What is the best thing you have learned or discovered on Met

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  1. •     What is the best thing you have learned or discovered on MetaFilter and/or the subsites?
  2. •     so many things!
  3. •     An impossible question!
  4. •     Emotional labor
  5. •     My girlfriend!
  6. •     People wipe sitting down.
  7. •     The comments are not always a waste of time.
  8. •     The existence of another MeFite who is now my very good friend.
  9. •     The emotional labor thread.
  10. •     The HMS Resolute, or the poisoned enemas in the court of Louis XIV
  11. •     The online Borges Library of Babel simulator.
  12. •     Meta talk
  13. •     too much to list here
  14. •     The side of the car that the gas tank is on.
  15. •     How common struggling with mental health is.
  16. •     Metafilter helped me plan a fantastic 19th century Christmas dinner.
  17. •     Just go to therapy
  18. •     Everything. I've learned how to moderate my own responses to relationship problems and how to gauge my own reactions to the world based on what I read here. And I've added substantially to my reading list.
  19. •     The concept of emotional labor.
  20. •     Correct bra sizing!
  21. •     Probably to question my thinking in regard of certain groups.
  22. •     Most people, at their core, are genuinely kind and generous. Those who are not are not worth your time.
  23. •     Couldn't even begin to tell you, too many things.
  24. •     The "boyzone" threads on MetaTalk have given me the courage to continue speaking up about racial issues even when it seems like no one is listening to my concerns.
  25. •     How to tie my shoes
  26. •     Tolerance
  27. •     I like political live-commenting (eg, UK election, Canada election, Australia leadership spill).
  28. •     I found a group of people I hang out with in real life fairly often
  29. •     Weird music.
  30. •     Everything in the "you were doing it wrong" and "you falsely believed this was universal" AskMes
  31. •     depends on how long they've been member Users with ____ comments have made a lot of comments. more than 10/day Users that have given ____ favorites have given a lot of favorites. more than 10/day Users that have received ____ favorites have received a lot of favorites. more than 10/day or more than me What is the best thing you have learned or discovered on MetaFilter and/or the subsites? how to dispose of a body
  32. •     I have become a better person. (I hope.)
  33. •     Ask culture vs. guess culture
  34. •     That the internet can have genuinely civilized discussion on it
  35. •     Learning about trans issues.
  36. •     Why feminism is noble in its goals, but terribly flawed in practice
  37. •     The best thing that I have learned is that there is at least one place on the Internet where it's actually a good thing to read the comments.
  38. •     Keto!
  39. •     How to have an adult relationship. How to argue without making anyone feel bad about themselves. How to be an adult basically. And technically, I was already an adult when I started reading metafilter; I just didn't know how to adult properly.
  40. •     To be less judgmental of others.
  41. •     Friends.
  42. •     Ask metafilter has generally made me a better, more generous and empathetic person.
  43. •     don't recall
  44. •     A rabbit with a flapjack on its head.
  45. •     Neither I nor the world benefit from me trying to reason anyone into anything
  46. •     The role that womanhood and feminism play in my life.
  47. •     Tough question to answer; probably how to think about feminism in a more robust way?
  48. •     hands down, the "millennials to snake people" extension
  49. •     There are good people out there.
  50. •     I learned the ramifications of buttering a cat
  51. •     tab plus shift = scrolling upward
  52. •     This is a very high-level broad answer, but I was homeschooled and grew up reading Metafilter through high school and I feel like Metafilter, especially the comments, taught me how to have discussions and write clearly.
  53. •     There have been a few things, couldn't be specific about them at the moment
  54. •     pass
  55. •     The various ways in which we are all different and it is okay.
  56. •     GREASY HONKY PIE
  57. •     myself
  58. •     Everything!
  59. •     Seagull Guitars are a great value in acoustic guitars.
  60. •     YNAB!
  61. •     Pass. Too many to choose.
  62. •     Reading women's comments about microagressions, discrimination, violence, and similar that they have experienced has certainly given me a new perspective.
  63. •     Wood used in furniture that has its imperfections filled with glow in the dark resin.
  64. •     I've become a better feminist which is nice, and ask/guess has changed a lot of how I approach life, but the best thing is probably the actual in real life friends and relationships with mefites over the years.
  65. •     Who knows. I am constantly eating, watching, reading, and buying stuff I found out about on MetaFilter. I am totally going to put a bowl of fruit by the next thing I try to sell on Craigslist.
  66. •     Friends
  67. •     i learned about za'atar seasoning. so delicious.
  68. •     "A comment about a break-up that basically reminded the poster that they were arguing {in their head} with imaginary people.
  69. •     I have to remind myself of that same sometimes."
  70. •     The value of a plate of beans.
  71. •     My childhood instincts were exactly right: to prevent mockery, say nothing
  72. •     I have become a better feminist
  73. •     Various books, but especially the Edith Rosenberg translation of Don Quixote.
  74. •     Using conditioner instead of buying shaving creme (I'm a woman, this is meant for shaving my legs and pits)
  75. •     You're fine. It's not your fault.
  76. -       the best lemon zester, the best kitchen knife sharpener - emotional labour  - the idea of white, middle-class privilege - that I'm not the only crouton-petter in the world - that the MeFi community is a place I can turn to for entertainment, solace, and information - Feliway - UFYH - and many, many more
  77. •     Optional lyrics for Dvorak's Symphony for the New World: I WANT TO MASTURBATE / PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE
  78. •     I cannot possibly pick a single best thing.
  79. •     Ask versus Guess culture. How to cook spaghetti carbonara.
  80. •     the concept of emotional labor
  81. •     How to spot default everyday sexism
  82. •     How to be a better person.
  83. •     People have strong feelings about unusual things
  84. •     A friend who I met through the site.
  85. •, from Projects
  86. •     Travel tips on the green
  87. •     the emotional labor thread
  88. •     Honestly, the MetaFilter community itself. A lot of the particular posts on here I also see on other sites (Reddit, Hacker News, blogs), or hear about from a friend. But MetaFilter has unusually high-quality comments on those posts, and also tends to have well-written FPPs that link to background material instead of having just a single link for discussion.
  89. •     kid jokes - ask metafilter great cleaning tips - various ask metafilter
  90. •     The "working in a cocktail bar" video
  91. •     Crone Island
  92. •     The Bus comic strip
  93. •     Ask vs. guess culture
  94. •     how to be a better person
  95. •     Gravy biscuits
  96. •     Ted chiang writes things and they're really good
  97. •     The idea that I could pick one thing is bizarre to me.
  98. •     Emotional labor thread.
  100. •     lots of weird trivia from FPPs, and a lot I can't easily sum up about human experience from ask.mefi
  101. •     Ask versus Guess Culture.  
