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  1. I spoke with hueypriest about 30 minutes before this happened; it was a direct result of the new SA thread started this morning.
  3. _____
  5. (3:16:23 PM) violentacrez: Something Awful is at it again
  6. (3:16:32 PM) violentacrez: you might wanna ban /r/preteen_girls
  7. (3:16:48 PM) hueypriest: we're aware
  8. (3:16:57 PM) hueypriest: discussing at the moment
  9. (3:17:13 PM) violentacrez: not me this time :P
  10. (4:03:05 PM) hueypriest: hey
  11. (4:03:13 PM) hueypriest: want to give you a heads up
  12. (4:04:00 PM) hueypriest: we're making a policy change regarding jailbait type content. Don't really have a choice.
  13. (4:18:48 PM) violentacrez: that's fine, the only jailbait type reddit I have is chestybait
  14. (4:18:56 PM) violentacrez: and you always have a choice
  15. (4:20:13 PM) hueypriest: everything else is safe. we're not getting rid of nsfw stuff or anything offensive, etc
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