Takamine Noa Commu+ [Queen of Silence]

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  1. のあ
  2. Noa
  3. 祭り、あるいは祀りの変遷・・・・・・。
  4. 視る人のことを思うなら、おそらく応じた装いが・・・・・・。
  5. あるいは、なにかをまとうことで、私の気持ちも・・・・・・?
  6. Festival, or rather the commemoration of transitions...
  7. When taking the people who would be watching into consideration, then an appropriate attire would be....
  8. Perhaps, not just the one that I'll be wearing but also my very own feelings?
  10. のあ
  11. Noa
  12. 私はどこかで変化を拒んでいた・・・・・・。
  13. 自らの感性に合う服ばかりを選んで、本質に挑んでいなかった。
  14. Somewhere inside me refused the changes...
  15. Always picking the clothes that suits my own sensibility, essentially not bothering to challenge myself.
  17. のあ
  18. Noa
  19. 和なら和、洋なら洋の装いで仕事に臨んでこそ、
  20. アイドルとして、必要なことをやり遂げられる・・・・・・。
  21. この服は、場にふわしくないでしょう・・・・・・。
  22. By approaching the work at hand with the appropriate dress, be it wearing Japanese for a Japanese event or wearing something Western for a Western event,
  23. for an idol, that would be following through what is needed of her...
  24. I wonder if these clothes would be unsuitable...
  26. のあ
  27. Noa
  28. 和の衣装・・・・・・。もちろん着方も所作もわからない。
  29. でも・・・・・・それなら、かえって好都合。
  30. 概念にこだわらなければ、一から着こなしを作り上げられる。
  31. This Japanese clothing... Indeed, I neither know how to wear it nor how to conduct myself in it.
  32. However... It's rather convenient.
  33. If I don't have any general idea about it, I can learn on how to wear this from the very start.
  35. のあ
  36. Noa
  37. 一番豪華な衣装は・・・・・・十二単というのね。
  38. 重すぎて、アイドルには適さないでしょう。
  39. だとしても、かまわないわ。
  40. The grandest dress of all... would have to be Jūnihitoe.
  41. It is so heavy that it's probably not fit for an idol.
  42. Even so, I don't mind.
  43. [ūnihitoe ]
  45. のあ
  46. Noa
  47. 不可能にはひるまない。ひるんでいたら・・・・・・変わらない。
  48. 私は・・・・・・変わる。それこそが、アイドルになる意味。
  49. ゆえに、それを、ここへ。
  50. I won't be daunted by this impossibility. If I do give in... nothing will change.
  51. I... I will change. That is the meaning why I became an idol.
  52. That is why I am here.
  54. のあ
  55. Noa
  56. どんな重装でも、華麗に舞う姿を見せるわ。
  57. 志こそが、常識を変える。
  58. 開かずの几帳を開き・・・・・・私も知らない私を見せましょう。
  59. No matter how heavy the dress may be, I will show my magnificent dancing.
  60. With will, comes the change to what's commonly perceived.
  61. As the unopened partition gets open... Let's show a side of me that even I myself is not aware of.
  62. [ō ]
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