563. [07:16] <+GreenAcidRage> I flee
  564. [07:16] <@As_Always> The guard steps towards you snatching the gold from your hand
  565. [07:16] <+TheElfDruid> *the druid facepalms.* I think you infected them, Dwarf.
  566. [07:16] <@As_Always> "Yeah, clear off!"
  567. [07:16] <+Magnusson> I punch the guard.
  568. [07:16] <+Magnusson> In the face.
  569. 01[07:16] <+Douk> "I don't know this dwarf"
  570. [07:16] <@As_Always> The guard half-smiles to himself, content.
  571. [07:16] <@As_Always> "Oof!"
  572. [07:17] <+Magnusson> "Shut your damn whore mouth!"
  573. [07:17] <@As_Always> The guard is taken by surprise by the ferocity of the attack, but retaliates with a shout. He cracks you in the side of the head with a wooden baton.
  574. 01[07:17] <+Douk> Walk away from the scene motioning Thaddeus and the elf to follow
  575. [07:17] <+Thaddeus> "And to think.. I was just about to head to the tavern."
  576. [07:17] <+Thaddeus> "Gar, wall away."
  577. [07:17] <+Magnusson> I laugh, as my dwarven skull is superior and thick!
  578. [07:18] <+Thaddeus> "walk*"
  579. [07:18] <@As_Always> "You've got some nerve here, dwarf."
  580. [07:18] <+Magnusson> "My dwarven skull is superior and thick!" I shout.
  581. [07:18] <@As_Always> "How bout we call it a day? Clear off, and I won't crack that strong skull of yours"
  582. [07:18] <+Magnusson> I frown. "Fine. Damn whore."
  583. [07:18] <+Thaddeus> "
  584. [07:18] <+TheElfDruid> The druid was about to cast a spell, but stopped in time. "Really..."
  585. [07:18] <+GreenAcidRage> "Im ALREADY GONE"
  586. [07:19] <@As_Always> The guard nods. "Do'nt let me catch you startin' up any more trouble round here. We get enough as it is."
  587. 01[07:19] <+Douk> Walk into the tavern "Come on dwarf isn't this what you came for?"
  588. 04[07:19] * Eruonen (~onensora@capitalism.ho) has joined #vDND
  589. [07:19] <@As_Always> (Big hello to Eruonen)
  590. [07:19] <+Magnusson> I follow Douk. "Aye. I need some ale in me before I get into the real punching."
  591. [07:19] <@As_Always> The party reaches the tavarn.
  592. [07:20] <+Thaddeus> "A round of drink, and then bed for me. We're going to have to share a room, since we're a bit short on gold. I'll sleep on the floor."
  593. [07:20] <+Thaddeus> (what time is it?)
  594. [07:20] <+TheElfDruid> The druid follows in the tavern, already desperate.
  595. [07:20] <@As_Always> The tavern is rustic and easily the most well-used part of the town. It is large, full of ale-drining men and women, loud, and you hear a bard playing music somewhere. Smoke and the smell of stale beer fills the room"
  596. 02[07:20] * Edd (~chatzilla@B5907DF1.10033CC7.F7B2F209.IP) Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.86 [Firefox 3.6.10/20100914125854])
  597. [07:20] <+GreenAcidRage> Ask about local troubles.
  598. [07:20] <+Thaddeus> (Midday, isn't it?)
  599. [07:21] <@As_Always> (Time of day: Late afternoon)
  600. 01[07:21] <+Douk> The snow owl Hootie the Third perched on Douk's shoulder still stares with a hateful gaze in its eyes at the dwarf.  "I'll have a flagon of your finest ale barkeep"
  601. [07:21] <+Thaddeus> (Anywho, afk for 10 or so minutes, I'm asleep in the tavern)
  602. [07:21] <@As_Always> (rjr)
  603. [07:21] <+Magnusson> "And I will have a barrel of some sort of alcohol!"
  604. 01[07:22] <+Douk> Douk lights up his pipe and asks the barkeep "Whats the word old man?"
  605. [07:22] <@As_Always> The bartender's eyes light up at the request and quickly produces a barrel of rum, putting it on the table, alongside the flagon of ale.
  606. [07:22] <@As_Always> "That'll be and even 50 gold, gents."
  607. [07:22] <+Magnusson> "I am sure my friend here will pay."
  608. 01[07:22] <+Douk> I pay my share
  609. [07:23] <+TheElfDruid> "We have that much money and we have to share rooms?"
  610. [07:23] <@As_Always> "The word? Nothin outta the ordinary. Sailors and pirates comin' and goin', causing trouble here and there. Kobold makin' off with our loot in the night, and goblin's makin' off with our cattle and women."
  611. [07:24] <+Magnusson> "Goblins making off with cattle and women? Knowing human ladies, I can only guess which one is for the fucking."
  612. [07:24] <@As_Always> "And there's always a captain lookin' for a crew. that can start a heated debate real quick if a pair of em comes to odds"
  613. [07:24] <+Magnusson> "And I bet it ain't the women."
  614. [07:25] <@As_Always> "From your viewpoint, dwarf, I'm -sure- it all looks the same"
  615. [07:25] <+Magnusson> "Only most of it."
  616. [07:25] <@As_Always> the barkeep gives a hearty laugh.
  617. 01[07:25] <+Douk> "Any bounties around these parts?"
  618. 01[07:25] <+Douk> Douk takes a large swig of his ale.  Refreshing.
  619. [07:26] <@As_Always> "Bounties? Ho, matey, there's always someone ta be killed."
  620. [07:26] <@As_Always> "Mutinous pirates, criminals, no-good captains, always someone round this port town"
  621. 01[07:26] <+Douk> "Any large bounties placed on the head of a goblin inside that tower out across the field?"
  622. [07:26] <+Magnusson> "So... we can get paid to punch people?"
  623. [07:27] <@As_Always> The barkeep takes a swig of his ale. "You say that like ya' surprised, dwarf. Here I was thinkin' your kind built their cities  on that system"
  624. [07:27] <+Magnusson> "No, we don't get paid to punch. We just punch for shits."
  625. [07:28] <@As_Always> "Aah."
  626. [07:28] <+Magnusson> "Dwarven justice - the hardest puncher is the correct puncher."
  627. 01[07:28] <+Douk> "Well I'm looking for someone to kill, and I would preferably like to make a boat load of money while doing so"
  628. [07:28] <+TheElfDruid> The Druid yawns, though laughing at all the eyes looking up her revealing hide armor. (nyaa)
  629. [07:29] <+Magnusson> (AM I KAWAII? UGUU~)
  630. [07:29] <+GreenAcidRage> vomits, disgusted by the Druids obvious STIs.
  631. [07:29] <@As_Always> The barkeeper raises an eyebrow. "Missy, you'd best not be doin' that round here"
  632. [07:30] <@As_Always> "C'MERE, LOVELAH!"
  633. [07:30] <@As_Always> (...shit. brb)
  634. 03[07:30] * @As_Always ( has left #vDND
  635. [07:30] <+Magnusson> (FFFFF-)
  636. [07:31] <+TheElfDruid> (( Protip: Elf druids are sluts. WoW teached me that. ))
  637. [07:31] <+Magnusson> (HE HE HE)
  638. [07:31] <+GreenAcidRage> (He dc'd)
  639. [07:31] <+TheElfDruid> (( Also, am I gonna be named The Elf Druid all game long? No one wanted to know her name. ))
  640. [07:31] <+Magnusson> (Just name yourself.)
  641. [07:32] <+GreenAcidRage> (Bitchtits McSlutpants)
  642. [07:33] <Eruonen> he'll be back
  643. 04[07:33] * As_Always ( has joined #vDND
  644. [07:33] <Eruonen> see?
