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  1. @create Multidescer FINAL <MDF>
  2. @link Multidescer FINAL <MDF> = #0
  3. @set Multidescer FINAL <MDF> = wizard
  4. &AMOVE Multidescer FINAL <MDF>=@tel me=#2
  5. @set Multidescer FINAL <MDF>/AMOVE=no_command prefixmatch
  6. &CAPSEN Multidescer FINAL <MDF>=[iter(%0,capstr(%i0))]
  7. &CMD_DESCADD Multidescer FINAL <MDF>=$+desc/add *=*:th [if([strmatch(%1,CURRENT)],[setq(desc,[xget(%#,describe)])],[setq(desc,%1)])][set(%#,DESC`[u(%!/uline,%0)]:[u(%!/capsen,%0)]|%q<desc>)][pemit(%#,You add [u(%!/capsen,%0)] to your multidescer.)]
  8. &CMD_DESCCHANGE Multidescer FINAL <MDF>=$+desc *:th [switch([hasattr(%#,DESC`[u(%!/uline,%0)])],1,[set(%#,DESCRIBE:[elements([xget(%#,DESC`[u(%!/uline,%0)])],2,|)])][set(%#,stat`form:[elements([xget(%#,DESC`[u(%!/uline,%0)])],1,|)])][pemit(%#,You change your description to [u(%!/capsen,%0)].)],[pemit(%#,You don't have that desc!)])]
  9. &CMD_DESCDEL Multidescer FINAL <MDF>=$+desc/del *:th [switch([hasattr(%#,DESC`[u(%!/uline,%0)])],1,[pemit(%#,You delete the [u(%!/capsen,%0)] description from your multidescer.)][wipe(%#/DESC`[u(%!/uline,%0)])],[pemit(%#,You don't have that description saved!)])]
  10. &CMD_DESCLIST Multidescer FINAL <MDF>=$+desc/list:th [pemit(%#,[center([mudname()] Multidescer,78,=)]%R[iter([sort([lattr(%#/DESC`*)])],[u(%!/capsen,[lcstr([u(%!/nouline,[after(##,DESC`)])])])],,%R)]%R[repeat(=,78)])]
  11. &CMD_DESCVIEW Multidescer FINAL <MDF>=$+desc/view *:th [if([hasattr(%#,DESC`[u(%!/uline,%0)])],[pemit(%#,[header(Description: [u(%!/capsen,%0)])]%RDesc Tag/Name: [elements([xget(%#,DESC`[u(%!/uline,%0)])],1,|)]%R%RDesc Text: [elements([xget(%#,DESC`[u(%!/uline,%0)])],2,|)]%R[repeat(=,78)])],[pemit(%#,You do not have that saved in your descriptions!)]
  12. &NOULINE Multidescer FINAL <MDF>=[edit(%0,_,%b)]
  13. &ULINE Multidescer FINAL <MDF>=[edit(%0,%b,_)]
  15. +help
  17. Syntax: +desc <tag>
  18. +desc/list
  19. +desc/add <tag>=<content>
  20. +desc/del <tag>
  21. +desc/view <tag>
  23. Theatre of Shadows MUSH features a simple, easy-to-use system to store and change between multiple descriptions for player characters.
  25. +desc <tag>
  26. This command will change your current description to the one saved under <tag>.
  28. +desc/list
  29. This command will list all description <tag> saved on the character.
  31. +desc/add <tag>=<content>
  32. This command saves <text> under <tag>. The text can be formatted as normal for descriptions. Using the word CURRENT as content will save your current @desc. Using an existing tag will overwrite the current description saved there.
  34. +desc/del <tag>
  35. This deletes a current description via the <tag>.
  37. +desc/view <tag>
  38. This command displays the text saved in a particular description.
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