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  1. assert(getrawmetatable, 'pls buy a new exploit') local _s = setmetatable({},{ __index = function(_,i) return game:GetService(i) or nil end; }) local _GEnv = getgenv and getgenv() or _G local thisV, currV = 'v1.3.1b', loadstring(game:HttpGet('',true))() if not _GEnv.Hamiii then _GEnv.Hamiii = { ['Settings'] = {}; ['Option'] = _G.Option; ['Version'] = thisV; ['Executed'] = false; ['Bypassed'] = false; ['Last'] = function() if rawequal(_GEnv.Hamiii.Option, _G.Option) then return 'Executed' end return 'Updated' end; ['Find'] = function(a,b) if not a then return end return a:FindFirstChild(b) end; } else thisV = _GEnv.Hamiii.Version end _GEnv.Hamiii.Games = { [69184822] = {_s.ReplicatedStorage:FindFirstChild'Communication','SChatEvent'}; [286090429] = {_s.ReplicatedStorage:FindFirstChild'Events','PlayerChatted'}; }; if not rawequal(thisV, currV) then warn('Switched to ' .. currV .. " - Hamiii's Chat Bypasser") _GEnv.Hamiii.Version = currV; if not pcall(function()loadstring(game:HttpGet('',true))()end)then warn'Pastebin is under heavy shit rn smh my head'end return end if _GEnv.Hamiii.Executed then if not _GEnv.Hamiii.Updated then if rawequal(_GEnv.Hamiii.Last(), 'Executed') then return warn(currV .. " is already executed - Hamiii's Chat Bypasser") end _GEnv.Hamiii.Option = _G.Option warn("Succesfully updated settings! - Hamiii's Chat Bypasser\n") else _GEnv.Hamiii.Updated = false warn("Succesfully updated script! - Hamiii's Chat Bypasser\n") end else _GEnv.Hamiii.Executed = true warn('Ran ' .. currV .. " - Hamiii's Chat Bypasser") end _GEnv.Hamiii.Version = currV _GEnv.Hamiii.Settings = { Auto_Update = _G.Auto_Update or { Enabled = true; Delay = 60; }; Option = _G.Option or 'Keywords'; Custom_Words = _G.Custom_Words or { 'fuck you you are nigga'; }; Me_Pro = { ['retard'] = 'c '; ['suck'] = 'c '; ['fuck'] = 'c '; ['niga'] = 'c '; }; Words = { 'negaro', 'what the', 'shooter', 'snapchat', 'videochat', 'account', 'xhamster', 'xvideos', 'youporn', 'pimp', 'pussies', 'sucks', 'retards', 'pornhub', 'badass', 'fucking', 'fuckin', 'fucker', 'fuck', 'nigger', 'nigga', 'nigg', 'pussy', 'cum', 'suck', 'dick', 'hell', 'sex', 'ass', 'bitch', 'gay', 'lesbian', 'cuck', 'shit', 'pedo', 'orgy', 'orgasm', 'penis', 'vagina', 'discord', 'porn', 'http', 'wtf', 'rapist', 'hardcore', 'cunt', 'retard', 'thot', 'kys', 'nude', 'wank', 'blowjob', 'anus', 'password', 'gangbang', 'robux', 'hentai', 'fag', 'faggot', 'jerk', 'lick', 'hoe', 'weed', 'slut', 'cocaine', 'perv', 'synapse', 'throat', 'ng ga', 'ngga', 'buttplug', 'kiss', 'masturbate', 'burn the jews', 'niggers', 'handjob', 'head', 'facial', 'ballsack', 'cock', 'strap-on', 'cumslut', 'slut', 'hang niggers', 'whore', 'taint', 'hitler', 'school shooter', 'bong', 'shrooms', 'titty', 'titties', 'tiddies', 'suicide', 'high af', 'LSD', 'PCP', 'heroin', 'necrophilia', 'shoot yourself', 'kill', 'allahu akbar', 'foursome', 'twin towers', 'drug', 'xanax', 'slit your wrists', 'shoot', 'blunt', 'threesome', 'jew', 'stfu', 'nazi', 'update', 'date', 'dating', 'piss', 'ffs', 'rape', 'love', 'anal', 'mouth', 'threesome', '69', '666', '%.', 'xnxx', 'girl', 'boy', 'fingering', 'finger', 'commit', 'toke', 'smoke', 'beer', 'suicide', 'oding', 'oders', 'oder', 'slave', 'leechers', 'facebook', 'instagram', 'bitchie', 'hentai', '1','2','3','4','5','6','7','8','9' }; } local mt = getrawmetatable(game) local mw = setreadonly or make_writeable; mw(mt, false) local nc = newcclosure or function(f) return f end local o,b_w=mt.