  102. •     they exist
  103. •     How to be just snarky enough to be funny, but not so snarky that it gets annoying or mean. Also, ask v. guess culture is amazing.
  104. •     Hard to say--it's been well over a decade since I signed up, and a while before that that I lurked, and I've learned and discovered innumerable fascinating things on Metafilter over that time.
  105. •     All of the things.
  106. •     I had feminism all wrong.
  107. •     I can't choose.
  108. •     the band RVIVR - i found out about them from a youtube link in some Mefi thread, fell in love with them, and then 2 years later i was touring South America playing bass for them. and the mefite josher71 who is like my best friend now and we are in a band together too!
  109. •     Sit or stand.
  110. •     Broadly speaking, there are others like me.
  111. •     New points of view.
  112. •     I cant remember if I found Tom & Lorenzo through here. If I did, it was that. I found TED though here a million years ago.
  113. •     There are these amazing soup dumplings I had offline due to a meetup.
  114. •     Just about everything
  115. •     Why people put those 'gauges' in their earlobes; why people get into horror/graphic horror movies; cat information (feeding, caring, litter box, etc.)
  116. •     Too hard to say.
  117. •     Computer tips, cell phone tips and all kinds of stuff.
  118. •     emotional labor
  119. •     Compassion
  120. •     How to treat people better!
  121. •     ThruYOU by Kutiman
  122. •     Nothing
  123. •     How to live
  124. •     Too many to count: I've learned a lot about US culture, food, I've found a bunch of bands I now consider to be my favorites.
  125. •     New food and drink options I would never have before considered.
  126. •     I got a bunch of $12 glasses from Zenni Optical.
  127. •     premium handcrafted firewood
  128. •     I'd tell you but first i have to find a way out of this room (a/k/a escape-the-room games)
  129. •     I can now answer most questions I'd post to Ask by formulating them in my head. By attempting to make the question clear to Mefites I arrive at my own best answer. Saves time & trouble.
  130. •     Made IRL friends through IRL
  131. •     Friends
  132. •     Most of my internet friends
  133. •     privilege
  134. •     Social accounts that belong to cool MeFites
  135. •     Mefightclub
  136. •     Answers to AskMe questions I never thought of asking
  137. •     this is my mind boggling as too many answers try to come out
  138. •     Lots of good music: Flume, The Weeknd, Deafheaven, etc.
  139. •     "I've learned I have valuable life experience that can help others, and also that others understand my own pain and problems, from AskMe. Sometimes, just knowing you aren't alone goes a long way, especially when you're going through an emotional crisis, suffering from depression, or struggling with new medication.
  140. •     Likewise, knowing I can help others through those times lifts my own spirits and adds to a sense that my life has purpose--wow, that sounds SZo corny! But yeah. It's still true."
  141. •     I'm still baffled by how many people have really strong feelings about toilet paper roll placement.
  142. •     how to have a healthy relationship
  143. •     I know I'm going to think of something else the second I finish this, but I've been really pleased with the the book recommendations. It's hard to think of just one thing, though.
  144. •     Better awareness of racial privilege and racial microaggressions
  145. •     A post from Etrigan that explained that there was no such thing as "on time" -- only early and late. It really changed my way of approaching things and made my laugh better.
  146. •     qwop
  147. •     Roguelike stuff
  148. •     Humans are both endlessly fascinating and utterly boring.
  149. •     sarcasm is tired
  150. •     Lots of interesting human relations stuff.
  151. •     Ask Versus Guess Culture
  152. •     Too much to fit in one question, sorry.
  153. •     Female seamstresses going "no, dur" in re: identifying "mysterious objects" as bobbins
  154. •     I could put a long explanation here, but instead just the one word: feminism.
  155. •     Can't remember.
  156. •     Ask vs Guess culture
  157. •     So many things that I can't even think of one.
  158. •     No Such Thing as a Fish podcast.
  159. •     Good people still exist.
  160. •     The nature of pineapple plants.
  161. •     I've learned a lot about anxiety and social awkwardness
  162. •     Wonderful writers I wouldn't have known about otherwise; how incredibly compassionate and generous people can be
  163. •     whole lotta shit
  164. •     I don't even know if I could take a shot. I've learned a ton of useful things.
  165. •     Lots of excellent books, movies, and art
  166. •     Lots of feminism stuff.
  167. •     There is no Cabal.
  168. •     I've learned how to engage in more-civil discourse, how to recognize inappropriate thinking and behavior in myself and others, how much privilege I have that I took for granted.
  169. •     Just how easy it is to wedge my cat into a scanner!
  170. •     At the moment, it's BroScience, which is something I would never have watched if it hadn't come with several glowing recommendations in the Blue.
  171. •     How to Adult
  172. •     lots
  173. •     smartwool socks. several clean dumb jokes that i love greatly (why do chicken coops have two doors?). ask/guess culture. the suggestion to be physically touching your partner when you're disagreeing or having a difficult conversation.
  174. •     Nakagin Capsule Tower
  175. •     Too many to recount.
  176. •     feminism, trans* issues
  177. •     Using a hair dryer to cure colds.
  178. •     The concept of privilege, and the television program "Steven Universe".
  179. •     I learned about a very rare medical condition someone I know has a bad case of, and I told them about it.  It changed their life.
  180. •     Too many things to pick a single favorite.
  181. •     Emotional labor
  182. •     You spin me right round cover on  memusic
  183. •     "Punch 'Em In The Dick"
  184. •     They found a long-lost book from my childhood!
  185. •     The term "matryoshka brain"
  186. •     I was browsing old posts on AskMe when I read a comment describing the symptoms of acid reflux in newborns, and I realized that my newborn had those symptoms.  We'd been having a really tough time, but I didn't know it was an unusually tough time.  The subsequent diagnosis (and meds) changed things so much for the better.  And I wasn't even seeking out info about that at the time. I was reading old posts on AskMe and just ran across the comment.  It was even, IIRC, one of those comments where someone is "helpfully" throwing tangents at the OP that are not really related to the post at all.  But it was very helpful to me, much later.
  187. •     Kindness is universal.
  188. •     Emotional Labor
  189. •     That Scott Adams has a certified genius IQ.
  190. •     I never move to a new city without reading through Ask, and generally also posting on Ask.
  191. •     How generous and caring the community is.
  192. •     How to talk about emotional labor in a useful way.
  193. •     too many to list
  194. •     how to be a human
  195. •     So many things...the best was a collection of threads about how to do online dating. Thanks to which I met my spouse.
  196. •     Lots of feminist vocabulary.
  197. •     "So much.
  198. •     The recommendations I got for three things I use almost daily - my coffee maker (gift from my brother, a fellow MFer), epilator, eyeliner (link to a personal site of a MFer).