  645. [07:33] <+Magnusson> (Yay.)
  646. 01[07:33] <+Douk> (welcome back)
  647. 03[07:33] * ChanServ sets mode: +o As_Always
  648. [07:33] <@As_Always> Back
  649. [07:33] <@As_Always> Righto
  650. [07:33] <@As_Always> "C'MERE LOVELAH!"
  651. [07:33] <+GreenAcidRage> "What?"
  652. [07:33] <+Thaddeus> (Back)
  653. 01[07:34] <+Douk> Takes another swig of ale and watches the scene quietly
  654. [07:34] <+TheElfDruid> Right as a man approached her to hit on her, she says. "I fucked a wolf." And stared back at him with a serious face.
  655. [07:34] <+Magnusson> "She did. Twice."
  656. [07:34] <@As_Always> A man dressed in ragged leathers, a black bandana, a messy beard and filthy from head to toe grabs Zhek, steps over to Zhek"
  657. [07:34] <@As_Always> ...
  658. 01[07:34] <+Douk> Hootie the thirds eyes widen
  659. [07:34] <@As_Always> (Continuity fail)
  660. [07:35] <@As_Always> *Steps over to zhek, but pauses.
  661. [07:35] <@As_Always> "...Really? A wolf?"
  662. [07:35] <+TheElfDruid> The druid continues to drink casually. "The last time."
  663. [07:35] <+Magnusson> I take an ENORMOUS CHUG FROM MY BARREL OF RUM.
  664. 01[07:36] <+Douk> "I'm fairly certain there's a decree against that she elf."
  665. [07:36] <@As_Always> The man stands with a half amused, half shocked look on his face. "Of all the tale's I've had the privvy of listnin to here in this tavaahn, that's gotta top em all ma'am"
  666. [07:37] <@As_Always> "But I tell ya, the wimmin I've been with tell the tale of me havin a dick like a wolf, and tha energy to match!"
  667. [07:37] <+TheElfDruid> She looks up at the man. "Wait until I mention the badgers."
  668. [07:37] <+Magnusson> "And the donkeys?"
  669. [07:37] <@As_Always> He staggars back to his mates, roaring with laughter
  670. 01[07:37] <+Douk> Feeling a slight bit drunk Douk proclaims "Ya know what Magnusson.  I love you man.  I love you.
  671. [07:37] <+TheElfDruid> The druid kicks Magnusson in the face. It's the right height.
  672. [07:37] <+GreenAcidRage> "Holy shit you are a fucking seedy bitch."
  673. [07:38] <+Magnusson> I clutch my face and scream in agony, rolling around on the ground."
  674. [07:38] <+TheElfDruid> "So?"
  675. [07:38] <+GreenAcidRage> "Oh god I feel sick."
  676. [07:38] <+Magnusson> I roll around, and start vomiting.
  677. [07:39] <+Magnusson> "SHIT! THAT FUCKING HURTS! OH GOD!"
  678. [07:39] <+Magnusson> I stand up. "Just kidding."
  679. 01[07:39] <+Douk> Douk tries to hug magnusson on the ground, but he is getting barf all over his cowel
  680. [07:39] <+TheElfDruid> "You ccan vomit on demand?"
  681. 01[07:39] <+Douk> (cowl*)
  682. [07:39] <+Magnusson> "Yes. Yes I can. I am a Dwarf."
  683. [07:40] <+Magnusson> I take a seat agin.
  684. 01[07:40] <+Douk> Feeling slightly embaressed over his emotions for the dwarf coming out Douk calls it a night.  I don't sleep in doors.  If you need me I'll be sleeping in the highest tree around here.
  685. [07:40] <@As_Always> *The bard walks by playing a haunting melody. Someone throws a bottle and he weaves with practice excellence*
  686. [07:41] <@As_Always> (Douk is that a brb?)
  687. [07:41] <+GreenAcidRage> Juggle my knives for laughs.
  688. [07:41] <+Magnusson> I give Douk a deadpan look.
  689. 01[07:41] <+Douk> Douk hears the song and pulls a 180 degree turn drunkenly following the bard
  690. [07:41] <+Magnusson> "You queer, laddy?" I say, twiddling my fingers in Douk's face.
  691. 01[07:42] <+Douk> "Fuck it.  I'm not tired"
  692. [07:42] <@As_Always> The bard stops and turns. "Evenin' gent!"
  693. [07:42] <@As_Always> He is holding a violin and singing.
  694. [07:42] <+Magnusson> I turn to the bard. "Shut your damn whore mouth."
  695. [07:42] <@As_Always> He stops to talk.
  696. [07:43] <@As_Always> "Hallo down there to you too, shorty!"
  697. [07:43] <@As_Always> "There once was a dwarf from Lenchenswick!"
  698. [07:43] <+Magnusson> "Your whore mouth is still open. I am upset."
  699. [07:43] <@As_Always> "People said he had nought but a pin-dick!"
  700. [07:43] <+Magnusson> I punch the bard's violin as hard as I can.
  701. [07:43] <@As_Always> "He came in to town,
  702. [07:43] <@As_Always> "Stands before me now
  703. 01[07:43] <+Douk> Douk drunkenly shouts "FREE BIRD!" at the bard.
  704. [07:43] <@As_Always> "I reckon I should skidaddle realquick!"
  705. [07:44] <@As_Always> The bard laughs, "This violin is made from dwarven steel, friend! Think I'd be in a bar like this playing a wooden one?"
  706. [07:44] <+Thaddeus> (awesome)
  707. [07:45] <@As_Always> "Not the first time it's taken a knock. Used it as a bludgeon once, see this dent?"
  708. 01[07:45] <+Douk> "This guy sure is an asshole Mag"
  709. [07:45] <+Magnusson> "THAT DENT WAS CAUSED BY ME!"
  710. [07:45] <+Magnusson> I jump onto the bard and punch him.
  711. 01[07:45] <+Douk> I hold the bard down while mag pummels him
  712. [07:45] <@As_Always> "Oow! Oh man! give it a rest will ya!"
  713. [07:46] <@As_Always> "ECK!"
  714. [07:46] <+Magnusson> I continue punching the faggot bard.
  715. [07:46] <@As_Always> The bard is pummled into the ground.
  716. [07:46] <@As_Always> He is unconcious.
  717. [07:46] <+Magnusson> I take the violin.
  718. 01[07:46] <+Douk> "Serves the fucker right"
  719. [07:46] <+Magnusson> And beat the bard's unconcious body with it.
  720. [07:46] <+Thaddeus> (knew that was coming)
  721. [07:46] <+GreenAcidRage> Wake the bard up.
  722. [07:46] <+Magnusson> "Damn whore bard!"
  723. [07:47] <+GreenAcidRage> He probably has something to tell us.
  724. [07:47] <@As_Always> The bard is now bloody.
  725. [07:47] <@As_Always> He comes too with a little effort.
  726. [07:47] <+Thaddeus> *Toss bard a charged gem. Command it to heal.*
  727. [07:47] <+Magnusson> I attempt to rip the bard's head off.
  728. [07:47] <@As_Always> "Jesus, you dwarves know how to party eh?"
  729. 01[07:47] <+Douk> "Well he should have said something before we kicked his ass"
  730. [07:47] <+Thaddeus> "Glad to see ya on your feet, friend!"
  731. [07:47] <@As_Always> "What's a bard to do? You come in here, tellin me to shut it, you think that's the first time I've had a little heckling?"
  732. [07:48] <+Thaddeus> *Snatch gem back with a smile*
  733. 01[07:48] <+Douk> "It was just a joke"
  734. [07:48] <@As_Always> "Holy shit man, look at the criminals in this place. Most can take a little insult as well as thay can give it"
  735. [07:48] <@As_Always> "You bludgeoned me into the ground!"
