Feb 22nd, 2019
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  1. Special Skill
  2. Project Thy Will [Auto/None/Self]
  3. Increase the range of Damage timing maneuvers by 2. If they are range Self, they become 0-1.
  4. This also increases the range of Check timing maneuvers by 1.
  5. "Wholly devoted to strange arts, protection, aid, harm, and more can be projected to those around you.
  6. ----
  8. Skills
  9. Distorted Power [Rapid/1/0-2]
  10. Pick a hit location, the target breaks two parts on that location. Horrors and legions simply break two parts. You may use this skill even if completely annihilated.
  11. "The most obvious destructive supernatural ability distorting what we have seen with the power of will, twisting, invisible violence of splitting overrun the enemy and turn it into meat blocks or scraps."
  13. Will to Refuse [Damage/1/0-2]
  14. Defend 1. You may use this skill even if completely annihilated. This can be used multiple times per round but only once per attack
  15. "You can bounce off the unexpected future that produces results just by thinking. Do not let the blade ease your important things to bullets."
  17. Embrace of Souls [Action/1/0-1]
  18. When a sister in range receives a madness point during the battle phase, they may ignore it. As the cost for this maneuver, put a madness point on your fetter towards them. This cannot be used if your fetter towards that sister is in a state of madness.
  19. You may use this skill even if completely annihilated.
  20. "Your soul cannot be caught in the cage of flesh. Gently slip out, you can touch the soul of the precious person directly. Cuddling to share that suffering."
  22. Pawn's Gambit [Action/2/0-1]
  23. Move 1. You may use this skill even if completely annihilated.
  24. "Power of strong will, blow away the target opponent that has a special influence even to gravity with a gust of force. Beat on it, even miserable sense of upside down shows a big gap?"
  26. Shared Loss [Rapid/1/0-1]
  27. Pick one of your hit locations, for every part broken in that location, the target breaks a part of their own.
  28. "The destruction that I received is projected onto the enemy's ego and misunderstood... Effective attacks only for those with only a very low self are not destroyed and they can not be used."
  30. Redirect [Check/0/0-2]
  31. Change a support to be a hinder or vice versa
  32. "A subtle application of force can turn a helping hand into a hindrance."
  34. Extend Aid [Auto/None/Self]
  35. Increase the range of support maneuvers by 1. If a maneuver has the range “Self” it becomes Range 0.
  36. "Your abilities may be strange, but they let you help those out of reach."
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