Within The Castle of Erika Von Streisshand

Dec 30th, 2016
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  1. From within the castle walls, I could hear the pained screams of my men. Friends, family, brothers, sisters, all tormented, until the sound of snapping bones and tearing flesh came to a sudden, dreadful stop. Blood seeped through the bottom of the door to the chamber in which I was kept. They knew, they knew where I was, they tried to save me, for nothing. My eyes grew hazy, refusing to accept the reality that lay in front of me. Hatred, searing, broiling hatred churned in my stomach, dissolving the guilt and despair. Tears ran through my eyes, but I did not sob. Once, twice, three times, I slammed my bare fist against the door. “Erika!” I howled. “I swear, upon my honor, your head will be mine!”
  3. This was my third month as a prisoner in the Grand Lich Erika's estate. Prior to my incarceration, I was the captain of a worthy squadron of men and women, holy knights of the Sagittarian church. I had pride, wealth, and a family. I faintly remember being attacked in my own home, and, before I knew it, I awoke in this cell.
  5. I had been fed nothing more than moist sandy grains, and a cup of water twice a day, every day. Once a week, I'd be interrogated by the guards, who gave me more information than I gave them. It was from them that I had learned the name and manner of the woman who had owned this decrepit chamber. Erika was her name. Erika Von Streisshand, the restless corpse of a once wealthy apothecary. I had never seen her face, and I had no intention to, until today.
  7. One of the burlesque red-skinned guards taunted me from the other side of the door. “Hey, keep the racket down! Can't ya see that ya friends are tryin' ta get some sleep?” She laughed.
  9. I swore, and swung at the door many, many more times. The guard seemed to be enjoying herself.
  11. “If ya want out, all ya hafta do is spill the beans. Just tell us how ta get through that nasty bubble.”
  13. The 'bubble' she is referring to is the barrier erected around Sagittarius, the city I called home. I have no experience with magic, nor would anyone ever entrust a lowly captain like me with such critical secrets. But, in my morbid, thirsting rage, I saw an opportunity. “You mean, you will set me free if I tell you how to dispel the barrier, yes?”
  15. “An Oni's word is as solid as steel.”
  17. “Where I come from, it is proper to look someone in the eye when you make deals like this.”
  19. “What, ya can't see my eyes from down there?”
  21. “Only your forehead, and... horns.”
  23. The demon let out a sigh before throwing open the door, and glaring me down from above with fiery red eyes. “Hey, ya look kinda cute up close.” She chuckled. “Maybe that's why Her Highness chose ta nab ya over anyone else. Anyway, is this 'formal' enough for ya?”
  25. “Perfect.” Without a second of hesitation, I tackled the Oni, pivoted, and shoved her inside my prison, before running outside, and locking the door. Unarmed, and without the element of surprise, I would be no match for anyone, so I aimlessly sprinted through room after room of the sprawling mansion, looking for an armory of some kind. The only place I could find a blade was the kitchen, from which I took a finely sharpened kitchen knife. Completely naked, I charged forward, toward a courtyard, with only the throne room in my mind. I knew I would not leave this castle alive, but I'd be damned if I didn't drag Erika down to hell with me. Kicking down a massive set of double doors, my target sat comfortably in her throne, casually reading a book, as if unfazed by the ludicrous situation I had put myself in. Blindly, I rushed toward her with the knife, letting out a war cry. Before I could drive my cutlery into her heart, she vanished into thin air, and rematerialized to my left.
  27. “You were awfully close. I seem to have underestimated you.” She spoke very coldly, still casually glancing over her book. “The fire I feel in your stare, it's almost nostalgic. Death has made me long for such excitement.”
  29. I charged at her again, to which she retaliated by firing missiles of frigid cold icicles, all directed toward my head, all whizzing by in trails of icy wind as I narrowly avoided them. We danced to the fatal tune of shouting, whistling steel, and the whispers of arcane incantations. I had landed two serious cuts across her arm and cheek, before being struck in the leg by one of her many missiles. I could no longer walk, so I crawled toward her.
  31. “I applaud your courage, human, but this battle is over. I will let you leave alive, if you swear to never return.”
  33. “If you wish me gone, strike me down.” I picked myself up, and forced myself to hobble toward her, against the horrible aching of my wound. “I will not leave without your head, demon.”
  35. “Killing you would be wasteful.” She raised her hand. “Have you any other goals in life? A woman you would like to marry, perhaps?”
  37. “Mock me while you can. I'll await you in hell.”
  39. “You'll await me here.” She threw her hand toward the floor. Arcane shackles burst out from beneath my feet, putting an end to my approach. She walked within arm's reach, and laughed in my face. “You know, maybe I won't destroy your little home. I think I have everything of worth from there already.”
  41. “I've already warned you once, demon. I am bound, but not defeated.”