  736. 01[07:48] <+Douk> "Don't you have a sense of humor bard?"
  737. [07:48] <+Magnusson> I scream as loudly as I can. "SHUT. YOUR DAMN WHORE. MOUTH."
  738. [07:48] <@As_Always> "Ain't no joke 'round these parts"
  739. [07:48] <+Magnusson> I hit the bard in the back of the head with his violin again.
  740. [07:48] <+TheElfDruid> Sighs and casts a spell (Create Water) and sends 2 gallon of water on the dwarf's head. With a lil' luck, he'll thrown, she hoped.
  741. [07:48] <+Magnusson> AS HARD AS I CAN.
  742. [07:49] <+TheElfDruid> thrown = drown ))
  743. [07:49] <@As_Always> "ENOUGH OF THAT LITTLE ONE!" comes a voice from behind Mag
  744. [07:49] <+Thaddeus> *snatch violin, hand it back to bard.*
  745. [07:49] <@As_Always> A burly man grabs the dwarf and hoists him over his head.
  746. 01[07:49] <+Douk> sit casually back at the bar
  747. [07:49] <@As_Always> "I HAPPEN TO LIKE THAT BARD'S SONGS"
  748. [07:49] <+Thaddeus> "There we go. Now our dwarf "friend" has someone to play with."
  749. [07:50] <+TheElfDruid> The druid looks at the moist dwarf and laughs. "Finally."
  750. [07:50] <@As_Always> With a cheer from the crowd watching, the man tosses Mag out onto the street. "DON'T YEH COME BACK IN HERE TILL YOU GET A GOOD TASTE AH' MUSIC
  751. [07:50] <+Thaddeus> "Play me something catchy and action-y bard." *tips 1 gold*
  752. [07:50] <+Magnusson> I flail my arms around and kick the air. "DAMN WHORE HANDS."
  753. 01[07:50] <+Douk> Hootie hoots an amused hoot.
  754. [07:50] <@As_Always> "Something catchy?"
  755. [07:51] <@As_Always> The bard has a mug of ale in his hand already.
  756. [07:51] <+Magnusson> I walk back into the bar extremely calmly, covered in blood, water, and vomit.
  757. [07:51] <@As_Always> He raises his voilin once more.
  758. [07:51] <+Thaddeus> "Yessir. and Action-y."
  759. [07:51] <+Magnusson> I take a seat and order a small glass of wine.
  760. [07:51] <+TheElfDruid> She has enough of the whole crowd and bids farewell as she goes up in a room to sleep. On the floor because wood > bed for duridz
  761. [07:51] <+TheElfDruid> (( That's a brb too ))
  762. [07:51] <@As_Always> "HOPE YOU'VE RECONSIDERED YOUR TASTES, DWARF!" THe crowd laughs loudly in  return
  763. 01[07:51] <+Douk> "I hear the 1452 shiraz is to die for magnusson"
  764. [07:51] <@As_Always> "Righto" Says the bard.
  765. [07:52] <@As_Always> (OK Zhek)
  766. [07:52] <@As_Always> "This here's about somethin' you adventurer types can relate to no doubt."
  767. [07:52] <+Magnusson> I slosh my glass of wine and take a sip. "Damn whore wine..."
  768. [07:52] <@As_Always> "Second though, maybe not, if yeh havn't been on the sea"
  769. [07:52] <@As_Always> "Ahem"
  770. [07:52] <@As_Always> "A dreaded curse, is spoken of, by all men of the sea"
  771. [07:53] <@As_Always> "A endless tale, of pirate's woe, and sailor's tragedy"
  772. [07:53] <@As_Always> "A map was drawn, by grizzled men, forgotten long ago"
  773. [07:53] <+Thaddeus> (fucking brilliant especially if this is from your head)
  774. [07:53] <@As_Always> "A chest of gold, and mortal sin, that none should ever know!"
  775. [07:54] <@As_Always> "And they searched, And they searched, And they searched, And they searched, for this endless treasure cove,"
  776. [07:54] <@As_Always> "And this curse, And this curse, And this curse, And this curse, shall ever for now be told!"
  777. 01[07:54] <+Douk> Douk sits down close to the bard and carefully puffs his pipe
  778. [07:54] <@As_Always> The bard plays musically a for a bit on his violin.
  779. [07:55] <+Magnusson> I tap my foot and shake my head in ANGER AND DISAPPOINTMENT.
  780. [07:55] <@As_Always> "A pirate captain, of many years, had heard these whispers grim"
  781. [07:55] <@As_Always> "But search for glory, and endless wealth, had all but blinded him"
  782. [07:55] <@As_Always> "He gathered a crew, of hardy men, to help him in his cause"
  783. [07:55] <@As_Always> "They never knew, the danger of, this bounty's evil force!"
  784. [07:56] <@As_Always> "Now windy nights, and full moon bright, shall herald in their call"
  785. [07:56] <@As_Always> "A ghostly crew, who loot and kill, till all before them fall"
  786. [07:57] <@As_Always> "So listen lads, remember this, lest foul winds blow a-gale"
  787. [07:57] <@As_Always> "And shadow come, and write your name, in adage to this tale!"
  788. [07:57] <@As_Always> With a flair of the violin the bard ceases.
  789. [07:57] <@As_Always> The bar is... strangly quiet after this rendition
  790. [07:57] <+Thaddeus> "Sounds like a quest, to me.
  791. [07:58] <+Thaddeus> "What do you know of this ghost ship, bard?"
  792. [07:59] <@As_Always> "What do I know of it? Not much, m'self." The bard says nonchalantly, cleaning his instrument of vomit. "I spent my days on the sea and then retired here."
  793. [07:59] <@As_Always> "What I do know of it, though"
  794. [07:59] <@As_Always> "The captain from the story? He set his sails from this very port"
  795. [07:59] <+Thaddeus> "He must have family here."
  796. [07:59] <@As_Always> "The part the song didn't tell, though"
  797. [08:00] <@As_Always> "Is that when he was beset by the foul ship"
  798. [08:00] <@As_Always> "He was alone to escape"
  799. [08:00] <+Magnusson> I look over to the talking lovebirds, having not paid attention in the slighest to the shitty song.
  800. [08:00] <+Magnusson> "Did someone say something about captains?"
  801. [08:00] <@As_Always> "And, by himself, docked his boat"
  802. [08:01] <@As_Always> "The next mornin, his boat wasn't even in the dock."
  803. [08:01] <@As_Always> The bard alleviates his serious tone
  804. 01[08:01] <+Douk> with a slightly more sober mind douk says "This captain looking for a crew?  I sure could go for an endless treasure cove right about now."
  805. [08:01] <@As_Always> "But if ya talkin to me, I wouldn't know him if he walked up and shaked my hand!"
  806. 02[08:01] * Haz (~Haz@905FAFBD.6E1471A6.B20E00EC.IP) Quit (Killed (NickServ (GHOST command used by [1]Haz)))
  807. 01[08:02] <+Douk> "Well where can we find the craziest old fuck in town?"
  808. [08:02] <+Thaddeus> "Yeah, but Douk, I'm not looking to become the walking dead. Curses aren't for me."
  809. [08:02] <+Thaddeus> "Besides.. We have the goblin tower to tend to. Remember how this town was marked for attack?"
  810. [08:02] <+Magnusson> "What is so bad about being the walking dead? At least you never die."
  811. [08:03] <+TheElfDruid> The druid walks back down in the room, the crowd keeping her awake. "Interesting song!"
