Season 4 Episode 4: Mosto Muscular

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  1. >[x] Show her.
  3. Noelle stands. You're already swinging your legs over the workout bench when you notice her grabbing a nearby roll of paper towels and a squirt bottle. You don't mentally connect what you see to a reason why she would be doing that; and as you lie down, she grimaces at you, aghast. "Don't you want me to wipe the bench down first?" She says.
  5. "Uh."
  7. "You fucking freak."
  9. You shrug that off. You wiggle yourself into a comfortable position beneath the hand-grips, and do some deep breathing to center yourself. It's just 100 pounds... no big deal. You grab hold of the bars, curling and uncurling your fingers around them in a way you suppose looks like this is something you do regularly.
  11. She goes over to where the weights lie in the rack and asks: "How much do you lift?"
  13. "Huh?"
  15. "Where should I set it?"
  17. "Uh. This is fine," you say.
  19. She frowns at you.
  21. You try to lift. And you succeed.
  23. You even do a couple reps.
  25. My God, Alabaster Soliloquy, you're the strongest man on planet Earth. You're doing it. You're goddamn doing it, just as you claimed you could. You're lifting a--
  27. "Oof," you grunt, as Noelle sits down on your chest. Her butt, through her cotton shorts, is wet against you.
  29. "Need a spotter?" She asks.
  31. "No," you wheeze.
  33. "Your form is absolute shit," she says, leaning in. "You don't lift, do you."
  35. "Uh... not usually on a machine like this."
  37. "Not ever."
  39. "You don't know that." Man, this is getting tough. How many times are you supposed to do this before you quit? 10? 20?
  41. "Do you like a sweaty girl, Alabaster? Is that the whole reason you're doing this, to wallow in a pretty girl's sweat like some kinda pig?"
  43. "Please," you say, rolling your eyes. "I've got enough dominatrices in my life, as I'm sure Kay made... abundantly clear..." you puff and huff with the exertion. Talking isn't the best idea right now, especially with Noelle's weight pressing down on you.
  45. "That's all right," Noelle says, sitting back again, shrugging. "You don't need to be submissive to appreciate the delicate scent of a girl after working out."
  47. "Are you speaking from experience?"
  49. "--What?"
  51. "You sounded wistful just now, that's all."
  53. She rises up onto her heels, and then lets her butt come down again. The force of it makes you gasp, and you drop the weights. They clang in the rack.
  55. "You bitch!" You snarl.
  57. "This bitch is protecting you, so watch it. You scrawny weeaboo. You couldn't lift your way out of a paper bag, admit it."
  59. "I just lifted as much as you did!"
  61. "This is my warmup. It's 100 pounds, Alabaster. And you're all winded just from that."
  63. "I'm winded from your fat ass sitting on my solar plexus."
  65. "I'm not fat," Noelle pouts. She glances around as if scoping for eavesdroppers, then grins down at you. "Hey, is it true? Your wife pegs--"
  67. "Shut the fuck up. That's fake news. You're fake news, Noelle."
  69. She cackles. "You know, working out always gets my blood pumping. How about you?"
  71. "Sure."
  73. "Pffthaha. Okay. It's been a while since we had sex, hasn't it?"
  75. You frown. "You said you weren't going to fuck me again. Your words."
  77. "Yeah, and I'm not. That's no excuse not to fool around if I'm horny, though, right?"
  79. "What has gotten into you?" You say.
  81. "Blame it on the nail house. Or just the hormones stirred up by working out..." She leans on you with both palms and slides her butt back and forth across your chest, suggestively. You can feel the warmth emanating from her crotch like the output of a furnace.
  83. "Let's go back to my office," you tell her.
  85. "No way. You're gonna try to bend me over and get your dick in me again. I already said I won't fuck you."
  87. "Make up your mind."
  89. "Play with me. Right here."
  91. "You have got to be out of your goddamn tree, Noelle."
  93. "Hey, if Kay Vera is good enough to screw in public, and your other girls get to caterwaul like a bunch of bitches on heat all day in their offices... you can play a bit of rub and tug with your bodyguard during her break, right?"
  95. She looks all around again, this way and that, to make sure the coast is clear. You do, too. This machine is a bit out of the way and the few people nearby are intently focused on their own workouts. If you do it discreetly...
  97. She hooks her thumb in the leghole of her shorts and pulls it way up. She doesn't have panties on. She winks. "Go ahead, Alabaster, you freak. Feast your eyes."
  99. You feast your eyes.
  101. "But do more than look," she adds.