  199. •     MF has also populated a folder of bookmarks (""Feeling sad"") that helped me through my PhD work (especially that one video of the little goat jumping and knocking over his friend over and over again).
  200. •     Random history links.
  201. •     The terms 'emotional labour', 'boyzone', and 'ask vs. guess culture'. "
  202. •     "where do I start?!
  203. •     empathy. "
  204. •     can't remember
  205. •     Random meme Tumblrs.
  206. •     I've been fascinated by the depth of knowledge of many members in  some pretty abstruse areas.
  207. •     That there are actually a lot of intelligent, thoughtful people in this world.
  208. •     That I'm not quite as odd as I thought
  209. •     Too many to really choose, but there was a user (I think it was eamondaly, but it's been a long time) who described taking a Chicagoland Metra train to the end of the line and then riding his bike to the end of another line and taking another train back into the city. I haven't done that yet, but it's at the top of my list of things to do. It's the thing I always think of doing when I'm having a bad day.
  210. •     hamburger
  211. •     Wayyyy too much to count here
  212. •     However much you know, there is always something to learn and another perspective.
  213. •     I can't think of anything specifically. Metafilter is my first (and usually) only stop for what is new and interesting. The number of things I've discovered via this site can't be counted.
  214. •     replace heart with butt
  215. •     "Commonality of human experience. We are not all the same - but we experience many similar things.
  216. •     Oh - and I'm more sensitive about possibly harmful language now. "
  217. •     So much. Most important to me is having my eyes opened about how I view "others" my beliefs that were so ingrained that I didn't even know they weren't facts. I have learned not to make so many assumptions or at least to notice when I'm making an assumption and to recognize that there are many different points of view, life experiences, etc.-- really different.  I came to Metafilter think I was an open-minded individual. Have realized just how far I have to go.
  218. •
  219. •     evidently some people get 'pee shivers'
  220. •     How can one distill the wisdom of MeFi into a single box? Scody's breakup advice? The EL thread? All the great things about race and gender? I am (in all seriousness) a better person because of Metafilter. And some of my best friends are from here!
  221. •     "the existence of the daptone records label
  222. •
  223. •     seriously, they r amazing
  224. •     "
  225. •     Trans* issues, feminist theory, so many cute animal videos
  226. •     Tons of relationship stuff from ask
  227. •     "Stop using words.
  228. •"
  229. •     There is too much to list. I learn many things everyday.
  230. •     Crone Island
  231. •     Probably "Jingle Rock Bell" or else things about tax policy.
  232. •     Oglaf.
  233. •     A better way to be a human.
  234. •     It is all about the Meta environment of the site rather than the specific content.
  235. •     I'm never alone
  236. •     Right, I should pick one thing out of eleven years' history?
  237. •     Bernard Devoto.
  238. •     List is long.
  239. •     The best thing that I have learned isn't any one piece of information; it's that you really can have an online community, (with an emphasis on the word community) where people are real and genuine and really care about each other in real life.
  240. •     "There are so many, I can't possibly narrow it down -- OH WAIT
  241. •     I learned that my ability to do that thing that makes a noise in my head like wind blowing on a microphone is flexing my tensor tympani muscle! I have been curious about that since I was six years old!"
  242. •     The Salux Japanese washcloth
  243. •     "Crouton petters -- I'm not alone!
  244. •"
  245. •     too many to think about
  246. •     Kafaktrapping is real
  247. •     the emotional labor thread
  248. •     Strangers can be decent to one another online
  249. •     Pixel Dungeon
  250. •     That the issues I've been having are not entirely unique to me, and that many other members have sought help and are doing much better now.
  251. •     That hermits are more common than I thought.
  252. •     Bernard Devoto.
  253. •     How to dispose of a body, of course.
  254. •     "DID YOU KNOW that sometimes when people pissed off turn-of-the-century ladies they stabbed them with hatpins? And that several cities banned hatpins, citing 'public safety' over the matter?
  255. •     The worst thing I have learned or discovered on Metafilter is that a lot of people pee in the shower sometimes, including my own spouse. Ew."
  256. •     Rhaomi's megaposts, probably.
  257. •     The MeFi Wiki
  258. •     "Media recommendations - books, music, movies, tv, etc.
  259. •     "
  260. •     No idea
  261. •     Insight into my prejudices.
  262. •     wwjd what would jessamyn do
  263. •     Can't think of anything in particular off the top of my head. Lots of stuff I guess.
  264. •     How to dispose of a body
  265. •     Edible cheese uses
  266. •     That I'm not alone (how sappy!)
  267. •     Interpersonal skills
  268. •     (that there exist) like-minded people.
  269. •     "Prisencolinensinainciusol
  270. •     "
  271. •     Compassion
  272. •     AskMe gave me a vocabulary to talk about mental health issues--thanks!
  273. •     Nora Mont seymali
  274. •     "
  275. •     You can clean out the laundry detergent cup by just including it in the washing machine with your clothes."
  276. •     the etymologies of sera, serum, bacteria, bacterium, plasma, plasmata, and all makes sense now. (
  277. •     How to get rid of a dead body
  278. •     A much deeper knowledge of social justice issues.
  279. •     Transgendered women in lingerie made from taxidermied rats
  280. •     Cult of Hannibal
  281. •     That Wendell is an acronym for 'end well'.
  282. •     Greater empathy for other people
  283. •     "Ask vs Guess culture
  284. •     What a healthy relationship can look like
  285. •     Cooking/baking tips and recipes"
  286. •     Sensitivity to personal pronouns.
  287. •     Long ago in a FPP about Japanese Television I learned that the best way to stir sugar into coffee is by moving the stirrer back and forth and not around and around.
  288. •     The banned Tom Cruise comment.
  289. •     party dog
  290. •     Ask vs guess culture; the importance of respecting emotional labor
  291. •     "It's hard to choose. Looking back through my favorited links from years ago, there's tons of great stuff I totally forgot about! The concept of emotional labor is a good recent one. I also found out about Kutiman's Thru You here, one of my favorite things enabled by the internet. And I also found out about The Now Habit and Feeling Good through AskMe. I'm sure there's a lot more here.
  292. •     Less specifically I think I've learned a lot from the personal responses people have written in comments, particularly from women, gender/sexual minorities, racial minorities, and voices from outside the USA."
  293. •     Honestly, the people on the site.
  294. •     "How to react respectfully and appropriately when something I've said or done could be perceived as racist, transphobic, etc.
  295. •     Rule No. 1: Take a deep breath -- it's not all about me.
  296. •     Rule No. 2: Being the target of racism, transphobia, etc., actually feels worse than being *called* racist, transphobic, etc.
  297. •     ALSO: I've begun to develop a thicker skin and have learned how to react to critical comments w/o unleashing a flaming torrent of rage."