  43. She came closer, and held my face by the cheek with a cold, dead hand. “If death cannot stop me, what hope have you?” She chuckled. Amidst her laughter, I could feel the bonds of her spell weakening. With the remainder of my strength, I hurled myself forward, shattering my shackles into wisps of stellar dust, and forcing my knife deep inside the horrid Lich's torso. She didn't budge. No wincing, no screaming, no falling. She stood calmly, and silently as putrid ichor poured from the wound.
  45. “To be harmed by you... How splendid.” Blood seeped from her mouth as she broke into a weak smile. “Your hatred, it feels so wonderful. To be loathed so wholesomely by such a powerful man... I am truly fortunate.”
  47. Without saying any more, she leaned into my blade, inching closer, and closer. Her smile widened as her face approached dangerously close my own. I couldn't move. Her soft, waxy cold lips fell against mine, and her slimy tongue ran her blood down my throat. Her kiss had frozen me with a kind of overwhelming, surreal fear.
  49. “Go on, tell me how much you hate me, my love.” She giggled. “You came here to kill me, and only me, didn't you? Are you satisfied?”
  51. “I...” Something had pinched the inside of my throat. Dizziness disoriented me. I tried to shove her away, but arms were stiff and rigid, like stone, and I lost balance. I fell to my knees, dazed. The Lich loomed over me, still giggling.
  53. “Don't worry, you won't die. It would be such a waste to dispose of a man like you.” Her giggle grew louder, and more hoarse, until it reached an insane cackle. “Oh, how badly I've yearned for this pain! I wish I could stay like this forever! However!” She removed the knife from her chest. “Spells like these don't last forever, my love.”
  55. “What have you done?” I choked.
  57. “I have done nothing. You ate the meals I prepared for you, you gazed into my eyes so passionately, you drank my blood.” She limped over to me, the skin around her wound slowly crawling back together. “My love, you have given yourself to me. Had you refused to eat, you would have passed, but you chose me. Had you left this castle, you would be free, but you chose me. Had you not struck me down, I would not be inside your heart, but again, you chose me. You couldn't keep me off your mind, could you?” Another uproarious cackle filled the room. She squatted in front of me, a more lucid look in her eyes pierced through my skull. “With this, I've stolen your heart from you.”
  59. “Why?”
  61. “Why?” Her expression quickly melted into disgust. “Why?! Why?!” She ground her teeth together, repeating 'why?!, why?!' over, and over again in rapid succession, before eventually calming down. “I care not for Sagittarius, my love. I care not for humans or animals. I care not for your friends, or family. So, what would I be after?” She put her hands against her cheeks, rocking her head side-to-side as she played a guessing game with herself. “Money? No, I'm already very wealthy, and you aren't exactly affluent, are you? Power? I'm immortal. Why would I need more power? Turning you against your village? Don't be silly. As if I could care about such an insignificant speck of land.” She let out a loud, forced sigh before finally giving her answer. “I'm lonely. I haven't had a man since my days as a human, and even that was short-lived. I believe a man of your status and strength would make a perfect trophy husband, wouldn't you agree?”
  63. “You're insane!”
  65. “Perhaps,” She scoffed, “but what you think of me will be irrelevant soon.”
  67. She disrobed before me, leaving nothing but the pale, purple husk of what had once been human. An unfamiliar hunger filled my stomach, looking at the softness and shape of her body. She grabbed the back of my head, and forced my face between her thighs, setting my mouth directly at her groin.
  69. “Lick.”
  71. At her command, my tongue jumped out of my mouth, and began exploring the crevices of her oddly warm pussy. The salty taste of sweat, and the sweet smell of womanly musk made me feel a comfort I had not felt since my days as a child. I craved more. Further and further, I leaned into her, much to her pleasure. Her hand kept me firmly pressed against her as I obediently and happily pleased her.
  73. “Look at you! So quick to fall under my spell.” She giggled, letting out a small moan as a reward for my obedience. “Love potions are difficult to get right, you know? It takes a lot of coordination, and the right ingredients. I'm happy you are enjoying mine so thoroughly.” She gloated. “Of course, I did give the reagents plenty of time to settle within you. And you so carelessly ate every last scrap of them, didn't you? Such a good boy.” She ruffled my hair.
  75. I couldn't help but feel aroused and entranced by her elegant moans, savory taste, soft skin, and sweet smell. I could feel myself getting harder and harder, thinking about how intimate I could get with her. Somewhere, deep inside, I knew what I was doing was wrong, but her kindness and her comfort overpowered me. I craved her touch, her words, her affection. Erika quickly took notice.
  77. “Oh? Already? Aren't humans supposed to save themselves for marriage?” She teased. “If this is a proposal, I'll think about it. Good men like you are hard to come by. Now, stand.”
  79. Perhaps I didn't notice because I had been so enthralled with her, but she had completely healed my wounds. I stood up straight, with no pain, or awkwardness. It was as if our fight had never happened.
