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  1. select if(month(date)=12,"Декабрь",if(month(date)=1,"Январь","Што")) month, brand, art_num from (
  2. select, date(date_create) date, pa_id, br.NAME_BRANDS brand, pa.art_num
  3. from orders o
  4. LEFT JOIN order_cars oc on
  5. LEFT JOIN order_product op on
  6. LEFT JOIN prices_all pa on
  7. left join brand_all br on pa.brand_id =
  8. where date_create >= "2019-12-01"
  9. and o.order_delivery_id = 3
  10. and is not null and op.car_id is not null
  11. ) a group by month, brand, art_num
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