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  1. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MetalRuller / 天使#7777 conversation
  2. 天使 - Last Saturday at 6:01 PM
  3. i posted that not slapp
  4. and dont say anything about this pls
  6. Codex - Last Saturday at 6:01 PM
  7. i wont
  8. but dafuq is up with slap and nex?
  10. 天使 - Last Saturday at 6:02 PM
  11. they beefed
  12. but
  13. problem is
  14. nex loses the most out of this
  15. slapp has nothing to lose
  16. if slapp says /fuck proto nex is the one who has to pay for all the chargebacks, not slapp
  18. Codex - Last Saturday at 6:02 PM
  19. what about the website nex was making?
  20. and i cant charge back because my pp is unverified :B
  21. o wait
  22. i used a steam card
  24. 天使 - Last Saturday at 6:03 PM
  25. but others can
  27. Codex - Last Saturday at 6:03 PM
  28. its not fair on nexure
  30. 天使 - Last Saturday at 6:04 PM
  31. no shit sherlock
  33. Codex - Last Saturday at 6:04 PM
  34. i get triggered over stuff like this lol
  35. can i mute @everyone in the buyers discord so slappy and nexure can sort their shit out? it doesn't help with all the buyers going fucking nuts and saying who's side they're on. the buyers are cancerous and make everything worse tbh
  37. 天使 - Last Saturday at 6:15 PM
  38. I'm kicking everyone from buyers if this gets worse
  40. Codex - Last Saturday at 6:16 PM
  41. ill mute them for a bit then. i dont want this shit to get worse.
  43. 天使 - Last Saturday at 6:16 PM
  44. but yeah, done for now
  46. Codex - Last Saturday at 6:16 PM
  47. alright good good
  48. well nexure joined back, and got ranked. the fuck. your choice if you want to come back.
  51. 天使 - Last Saturday at 6:50 PM
  52. i know, Im tving him
  53. I'm likely not joining back
  54. out of respect for nex I'll let you guys use my bot freely
  55. Let me rephrase that
  57. Codex - Last Saturday at 6:51 PM
  58. thank you.
  59. Codex - Last Saturday at 7:18 PM
  60. hey i know you dont do anything with proto atm, but metalbot see's me as a moderator instead of an admin?(edited)
  62. 天使 - Last Saturday at 7:18 PM
  63. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  64. handle metalbot urselves
  65. nex is a metalbot dev so he can do whatever
  66. dont dm me again about proto
  67. thank
  69. Codex - Last Saturday at 7:19 PM
  70. ok. im sorry all this led to you leaving
  71. ok
  72. sorry
  74. 天使 - Last Saturday at 7:19 PM
  75. its ok
  76. just dont do it again in the future pls
  78. Codex - Last Saturday at 7:19 PM
  79. assuming your fed up with it?
  81. 天使 - Last Saturday at 7:20 PM
  82. No, proto just doesn't interest me anymore and I think I have the right to ignore it now considering how much time I put into building the servers and considering the childish cunt who's taking my free work for himself
  83. My problem isn't proto, it's slappy
  84. Like I said before,
  85. the only way I join back
  87. Codex - Last Saturday at 7:21 PM
  88. that is so god damn true. you got better things to do than deal with slappy. didn't notice he was this much of a twat
  90. 天使 - Last Saturday at 7:21 PM
  91. proto
  92. is if Nexure is official owner of proto (in both discords too), and not Slappy, and Slappy is okay with it.
  93. Which will never happen
  94. so I'm never going back
  95. Because I won't deal with a childish person like this
  97. Codex - Last Saturday at 7:21 PM
  98. was nex an owner before all this shit?
  100. 天使 - Last Saturday at 7:21 PM
  101. not once again
  102. He was because i asked slappy to transfer him ownership on public server
  103. But he pulled this entire shit just to get ownership back
  104. If he can do this thing as a joke
  105. Completely fuck over a friend just over a game, or over a fucking server which he already had control in the first place
  106. then I don't want to be back there
  107. for now I'm just in Synapse
  108. There's good people managing the server
  109. there's also a lot of weebs and people I like
  111. Codex - Last Saturday at 7:23 PM
  112. i can't blame you. hopefully this shit gets sorted out. and you sure? apparently in synapse people have been banned for stupid reasons.