  103. It would be hard not too. A cunt as pretty as Noelle's is just begging to be toyed with. You part it with the fingers of one hand and explore it. It's the first time you've seen it in such bright lighting, all of its folds and crevices, and the merest hint of stubble on her bare, puffy mound. It drips, with sweat, and feminine arousal.
  105. As you play with her, you notice that her eyes are fixed firmly forward. Tilting your head back, you glimpse why: she's looking into the mirrored wall that's only a couple feet away from the machine. Her eyes are glazed over.
  107. "Keep going," she says pleadingly. "Put your fingers in me."
  109. "That's pretty vain--"
  111. "Yes it is. I like my pussy. And I like seeing things inside it. Put your fingers in me, please... I feel really empty right now, you know."
  113. You won't deny her. You slip a couple fingers past the tight ring of her hole. She grins in perverted enjoyment as she watches it happen.
  115. "I feel like a fucking charity worker here," you grouse. "What's in it for me?"
  117. Without missing a beat, Noelle reaches back and slips her hand into the waistband of your trousers. You gasp. "Noelle--"
  119. "Shh. If you don't make too much noise, no one will notice. Just keep doing what you're doing."
  121. You close your eyes and just enjoy the sensation of it. If you're seen, you're seen. It wouldn't be the first time someone at work caught you getting your rocks off. And Noelle's petite hand wrapped around your dick in your pants is the sort of delicate relief you need right now. It soothes all the anxiousness in your heart and replaces it with the buzz of sexual pleasure.
  123. "You're pretty good at this," Noelle whispers. Your chest is totally soaked with her sweat and joining it now is her cream. You're going to have a tough time explaining this to the fucking bloodhounds who live with you, but you don't care at the moment. You masturbate each other to your hearts' content. Noelle watches the action in the mirror, sighing and occasionally wincing as you jab your fingers a little deeper than she's comfortable with. The inside of her pussy is hot, extremely so, probably from all the physical exertion she's been doing. Your ministrations are only making her hotter inside, too, and wetter. As she gets more aroused, she gets softer also, like her muscles are tenderizing in preparation for a cock to enter. She could really use a cock, you think -- yours -- she could use your load of cum inside her.
  125. You're getting carried away. The efforts of your fingers are beginning to make a noise that people could overhear. And Noelle's hand pistoning up and down on your shaft is the same way; the steady fapping of it it noticeably loud. You pray for a quick ending because you just know that someone is going to figure out what you're up to.
  127. "Okay, we can fuck."
  129. Your eyes widen. "What?"
  131. "I changed my mind." She stands, and takes off her shorts -- right here in the middle of the gym. You look all round, half disbelieving. But no one is paying any attention. She quickly settles back onto you, smiling devilishly, and puts a finger to your lips. "Shhh," she says, "remember. Quiet. We'll get away with it."
  133. "Jesus Christ, Noelle--"
  135. She reaches back and unzips your pants and frees your cock. An instant later, her hot, sweaty pussy is swallowing you up.
  137. "God, that's nice," she mutters. Her eyes roll back. "You really don't deserve a dick this good..."
  139. "You're crazy. You've gone absolutely crazy."
  141. She falls to her elbows against you, and shuts you up by locking lips. In a reverse missionary, she humps back and forth, her perspiration providing a sort of lubrication for your bodies to glide with ease. Meanwhile, you tongue each other like teenagers. You've been an exhibitionist, but somehow this feels more dangerous than usual... more daring. And the risk of being caught only thrills you, and makes your dick throb harder.
  143. "Remember when I joked about being pregnant?" She asks, pulling back a bit.
  145. "I-- well, yeah..."
  147. "What if I told you it was true?"
  149. "Fool me once... you're fucking with me."
  151. "Yeah. But it might be true after this, huh?" She fucks up and down atop you, and you feel her little pussy fluttering around you. "Are you gonna cum inside me on a dangerous day, Alabaster?"
  153. You half choke. "Don't pull hentai cliches out right now--"
  155. "Oh, sure, fine..." she sighs. "But really, though. This is a pretty dangerous day."
  157. "Then don't let me cum inside..."
  159. "Huh? Shouldn't YOU take responsibility?"
  161. "Fuck--"
  163. "Unless you stop, your cum is definitely going to wind up inside me."
  165. "Fuck. I can't stop."
  167. "All right then," she purrs, and kisses you again. "Stir up my baby room."
  169. "Goddamn it--" Your nuts tighten, and you feel it happening. Noelle does nothing to stop it, and neither do you. In full view of anyone who would care to glance your way, you sperm Noelle's overheated pussy on a fertile day. She grins deliriously and writhes atop you as if to make sure it goes especially deep -- and watches the action in the mirror the entire time.
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