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  1. You were writhing in pain on the ground, you weren’t going to be the same. It pained you to know this, but that wasn’t the reason you found yourself grabbing your chest.
  3. One hour ago...
  5. You were walking casually down the road. It felt good, getting some fresh air.
  6. The sun shone through some trees, but was so high in the sky that no shadows laid across the road. You had to squint occasionally as the sun reflects off the road, getting into your eyes. One thing you noticed however, is that the sun seemed to be getting brighter, because you had to squint more and more.
  8. Then something terrible happened, everything disappeared. You had a complete lack of sight. You were blind. It was terrifying. Everything was black, but you still felt conscious. You could feel yourself flexing your fingers, and even breathing, yet everything was black.
  10. You looked down to see yourself, as though you were painted onto a black canvas. You spun around, wondering if you were dead. Maybe a car hit you after going blind on the road? Or maybe you never went blind, but somehow got transported to this... place?
  12. You looked up from yourself and saw a peculiar sight; a full length, oval shaped mirror. Other than you, it was the only thing in the nothingness you were standing in. You examined your reflection. What the hell was happening?
  14. You looked closer, and closer. Your eyes began to itch, so you rubbed them accordingly. Upon bringing them down, you looked... different? You couldn’t put your finger on it, but something was off. Then you realized, your eyes were bigger, with eyelashes to match. They seemed to be growing too! There was no way this was real. You rubbed your eyes again, but when you pulled your hands away, the iris was a deep purple. You would scream, but you were in too much shock.
  16. Then you felt like something was grabbing your face and ears. You watched helplessly as your lower face extended and melded together, forming a strange snout shape. Your ears felt like they were being torn off then reattached as they drifted upwards, becoming pointed and almost elvish in appearance. They reached the top of your head, and immediately you noticed a change for the better in your hearing.
  18. Whatever you were becoming, it certainly wasn’t human. As if hearing this thought, lavender fur sprouted like waves on your body. It spread to every inch like some weird disease. It even covered your new ears, leaving them with a velvety texture.
  20. As terrified as you were, you also found yourself curious. Perplexed, you put your hands on your hips. Odd, it seemed easier than before. You looked in the mirror. If it wasn’t for the odd fur, you probably would have been pale. You now had feminine curves. This could only mean one thing. You nervously took off your pants and stared, waiting. Sure enough, your penis began shrinking. The strange part was, it didn’t feel like it was losing mass, just growing inward almost. You wondered how your balls were doing. You checked, only to find loose skin. You could feel them migrating up either side of your dick, forming ovaries. In a few moments, your dick was flush with the rest of your crotch area, leaving a slit were it was, the inside the same texture as the inside of your cheek. You could still feel your dick however, still shrinking inside the slit. Your chest began to feel heavy as two breasts formed over your pectorals. You let go an oddly feminine yelp as you felt your former member slipping away inside you.
  22. Your hair became longer and flattened out into even bangs, colored purple, with two lighter streaks running down. As if to match, a tail made entirely of matching hair sprouted from above your butt.
  24. Suddenly, your hands and feet became severely cramped. The cramps shifted to pain as your finger bones fused, forcing skin forward, making your hands and feet into odd stub-shaped limbs. The stubs flattened on the bottom. You clapped them together, and discovered they were made of a hard material. They seemed to be hooves.
  26. Your forehead began to feel like it was being stabbed. You winced, but opened one eye and looked in the mirror. A spiral, pointed horn urged it’s way from your head. You had to admit, you looked really strange.
  28. Then, having completely forgot about them, your new boobs shrunk and migrated down to come to a stop just above your pussy.
  30. Them your whole body was wracked with pain, forcing you to fall to the ground. You were writhing in pain on the ground, you weren’t going to be the same. It pained you to know this, but that wasn’t the reason you found yourself grabbing your chest. It barreled out, and your legs twisted to form what seemed to be hind legs. Your ankle moved upwards, forming a hook for a new joint. Your arms changed too, but not as drastically. They moved inwards, and some joints moved up further forming forelegs.
  32. To complete the look, a magenta six pointed star with tiny white stars around it faded it’s way onto your flank. You then passed out.
  34. When you awoke, you found yourself in an incredible throne room. You were somehow standing on all four hooves. You looked up to see a white pony with a flowing mane of incredible colors looking over you.
  36. “Welcome, Twilight Sparkle,” she said.
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