Fire Emblem IF - Saizou/Female Kamui Support Translation

Jun 26th, 2015
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  1. Saizou - Female Kamui Support: C Rank
  3. Kamui:......Hm?
  4. Kamui:.... Somehow, I feel like I'm being watched. Uuummm, just where exactly could it be coming from?
  5. …is that, S-, Saizou!? Why have you been watching me from the shadows?
  6. Saizou: Hmph... Kamui. You were slow to notice me. If this were a battlefield, you'd already be dead。
  7. Kamui: Eh!? Why are you coming at me out of nowhere and saying things like that? To begin with, why were you spying on me from over there?
  8. Saizou: About that, I've been regularly keeping surveillance on you。
  9. Kamui: Eh?
  10. Saizou: Until now, you were in Nohr, who are our enemies. I'm standing guard to make sure you weren't sent here to plot something.
  11. Kamui: Why, I never! You're making sure I'm not plotting something?! Could this perhaps have been... my older brother Ryouma's orders?
  12. Saizou: Hmph. Lord Ryouma has nothing to do with it. This is my own judgement. The way things are now, I wouldn't fight alongside you... I still don't have any reason to trust you.
  13. Kamui: Is that so...
  14. Saizou: If you do anything suspicious, I'll take appropriate countermeasures. You should take this to heart, don't go getting any fishy ideas.
  15. Kamui: I won't get any sort of fishy ideas! Argh... Is there some way I can make you trust me?
  16. Saizou: Hmph... You'll prove it with your actions. They'll be right here in this observation report.
  17. Kamui: Huh? Ah, you're holding a book, Saizou...It's titled "Kamui Observation Record"! ... Surely you don't intend to write in that?
  18. Saizou: If I'm going to perform surveillance on you, it's natural to have a record to present... This level of preparation is only reasonable. Well then, from here on I'll be observing you every day. Prepare yourself...
  19. (Saizou leaves)
  20. Kamui: Ah! Please wait, Saizou! This is... I can't see him anymore, but didn't he say that he'd still be observing me from somewhere? Haah, what kind of trouble have I gotten myself into...
  23. Saizou - Female Kamui Support: B Rank
  25. Kamui: Sigh... I feel like I'm being watched today, too. Saizou... It seems like he really is monitoring me every day, but doesn't he get tired? He's able to keep an eye on me even though he must be tired... Saizou really is incredible. Haaah...
  26. Saizou: .........
  27. Kamui: Oops, I shouldn't be sighing in this situation. I have to finish carrying this luggage soon!Hngh, it's certainly heavy... Heave-ho, heave-ho...
  28. Saizou: ............Hey.
  29. Kamui: Whoa! Saizou! You startled me, appearing so suddenly!
  30. Saizou: ...Hmph. It's your fault you weren't able to sense my presence. Putting that aside, what's wrong, Kamui. Lately, you look fatigued. Although we don't rely on your strength, if you fought in your current condition, you'd hold everyone back.
  31. Kamui: A, ahaha... I'm sorry... However, being put on surveillance is exhausting, but...
  32. Saizou: What?
  33. Kamui: ...Saizou, you really still don't think I'm trustworthy?
  34. Saizou: Hmph. Of course. It figures you'd want me to stop observing you, but... I don't intend to stop just because you told me to.
  35. Kamui: Is, is that so...
  36. Saizou: ...But, having said that, I don't have any reason to leave you alone.
  37. Kamui: Eh? What the heck?....Uwaaah!
  38. Saizou: Don't shout. Where are you carrying that to?
  39. Kamui: W-why are you holding the luggage I was carrying, Saizou? I was the one who was supposed to move it...
  40. Saizou: You're a pestering one. I'm not so heartless as to make you carry this all by yourself, seeing as we're fellow footmen for the time being. If I didn't help a companion in trouble, I'd be ashamed of myself.
  41. Kamui: ! Is, is that so... Thank you so much, Saizou!
  42. Saizou: It's nothing... I hadn't expected you to be trusted with this task. Putting that aside, hurry up and tell me where this is supposed to go.
  43. Kamui: Ah, ummm... That hut way over there.
  44. Saizou: Got it. Well then, let's get this over with already...
  45. (Saizou leaves)
  46. Kamui: Ah, Saizou! He sort of went off in a hurry there, maybe he's shy? But... there's no reason to be.
  49. Saizou - Female Kamui Support: A Rank
  51. (Saizou is watching Kamui)
  52. Kamui: Heeeyy, Saiiizooou! If you're watching me, won't you come outー?
  53. Saizou: …………
  54. Kamui: SAーIーZOーU!
  55. Saizou: ……Hey. You bitch. Stop calling me with your stupid voice.
  56. Kamui: Ah, hello, Saizou. As I thought, you were still spying on me.
  57. Saizou: ...The hell are you plotting? Luring out the opponent who's monitoring you...
  58. Kamui: I'm not plotting anything. I wanted to thank you for carrying that luggage with me the other day. So, I prepared these sweets to show my gratitude. Would you like one?
