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  1.     א = A called alef (like you say after) example: אבא sounds like aba = dad
  2.     ב = B called bet (like you say beng) example: ברזל sounds like barzel = metal
  3.     ג = G called gimel (like you say gift) example: גדול sounds like gadol = big
  4.     ד = D called Dalet (like you say dart) example: דרמטי sounds like dramati = dramatic
  5.     ה = HA called hey (litteraly) example: הר sounds like har = mountain
  6.     ו = V called vav (like you say vamos?) example: וורד sounds like vered = rose
  7.     ז = Z called zain (yeah like dick) example: זבל sounds like zevel = garbage
  8.     ח = H called het (like you say hebron) example: חתול sounds like hatool = cat
  9.     ט = T called tet (like you say telephone) example: טיפש sounds like tipesh = idiot
  10.     י = Y called yood (like you say "you") example: יהלום sounds like yahalom = diamond
  11.     כ = KH called khaf (like you say hara) example: כולם sounds like koolam = everyone
  12.     ל = L called lamed (like you say lama and mad) example: לכתוב sounds like lihtov = to write
  13.     מ = M called mem (like you say metaphory) example: מנהל sounds like menahel = manager
  14.     נ = N called noon (like you say noon litteraly) example: נוזל sounds like nozzel = dripping
  15.     ס = S called sameh (like you say salam) example: ספר sounds like sefer = book
  16.     ע = A called aain (like you say after) example: על sounds like al = ontop
  17.     פ = P called pay (litteraly) example: פיצה sounds like pizza = pizza
  18.     צ = CH called tsadik (like you say tsafon) example: צעקה sounds like tseaaka = scream
  19.     ק = K called koof (like you say kolo) example: קוף sounds like kof = monkey
  20.     ר = R called resh (like you say render) example: רשת sounds like reshet = net
  21.     ש = SH called shin (like you say shift) example: שולחן sounds like shoolhan = table
  22.     ת = T called taf (like you say talent) example: תפילה sounds like tfila = prayer
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