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  1. **** BEGIN LOGGING AT Wed July 18 4:36:20
  3. July 18 4:36:20 <PrivateTerminal> Emily, we need you to run another prediction.
  4. July 18 4:36:45 <Loop16> I can’t.
  5. July 18 4:36:49 <PrivateTerminal> Why? Is something wrong?
  6. July 18 4:36:58 <Loop16> No, I just don’t want to do it anymore. I’m too afraid of what’s coming.
  7. July 18 4:37:05 <Loop16> They’re all counting on me. I told them all that I would save them.
  8. July 18 4:37:08 <Loop16> To see their future laid out… It’s too painful.
  9. July 18 4:37:11 <Loop16> Especially after Elizabeth.
  10. July 18 4:37:17 <PrivateTerminal> Like I told you… It doesn’t get easier.
  11. July 18 4:37:20 <PrivateTerminal> I know it’s painful, but we need you on board if we’re going to save any of them.
  12. July 18 4:37:25 <Loop16> I just don’t know what to do any more. These past months have been so hard.
  13. July 18 4:37:28 <Loop16> I don’t know how to deal with more losses.
  14. July 18 4:37:34 <PrivateTerminal> Look, Emily. The sooner you can face reality, the better our chances of successfully extracting those that can still be saved.
  15. July 18 4:37:38 <PrivateTerminal> We need you to make the prediction so we know who those people are.
  16. July 18 4:37:42 <PrivateTerminal> You’ll never forgive yourself if we make a mistake because of your fear of seeing their futures.
  17. July 18 4:37:47 <Loop16> You’re right. But you can’t make me agree with the decision. Just give me a bit more time.
  18. July 18 4:37:55 <PrivateTerminal> Every second we wait puts the Dreamers in even more danger. We need to act now, Emily.
  20. **** ENDING LOGGING AT Wed July 18 4:37:55
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