Jessie Valdez - Resident Evil RP

BritAnonRWBYWuxia Jan 24th, 2020 (edited) 119 Never
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  1. Name: Jessie Valdez
  2. Class: Firefighter
  3. Start with Ax and Jacket (plus one wound)
  4. Perk: Break down (+10 Str), Danger Sense (+10 Per)
  5. Wounds:4
  6. Slots:6
  7. Strength: 4
  8. Perception: 3
  9. Endurance:4
  10. Charisma: 4
  11. Intelligence: 1
  12. Agility: 2
  13. Luck: 3
  14. Inventory:
  15. Fire axe
  16. Firefighter's jacket
  17. Ammo Count: N/A
  18. Backstory:
  19. As a full time firefighter and part time gym rat, Jessie always took pride in being the on the scene of an emergency, helping to protect others. These days she'll have to be more careful, the things she needs to save people from are a lot smarter than the average fire.
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