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  2. i had a golf ball sized chunk of shit carved out of my back
  3. i was expecting it to be all pus but apparently it was just infected tissue and that's why it hurt so much
  4. ive actually been back since thursday but ive been putting off having to explain to people where i was
  5. what happened was
  6. i had been feeling flu symptoms since around the beginning of Feb, i may have mentioned this back then
  7. i started having this serious fucking fever about 2 weeks ago right when i was working on the antifa video
  8. started hallucinating
  9. i was hearing and seeing the shit i was editing, when i was in the bathroom or trying to sleep
  10. horror movie shit
  11. i was hearing antifa protest chants in the air conditioning duct noise
  12. then this zit on my back started to hurt more and more
  13. and i thought i could pop it
  14. it did not pop, it just hurt enough that i nearly passed out, and i have a fuckhueg pain tolerance
  15. then it swelled up even more and i went to the local walk in clinic
  16. all the signs were gone at that building but it was like a strip mall and the other thing was a women's clinic
  17. let me tell you, if you walk into a women's clinic waiting room, you're going to get a lot of questioning looks if you're a bearded man
  18. there's also going to be a pretty high ratio of women in there
  19. i would estimate it at 100% before i walked in and turned it to 90%
  20. but they told me where the clinic had moved to
  21. lucky me it moved into the local medical center complex and shared waiting room space & treatment rooms with a wound care center
  22. and one of the wound care center chicks who loves working on infected things.. i mean im pretty sure this chicks youtube suggestions box is 100% pimple popping pus explosion videos.. got called over to the clinic and worked on my back for free, which was pretty cool, but very painful
  23. and then they checked some shit and then they all got kind of excited and i got a giant syringe full of penicillin
  24. probably not how its spelled
  25. but i got injected in the ass with about five tablespoons of what looked like olive oikl
  26. and a tetanus booster
  27. and a bunch of other shit
  28. i don't remember a lot from that point but i was home and just really out of it, then the fever came back, and i had to go back in to the ER this time
  29. and they made me fucking stay over night for two nights while they IV'd the fuck out of me and did some more digging and cutting and disposal of shit from my back
  30. long story short, don't get staph, my area has a lot of filthy illegals who eat antibiotics like candy in their home country and therefore turn their fucking bodies into darwinian puppy mills that breed medicine resistant disease
  31. im just glad that i can sleep without my back hurting if i rolled on it wrong or touched it or softly dragged a sheet over it
  32. and that im not hearing clips from Antifa protests
  33. i was fucking losing my mind from the hallucinations
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