  298. •     How to get rid of a body
  299. •     I learned that I was suffering from depression.  This is good because previously I just thought that all humans spent all day thinking that they wanted to kill themselves.  I've gone into therapy as a result and am managing a lot better now.
  300. •     Too many to list.
  301. •     That the internet doesn't have to be terrible when it comes to comments and moderation.
  302. •     "The cartoon series ""Over The Garden Wall""
  303. •"
  304. •     Pon Pon Pon
  305. •     How to check my privilege.
  306. •     How to tie my shoes
  307. •     That you can slice a kiwi in half and eat it with a spoon (
  308. •     I didn't know there would be essay questions.
  309. •     emotional labor
  310. •     That the capacity for kindness is constantly expanding. Also, the expression "special snowflake."
  311. •     I learned about RSS readers from MetaFilter - that's probably the thing I use most. "Best" in the sense of most amusing, probably penis beaker.
  312. •     People are weird.
  313. •     That it's ok to break up with someone if you're just not feeling it.
  314. •     Typography
  315. •     So many things! I'll say the CritiqueMyDickPic tumblr.
  316. •     Meetups. I've met some of my best friends in my new city through MeFi.
  317. •     How to argue things
  318. •     Frank Howarth's woodworking videos.
  319. •     Play Babble game
  320. •     "When to dump someone.
  321. •     I know a whole lot of 2nd grade level jokes from Metafilter, and they are super useful."
  322. •     How to be a better person
  323. •     uh... where to start? I guess I won't.
  324. •     How to boil water in a baby medicine syringe
  325. •     This is impossible to answer.  But probably feminism.
  326. •     Ask vs Guess culture!
  327. •     Dtmfa
  328. •     IKEA pasta bowls
  329. •     how to be a person, basically.
  330. •     Lots of Trans 101 stuff
  331. •     Too much to choose from
  332. •     Emotional Labor
  333. •     It's okay to be nice.
  334. •     DTMFA
  335. •     How to have a bra that fits correctly,
  336. •     emotional labor
  337. •     Ask/guess
  338. •     How to set car mirrors, recipes, so much stuff.
  339. •     That I can become more aware of my "invisible backpack" and am more able to "check my privilege".
  340. •     I've been a member since 2000 - too many to count!
  341. •     I learned to eat a kiwi with the skin on.
  342. •     "too much.
  343. •     probably the Comedy Bang Bang podcast"
  344. •     Jessamyn West!
  345. •     I don't know
  346. •     I'm sure I've learned something, but I've already forgotten it.
  347. •     I have discovered most of my favorite podcasts via MeFi/AskMe.
  348. •     How to dispose of a body
  349. •     Apparently people wipe standing up?
  350. •     Intersectionality
  351. •     how to be a better human being
  352. •     How to be an adult :)
  353. •     That therapy is nothing to be ashamed of, more normal than you might think, and incredibly helpful.
  354. •     Miko's break-up rules and the concept of emotional labour.
  355. •     Other people's personal habits.
  356. •     "tech/software stuff
  357. •     cooking techniques"
  358. •     There are languages that use cartesian coordinates for all directions (That's the best thing I learnt this week).
  359. •     How English dishwashing soap is different from North American dish soap.
  360. •     That there are some really smart people on MeFi. Really really smart.  
  361. •     The concept of 'privilege'.
  362. •     Social justice!
  363. •     A lot of relationship / human relations insight (I love AskMe)... things like how to recognise abusive relationships, how to deal with difficult people, SO MUCH about raising kids and getting along with a partner. I've also really treasured the threads where people chime in with first-person stories about their own experiences -- from women talking about cat-calling (I say this as a woman who has rarely ever been catcalled) to people in odd or unusual situations to scientists giving background knowledge about a linked study.
  364. •     Ask vs Guess culture
  365. •     women's perspectives
  366. •     Maybe some tv show I guess.  Or a kitten video.  
  367. •     How to say "I'm sorry"
  368. •     Fire extinguishers make great wedding gifts!
  369. •     That seemingly intelligent people can be extremely stupid and stubborn if told their wrong by an expert in the field under discussion.
  370. •     I don't know that I can point to a "best thing"; what I appreciate the most is the community of people who are always willing to dig in and discuss or sit down and try to help someone.
  371. •     People are really sensitive, and I need to be very careful about the words and phrases I use to describe people and situations.
  372. •     how to be a better person
  373. •     Patience, Feminism
  374. •     How to listen.
  375. •     the Internet isn't just a place for freaks
  376. •     Too many excellent things to list!
  377. •
  378. •     It's not as bad as you think
  379. •     My wife
  380. •     Prisencolinensinainciusol and Dogspotting
  381. •     How to cook that apple pie (cake).
  382. •     Impossible to list. Lots of interesting trivia. A couple key life tips, for example, "The Perfect is the Enemy of the Good" I got from askme and remind myself of all the time.
  383. •     The rasterbator
  384. •     That I'm not alone in the things I think and feel, in particular that my questions aren't stupid.
  385. •     What Would Jessamyn Do?
  386. •     "- Ask vs Tell culture
  387. -       How to dispose of a dead body
  388. -       Coping with depression"
  389. •     Rory is now as old as Lorelai was when the show started.
  390. •     There are lots of nice people in the world
  391. •     The dog of wisdom
  392. •     Understanding people who have not had an easy life - bullying, sexism, abuse, divorce etc.
  393. •     "Ask vs Guess
  394. •     The improv group Superego
  396. •     I can't narrow down specific items - there are too many! I will say that the best discovery in general is the community itself in all it's thoughtful often hilarious glory.
  397. •     This is hard. The first thing I discovered posted to Metafilter that made a big impression on me was the fact that the Ways of Seeing episodes from the BBC were on Youtube.
  398. •     Friends.
  399. •     CTRL+W33D
  400. •     I learned that I'm not the only person who can voluntarily contract their tensor tympani muscle.  More importantly, I've learned a bit about how to better examine the ways in which my own actions help support systemic racism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia, etc.
  401. •     the existence of Metafilter itself (seriously: quality internet comments exist, and so does quality internet community)
  402. •     i've probably forgotten I discovered it on metafilter
  403. •     Haruki Murakami's advice column.
  404. •     Crone Island/Emotional Labour
  405. •     too many to name or single out: books, movies, history, people, world events, weird crafts
  406. •     Feminist crap
  407. •     To better appreciate the perspectives of ethnic minorities and women
  408. •     Sodastream. Silicon windshield wipers. Ask v. Guess. A problem neatly divided into 2 solutions.
  409. •     Empathy
  410. •     A richer understanding of feminism.
  411. •     some of the users
  412. •     Too much, can't possibly name one thing.
  413. •     Some great recipes.
  414. •     I learn something new everyday by opening the Blue, even though I don't comment commonly.