  812. [08:03] <@As_Always> "Craziest old fuck in town? If ya want to find anyway, the privet residence ain't too big a place"
  813. [08:03] <@As_Always> "Most peoples come and go, only a few stay, That's where they'd be"
  814. [08:03] <+GreenAcidRage> "Sounds...interesting."
  815. 01[08:04] <+Douk> "Well partners.  We have a decision to make.  Endless treasure cove, or Goblin tower."
  816. [08:04] <+Magnusson> My face perks up. "Treasure."
  817. 01[08:04] <+Douk> "My vote goes to Treasure cove."
  818. [08:04] <+Thaddeus> "Well, I guess you could ask yourself if you care about the townpeople here."
  819. [08:04] <+TheElfDruid> She sits down, thinking. "Goblin tower. We can't have all these people die."
  820. [08:04] <+Thaddeus> "There won't be a port to return to if we don't take care of the Goblins first."
  821. [08:05] <+Magnusson> "Who gives a shit about people!" I shout, making claw hands in front of my face, "TREASURE!"
  822. [08:05] <+TheElfDruid> "And I'm sure they'll reward us from saving them. Like free ale."
  823. [08:05] <+TheElfDruid> She grins like fuck.
  824. [08:05] <+Magnusson> "Ale... treasure... ale... treasure...."
  825. [08:05] <+Magnusson> "Fuck. Ale it is."
  826. 01[08:05] <+Douk> "We did destroy the chieftan though and steal the map with their plans.  I don't think they know what to do now.
  827. [08:06] <+Thaddeus> "That was just a camp, of scouts perhaps."
  828. [08:06] <+Thaddeus> "If they have a tower, they can see the city."
  829. 01[08:06] <+Douk> (is GAR here?)
  830. 01[08:06] <+Douk> (nevermind)
  831. [08:06] <+GreenAcidRage> (DMing another one)
  832. [08:06] <+Thaddeus> "Once their scouting party doesn't work, (because we killed them) they'll just invade."
  833. 01[08:06] <+Douk> "What do you vote GAR"
  834. [08:07] <+GreenAcidRage> "I fucking hate goblins. Lets check out this whole treasure buisness."
  835. [08:07] <+Magnusson> (The one GAR is DMing has vomit-propelled dwarves."
  836. [08:07] <+Thaddeus> "That's still 3-2.
  837. [08:08] <@As_Always> (So we're heading to the tower then?)
  838. [08:08] <+Thaddeus> "Magnus likes his ale.
  839. [08:08] <+Magnusson> "I say we punch some Goblins."
  840. [08:08] <+Thaddeus> "I'm going back to bed. We leave out for the goblin scout camp in the morning, to search for more clues."
  841. [08:08] <+TheElfDruid> "Hooties can't go on ships. He's not a seagul."
  842. [08:08] <+Thaddeus> (It would seem so.)
  843. [08:09] <+GreenAcidRage> (How boring.)
  844. [08:09] <+Thaddeus> (We can't just keep going on tangent after tangent. We'll never get anything done.)
  845. 01[08:09] <+Douk> (OK for the sake of action I say we go to the tower)
  846. [08:09] <@As_Always> (Tower it is)
  847. [08:10] <+Magnusson> (Yay.)
  848. [08:10] <@As_Always> The party retires as a whole to their sleeping areas. Trees, rooms, holes in the ground, wherever they are comfortable
  849. [08:11] <@As_Always> In the morning, well rested and ready to go, you meet back out at the main road.
  850. 01[08:11] <+Douk> "You look like shit She-elf"
  851. [08:11] <+Thaddeus> "Should we go and check on the camp where we were held captive? I only took this one map."
  852. [08:11] <+Magnusson> "You are saying that like it is a recent development, Douk."
  853. [08:11] <+TheElfDruid> "Must be the sex I had all night."
  854. [08:11] <+Magnusson> "With your donkey badger?"
  855. [08:12] <+TheElfDruid> "With the bard."
  856. [08:12] <+Thaddeus> "That command tent had all kinds of scrolls and scrawled-on parchment in it."
  857. [08:12] <+GreenAcidRage> "That was sex? It sounded like a guy getting viciously tortured."
  858. [08:12] <+TheElfDruid> "You're saying there's a difference? "
  859. 01[08:12] <+Douk> "Let's take a look at the camp if it's on the way to the tower"
  860. [08:12] <+Magnusson> "The bard? Who was covered in puke and blood?"
  861. [08:12] <+TheElfDruid> Have you missed the part where I can create water?
  862. [08:13] <+Magnusson> "So, what, you drowned him?"
  863. [08:13] <+Magnusson> "No less than he deserved."
  864. [08:13] <+Thaddeus> "FUCK. Shall we move on, ladies?"
  865. [08:13] <+TheElfDruid> THe druid sighs. "fuck it."
  866. [08:13] <+Magnusson> "Ah hee hee hee."
  867. [08:13] <@As_Always> (Moving on...)
  868. 01[08:13] <+Douk> Douk whispers to Hootie "what a cunt"
  869. [08:14] <@As_Always> You set out following the map you pinched from the goblin camp. You move eastwards, intending to stop by the camp on the way.
  870. [08:14] <@As_Always> ...
  871. [08:14] <@As_Always> After a short while you reach the camp.
  872. [08:14] <+Magnusson> "Well, this is a right shithole."
  873. [08:14] <@As_Always> It is still deserted and the shelters have all but completly fallen to pieces
  874. [08:14] <+Magnusson> I punch the nearest tree.
  875. [08:14] <@As_Always> The tree falls over.
  876. [08:15] <+Thaddeus> "There anything interesting left in these tents?"
  877. 01[08:15] <+Douk> Douk reaches down to a pile of shit on the ground and tastes it.  "The animal that made this was frightened recently.  Be on your guard"
  878. [08:15] <+Magnusson> I laugh manically at Douk.
  879. [08:15] <@As_Always> (I LAUGHED SO HARD)
  880. [08:16] <+Thaddeus> "That shit gets to me sometimes, Douk. You just ate shit."
  881. 01[08:16] <+Douk> "I was scouting"
  882. [08:16] <+TheElfDruid> She whistles for her wolf, which appears out of bushes and walks to her side. "Action time, Woflie."
  883. [08:16] <+Magnusson> "That shit probably tastes better than the elf."
  884. [08:16] <+GreenAcidRage> "Delicious."
  885. [08:16] <+Magnusson> "Wa-ching!"
  886. [08:16] <+Thaddeus> "Ah, here's the command tent.. Or what's left of it."
  887. [08:17] <+Magnusson> I punch the tent.
  888. [08:17] <@As_Always> You enter the command tent
  889. [08:17] <@As_Always> Inside there is - the punch has no effect - the maps and collections you left there.
  890. [08:17] <@As_Always> It has hardly been touched besides soaking up morning dew
  891. [08:17] <+Thaddeus> "Anything that we could possibly decipher or use?"
  892. [08:17] <+Magnusson> I tear a hole in the side of the tent and walk in, joining the rest of the arty.
  893. [08:17] <+Magnusson> party*
  894. 01[08:18] <+Douk> I send hootie up in the air to fly in a circle around us.  Asking him to alert us with a hoot of any peculiar happenings.
  895. [08:18] <+Magnusson> I look at a map, but can't tell shit.
  896. [08:18] <+Thaddeus> Also, examine "collections."
  897. [08:19] <@As_Always> You piece together maps and scraps of paper. After a while you get a clearer picture from the scribbles.
  898. [08:19] <+Magnusson> "This.... looks like a map."
  899. [08:19] <@As_Always> It seems this camp was indeed a foward operating post
  900. [08:19] <@As_Always> It's purpose was to relay information on the town back to the goblin tower.
  901. 04[08:20] * THRILLHO ( has joined #vDND
  902. [08:20] <+TheElfDruid> "Well, now they know this camp has been taken.."