  114. 天使 - Last Saturday at 7:23 PM
  115. even if I leave Synapse now I likely am not going back to Proto
  116. I even like the proto community
  117. It's just slappy that's keeping me out
  118. If you honestly want me back, then try to make my wishes come true
  119. then I'll gladly return
  120. I would like to aswell
  122. Codex - Last Saturday at 7:24 PM
  123. ill try my best, its awesome having you around.
  125. 天使 - Last Saturday at 7:24 PM
  126. But I'm not saying anything to slappy regarding this
  127. Plus it doesn't matter even if Nexure is owner, as long as slappy isn't okay with it the same shit will happen over and over
  128. Honestly this entire situation was my fault
  130. Codex - Last Saturday at 7:25 PM
  131. it was? how was it?
  133. 天使 - Last Saturday at 7:25 PM
  134. I was the one who asked slappy to transfer ownership
  135. obviously I can't control Slappy's personality, but I could've avoided this
  136. eh, I doubt you can change his personality regardless
  137. good luck if you try to
  139. Codex - Last Saturday at 7:25 PM
  140. dont blame yourself, slappy is very childish.
  141. tbh i thought slappy was mature
  142. how old is he?
  144. 天使 - Last Saturday at 7:26 PM
  145. 14/15
  147. Codex - Last Saturday at 7:26 PM
  148. and he made a powerful exploit in C++? daym
  149. he's awfully good at that shit for his age :/
  151. 天使 - Last Saturday at 7:29 PM
  152. And his personality is awfully, surprisingly worse than mine
  154. Codex - Last Saturday at 7:29 PM
  155. nah, you have a nice personality. tbh in real life im just a 16 year old who's stuck in doors because the world is too scary for me lol.
  157. June 18, 2017
  158. Codex - Yesterday at 11:46 PM
  159. fucks sake
  160. metal
  161. i know you said not to mention proto
  162. but guess what
  163. fuk it
  164. can you come back
  165. nexure and slappy have turned into lazy fuckers
  166. they wont do anything
  167. wont even fix perms for shitty dyno bot
  168. and because you left
  169. they kicked your bot
  170. what a pair of cunts
  171. fucks sake why tf are they like this all of a sudden?
  172. can you come back just to have a word with them? you can leave then.
  174. June 19, 2017
  175. 天使 - Today at 12:02 AM
  176. no
  177. slappy is a cunt and deserves to die set on fire
  178. i blocked him on steam and i dont want any further communication with him
  180. Codex - Today at 12:03 AM
  181. i want my god damn money back, but i payed with a 50 pounds steam card. im so pissed with him. i hope he realises the fuck hes doing
  183. 天使 - Today at 12:03 AM
  184. that's why he's such a fucking cunt
  185. he's purposely destroying proto so nexure gets hurt
  187. Codex - Today at 12:04 AM
  188. the fuck?
  190. 天使 - Today at 12:04 AM
  191. nexure is the paypal owner, so he pays for all chargebacks/refunds that happen
  192. slappy has nothing to lose
  194. Codex - Today at 12:04 AM
  195. what a fucker
  197. 天使 - Today at 12:04 AM
  198. he's just gonna fuck nex over then leave proto to die
  200. Codex - Today at 12:04 AM
  201. why the fuck would he do that?
  203. 天使 - Today at 12:04 AM
  204. didnt you see what he did just to regain server ownership
  205. he turned on his best friend over a fucking game
  206. do you really think proto has a future with someone like that
  207. plus, I was the one who interact most with the community
  208. slappy doesnt give a fuck about the community
  209. hell, he fucking said
  211. Codex - Today at 12:05 AM
  212. it doesn't help that slappy is a 14-15 year old. so he's probably immature as fuck as the looks of it
  214. 天使 - Today at 12:05 AM
  215. "if they ask for a chargeback after I discontinue it's their fault, it's a good exploit"
  217. he doesnt give a fuck about buyers
  219. Codex - Today at 12:05 AM
  220. did he actually said that?