  415. •     I'm not so weird after all.
  416. •     scody's letter to send to debt collectors. It works.        
  417. •     ColdChef.
  418. • (alas the link is broken now)
  419. •     I love threads about books and music videos.
  420. •     Mostly how to navigate interpersonal relationships.  Ask vs. Guess has become a big part of our household lexicon.  The EL thread has transformed the way I view the world, in a very real way.  Posts regarding "women's issues" or feminism have been very powerful.  I am a woman, and grew up with a single mom, so many comments by the men in the group have given me insight as to the way men think, that I wasn't really aware of in the past.
  421. •     I was only a lurker then, but Metafilter kept me sane during the first half of the Bush administration and the Gulf war.
  422. •     MeFightclub.
  423. •     Cheap versions of expensive things
  424. •     I have learned about some security issues. I have learned how opinion is created, presented, promoted.
  425. •     Changed my thinking on some social issues.
  426. •     Couldn't even begin to tell you. Pick a topic, any topic. I've learned something about that from MetaFilter.
  427. •     Exposition to different perspectives despite the commonalities that bring this community together.
  428. •     Ask/tell culture
  429. •     No one thing stands out.
  430. •     The concept of privilege, learning more about trans people, feminism.
  431. •     "One thing?  One thing only?  Ok, you've left this free form, you fools.  I shall bury you!
  432. •     But seriously, beyond the ongoing incredible recommendations for movies, books, and TV shows that have really expanded my horizons, probably the best thing I have learned is how Metafilter has opened me up personally to a great deal of difference. I can now have conversations in which I am deeply aware of my privilege and be able to put it aside and listen to what someone is saying and accept it, without giving in to my kneejerk desire to dismiss their experience.  It has made me more prepared to accept alternate views and experiences and understand them. I can look at how the media or some commentator is framing an issue and reject it because it is a frame that dismisses or ignores the real experiences of people who have been brave enough to share themselves on Metafilter.  And that sharing has made me a better person.  I know that is not why they did it - it was not for my benefit, the deep and hard personal things that were shared as people tried to make their voices heard - but it has benefited me.  And for that I am grateful and I hope those people who have been silenced and dismissed and are still battling those things every day in their lives know that they are being heard.  Change never comes fast enough for those that are suffering, but at least I can offer that - I'm hearing, and it's changing me and I hope I'm able to change others when they talk about/think about these issues.
  433. •     "
  434. •     Ask vs. Guess culture. I use it all the time in interacting with people and understanding (I'm an extreme Guess person).
  435. •     the phrase "cruise elroy"
  436. •     Founders Brewing Co.
  437. •     more compassion for others
  438. •, and I'm about to start a really fantastic lifelong dream volunteer opportunity as a result of it.  
  439. •     jeather's recipe for buttermilk pancakes changed my life
  440. •     Too many things to list, but "better social consciousness" covers a bunch of it.
  441. •     about and really good nose hair clippers
  442. •     Janelle Monáe
  443. •     What it is like to be other than I am. I get a lot of good perspective on how others want to be treated, particularly related to things like trans* issues.
  444. •     The evolving language surrounding gender and sexuality.
  445. •     SECRET QUONSAR!
  446. •     "- Lots of cooking tips and hints from AskMe.
  447. -       The emotional labor thread (and subsequent spinoffs) were eye-opening.
  448. -       A lot about intersectionality and privilege, especially in regards to race and trans issues. "
  449. •     different ways to make a grilled cheese sandwich (apples and arugula!)
  450. •     too many things to count or list, sorry
  451. •     Learning how to better relate to people and be a better person.
  452. •     Learned about trans* which led directly to marrying a trans man.
  453. •     How close-minded some of the most open-minded people can be, especially when you hit their particular trigger.  How nasty people can be.  How well-thought-out the responses can be, as well.
  454. •     Emotional labour. That it was a real, definable, thing.
  455. •     Emotional labor vocabulary, Ask/Guess framework, transgender awareness, probably a lot more I can't think of right now.
  456. •     To appreciate other people's perspective, believe them when they recount their experiences, and to try hard to be kind, always.
  457. •     A general and never-ending curve upwards in terms of awareness of other people; particularly minority groups and understanding the sensitivities around their issues.
  458. •     Lists of ways to be a better citizen of the world (a thread comes up on AskMe every so often where these get compiled).
  459. •     Can't pick one.  I think the longest-lasting has been music.  But there's tons of amazing things that have shaped me in many ways.
  460. •     be nice to people
  461. •     Oh god analysis paralysis.
  462. •     Trying to understand the point of view of people of widely differing backgrounds.
  463. •     I've learned far too many things from Metafilter over the years to choose a favorite.
  464. •     ask vs guess
  465. •     Speaking generally— the sincerity behind the responses, whether it's a suggestion or a personal anecdote, or the work put into some of the mega-FPP posts.
  466. •     The emotional labor thread is the most recent greatest thing. But I re-discovered MetaFilter as The Best People while clicking through someone's tweet to a thread on the green about a thwarted human trafficking happening in real time.
  467. •     Just a lot of good make-up and fashion advice.
  468. •     Never post while, or directly after, getting drunk
  469. •     Internet comments threads are not always toxic.
  470. •     How to get rid of a body. And who not to anger.
  471. •     How to tell which side of the car the petrol flap is on.
  472. •     People stand up to wipe?!?
  473. •     The perfect panites, via AskMefi
  474. •     What happens if you try to butter a cross cat for travel.
  475. •     Too much thinking involved with this question
  476. •     HALT
  477. •     Tons of great book suggestions
  478. •     Too much to list probably.
  479. •     Alternative points of view
  480. •     I am a small, flawed human and my favourite band sucks
  481. •     so many things...a lot of the initial Ferguson coverage would be my first instinct.
  482. •     scandinavia and the World & Breaking Cat News
  483. •     So many things. .. can't name one in particular
  484. •     Lots of experimental, afrofuturist, Japanese fusion and/or otherwise would-have-never-heard-this music linked by a lot of wonderful MeFites on the Blue.
  485. •     The evolving language surrounding gender and sexuality.
  486. •     Oh god, I don't even know how to begin answering this question. So many things! Maybe something broad and sweeping, like, "I learned to be a better person."
  487. •     No idea.
  488. •     Interesting links and stories or things I never knew about before.
  489. •     "that is nearly impossible to narrow down!
  490. •     I'm pretty sure I discovered the toast through metafilter.
  491. •     I'm also pretty sure I discovered steven universe partly because of metafilter.
  492. •     I learned the definition of emotional labor from metafilter!
  493. •     openpuppies is pretty great too."