  81. She reached out for my cock, and softly stroked me from below with her palm. “I'm sure you would love to marry me, wouldn't you? I may be royalty, but I can still care for a man.” Her fingers wrapped around my shaft, and jerked me. “Have you ever had a woman before? Be honest.”
  83. “The church forbids me from marrying. Duty above all else.”
  85. “You don't have to worry about the church anymore. I'll be your goddess from now on.”
  87. Words that once would have disgusted me, now tempted me fiercely, and pulled at my troubled heart. As she lovingly pleasured me, I could feel my mind bending to her will. I wanted to serve her, even if it meant throwing away all I had achieved. As I struggled with morality, her hand continued to stroke me, faster and faster. The softness of her palms was almost unbearable. I could feel the triumph beaming from her eyes as she made her next ultimatum.
  89. “Before we continue, let's come to the bedroom. It is awfully cold in here, is it not?”
  91. “That it is.”
  93. I followed her into her quarters, eyes affixed to her smooth, round bottom as it swayed gently back and forth. Lord, if you knew the horrible fantasies I crafted in my mind as I stared at her soft, lilac skin, you would surely drag me to hell.
  95. As she made her way to the bed, she sat down, and beckoned me to sit next to her. Even the softness of her luxuriously crafted bed couldn't compare to the heavenly feeling of her skin against mine.
  97. She took a deep breath before speaking. “I'm not sure how to say this, so...”
  99. She pinned me to the bed by the shoulders, and forced me into a deep, passionate kiss. Her massive breasts were firmly pressed against my bare chest as she forcefully violated every inch of my mouth with her cold tongue. My lips, my gums, my tongue, not an inch of my mouth was left unexplored. By the time she finally pulled away, my mind was awash with a mixture of lust, confusion, and panic.
  101. “I really do love you.” She finished. “I wouldn't go through all this trouble for any ordinary man.”
  103. She finally freed me from the pin, grabbed a pillow, and placed it on the floor between my feet, and knelt down on it. “Sit up.”, she commanded.
  105. Although my head was still dizzy from the kiss, I did as she asked. Looking down at her, I could see that her tongue had a steady stream of drool running all the way down to her cleavage. Staring hungrily at my cock, she engulfed me within the comfort of her heavenly, soft chest. I couldn't help letting out a moan as she squeezed me. Lubricated by her saliva, her breasts easily glided up and down my shaft, forcing sensations through my body that dwarfed those of her hand. I grit my teeth, threw my head back, and clenched my fists, but nothing could ease the stimulation.
  107. “Oh? Do they feel that good?” With no strength left to hide my vulnerability, she went in for the kill. Her speed and intensity increased, stroking me from tip to shaft in quick, powerful motions. My eyes rolled back into my head, and spit ran from the corners of my mouth. The only noises I could hear were the sound of my bollocks slapping against her breasts, and the sadistic giggles she made whenever I let out a moan. The spring of orgasm coiled up within my groin. I could feel the sperm climbing inch by inch up my shaft.
  109. Then, suddenly, she stopped. “No, no, no! You're not allowed to cum like this.”
  111. “I'm not?” I whined, delirious from being denied release.
  113. She stood up. “If you want to cum, you'll have to lie down there.” She said, pointing toward the center of the bed. I scrambled over the bed, and laid on my back.
  115. Before I knew it, she was right on top of me, pressing my tip to her entrance. I quickly realized what she was planning to do, but did nothing to stop it. As she slowly made her way down my cock, her insides clung to me tightly, quickly bringing me back to the edge of orgasm. As the final inch slid inside, and our waists kissed one another, I could bear it no more. My burning hot love happily leaked out inside her, filling her until it began to spill back out over my crotch. As I struggled to catch my breath and my sanity, Erika developed a strange look on her face, one that crossed pleasure with madness.
  117. “Baby...” She muttered. “I want a... I want a baby. A baby. Baby. Baby.” She started moving again, completely in a trance. “Pregnant, get me pregnant!” She screamed, speeding up. A lewd, thick sloshing filled the room, which only seemed to spur her on further. “If we have a child we'll get married, and have so many kids, and you'll love me forever and ever, right? Right?! I won't have to worry about potions, or spells, and we'll live happily together, loving each other, just like this every night, right?” I couldn't respond beneath the pressure of her waist, and the voraciousness of her assault. Time after time, she would milk orgasms out of me, with no sign of easing or stopping in sight, all while rambling about our future together.
  119. I don't remember much of what happened after that. The next morning, I was rudely shook awake by her loud snoring. She had collapsed on top of me, and had the faintest hint of a smile. As bad as it felt, I needed to get up, so I pushed her aside. As I rolled over to the edge of the bed, a cold hand caught my shoulder.
  121. “Honey, where are you going?”
  123. “Oh, I was just going to bathe.” I lied.
  125. “Can I bathe you?”
  127. “Don't you think that's a little embarrassing?”
  129. “I don't want to be separated from you for that long!”
  131. “Fine, fine.”
  133. Perhaps it's time for me to retire from knighthood.
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