  222. 天使 - Today at 12:05 AM
  223. YES
  224. HE DID
  225. after i told him why he was fucking nex over
  226. he said that
  227. that's why
  228. i said
  229. i'd only come back if nexure was the owner
  230. because
  231. nexure is the one putting his own life at risk
  232. not slappy
  233. and nexure is mature enough to run this shit
  235. Codex - Today at 12:06 AM
  236. slappy has the knowledge to make exploits, but not the maturity to manage peoples money and run a business
  238. 天使 - Today at 12:06 AM
  239. plus i have personal beef with him
  241. Codex - Today at 12:06 AM
  242. you do?
  244. 天使 - Today at 12:06 AM
  245. yeah
  247. Codex - Today at 12:06 AM
  248. whats up with you and him?
  250. 天使 - Today at 12:06 AM
  251. i spent what, 2 months in the proto community
  252. and
  253. everyone I asked so far tells me I had a positive impact on the community
  254. not once
  255. not ONCE
  256. has slappy
  257. thanked me
  258. or
  259. appreciated my work
  260. that i do for free
  261. for him
  262. not . fucking . once.
  263. i mentioned this on steam
  264. and what does he say
  265. "pfff ur fault ur the one doing this cuz u want to"
  266. then i blocked him
  268. Codex - Today at 12:07 AM
  269. why the fuck?
  271. 天使 - Today at 12:07 AM
  272. slappy can die in a fucking fire for all I care
  273. for once
  275. Codex - Today at 12:07 AM
  276. dude slappy is fucked up.
  278. 天使 - Today at 12:08 AM
  279. im actually surprised because
  280. i know how twisted I am in the inside
  281. you may disagree but you haven't seen my true side
  282. and
  283. im surprised because
  284. slappy is way more twisted than I am
  286. Codex - Today at 12:08 AM
  287. i can tell :b
  288. btw
  289. im twisted as fuck too.
  290. so dont worry :/
  292. 天使 - Today at 12:08 AM
  293. whatever // lets not talk this here
  294. but yeah
  295. im not going back on proto
  296. feel free to screenshot/copy whatever chats you want from here
  297. sadly i can't provide steam proof because I blocked him and I think he removed me, i don't have chat logs anymore
  299. Codex - Today at 12:09 AM
  300. nah, it would only make the situation worse.
  302. 天使 - Today at 12:09 AM
  303. i dont care, if buyers/other staff ask for it you have my writen permission to give them any chat from here you want
  304. i honestly don't care anymore
  305. to hell with slappy
  306. fuck that cunt
  307. honestly
  308. i didnt pay for proto
  309. so i dont have that problem going for me
  310. but if the people who did find out about this shitstick going on "behind the scenes"
  311. they'll probably get pissed
  313. Codex - Today at 12:10 AM
  314. they all would yeah. im pissed too, he is such a cunt to the community and his own friends.
  316. 天使 - Today at 12:11 AM
  317. if you ever decide to let everyone know what's happening, just remenber to tell them not to chargeback because they'll only hurt nexure, not slappy, thanks
  319. Codex - Today at 12:11 AM
  320. i know.
  322. 天使 - Today at 12:11 AM
  323. nexure didn't have a choice when he rejoined proto, he HAD to or slappy could fuck him at any moment
  324. i had a choice though
  326. Codex - Today at 12:11 AM
  327. im glad you left, because it would of only gotten worse as i understand your hatred upon slappy
  329. 天使 - Today at 12:12 AM
  330. i consider nex my friend and i dont want him getting hurt over this shit, if 400 buyers chargeback, that's $20k he has to pay, and he doesnt have nearly that much
  331. I've only realized my hatred towards slappy in the end, sadly
  333. Codex - Today at 12:12 AM
  334. but i have personally noticed, since i first got proto in march, i noticed he was a bit of a cunt, but i didnt think much of it as this community is like 90% cancer as it is.