  903. [08:20] <@As_Always> Such information included guard prence, cattle and wimmin numbers, and any noteworthy changes of the town.
  904. [08:20] <@As_Always> *presence
  905. 01[08:21] <+Douk> "We should burn this tent and it's contents after we are done with it."
  906. [08:21] <+Magnusson> "I wonder how many Goblins there are to punch at the tower..."
  907. [08:21] <@As_Always> (Right, I'm gunna take a leaf out of GAR's book of DMing. When I start typing something big I'll post a hypon, and when I'm done I'll post a plus. Just so you know)
  908. [08:21] <+Thaddeus> "No sign of the gobbin women we tied up. They do indeed know we took this camp... Unless they didn't go to the tower? Douk? See any day-old goblin tracks?"
  909. [08:21] <+Magnusson> (Okay)
  910. [08:21] <@As_Always> (Know if I'm waiting for your input or responce)
  911. 01[08:21] <+Douk> (sounds good)
  912. [08:22] <+GreenAcidRage> Maybe we should check the other tent?
  913. 01[08:22] <+Douk> Examine the surroundings for tracks
  914. 01[08:22] <+Douk> (recent tracks*)
  915. [08:22] <@As_Always> -
  916. [08:23] <@As_Always> Douk checks the surrounding area for tracks. Beisdes animal prints and scat, there is nothing noteworthy, and certainly nothing to suggest a man or goblin walking about here.
  917. [08:23] <@As_Always> +
  918. [08:23] <+Thaddeus> "Those women had to have gone somewhere."
  919. [08:23] <+GreenAcidRage> "We didn't check the other tents, you know."
  920. [08:23] <+Thaddeus> "Whatever. At any rate, we should just assume they know this camp has been taken."
  921. [08:24] <+Thaddeus> (He did mention the camp was deserted)
  922. [08:24] <+Magnusson> "I bet there are Goblins... RIGHT BEHIND US!"
  923. [08:24] <@As_Always> (I said deserted, not devoid of rotting, bound up corpses in tents you havn't checked yet)
  924. [08:24] <+Magnusson> I turn around and punch the closest thing to me!
  925. [08:24] <+Thaddeus> (point)
  926. [08:24] <+Thaddeus> carefully approach warchief tent
  927. [08:25] <@As_Always> You punch a fist-shaped knot in a tree. The tree shouts down to you, "EPIC BRO-FIST!"
  928. 01[08:25] <+Douk> "This was the main tent I believe.  I doubt anything of worth will be outside of it"
  929. [08:25] <+GreenAcidRage> (Hah)
  930. 01[08:25] <+Douk> "I say we move on to the tower"
  931. [08:25] <+Magnusson> "HELL YEAH."
  932. [08:25] <@As_Always> You head over to the warchief's tent
  933. [08:25] <@As_Always> *Thaddeus
  934. [08:26] <@As_Always> Inside, you hear very little noise but the presence of movement nontheless
  935. [08:26] <+Magnusson> I run at the noise and punch in its general direction.
  936. [08:27] <@As_Always> Mag flies through the flimsy tent wall
  937. 01[08:27] <+Douk> I follow Magnusson carefully.
  938. [08:27] <@As_Always> In the tent it is mostly how you left it.
  939. [08:27] <@As_Always> -
  940. 01[08:27] <+Douk> (Are the she beasts still alive?)
  941. [08:29] <@As_Always> You first see the corpse of the warchief, pinned to the ground with the two arrows you fired. You see the corpse of one bound goblin female. It has had it's flesh ripped apart in parts and, at this point, looks horribly difigured. It is still bound. The second goblin female is huddled in the corner, covered in dry blood, and shaking at the sight of you. It is still bound, and is muttering under
  942. [08:29] <@As_Always> it's breath.
  943. [08:29] <@As_Always> +
  944. [08:29] <+GreenAcidRage> Question the goblin.
  945. [08:29] <+Magnusson> I punch the second goblin female.
  946. 01[08:30] <+Douk> nods at Magnusson
  947. [08:30] <@As_Always> It glances at your with wide but unnattentive eyes. It continues muttering to itself. YOu hear menions of "Xom" in her speech.
  948. [08:30] <@As_Always> You notice meat in her teeth as she speaks
  949. [08:30] <+GreenAcidRage> MURDER HER
  950. [08:30] <+Thaddeus> (pronounced zom?)
  951. 04[08:30] * Moopz|IDLE ( has joined #vDND
  952. 01[08:30] <+Douk> "This bitch just ate her she beast friend"
  953. [08:30] <+Magnusson> "I say we punch her!"
  954. [08:30] <@As_Always> (Yes, Zom)
  955. [08:31] <+Magnusson> I punch the damned cannibal whore.
  956. [08:31] <+TheElfDruid> She slams the flat side of her spear on the Dwarf's head. "Shut it."
  957. [08:31] <+Magnusson> In the face.
  958. [08:31] <+Magnusson> With both fists.
  959. [08:31] <+Magnusson> At once.
  960. 01[08:31] <+Douk> "Thaddeus do you know of this Xom?"
  961. [08:31] <@As_Always> (Mag, c'mon, keep it interesting for a bit. Killing plot points must be a group consensus"
  962. [08:31] <+Thaddeus> "Not really. I don't think it logical that gobbin 1 ate gobbin 2 since SHE'S STILL BOUND.
  963. [08:31] <+GreenAcidRage> She ATE THE OTHER ONE SHE MAD KILL HER
  964. [08:32] <+TheElfDruid> "She's bound, how could have she done it?"
  965. [08:32] <@As_Always> The shouting makes the goblin arc up
  966. 01[08:32] <+Douk> "She could have been starving"
  967. [08:32] <+Magnusson> "She might be a damned whore."
  968. 01[08:32] <+Douk> "She has the others flesh in her teeth.  It is obvious she ate her."
  969. [08:32] <+Magnusson> "Maybe she was posessed."
  970. [08:32] <+Thaddeus> "You know goblin flesh, eh?
  971. 01[08:32] <+Douk> "I believe so"
  972. [08:32] <+TheElfDruid> "She is -bound-".
  973. 01[08:33] <+Douk> "Ask the she beast about Xom"
  974. [08:33] <@As_Always> -
  975. 01[08:33] <+Douk> "If I am not mistaken this is the God of chaos"
  976. [08:34] <@As_Always> At the mention of Xom's name the goblin straightens up from her fetal postion, now kneeling on the ground with her head outstreched skyward. In very loud and better-learned english she shouts "XOM! XOM, I HAVE DONE YOUR WORK! DELIVER ME FROM THESE CREATURES! I WILL SERVE YOU AGAIN, OH XOM!"
  977. [08:34] <@As_Always> "GIVE ME ANOTHER CHANCE TO PLEASE YOU, XOM!"
  978. [08:35] <@As_Always> Bowing her head, she falls back into innane muttering.
  979. 01[08:35] <+Douk> "She has gone mad.  We must dispatch her."
  980. [08:35] <@As_Always> Now and again you hear another mention of 'Xom'
  981. [08:35] <@As_Always> +
  982. [08:35] <+Magnusson> "I say we kill the devil-worshipping whore mouther."
  983. 02[08:35] * THRILLHO ( Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
  984. [08:36] <+TheElfDruid> "Well, attracting the attention of a Chaos god isn't a good idea. Kill her."
  985. [08:36] <+Thaddeus> "Without finding out what the hell she's talking about first?"
  986. [08:36] <+Magnusson> "Okay. I have a plan."
  987. [08:36] <+Thaddeus> "You guys want to rush into this tower, ignorant of a god's protection?"
  988. [08:36] <+Magnusson> I grab her shoulders and shake her wildly. "WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?"
