SEriOUsLY ???

anonyxuser1 Jan 22nd, 2019 141 Never
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  1. good morning MY LOVES!! lol
  3. only gonna share this with the 4 of you since you 4 have always had my back, especially when when i needed it.. OK so here it is, i just tried out this scam site about 10 min ago, so i thought it was a scam! and it actually fucking WORKED!!!  NO SHIT!! BUT IT WORKED!!!
  4. LOOK!!
  5. SERIOUSLY!! LOOK AT MY ADDRESS BELOW!! I just doubled my bitcoin to 0.36 BTC with this fucking scam!!
  6. - maybe its not a scam?! here is the site...
  10. ( the site says not to do it more than once per week or ull be banned )
  11. also keep this between us, as this thing is LIT, and i wanna try it again a week from now :)
  12. ill be sure to remember to make this a private paste too, and dont share with anyone except us 4... PLEASE.
  14. NOTE: if ur gonna do this be sure to do it within like the next 24 hours (otherwise i dont wanna be held responsible) cuz i dont trust these sites and i would swear it to be a scam if i didnt just become richer from it just now haha.
  16. cheers!! :D <333333333
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