  336. 天使 - Today at 12:13 AM
  337. tbh i never cared much for proto buyers
  338. i only organized proto public
  339. proto buyers was shitstorm anyway
  341. Codex - Today at 12:13 AM
  342. true as fuck. but you are still the nicest addition to the community, yet slappy doesn't give a fuck.
  344. 天使 - Today at 12:14 AM
  345. thanks
  346. nexure said so too
  347. :heart:
  349. Codex - Today at 12:14 AM
  350. everyones fucking backing up slappy because they want proto back.
  352. 天使 - Today at 12:14 AM
  353. eh, i dont blame them
  354. they dont rly have a choice
  355. there's no real way to get out of this situation either
  357. Codex - Today at 12:15 AM
  358. i feel sorry for nexure. i was like "nex fix this bot" earlier. but daym, coming from you now i understand why. the only way to get out of this situation is if slappy stops being such a cunt
  360. 天使 - Today at 12:15 AM
  361. pretty much
  362. which wont happen
  364. Codex - Today at 12:15 AM
  365. has he always been like that?
  367. 天使 - Today at 12:16 AM
  368. dunno, i wasnt very close to slappy ever
  369. i never considered him a friend, i only talked to him about proto and he took days to reply to me
  371. Codex - Today at 12:16 AM
  372. he seems to be very anti-social. maybe he doesn't understand how much of a cunt hes being. im not defending him, but i am trying to figure shit out
  374. 天使 - Today at 12:17 AM
  375. he understands how much of a cunt he is, he just doesn't care
  377. Codex - Today at 12:17 AM
  378. but why?
  380. 天使 - Today at 12:17 AM
  381. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  383. Codex - Today at 11:47 AM
  385. (picture of slappy saying i was blacklisted by here)
  387. Please fucking help me.
  389. 天使 - Today at 11:53 AM
  390. oh, i know, i've seen it
  391. i also know u got banned/blacklisted
  392. sorry but
  393. i'm actually done with the roblox community for real this time
  394. i appreciate your efforts
  395. i really do
  396. you're the only staff member from the ones i got
  397. that is actually backing me up
  398. everyone else is sucking up to slappy when they dont even know whats going on
  399. but yeah, i've taken too much shit from slappy
  400. wait
  401. wtf
  402. "banned and blacklisted for undisclosed reasons"
  403. lolwa
  404. t
  405. i didnt see that announcement b4
  406. eh, doesnt rly surprise me tho
  407. the cunt can't even tell buyers why he's banning you
  408. lmfao
  409. just proves how much of a cunt he really is
  411. Codex - Today at 11:55 AM
  412. That's 50 fucking quid down the drain. I fucking hate slappy for what he has done.
  414. 天使 - Today at 11:55 AM
  415. anyway
  416. i know
  417. you know what's the worst of this all
  418. what he's doing is gonna get nex into trouble
  419. he's blacklisting people like he drinks water
  420. then nexure pays for chargebacks
  421. ugh
  422. i dont even
  423. i have nothing to do with this anymore sorry but
  425. Codex - Today at 11:56 AM
  426. I can't charge back. I bought with a steam card anyway.
  428. 天使 - Today at 11:56 AM
  429. i was relaxing a bit from this whole situation until i saw ur msg
  430. im gonna go back to
  431. chillax cos
  432. im legit done with this
  434. Codex - Today at 11:56 AM
  435. Fair enough, I'm fucking pissed.
  437. 天使 - Today at 11:56 AM
  438. im sorry about what happened to you but, i'm much more concerned about nexure tbh
  439. the only good thing nex has good for him is that he's 17 and can't go to jail yet
  440. going for him*
  441. this is honestly a shitstorm of a confusion
  442. and we cant do shit
  444. Codex - Today at 11:57 AM
  445. I don't know what to do.
  447. 天使 - Today at 11:57 AM
  448. when i woke up i had 10+ dms and about 200 spam mentions ON MY SERVER of hate messages regarding this entire situation lol
  449. i protected the fucking buyers
  450. and they come hating to me lmfao
  451. these ignorant kids can't see what's right in front of them
  452. we cant do much
  453. that's the issue
  454. that's the REAL issue
  455. we cant do shit
  456. thats why i left proto
  457. left synapse
  458. blocked slappy
  459. blocked 3ds
  460. blocked all staff from proto
  461. and im done with this shit
  462. im fucking done
  463. i dont care anymore
  464. did this shit for free for 2 months to then have slappy do this shit to me and fuck over my friends?