  990. [08:37] <+Thaddeus> "Say xom again. Just say 'who xom'"
  992. [08:37] <+Magnusson> I shake her and scream. spitting everywhere.
  993. [08:37] <@As_Always> The goblin screams louder.
  994. 01[08:37] <+Douk> "Xom's attention is not one wise to carry.  He'll help you just as soon as he'll put you to your end."
  995. [08:37] <+Magnusson> I scream as loud as I can, my eyes going both ways.
  996. [08:38] <+Magnusson> While shaking the Goblin.
  997. [08:38] <@As_Always> The goblin shouts and tears vocal cords in her throat, spewing a spray of blood onto Mag's face
  998. 01[08:38] <+Douk> "I say we leave here at once.  We do not want to anger Xom."
  999. [08:38] <+Thaddeus> "Taste good, Mag? Way to go."
  1000. [08:39] <+Magnusson> I vomit all over the goblin.
  1001. [08:39] <+TheElfDruid> The druid has enough of it and thrusts her spear in the Goblin's mouth before she calls forth her god once more.
  1002. [08:39] <@As_Always> The goblin is now making a wretching, croaking sound
  1003. 03[08:39] * Moopz|IDLE is now known as Moopz
  1004. [08:39] <@As_Always> The goblin has been struck down, the spear slicing cleanly through her skull.
  1005. [08:39] <@As_Always> All is quiet in the camp.
  1006. 01[08:39] <+Douk> "Shit."
  1007. [08:39] <@As_Always> The sky seems darker
  1008. [08:39] <+Thaddeus> "Guess we get to go die by gods at the tower."
  1009. 01[08:40] <+Douk> "I TOLD YOU FUCKERS. I TOLD YOU ABOUT XOM"
  1010. [08:40] <+Magnusson> "I WARNED YOU DOG."
  1011. 01[08:40] <+Douk> "IT KEEPS HAPPENING"
  1012. [08:40] <+TheElfDruid> (( As_Always, does my wolf hear or see anything unusual outisde? ))
  1013. [08:40] <@As_Always> (( Nothing ))
  1014. [08:40] <+Magnusson> I stop vomiting for a second, and wipe my mouth clean.
  1015. [08:40] <+Magnusson> "Well, that was fun."
  1016. 01[08:41] <+Douk> (has hootie hooted yet)
  1017. [08:41] <@As_Always> (Nope.)
  1018. [08:41] <@As_Always> All seems deserted in the camp now
  1019. [08:41] <+Thaddeus> "Well, let's burn these mothers down."
  1020. [08:41] <+Magnusson> "Anyone got a match?"
  1021. [08:42] <+Thaddeus> "Heh" Ignites fintertips.
  1022. 01[08:42] <+Douk> Douk lights up his pipe and throws the match onto the chief's tent
  1023. [08:42] <+Thaddeus> Brushes tent cloths.
  1024. [08:42] <@As_Always> The tents are aflame in seconds.
  1025. 01[08:42] <+Douk> Douk walks really cool and slow motion away from the burning tent while smoking his pipe
  1026. [08:43] <+Magnusson> "There's this burning like my veins are filled with nothing but flammable liquid..."
  1027. [08:43] <@As_Always> (I lol'd)
  1028. [08:43] <+Thaddeus> "What now? We have no leads.. and I don't feel like walking right into a trap."
  1029. [08:43] <+GreenAcidRage> "We assault the tower."
  1030. [08:43] <+Magnusson> "Who said anything about walking into traps? I say we run in screaming and punching."
  1031. [08:43] <+Thaddeus> "The goblins very well may have a deity on their side. You think that's a good idea?"
  1032. [08:43] <+TheElfDruid> "Well, we have a bird and a druid who can talk to animals. Send Lord Hooters to scout?"
  1033. [08:43] <+GreenAcidRage> "Alternatively, we could go back and ask around in town about Xom."
  1034. [08:43] <+GreenAcidRage> "Somebody is sure to know something. Maybe that bard?"
  1035. [08:44] <+Magnusson> "That bard who the elf fucked?"
  1036. [08:44] <+TheElfDruid> "Which other?"
  1037. [08:44] <+Thaddeus> "The townspeople were ignorant of the gobby outpost. What makes you think that they would know about a goblin god?"
  1038. 01[08:44] <+Douk> "Hopefully Xom's maniacal intents will spare us long enough to fuck this tower up"
  1039. 01[08:45] <+Douk> "Xom is the God of Chaos according to what I have learned in the past.  He kills and helps his followers on a whim.  There isn't much we can do about him i believe."
  1040. 01[08:45] <+Douk> "I could be mistaken though"
  1041. [08:46] <+Magnusson> "Dwarves only care for Gods that can punch other Gods."
  1042. [08:46] <+TheElfDruid> Well, he is a god of Chaos. How about we go introduce some to the goblin encampment?
  1043. 01[08:46] <+Douk> "He could be pleased.  Then again he could smite us."
  1044. [08:46] <+Magnusson> "Sounds like a challenge."
  1045. [08:46] <+Thaddeus> "Alright, then. Let's do it."
  1046. [08:46] <+Magnusson> "Ever punched out a God?"
  1047. [08:47] <+Thaddeus> "Send that owl to get some specifics on the tower, eh?"
  1048. [08:47] <+Magnusson> "It will probably just get shot down."
  1049. [08:47] <+TheElfDruid> She kneels down to her wolf. "You go scout too, wofly. Hop hop."
  1050. [08:47] <+GreenAcidRage> "Gods. Why did it have to be gods? I hate gods."
  1051. 01[08:48] <+Douk> I clasp my hands once again and make another barely audible tone with them.  Hootie flies towards the tower to scout it out.
  1052. [08:48] <+Magnusson> "I love Gods. They are insecure bastards who are fun to fight."
  1053. [08:48] <@As_Always> You wait out on the animals to return from their scouting.
  1054. [08:48] <@As_Always> (rolling...)
  1055. [08:48] <@As_Always> -
  1056. [08:50] <@As_Always> They return. To their masters, they tell that the fortress is about 4 stories tall, with fortifications on the top. There are towers for sniper's nests dotted around the tower's area - 4, by their count. Each has two goblins - a crossbowman and an archer.
  1057. 01[08:50] <+Douk> "I have a plan"
  1058. [08:50] <@As_Always> On the ground there are roughly 13 goblins, each carrying some form of weapon, improvised or otherwise
  1059. [08:50] <@As_Always> It is hard to tell who is civilian and who is trained soldier
  1060. [08:50] <@As_Always> +
  1061. 01[08:51] <+Douk> "We can construct a wooden goblin large enough to fit us all. Present it as a gift Hide inside of it and butcher them all once inside"
  1062. [08:51] <+Thaddeus> Goblin patrols...?
  1063. [08:52] <+Magnusson> "A wooden Goblin? Sounds sexual."
  1064. [08:52] <+GreenAcidRage> "How about I climb one of the towers, and take out the snipers? Then one of you fancy pants guys climbs up after me and snipes the other towers.
  1065. [08:52] <@As_Always> The animals report nothing of moving patrols
  1066. [08:52] <+Thaddeus> It's a tower. Not a castle. With a portcullis and gate.
  1067. [08:52] <+GreenAcidRage> Then we have the high ground advantage.
  1068. [08:52] <+GreenAcidRage> "
  1069. [08:52] <+Thaddeus> There's no retaining wall, right?
  1070. [08:53] <@As_Always> No, only the tower itself and 4 sniper nests
  1071. [08:53] <+GreenAcidRage> "We'll smoke the monsters out!"
  1072. [08:53] <+Magnusson> "How about..."
  1073. [08:53] <+Magnusson> "Okay, guys. Are you ready for this?"