  494. •     Learned a huge amount about various musical artists and genres
  495. •     Too many things to list! Intersectionality, trans rights, great recipes, what was wrong with my ear that one time, new book ideas, and Jenny Trout's Fifty Shades recaps
  496. •     Miko's song "Women Drinking Whiskey"
  497. •     "How to get closer to my ideal of being an adult.
  498. •     Also, using a bowl of fruit to one's advantage while selling items on Craigslist."
  499. •     People can still write thoughtfully.
  500. •     EMOTIONAL LABOR.
  501. •     What a portobello is.
  502. •     "Revolting Librarians"
  503. •     Shake and Fold.
  504. •     This list is too big to type up here! Most recently, I guess, the existence of Robert's Books in Lincoln City, OR.
  505. •     "trans-awareness
  506. •     "
  507. •     Ask vs Guess culture
  508. •     Oy, just the one? One of the more memorable ones was when I posted about having to flee the flood in Brisbane in 2011 and heading to Sydney and being upset that I saw my apartment being flooded live on TV. Sydney Mefites made a meetup on my behalf to cheer me up :)
  509. •     The joys of quality moderation
  510. •     Crone Island.
  511. •     therapy
  512. •     Articulating emotional labour. Wow was that an eye-opener.
  513. •     That I can use coffee grounds to take other bad smells out of stuff.
  514. •     My fiancée!
  515. •     "- how to sell my car
  516. -       how to pay off my debts
  517. -       EMOTIONAL LABOR OMG"
  518. •     The "what's your 100%" rule, to end arguments. What would make things 100% right for you at this time? Amazingly simple, amazingly effective. Can't remember who posted that.
  519. •     That is impossible to answer. I like a Youtube video where a middle schooler makes a shot-for-shot remake of Beyonce's "Countdown". I think I discovered Emily Short's interactive fiction "Bee" here, too.
  520. •     Random useful knowledge I have gleaned from AskMeFi.
  521. •     That i have adhd!
  522. •     "a) People cannot escape their scaffolding thoughts
  523. •     b) There are so many different experiences in this world, to get a satisfactory picture of reality of life.
  524. •     c) It is difficult to ignore nuance."
  526. •     other people
  527. •     The 'what didn't you know you were doing wrong' thread
  528. •     Emotional labor
  529. •     Emotional Labour is a thing!
  530. •     Weird things about people
  531. •     Abraham Lincoln, swords in a pit.
  532. •     jessamyn's advice that everyone has their own priorities and aren't just bad impressions of me
  533. •     .
  534. •     Lots and lots about racism, sexism and LGBT issues. (And that some people stand up to wipe.)
  535. •     How to be more respectful and inclusive when talking to trans people.
  536. •     Way more people are way smarter and funnier than I am than I like to think
  537. •     That human relations questions and the wildly varying perspectives on them never cease to be fascinating.
  538. •     Civility and assuming good intentions
  539. •     Methods to keep towels soft while washing them.
  540. •     I've been on here since 2001. You expect me to narrow that down? Ok, fine, how to dispose of a body, I guess.
  541. •     Differing perspectives. Odd ephemera. All about active lefty politics.
  542. •     reddit
  543. •     Too many to list, but I'll always owe Metafilter for introducing me to chococat's and Brad Sucks' music
  544. •     The Ask/Guess theory. Sadly, the description of the "amok man." Also batmonkey's "little spark" description of the product of conception.
  545. •     The phrase "I'm sorry, that won't be possible."
  546. •     that everyone needs a hug
  547. •     About N-Acetyl-L-Cystine for BFRD.
  548. •     Every music post.
  549. •     Seriously too many to count
  550. •     "That life is worth living and humanity is not a giant failed experiment.
  551. •     But really, great recommendations of books, podcasts, movies, TV. And insight into lives that I cannot live."
  552. •     The best thing that comes to mind of recent vintage is Liartown.
  553. •     Jeez. Impossible question to answer, I've been here 8 years. Probably travel tips?
  554. •     I've learned a lot about what it means to be a good human being in my relationships--with a partner, with parents, with friends, with colleagues, as a global citizen, and with people in an internet community.
  555. •     Fannibals.
  556. •     Too much to list - a lot of what I know about how to be a human with other humans.
  557. •     "Learned: infinite amounts
  558. •     Discovered: great people!"
  559. •     It's gotten me a job and helped me get into my current career.
  560. •     The language around emotional labor, duh
  561. •     I am not alone.
  562. •     I've been a member for 14 years.  How can I possibly remember all of the fantastic things I have seen and learned on MetaFilter?
  563. •     DUCK ARMY
  564. •     Some people stand to wipe their fanny after using the bathroom.
  565. •     I'm not sure?
  566. •     Honestly, I learn something every day. Most often, it's that what I experience is not that weird.
  567. •     Too many interesting things to count.
  568. •     friends
  569. •     That redshift program that changes the color temperature of your computer screen to help you sleep.  But then like a year later I read that it was a big fake-out and didn't work, and so I guess the placebo effect wore off and it no longer helped me sleep.  So best and worse, I guess.
  570. •     Oh boy- so much good stuff! How to dissect a body, weird things we all thought were true but are very many. I can't choose.
  571. •     "The existence of a fantastic progressive, feminist, intelligent and well-moderated online community!
  572. •     Also ask vs. guess culture
  573. •     also how to dispose of a body"
  574. •     To order my prescription glasses from
  575. •     "MonsterTalk, the skeptical podcast about monsters
  576. •     Also a lot of really enjoyable comics
  577. •     Several useful philosophical/sociological concepts (white fragility, emotional labor, ask vs. guess culture)"
  578. •     I have learned a lot of things, including thing that helped me grow as a person, but I think the best thing about MetaFilter is that I have made several great friends through the website.
  579. •     Ask vs. Guess
  580. •     Ted Chiang
  581. •     How to make an omelette
  582. •     "Atlas Obscura
  583. •     Custer Observator
  584. •     Pratt Institute Steam Whistles"
  585. •     I got Quonsmas presents
  586. •     emotional labor thread
  587. •     that I am more normal than I thought, and that we are all weirder than I thought.
  588. •     I honestly can't pin it down to one thing.
  589. •     "- Ask  culture vs give culture
  590. -       That thing you are getting bent out of shape about? It's Not About You. Really."
  591. •     That with people like us talking and sharing, the world becomes a better place every day.
  592. •     That I can always learn something new and interesting!
  593. •     Reading people's comments, I have learned about how other people think, why the opinions I have shouldn't be absolute, and critical thinking in general.
  594. •     Many people are insecure and depressed.
  595. •     how to process the anxiety/panic attacks that come with grief
  596. •     something about crows
  597. •     Kerbal Space Program
  598. •     Not one specific thing, but the favourite discoveries are comments that express an idea with such razor-sharp focus that make a once murky idea perfectly clear.
