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  1. Game 1
  2. In-Game
  3. cryozis: ggwp
  4. cryozis: bro
  5. cryozis: wtf
  6. cryozis: r u doing
  7. cryozis: trolling jungler
  8. cryozis: fun
  9. cryozis: keep playing like the cheese masters you are
  10. cryozis: im still better at the game
  11. cryozis: i will win
  12. cryozis: but you know, try to stop be before im too strong
  13. cryozis: too  bad rammus isnt here to save your boosted *ASSSS
  14. cryozis: get boosted kled :)
  15. cryozis: for what
  16. cryozis: COME AT ME
  17. cryozis: report my team
  18. cryozis: DID YOU SEE HIS HP!?
  20. cryozis: stop troll
  21. cryozis: you ape
  22. cryozis: go afk
  23. cryozis: i understand more than you ever will of this game
  24. cryozis: i am 1v3 and get kill
  25. cryozis: team is 3v2 and die
  26. cryozis: vayne
  27. cryozis: go with me
  28. cryozis: i am your support now
  29. cryozis: i protect you
  30. cryozis: im a god with a team
  31. cryozis: sup?
  32. cryozis: lol
  33. cryozis: you're not the leader of the team
  34. cryozis: i am
  35. cryozis: vany
  36. cryozis: vayne you're legit trolling
  37. cryozis: they dont have any cds
  38. cryozis: omfg
  39. cryozis: im done
  40. cryozis: with this elo
  41. cryozis: the moment i dont get ahead game is lost
  42. cryozis: i legit have to 1v5
  43. cryozis: vayne
  44. cryozis: why back there
  45. cryozis: honestluy
  46. cryozis: no one knows any strategy in this team
  47. cryozis: I WILL TALK HOW MUCH I WANT
  49. cryozis: Stats aint shit learn that you mongoloid
  50. cryozis: why are you trolling
  51. cryozis: vayne
  52. cryozis: if you arent so troll
  53. cryozis: we win every fight
  54. cryozis: why is gragas top
  55. cryozis: they use legit all on me
  56. cryozis: 4 ults down
  57. cryozis: only jhin R left
  58. cryozis: GRRAGAS GO WITH TEAM
  59. cryozis: NOT SOLO
  60. cryozis: agreed
  61. Post-Game
  62. cryozis: boosted team
  63. cryozis: holy shit
  64. cryozis: only zed was good
  65. Game 2
  66. Pre-Game
  67. cryozis: ...
  68. cryozis: i play on this acc to play yasuo
  69. cryozis: im not leaving
  70. cryozis: just a bit annoyed
  71. In-Game
  72. cryozis: wiow
  73. cryozis: wow
  74. cryozis: That is unlucky
  75. cryozis: crit more why dont ya
  76. cryozis: nah
  77. cryozis: creep block deluxe
  78. cryozis: kayn never come mid again
  79. cryozis: you only bait/steal xp
  80. cryozis: you are noob because you are noob
  81. cryozis: ???
  82. cryozis: trash at this game
  83. cryozis: no idea why you back
  84. cryozis: when you see me come top
  85. cryozis: but low elo players
  86. cryozis: you will never understand them
  87. cryozis: you are noob
  88. cryozis: because you're gold
  89. cryozis: Look at this dude
  90. cryozis: gold 5 400 games played
  91. cryozis: how cute is that
  92. cryozis: Viktor you win lane hard
  93. cryozis: and at 18min you have 100cs
  94. cryozis: wtf
  95. cryozis: are u afk?
  96. cryozis: 7 deaths
  97. cryozis: you have 1
  98. cryozis: kill me
  99. cryozis: See how much i care about this acc?
  100. cryozis: this is trash elop
  101. cryozis: Lol
  102. cryozis: acting tough when yasuo clearly trolled
  103. cryozis: how about a real matchup?
  104. cryozis: try 1v1 me
  105. cryozis: Did you not see my message viktor or you just too pussy?
  106. cryozis: Instead of actuing big vs these peasants with that op champ
  107. cryozis: try 1v1 me
  108. cryozis: Guess you dont dare 1v1 a real match
  109. cryozis: Flexing on low elo with most broken/easy champ
  110. cryozis: ill make you a deal
  111. cryozis: 1v1 me ill give you 50€
  112. cryozis: if you win that is
  113. cryozis: Is that a no?
  114. cryozis: easy 50€
  115. cryozis: how about you win that 50€
  116. Post-Game
  117. cryozis: ill take on anyone
  118. cryozis: "easy 50€"
  119. cryozis: atleast viktor know he cant win
  120. cryozis: lol
  121. cryozis: who the fuck
  122. cryozis: cares about 50€
  123. Game 3
  124. In-Game
  125. cryozis: it is heimer bot
  126. cryozis: report me
  127. cryozis: that was actual troll
  128. cryozis: 2 Qs when though you
  129. cryozis: legit straight on you but you didnt take any dmg
  130. cryozis: having fun are we camille?
  131. cryozis: ss mf
  132. cryozis: wait i ping mf
  133. cryozis: and she got hit by himer
  134. cryozis: heimer
  135. cryozis: omg
  136. cryozis: SS MID!!!!!
  137. cryozis: BOTLANE CAREEEE"!"!!!!
  138. cryozis: ZED IS MISSING
  139. cryozis: ZED IS BACK
  140. cryozis: you think im gonna follow zed?
  141. cryozis: uhm because i was dead
  142. cryozis: ...
  143. cryozis: bad adc
  144. cryozis: and im dead 5 times because camille and thresh gank me
  145. cryozis: stop play league plzl
  146. cryozis: why dont you move
  147. cryozis: YOU
  148. cryozis: you stood still for like a second
  149. cryozis: ok
  150. cryozis: so i cant talk?
  151. cryozis: bro
  152. cryozis: even if you healed me in time
  153. cryozis: id be dead
  154. cryozis: he ulted me
  155. cryozis: i was 100% dead
  156. cryozis: lose*
  157. cryozis: all me
  158. cryozis: lol mf
  159. cryozis: what the fkc did you expect
  160. cryozis: a full build zed
  161. cryozis: hmm he can actually oneshot
  162. cryozis: what a surprise
  163. cryozis: knock them up for me
  164. cryozis: oh yeah didnt think so
  165. cryozis: why
  166. cryozis: are you trolling mf
  167. cryozis: tank it
  168. cryozis: what do you mean cant
  169. cryozis: team is coming
  170. cryozis: dude
  171. cryozis: come on
  172. cryozis: you can tank it for 4 hits
  173. cryozis: easy
  174. cryozis: and team is there
  175. cryozis: easy baron
  177. cryozis: YOU MESSED UP
  178. cryozis: ADMIT IT
  179. cryozis: wtf is that ult
  180. cryozis: gg
  181. cryozis: lol wtf
  182. cryozis: worth
  183. cryozis: gg wp
  184. cryozis: report mf toxic plz
  185. Post-Game
  186. cryozis: for what
  187. cryozis: cant report for that
  188. cryozis: you can report for flame
  189. cryozis: you are worse
  190. cryozis: 1v1
  191. cryozis: lets see who is worse
  192. cryozis: ?
  193. cryozis: trust me i know
  194. cryozis: been there lots of times
  195. cryozis: Sorry my man
  196. cryozis: i dont
  197. cryozis: but
  198. cryozis: okay bye
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