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Weev Letter From Prison 5/5/13

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May 13th, 2013
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  1. 5/5/2013
  3. Shane,
  5. How are you doing? How are the chops? I am disgusted to have to write an actual
  6. paper letter but they took away all my electronic comms methods and put me in the special
  7. housing unit where I am under 24/7 lockdown. All this for the high crime of blogging,despite
  8. nation B.O.P. officials having made public statements that what I was doing wasn't against
  9. the rules. Meredith had a conversation with the guy even.
  11. It has been a week of this and I feel completely alone and abandoned. I don't even
  12. have my loved ones or attorney's address (they took most of my papers and I happened to
  13. have your address on a property slip they didn't toss). and am unsure when or if anyone will
  14. find out about my situation.
  16. I refused to consent to a payment plan for the fine levied against me from my commissary
  17. funds, so now I can't buy food I can eat from the prison store anymore. Things are really
  18. depressing. Please have people send books. I need them badly in 24/7 lockdown with no
  19. library access.
  21. I miss everyone, also food and sunlight. I was hoping people would send m tweets and
  22. news articles about me but nobody has. Has the Internet forgotten about me or am I
  23. still a hot topic?
  25. Miss you all dearly,
  26. Weev #10378-010
  28. (I really wish my attorney would call, only he can)
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