  1074. [08:54] <+TheElfDruid> "No."
  1075. [08:54] <+Thaddeus> "The obvious thing to do would be to take out the sniper towers first. They may not a good aim, but luck is all they need."
  1076. [08:54] <+Magnusson> "Okay... how about... you guys listening? How about you light me on fire, and I run in."
  1077. [08:54] <@As_Always> (brb while you're planning)
  1078. 02[08:54] * @As_Always ( Quit
  1079. 01[08:54] <+Douk> "OK so GAR climbs a tower and takes them out up top.  Then I snipe what I can while you launch an assault below my tower with my cover"
  1080. [08:54] <+Magnusson> "And then I run in on fire."
  1081. 01[08:54] <+Douk> "ok Mag will be the decoy"
  1082. [08:54] <+Magnusson> "The firedecoy."
  1083. 01[08:54] <+Douk> "But of course"
  1084. 02[08:55] * Fancy (~chatzilla@E0E50F7B.498D63AB.E0F802E6.IP) Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.86 [Firefox 3.6.10/20100914125854])
  1085. [08:55] <+Magnusson> "All right!"
  1086. [08:55] <+TheElfDruid> "Your owl could thel get a rope up a wall and we can climb it."
  1087. 01[08:55] <+Douk> "Guide them to under my tower where the rest of us will be so I can provide cover sniper fire from up top.
  1088. 04[08:55] * As_Always ( has joined #vDND
  1089. [08:55] <As_Always> Aaand back
  1090. 03[08:56] * ChanServ sets mode: +o As_Always
  1091. [08:56] <+Magnusson> (Yay)
  1092. [08:56] <+TheElfDruid> "We still have to get inside."
  1093. 01[08:56] <+Douk> I thought it was just 4 sniper towers outside surrounding a large tower
  1094. [08:57] <+Magnusson> "I can... well, you can guess what I can do."
  1095. [08:57] <+Thaddeus> Yes, but we still have to get in the main tower.
  1096. 01[08:57] <+Douk> "Well we can tackle the main tower once the surrounding area and towers are clear of goblins"
  1097. 01[08:58] <+Douk> "Otherwise we will be in the middle of a shitstorm"
  1098. [08:58] <+Magnusson> "Well, what are we waiting for?"
  1099. [08:58] <+Thaddeus> "We'll have time to plan for the main tower after we take the sniper posts. Let's go."
  1100. [08:59] <@As_Always> (Heading to the tower!)
  1101. [08:59] <@As_Always> You settle your gear on your backs and head further eastward, following the map.
  1102. [08:59] <@As_Always> ...
  1103. [08:59] <@As_Always> During your travels...
  1104. [08:59] <@As_Always> -
  1105. 01[09:00] <+Douk> "OK so GAR will climb the first tower and slit their throats, I will go up top to snipe and provide cover fire as mag runs in on fire atracting them to us.  Then the rest of the party will slap the goblins shit at the bottom of the tower.  Sound good?"
  1106. [09:00] <+Magnusson> "Aye."
  1107. [09:00] <@As_Always> You walk down the beaten path into a clearing. There is a man here
  1108. [09:00] <@As_Always> He is wearing a red cape. and his eyes are bloodshot
  1109. [09:00] <@As_Always> Or otherwise stained red
  1110. [09:00] <@As_Always> As he sees you coming, he jumps up
  1111. [09:01] <@As_Always> He runs over to your group and leaps upon the stump of a felled tree
  1112. [09:01] <@As_Always> "Boy lemme tell you what"
  1113. 01[09:01] <+Douk> Draw bow and aim at him.
  1114. [09:02] <@As_Always> "I bet you didn't know it, but I'm a fiddle player too.
  1115. [09:02] <@As_Always> "And if you'd care to take a dare, I'll make a bet with you.
  1116. [09:02] <@As_Always> "Now you play a pretty good fiddle, boy, but give the devil his due:
  1117. [09:02] <@As_Always> "I bet a fiddle of gold against your soul, 'cos I think I'm better than you."
  1118. [09:02] <+Magnusson> I resist the urge to punch the man.
  1119. [09:02] <+Magnusson> "Excuse me sir, but can I see this Golden Fiddle you speak of?"
  1120. 04[09:02] * Fancy (~chatzilla@E0E50F7B.498D63AB.E0F802E6.IP) has joined #vDND
  1121. [09:02] <+Magnusson> (I needa go soon, so fuck the rules)
  1122. [09:03] <@As_Always> (You ain't ruining no games as your last hurrah Mag)
  1123. [09:03] <@As_Always> "What say you?" Questions the man in red
  1124. [09:03] <+Magnusson> (I don't plan to. I just want to hit the guy with a golden violin)
  1125. [09:03] <+GreenAcidRage> I say.
  1126. [09:03] <+Magnusson> (Fiddle. Whatever.)
  1127. [09:04] <@As_Always> He is indeed holding a fiddle
  1128. [09:04] <+Thaddeus> "None of us play, Mr. Red Cape man.
  1129. [09:04] <@As_Always> And it shines with gold
  1130. [09:04] <+GreenAcidRage> "My names GAR and it might be a sin, but I'll take your bet, your gonna regret, 'cos im the best thats ever been."
  1132. [09:04] <@As_Always> The man looks dejected.
  1134. [09:04] <@As_Always> His eyes light up as he hear's GAR's response!
  1135. [09:04] <@As_Always> The devil opened up his case and he said: "I'll start this show."
  1136. [09:04] <@As_Always> And fire flew from his fingertips as he rosined up his bow.
  1137. [09:05] <@As_Always> And he pulled the bow across his strings and it made an evil hiss.
  1138. [09:05] <@As_Always> Then a band of demons joined in and it sounded something like this:
  1139. 01[09:05] <+Douk> Hootie III's feathers puff up at the sight of the fiddle player and his eyes recede to slits.
  1140. [09:05] <@As_Always> -
  1141. [09:06] <+GreenAcidRage> (still typing?)
  1142. [09:06] <@As_Always> And lo, how the devil did play. And Gar, on his own fiddle, returned his playing. It went on - growing in fevour and rhythm.
  1143. [09:06] <@As_Always> (yes)
  1144. [09:07] <@As_Always> The forest stood still. A fox with a live rabbit between it's jaws stopped to watch. A leprachaun ignored a full bag of gold to stand and stare and the show. The creatures of the forst, the trees, the plants, all stared at the two dualing fiddle players
  1145. [09:07] <@As_Always> And they played Fire on the mountain, run boys, run!
  1146. [09:07] <@As_Always> +
  1147. 03[09:07] * Zets-RNG ( has left #vDND
  1148. [09:07] <+Magnusson> I choke myself to death in anger because of hour shitty the music is.
  1149. [09:07] <+Magnusson> And my body explodes.
  1150. [09:07] <+GreenAcidRage> The devils in the house of therisin' sun.
  1151. [09:07] <+Magnusson> Splattering everywhere.
  1152. [09:07] <+GreenAcidRage> Chicken in the bread pan, pickin' out dough.
  1153. [09:07] <+GreenAcidRage> Granny does your dog bite?"
  1154. [09:08] <+Magnusson> (I'm out. It's been fun.)
  1155. [09:08] <@As_Always> (Seeya bro)
  1156. [09:08] <+GreenAcidRage> No, child, no.
  1157. 01[09:08] <+Douk> (later)
  1158. [09:08] <@As_Always> The devil bowed his head because he knew that he'd been beat.
  1159. [09:08] <+GreenAcidRage> (Cya, Punchalot.)
  1160. [09:08] <@As_Always> He laid that golden fiddle on the ground at GAR's feet.