  465. nah
  466. anyway
  467. im mainly now in yara/anime community
  468. and working on my just casuals server
  470. Codex - Today at 12:00 PM
  471. Yeah. What do I do? I can't just let 50 quid go like that. I want my money back, but I don't want to hurt nex.
  473. 天使 - Today at 12:00 PM
  474. u can join me if u want
  475. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  477. Codex - Today at 12:00 PM
  478. Sure.
  480. 天使 - Today at 12:00 PM
  481. eh
  482. we cant do anything tho
  483. u can mass mail all buyers if u want
  484. and explain the situation to them
  485. explain whats happening
  486. explain why u were blacklisted
  488. Codex - Today at 12:01 PM
  489. Yeah I would love to.
  491. 天使 - Today at 12:01 PM
  492. and explain why I said I'd kick all buyers
  493. do it
  494. write a pastebin on it if u want
  496. Codex - Today at 12:01 PM
  497. I will. How the fuck do I mass mail the buyers?
  499. 天使 - Today at 12:01 PM
  500. i mean, u have all their mails
  502. Codex - Today at 12:01 PM
  503. I don't :b
  505. 天使 - Today at 12:01 PM
  506. the db dump
  508. Codex - Today at 12:02 PM
  509. Oh right yeah
  511. 天使 - Today at 12:02 PM
  512. :stuck_out_tongue:
  513. anyway, ima go back to watching anime
  514. im tired of this shit for now
  515. plus i didnt sleep anythin cos literally 30 degrees celsius all night long
  517. Codex - Today at 12:02 PM
  518. Yeah I know. I'll talk to you later about this. And same lol it's fucking boiling
  520. 天使 - Today at 12:03 PM
  521. cya later
  523. Codex - Today at 12:03 PM
  524. Cya
  525. He tried to hack my steam account too.
  527. (picture of steam account hack attempt here, im only going to assume its slappy who tried to get into my account because the time is not far off from when
  528. he put the blacklisted annoucement)
  530. Sorry but why the fuck
  532. 天使 - Today at 12:13 PM
  533. lol fr
  534. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  536. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Conversation with Nexure // Nexure#7067
  538. nexure, i know whats going on. slappy is a fucking cunt for doing this to you.
  540. Nexure - Today at 12:22 AM
  541. ?
  543. Codex - Today at 12:23 AM
  545. (pictures of me and metal talking here)
  547. nex, transfer your pp money to your bank account
  548. call up paypal
  549. close your paypal account
  550. and slappy will suffer
  551. not you.
  553. Nexure - Today at 1:19 AM
  554. im literally
  555. about
  556. :ok_hand: this close
  558. Codex - Today at 1:20 AM
  559. dude just go
  560. hes a prick to you.
  561. you dont deserve his shit
  562. he's an immature little kid
  563. he literally does not give a fuck about the buyers of proto, apparently he doesnt give a fuck about his own friends either.
  565. Nexure - Today at 1:23 AM
  566. that is literally true
  568. Codex - Today at 1:25 AM
  569. metal said himself, he will only join back if you are given ownership as slappy is too immature. You're very mature and you actually know how to manage this stuff. Slappy, or Kalen :b he's too immature for that shit. he does not give a fuck at all. worst thing is, he knows hes being a little cunt
  570. I'm sorry that it's come to this. Just don't let him fuck you over ok
  571. I'm glad you made the right decision for yourself. Make sure you don't get fucked okay? Metal got your back and I do too I guess lol
  573. Codex - Today at 11:36 AM
  574. I got blacklisted?
  575. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  577. Screenshots for proof :
  579. /METAL
  599. /NEXURE
  604. //
  605. What I (Codex) has to say:
  607. I will personally say that the last big paragraph i sent to Nexure was a bit pointless as Nexure might of still cared for Slappy at that point. But the thing is, Slappy is too immature for all of this shit.