  59. Saizou: ! Sw-, sweets...!?
  60. Kamui: What's the matter?
  61. Saizou: I don't need that kind of thing! Eat sweets by yourself, if you want to so bad!
  62. Kamui: ...I'm, I'm sorry... I did something uncalled for, didn't I... .........
  63. Saizou: H-hey... What're you getting all down in the dumps for?
  64. Kamui: No…I had thought that this would help us get along better, Saizou, but… it seems that I made a mistake doing this… I'm sad… I'm very sorry, Saizou. I'll eat these sweets by myself....
  65. Saizou: ...Hey, quit making that face! It'll depress me, I'm always watching you!
  66. Kamui: Yes...But...
  67. Saizou: ...Haaah. ............Hey.
  68. Kamui: What is it?
  69. Saizou: ...I'm not good with sweet foods.
  70. Kamui: Eh? Really? ...Ah, now that you mention it, my big brother Ryouma had told me that you aren't able to eat sweet things, Saizou. I'd completely forgotten...
  71. Saizou: It's, it's not like I can't eat them. I'm just not good with them.
  72. Kamui: Right, but now I understand the reason you wouldn't eat this! Thank goodness... Am I right in thinking that you don't hate me, Saizou?
  73. Saizou: ..........
  74. Kamui: Saizou. I can understand why you wouldn't be able to trust me, who came from an enemy nation. But... This whole time, I feel like we haven't been able to move past that at all.. I think it will still take time for us to get to know each other, but first... I wonder why you won't have faith me?
  75. Saizou: ...Hmph、I'd been thinking that too.
  76. Kamui: Eh?
  77. Saizou: Starting today, my surveillance is finished. I won't be watching you anymore.
  78. Kamui: Huh? R-really? In that case... Are you saying that you trust me now?
  79. Saizou: Hmph. Just by looking at your careless face, I could tell you weren't scheming anything.
  80. Kamui: 'C-careless face' is a bit rude... But, as long as you approve of me, Saizou, I'm glad.
  81. Saizou: ...Really. Well, from now on you've got to try your best to be careful not to do anything to cast suspicion on you.
  82. Kamui: Yes, of course. Um, the next time we meet... can we talk just as friends?
  83. Saizou: Haah? Friends...?
  84. Kamui: Seeing as you've stopped keeping tabs on me, I hope we can have that sort of relationship.
  85. Saizou: Hm, hmph... Do as you like. I'm going already.
  86. (Saizou leaves)
  87. Kamui: Ah, Saizou...! ...Hehe. I understand. So, I've gotten permission to do as I please, right? Friends with Saizou... Somehow, that has a nice ring to it.
  90. Saizou - Female Kamui Support: S Rank
  92. Saizou: Hey, Kamui.
  93. Kamui: Ah, Saizou!What have you been up to today? It can't be... are you spying on me again?
  94. Saizou: No. I came again today to give you an apology.
  95. Kamui: An apology...?
  96. Saizou: Yeah. It was wrong of me to doubt you back then.
  97. Kamui: Huh? Not at all... There's no need to apologize。I've already gotten over it.
  98. Saizou: But, if I don't apologize to you, my mind won't be settled. If there's some way I can make it up to you, let me know..
  99. Kamui: No, really.... It really is alright. You're acting a bit funny today, Saizou... Why are you going to such lengths to say that to me?
  100. Saizou: Th-that's because.... Being hated by the person I'm fond of...I wouldn't be able to bear that...
  101. Kamui: Eh? What's this now?...
  102. Saizou: So... I'm telling you that I'm in love with you...!
  103. Kamui: Eeeeh!? B-, but... haven't you been suspicious of me since the beginning?!
  104. Saizou: So, I want to apologize! I realized it while I was tailing you. You truly are a person who thinks as our comrade. And also... from the bottom of your heart, you wish to bring peace to the world, and would throw yourself into battle for that purpose.
  105. Kamui: Saizou…
  106. Saizou: I saw that side of you, and I thought "I want to fight alongside you." I thought "I want to be at your side"... but... even if you told me you hated me, I would support you in secrecy, Kamui. I am a ninja. I'm probably better suited to that type of role...
  107. Kamui: That's not... Please don't decide that of your own accord!
  108. Saizou: ? Kamui...?
  109. Kamui: ...At first, I was upset being spied on. But, you came to help me in my time of need, Saizou. And.. in the end, you came to believe in me.
  110. Saizou: !
  111. Kamui: I want to be together with you too, Saizou. From here on... would you please be by my side, as lovers?
  112. Saizou: Hmph. Of course. Kamui…let's be together from now on.
  113. Kamui: ...Yes! Being able to get along with you like this, Saizou, makes me... truly happy!
  114. Saizou: ! Good grief, you... Don't go recklessly saying embarrassing things like that..
  115. Kamui: Hehee. You really are a bashful person, aren't you, Saizou?
  116. Saizou: Hmmph...
  117. (Confession audio plays here)
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