  599. •     The Weird + Wonderful Annual Mix Swap
  600. •     Most of my internet knowledge comes from MeFi
  601. •     I'm really crap at answering questions.
  602. •     Things to do before you turn 30 and other questions of that nature. Many many interesting books.
  603. •     I tracked down the artist of a painting my grandmother commissioned for me when I was quite young
  604. •     There's no way I could possibly begin to answer this. Pretty much learned how to Adult from AskMe, found perspectives on feminism and other social issues that were life-changing from discussions on MeFi and AskMe.
  605. •     I've found the threads on politics particularly engaging, and also kind of reassuring.  I don't talk politics a lot IRL, and it's good to be reminded that there are a lot of intelligent, compassionate people.
  606. •     Lots of cool perspectives from people whose worldview I'm not usually privy too, ie trans people, deaf people, etc. Also learned that for every person willing to teach you and share their experiences, there is a dickbag who will be an asshole to this person.
  607. •     That it's ok to be myself and people will still like me
  608. •     concept of emotional labor
  609. •     Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  610. •     The site has been a treasure trove of interesting links; conversation that is at times enlightening, frustrating, moving, challenging,and entertaining; and (mostly!) thoughtful advice.
  611. •     "Ask guess culture and emotional labour
  612. •     "
  613. •     My BFF sambosambo. And the comments of the hilarious and brilliant Greg Nog.
  614. •     Music and books, travel
  615. •     How to tie my shoes.
  616. •     Fannibals
  617. •     "I have two:
  618. •     Heated mattress pad
  619. •     I'm currently changing careers, into a field I first considered thanks to an answer to a question on AskMe - I don't know that I would have thought to pursue this field otherwise"
  621. •     also to pass out in the shower when I'm so drunk I might aspirate my own vomit"
  622. •     Too many things to mention
  623. •     recipes
  624. •     MeFites and the community itself.
  625. •     The poopshake analogy.
  626. •     The Crone Island slack channel. I love it.
  627. •     Better ways of being kind.
  628. •     BRONTOMANCY
  629. •     There are a lot of smart people in this world. And they often hide in plain sight.
  630. •     The toast and Neil Cicerega
  631. •     "this is a pretty big question to ask so early
  632. •     I guess I'm most glad that AskMe exists and is moderated so well."
  633. •     "Mefi itself. Finding that community of mad nerds all wanting to share what they know.
  634. •     THERE IS A THING INSIDE THE COVER YOU CAN HANG THE GAS CAP ON. This has changed my life and I think about the blue every time I fill my car up.
  635. •     In the interests of honesty, the first thing I thought of was how to dispose of a body. But you don't start with that one."
  636. •     That being part of a community doesn't have to be all-in
  637. •     I'm not sure where to begin on this...I guess generally being more aware about differing opinions and being more open-minded. Mefi makes me try to be less quick to judge, though I'm still not good at it, but it is getting better.
  638. •     Honest discussions can take place on the internet.
  639. •     "How to fucking bake fucking bread. Changed my life.
  640. •     (And also how to be a good person.)"
  641. •     I'm trans* and that's darn OK!
  642. •     Salad recipes in Ask
  643. •     Everything! Mostly about relationships. Miko's breakup advice.
  644. •     Discussion of Dunning-Kruger(?) effect and other cognitive biases.
  645. •     The people in them!
  646. •     A friend of mine told me about a formative book she'd read as a child but couldn't remember the title. Ask Metafilter could. I gave her a signed copy for her birthday.
  647. •     New views on gender/race/class issues.
  648. •     everything in the emotional labor thread
  649. •     Where to begin??? There are so many ways that I thought I was uniquely weird and then someone asked an AskMe that made me realise I was not.
  650. •     Cool Papa Bell's "Fight Club" Theory of "Ferris Bueller's Day Off."
  651. •     This is like asking my mom to pick her favorite child. Too many too list/no way to choose.
  652. •     been on too long to remember.
  653. •     A gradually-accrued sense of AskMe wisdom, rather than a specific fact or discovery. At least that's what I think now, as soon as I hit submit, I'll remember something specific that changed my life.
  654. •     nothing springs to mind
  655. •     The power and knowledge of a group of reasonable human beings!
  656. •     LearnedLeague
  657. •     Started developing with Django, now make my living from it.
  658. •     Too many to count!
  659. •     I can't remember, there are just too many - I've been visiting MeFi for nearly 15 years now & found so many good things on & off site
  660. •     Liberalism
  661. •     The biggest thing I can think of is the tv show Hannibal.
  662. •     Too many to write them all out!
  663. •     That the world is full of weirdos, and I have no reason to feel ashamed of being a weirdo myself.
  664. •     people are inherently good
  665. •     I met one of my best friends through metafilter! We skype almost every week despite living on different coasts!
  666. •     The extent of my previously-unexamined prejudices and the wherewithal to begin chipping away at them.
  667. •     I literally can't answer this, after 9 years. I feel like MeFi has been my second education, after university. I have had my eyes opened to an incredible range of topics, opinions and viewpoints.
  668. •     Ask/Guess culture
  669. •     xhamster is the best source for free porn
  670. •     "Empathy.
  671. •     It's ok to DTMFA.
  672. •     What side the gas tank is on in a rental car (from the huge ""you're doing it wrong"" post"
  673. •     When I have been going through rough patches in my life, I search past AskMe questions and answers on the thing I'm going through. I have always found thoughtful advice that helps me get through the bad times.
  674. •     good recipes, gadget reviews, some sympathetic social commentary
  675. •     What the field I was interested in was called and how to go about getting into it.
  676. •     Some people stand up to wipe their butt?!?!
  677. •     The best thing? That's difficult. I'd have to say the people I've met through Metafilter are the best thing. Corny as it sounds, it's true.
  678. •
  679. •     "When people tell you who they are, listen.
  680. •     The general idea that you should talk to people when you have problems with them, instead of just letting them fester."
  681. •     Too much to choose from. Probably just an overarching sense of social justice.
  682. •     There are, contrary to expectations, sane people out there.
  683. •     Too many to choose from
  684. •     The most thoughtful comments I've ever read on the internet, bar none.
  685. •     Not sure
  686. •     How to win a fist fight.
  687. •     How to be a better person :)
  688. •     I don't think I can choose just one thing.
  689. •     I probably reference the Ask vs Guess Culture thins at least once a week.
  690. •     The magic of Quonsar
  691. •     Nothing specific, but I come here to follow less mainstream issues and articles. Best was when someone identified a movie I watched in part 30 years ago!
  692. •     Endless historical knowledge and trivia. Too many to recount immediately.
  693. •     how to live the best life
  694. •     The best thing I learned about was emotional labour.
  695. •     Emotional labor
  696. •     {\}
  697. •     Miko's breakup advice
  698. •     You can find which side the gas tank is.