  608. He blacklisted me because he cant deal with his problems and the fact that i am against him in this situation. Im sure after reading all this, you would all be against him too.
  609. This whole situation started over a shitty straw poll, basically slappy wanted Rust to win the strawpoll and slappy basically said things like "if you dont vote Rust, im discontinuing proto!" which is
  610. clear childish as all fuck.
  612. I feel like slappy blacklisted me because i "know too much" about the situation and he knows the truth of how much of a cunt slappy really is. Let me make this final, SLAPPY DOES NOT
  615. //
  617. //
  618. What MetalRuller has to say:
  620. <-- proof of him writing this
  622. the pastebin to what he has to say :
  624. What he said :
  626. Hey guys, metal here
  629. I'm just gonna say, I'm only providing you with the truth in this paragraphs, I speak for myself, and for Nexure, I won't be providing any proof simply because Slappy has done all in his power to get rid of proof, and I honestly don't care enough to get it.
  633. -----
  634. TL;DR: Slappy is a lying cunt, don't believe what he says. Charging back doesn't hurt Slappy in the slightest.
  635. -----
  636. I've wanted to clear up a few things to the proto community, if you're seeing this right now it means that slappy has taken extreme measures for the truth to be unheard
  638. So, the most recent thing that has happened, slappy said that I said I'd kick all buyers from buyers chat
  639. Now, this is not a lie, I did say that, but I'll explain as to why:
  640. When I said that, Slappy was throwing a tandrum to get server ownership back, I didn't know how far we was gonna go with his tandrum, so I offered to kick all buyers from PS Buyers, so we could keep transparent with all buyers, and not have Slappy lie to you like he's doing now.
  642. Of course, this has nothing to do with you guys, but I think you should know about it,
  643. the reason Slappy cut Nexure out, is because Slappy is a control-freak who NEEDS control of everything.
  644. He doesn't really understand how the real world works, and he doesn't understand that what he's doing right now is harming Nexure.
  645. NEXURE IS THE VICTIM IN ALL OF THIS (i know, may sound unbelievable after you've listened to all of Slappy's shit)
  646. Nexure is the PS PayPal owner, this means that if shit goes south and everyone chargebacks, SLAPPY HAS NOTHING TO LOSE, Nexure goes to jail for not being able to pay all chargeback fees, Slappy laughs it off like he usually does after fucking over his friends, and probably even proceeds to start some ROBLOX exploit again and make people pay for it again with someone else's PayPal, so he can do the same thing in the future if he feels like it.
  649. So, after having read all that, what can you, the buyers, realistically do?
  650. Sadly, you can't do anything. If you chargeback, it'll only be worse for Nexure, and Slappy is blacklisting people like he drinks water because he doesn't give a fuck about his year-old friend Nexure.
  651. If you leave Proto, or stop support Slappy, you lose your $50, assuming you don't chargeback
  652. Of course, I'm not saying Charging back is wrong, I'm just saying that if you DO chargeback, you won't be hurting Slappy in any way
  653. I can't stop you from charging back, but just keep in mind that if you do, you're hurting the person who is already heartbroken by this entire mess.
  654. I understand 50$ is a lot of money, and unlike Slappy makes it look like, I protected the Buyers for as long as I could, so a situation like this where Slappy keeps information in and out of Buyers under control wouldn't happen
  655. Because, right now, Slappy is just telling you bullshit lies, I mean, did you see Codex's blacklist/ban, HE WAS BLACKLISTED FOR TRYING TO TELL YOU GUYS THE TRUTH
  656. i mean, holy shit, dictatorship in proto ? :thinking:
  658. So, please, if you've read all of this. Don't chargeback, stay with Slappy if you want, use your exploit, but please don't believe everything the little cunt says. He's 14 for fuck sake. He's not fit to run ProtoSmasher as a company.
  660. //
  662. So, who fucked up? Do i deserve my whitelist back? Do i deserve my money back? Do i deserve a replacement exploit? Does Nexure deserve all this?
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