  1161. [09:08] <+Magnusson> (Anuspuke wins)
  1162. 02[09:08] * +Magnusson ( Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.86 [Firefox 3.6.10/20100914125854])
  1163. [09:08] <@As_Always> Gar said:
  1164. [09:08] <+GreenAcidRage> Devil just come on back if you ever want to try again. I told you once, you son of a gun, I'm the best that's ever been.
  1165. 01[09:09] <+Douk> Douk starts a slow clap.
  1166. [09:09] <@As_Always> And with a flash and a poof of smoke, the man in red dissapears without a trace, leaving only the golden fiddle
  1167. [09:09] <+GreenAcidRage> I retrieve the fiddle.
  1168. [09:10] <@As_Always> GAR gains a golden fiddle. It emenates with a fearsome, yet delicate, force
  1169. [09:10] <@As_Always> And is obviously very valuable
  1170. [09:10] <+GreenAcidRage> I am now a roguebard.
  1171. 01[09:10] <+Douk> (we going to find another adventurer along the road, or go as is?)
  1172. [09:10] <+TheElfDruid> "Okay."
  1173. [09:10] <@As_Always> (I say go as is, No one else seems interested)
  1174. [09:11] <@As_Always> (Oh wait, yes there is someone)
  1175. [09:12] <@As_Always> (On second thought, they've left. Continue as is, I spose)
  1176. 01[09:12] <+Douk> continue along the road
  1177. [09:12] <+TheElfDruid> So, uh, the dwarf is dead. Who's distracting now?
  1178. [09:13] <+GreenAcidRage> HEY LOOK AT ME I HAVE A FUCKING GOLDEN FIDDLE
  1179. 01[09:13] <+Douk> "We can throw his burning corpse in the goblins general direction to confuse them"
  1180. [09:14] <@As_Always> After a short while longer of travel, you reach the goblin tower
  1181. [09:14] <@As_Always> Staying hidden lying just below the crest of a mountain nearby, you observe the enemy position
  1182. [09:15] <@As_Always> They show no signs of seeing you yet
  1183. 01[09:15] <+Douk> "GAR this is you"
  1184. 01[09:15] <+Douk> "Don't fuck up"
  1185. [09:15] <+GreenAcidRage> I begin sneaking towards the tower, readying my climbing equipment.
  1186. [09:16] <+TheElfDruid> "I could always entangle them as we run by to get in the tower.."
  1187. [09:16] <@As_Always> (I missed your planning stages. I will be interested to see how this goes down)
  1188. 01[09:16] <+Douk> I send hootie up to distract the guards in the tower GAR is advancing on.
  1189. [09:17] <@As_Always> (Rolling...)
  1190. [09:18] <+TheElfDruid> "Or not? I need some feedback or I'll jsut do it."
  1191. [09:18] <@As_Always> Night falling coupled with the guard's usual lack of discipline, GAR climbs up the tower and, with the aid of Hootie, dispatches both arrowmen with deft strokes.
  1192. [09:18] <+Thaddeus> "Up you go, Douk. I'll go grab some baddies."
  1193. 01[09:18] <+Douk> "Entangle any attention we get
  1194. [09:19] <+GreenAcidRage> I take the crossbow, and ready the bow for Douk.
  1195. 01[09:19] <+Douk> I climb up to the tower GAR captured
  1196. 01[09:19] <+Douk> I notch an arrow and ready for oncoming goblins on the ground.
  1197. [09:19] <+Thaddeus> First group of goblins are away from others, but shout to group two when they see me.
  1198. [09:20] <+Thaddeus> 6 goblins at foot of tower.
  1199. [09:20] <@As_Always> (Attacking stage)
  1200. [09:20] <@As_Always> (Party rolls a... natural 20, vs the goblins...
  1201. [09:20] <@As_Always> 4
  1202. [09:20] <@As_Always> Well.)
  1203. [09:20] <+GreenAcidRage> I attempt to snipe out the other goblin snipers.
  1204. [09:20] <+Thaddeus> (fuuuu
  1205. 01[09:21] <+Douk> I also try to take out the archers
  1206. [09:23] <@As_Always> GAR and Douk draw their bows and fire on the other goblin towers. The snipers are quickly dispatched by the well placed arrows. On the ground, Thaddeus and Zhek fight the goblins - Zhek's entanglement spells constricting them tightly with bindings of vine and Thaddeus striking down any he can get his hands to. With short cries of pain, 17 goblins lay dead - 6 of the sniper towers and 11 on the
  1207. [09:23] <@As_Always> ground.
  1208. [09:23] <@As_Always> (Goblin attackings)
  1209. [09:23] <@As_Always> (The goblin party rolls a 14 against your...
  1210. [09:23] <@As_Always> (Natural 20. Ffs)
  1211. [09:23] <+GreenAcidRage> (Heh)
  1212. 02[09:24] * Arukado-THF ( Quit
  1213. 02[09:24] * Fancy (~chatzilla@E0E50F7B.498D63AB.E0F802E6.IP) Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.86 [Firefox 3.6.10/20100914125854])
  1215. 01[09:25] <+Douk> Douk dumps out the ashes of his pipe on an orc whose body is bleeding and covered in roots.
  1216. [09:25] <@As_Always> (I have a feeling that was some seriously poor combat. Opinions? How can I do that up better?)
  1217. [09:25] <+GreenAcidRage> (Indepth descriptions of goblin murdering.)
  1218. [09:25] <+GreenAcidRage> Attempt to snipe the remaining goblins.
  1219. [09:25] <+Thaddeus> Just keep in mind the classes, and incorporate animations of their individual skills.
  1220. [09:26] <@As_Always> (Will do.)
  1221. 01[09:27] <+Douk> "Alright let's clean up this tower"
  1222. [09:27] <@As_Always> (So. What now.)
  1223. [09:27] <@As_Always> (Yeah that^)
  1224. 01[09:28] <+Douk> Examine the front gate
  1225. [09:29] <@As_Always> Skewering the odd goblin on the way, you move to the front door - It's a door alright. You can't see inside as there are no nearby windows. You hear moving about inside.
  1226. 01[09:30] <+Douk> kicks the door
  1227. [09:30] <+GreenAcidRage> Check for locks. If there is one, pick it.
  1228. [09:30] <@As_Always> (Rolling, Douk)
  1229. [09:31] <@As_Always> 1d20 for... 4.
  1230. [09:31] <+Thaddeus> (Dammit. I've got to go. I've got to take a friend to work. Good fun, guys."
  1231. 01[09:31] <+Douk> (good playing Thaddeus.  Later)
  1232. [09:31] <@As_Always> You reel back and pound oyur foot into the door. It doesn't budge. You fall back, and get dirtied with mud and black blood.
  1233. [09:31] <@As_Always> (Seeya Thaddeus. Tanks for the the input)
  1234. [09:31] <+Thaddeus> (Good dming, AA. Night guys.)
  1235. 02[09:31] * +Thaddeus ( Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.86 [Firefox 3.5.13/20100914130356])
  1236. [09:31] <+GreenAcidRage> (cya)
  1237. [09:32] <@As_Always> GAR, you check the door for locks. It doesn't open, you acertain that it is barred from the inside
  1238. [09:32] <@As_Always> (So we're down to three)
  1239. [09:33] <@As_Always> (Call it a night fellas? Pick it up some other time?)
  1240. 02[09:33] * +GreenAcidRage ( Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.86 [Firefox])
  1241. 01[09:33] <+Douk> I guess so
  1242. [09:33] <+TheElfDruid> (( Yeah. ))
  1243. 03[09:33] * TheElfDruid is now known as ZheK
  1244. [09:33] <@As_Always> Well that was fun.
  1245. 01[09:34] <+Douk> (good DMing AA.  Fun shit.)
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