  699. •     I don't know! I've been mostly-lurking for over 10 years. I'd say the best thing is gradually becoming more aware of social issues over the years.
  700. •     Awareness of the extent & effects of my privilege as a cis het white dude. This place has given me a lot of tools to become a better ally of various underprivileged groups & lots of encouragement to use them.
  701. •     That people in Seattle really seem to love it
  702. •     the quality of the comments.
  703. •     I have no idea
  704. •     I met myself. I mean, the concepts, debate, and information completely changed so many facets of my worldview.
  705. •     Feminist frames of thought.
  706. •     Lots of thoughtful opinions.
  707. •     A community of kind, liberal minded people willing to listen and offer advice to strangers.
  708. •     Powerlifting!
  709. •     Too many to list. How to take care of good shoes  ones to mind.
  710. •     Favorites are bookmarks. Titles are wrong for MetaFilter. MATT4EVA
  711. •     Bob Wills
  712. •     "I love the AskMe threads about how people do things, whether it's standing or sitting to wipe, or using or not using a top sheet under the duvet.
  713. •     The emotional labor thread was also a revelation. "
  714. •     Too many things to mention.
  715. •     I find all kinds of novel ideas on Metafilter. One of the books I ended up using for a novel in 2014-- woot for bees on Metafilter!
  716. •     Chicago MeFites are fun.
  717. •     How to dispose of a dead body.
  718. •     don't know
  719. •     Things that I didn't know i needed in my life but now can't live without, eg Bookshelf Porn and Also the phrase "christ, what an asshole".
  720. •     That’s a tough one, but the single thing that first comes to mind is Dee Xtrovert’s comment about life during wartime in Sarajevo.
  721. •     So very many things. The emotional labor thread was the one that changed my life.
  722. •     ask vs guess culture
  723. •     Been here too long to remember
  724. •     How to be a better person.
  725. •     advice
  726. •     Too many best things to be able to recall any single one of them as being substantially better than the others.
  727. •     Advice, ideas, recipes, opinions.
  728. •     "emotional labor
  729. •     Ask/guess"
  730. •     Prosopagnasia
  731. •     The story about Jessamyn's father
  732. •     How interesting and varied perspectives can be about so many things.
  733. •     That if you have to ask AsMeFi if your food is ok to eat.. it's NOT. (saved my life in college ok)
  734. •     Interesting factoids.
  735. •     "Really? That's like making a top ten list of favourite movies, books, music and so on. In other words, it depends on my mood. A better answer is that I couldn't possibly choose from the vast amount of things that I've learned.
  736. •     That said, I've learned that I'm nowhere near as good as I thought I was at explaining what I mean by writing out my thoughts, and that there are some people who absolutely amazing at it."
  737. •     Just one? Um. The Fury Road Fanfare thread? The video of the woman playing the music instrument that's made of glass? The really pretty carpentry videos? The little houses?
  738. •     DTMFA
  739. •     So many things. Filthy Light Thief's music posts are a constant source of knowledge.
  740. •     So much! Too much!
  741. •     How to dispose of a dead body.
  742. •     Can't remember. Something every week, at least.
  743. •     So many things, can't even narrow it down.
  744. •     That there are smart, knowledgeable, kind, articulate people who will spend their time answering strangers' questions. Also: Crone Island.
  745. •     The breadth and depth of the human experience. Also,
  746. •     The emotional labour thread
  747. •     The TinyKittens 24/7 livestream of rescued cats/kittens
  748. •     boink
  749. •     Serious Eats and all their delicious recipes
  750. •     Too many different things to count!
  751. •     The big "you're doing it wrong" AskMe thread and all its tips.
  752. •     Linguistics, podcasts, feminism, that there are others in the world who listen to the Bugle and play CIties Skyline and sometimes both at the same time.
  753. •     That I need to see a therapist.
  754. •     The toilet paper thing.
  755. •     Bones and creepy stuff inRome.
  756. •     Emotional Labour!!!, the five legged stool theory of relationships, spoon theory, the delegate system of making decision, "what's your 100%?" and lots of other life hacks.
  757. •     "Guess/ask
  758. •     "
  759. •     Stuff about typography and Eurovision.
  760. •     "In terms of things I never ran into elsewhere:  The Raumschiff Orion post hit on two interests - German-language media and sci fi TV - at just the right time.
  761. •     In terms of horrible timesinks:  the SCP wiki..."
  762. •     Too many to mention....
  763. •     "I honestly don't know. A lot of my personal growth since I joined the internet has come from both fandom (where I started participating in 1994) and Metafilter (I started reading around 2001 sporadically, because I know I read some 9/11 threads, but it got really good later, I'd say the last 4 or so years have been really outstanding).
  764. •     While I've found a lot of things on the internet randomly, or in books, fandom and Metafilter have introduced me to new things I'd not have found, or would have found later, in worse context. And with the more recent development of how well discussions on gender/sexuality/race/(other sensitive topics) go on MF, it's been very uplifting to see that, and it's also showed me ways I need to act/be better."
  765. •     Don't know
  766. •     Impossible to say. The wealth of information is too large and diverse.
  767. •     Emotional labor thread. GregNog's Lil' Friendys videos.
  768. •     So many things!!  Probably the "you've been doing it wrong" thread on Ask - taught me how to peel a banana correctly among many other things.
  769. •     i'm totally a feminist
  770. •     ask vs. guess culture!
  771. •     dont know? sorry
  772. •     Emotional labor!
  773. •     Too many to name
  774. •     ask / guess culture
  775. •     a world outside my white cis straight male viewpoint
  776. •     The EL thread, hands down.
  777. •     Just generally getting more aware of social and political issues.  
  778. •     too many things to count
  779. •     A friend I know from normal IRL connections just happened to go to high school with a very well known Metafilter member. My friend made the connection after I responded to that person over on Twitter. Despite being many decades and half a country away they reconnected.
  780. •     "resident internet demiurge" Neil Cicierega's Mouth Sounds and Mouth Silence
  781. •     CatFilter!
  782. •     Capacity for compassion in people.
  783. •     We all REALLY need a hug.
  784. •     Bayesian stats
  785. •     Can't choose, sorry!
  786. •     "the general community
  787. •     "
  788. •     Help with oddball computer problems.
  789. •     humanity is possible
  790. •     A darkly glimmering view of life through someone else's eyes.
  791. •     EMOTIONAL LABOR.
  792. •     Probably a lot. Whether something comes from metafilter or not doesn't really register with me anymore.
  793. •     History of Rome podcasts!
  794. •     Travel tips
  795. •     How to dispose of a body.
  796. •     So many things... I would say most cool things that I learn about are from MeFi or sites I've learn of through MeFi
  797. •     conversations about how to work less
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