__namecall,' ͤ' local _rs = _s.ReplicatedStorage local _cs = _GEnv.Hamiii.Find(_rs, 'DefaultChatSystemChatEvents') --assert(_GEnv.Hamiii.Find(_rs, 'DefaultChatSystemChatEvents'), 'Custom Chat Detected!') local _ev, _chat, _evs, _cht = _GEnv.Hamiii.Find(_cs, 'SayMessageRequest'), _GEnv.Hamiii.Find(_s.Players.LocalPlayer.PlayerGui,'Chat'), {}{} local function gW() -- get words, _GEnv.Hamiii.cws, = {}, {}, _GEnv.Hamiii.Settings.Me_Pro for _, w in next, _GEnv.Hamiii.Settings.Words do local _w = w local s = b_w if w:find'syn' then w=w..'_' end for l in w:gmatch'.' do s = s .. l .. b_w end[_w]=s end for _, w in next, _GEnv.Hamiii.Settings.Custom_Words do local _w = w local s = b_w for l in w:gmatch'.' do s = s .. l .. b_w end _GEnv.Hamiii.cws[_w]=s end end _GEnv.Hamiii.gW = gW local function _bP(a) -- visuals spawn(function() repeat wait(.3) until a.Text:find(b_w) a.Text = a.Text:gsub(b_w,'') end) end local function _sEE(a,b,se) -- search 2 local wds,con = {}, true for c, d in next, a do if c:lower():find(b:lower()) and not rawequal(c:lower(),b:lower()) then table.insert(wds,c) end end local fin = '' for w in se:gmatch'.' do end for _, e in next, wds do local l = e:len() if l>b:len() then warn(e) con=false end end return con end local function _sE(a) -- search local _wds, fin = {}, '' for w in a:gmatch'.' do if w ~= ' ' then fin = fin .. w else table.insert(_wds,fin) fin = '' end end return _wds end _GEnv.Hamiii.sE = _sE local function bP(a) -- bypass local s = b_w if rawequal(_GEnv.Hamiii.Settings.Option:lower(), 'all') then for l in a:gmatch'.' do s = s .. l .. b_w end return s elseif rawequal(_GEnv.Hamiii.Settings.Option:lower(), 'keywords') then if _GEnv.Hamiii.cws then --[[local cstw = _GEnv.Hamiii.sE(a) for w, b in next, _GEnv.Hamiii.cws do local _f = cstw[w:lower()] if _f then a=a:gsub(w:lower(),f) end end]] for w, b in next, _GEnv.Hamiii.cws do if a:lower():find(w:lower()) then a=a:gsub(w:lower(),b:lower()) end end end for w, b in next, do if a:lower():find(w:lower()) then --_GEnv.Hamiii.sE(,w,a) then if rawequal(a:lower():sub(1,2),w:lower():sub(1,1)..w:lower():sub(1,1)) then local f =[w:lower()] if f then b=b..f end end a=a:gsub(w:lower(),b:lower()) end end return a end end _GEnv.Hamiii.bP = bP local fG = _GEnv.Hamiii.Games[game.PlaceId] if fG then if fG[1] then table.insert(_evs,_GEnv.Hamiii.Find(fG[1],fG[2])) end end mt.__namecall = nc(function(...) local a = {...} if rawequal(a[1],_ev) then _GEnv.Hamiii.Bypassed = a[3] if not rawequal(a[4],'b') then return end elseif rawequal(a[1],_evs[1]) then if not rawequal(a[3],'b') then --return end end return o(...) end) if not _GEnv.Hamiii.Bypasser then _GEnv.Hamiii.Bypasser = true _s.Players.LocalPlayer.Chatted:Connect(function(a) --gW() _GEnv.Hamiii.gW() if fG then return _evs[1]:FireServer(_GEnv.Hamiii.bP(a),false,'b') end _ev.FireServer(_ev,_GEnv.Hamiii.bP(a),_cht or'All','b') end) if _chat then local _scr = _chat.Frame.ChatChannelParentFrame.Frame_MessageLogDisplay.Scroller _scr.ChildAdded:Connect(function(a) local _txt = a.TextLabel local _own = _GEnv.Hamiii.Find(_txt, 'TextButton') if _own then if _own.Text:lower():find(_s.Players.LocalPlayer.Name:lower()) then --_bP(_txt) end end end) end end if _GEnv.Hamiii.Settings.Auto_Update.Enabled then if _GEnv.Hamiii.Update then return end _GEnv.Hamiii.Update = true local Delay = _GEnv.Hamiii.Settings.Auto_Update.Delay warn("Auto Update enabled! - Hamiii's Chat Bypasser\nDelay: " .. Delay) while true do wait(Delay) if not _GEnv.Hamiii.Settings.Auto_Update.Enabled then warn("No longer auto updating! - Hamiii's Chat Bypasser") break end _GEnv.Hamiii.Updated = true loadstring(game:HttpGet('',true))(); end end
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