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  1. Nahr - 291881457 - 1
  2. Banned player's Roblox name:Criteria1
  3. Banned player's Discord name and tag#:Criteria1#0037
  4. Banned player's Roblox ID:291881457
  5. Banned from (discord or game):Tl1/Tl2, Offical Tl discord
  6. Appealer's Roblox name:SupremeMasterLuc
  7. Speaker's Discord name and tag#:SupremeMasterLuc#0100
  8. 81565251
  9. Reason for Ban:Tl2 image leak
  10. Player's Note:Its been awhile since my ban and I felt it was a good time to try again so I want to ask for forgiveness for the leaking of images of Tl2 as stated in the rules that I broke and getting the punishment that I deserved as stated for breaking such. Otherwise it would be nice to come back to the Tl community after almost half a year to sails the seas of the grand isles with my buddies I've haven't touch in so long and maybe if possible to come back to the testing of tl2 that I so loved.
  11. Status: DENIED (can be unbanned when tl2 releases)
  12. ____
  13. Nahr - 129660718 - 1
  14. Banned player’s Roblox name: Skepticallyy
  15. Banned player’s Discord name and tag #:Skepticallyy#6994
  16. Banned player’s Roblox ID: 129660718
  17. Banned from (discord or game): Game
  18. Appealer’s Roblox name: Seanfry1
  19. Appealer’s Discord name and tag #: Seanfry1#3101
  20. Reason for Ban: Accused of exploiting. This happened years ago and he never did anything wrong..
  21. Player's Note: I never tried to hack and will never do that. I was banned back in 2017 or 2018 and would love to get back to Tradelands. I am pretty sad that I am banned from the game. :(
  22. Status: DENIED (exploiting)
  23. ____
  24. Birdie - 88743022 - 1
  25. Banned player’s Roblox name: warriorst
  26. Banned player’s Discord name and tag #: warriorst#9662
  27. Banned player’s Roblox ID: 88743022
  28. Banned from (discord or game): game
  29. Appealer’s Roblox name: RustySquirel
  30. Appealer’s Discord name and tag #: Oxidado#0597
  31. Reason for Ban: asking a banned player if they could get into someone’s account and birdie said this is doxxing
  32. Player's Note: was messing around with swaq and asked him if he could get into a roblox account which I guess could be considered doxxing? Since he’s a funny character who likes stuff I said We could split the account but I didn’t really care if He kept it all. I before hand I read the rules and didn’t know that this could be stretched to doxxing So like I was banned because I wanted to see if he could get into an account
  33. Status:DENIED (asked swaq to hack an account)
  34. ____
  35. Birdie - 660817512 - 1
  36. Banned Player's Roblox name: djjddjdjjd1232
  37. Banned player's Discord name and tag #: djjddjdjjd1232 #4397
  38. Banned player's roblox ID: 660817512
  39. Banned from (discord or game): Discord
  40. Appealer's Roblox Name: isacjonsson
  41. Appealer's Discord name and tag: isacjonsson#4598
  42. Reason for Ban: Not following Discord TOS
  43. Player's Note: I am sorry for lying about my age the first time I joined a navy and not following Discord TOS. I have been of age for months now and am ready to get back into a navy. Now that I am following Discord TOS I am ready to have fun again. Please think this over. All I want to do is have fun again, and communicate with others.
  44. Status: ACCEPTED (no way for us to prove he is underage)
  45. ____
  46. Birdie - 1143779943 - 1
  47. Banned player’s Roblox name: hach1roku
  48. Banned player’s Discord name and tag #: sk#0016
  49. Banned player’s Roblox ID: 1143779943
  50. Banned from (discord or game): Discord and game
  51. Appealer’s Roblox name: o0_ItzSuper
  52. Appealer’s Discord name and tag #: Super#0002
  53. Reason for Ban: Using an alt in TLO to scam people out of high valued items
  54. Player's Note: I regret this action and wish to come back to TLO and to play the game again, I realise it's a dirty business practise, won't do it again and now fully understand the rules. Sorry.
  55. Status: DENIED (used in alt in tlo and the game to scam people out of high valued items)
  56. ____
  57. Birdie - 157057432 - 1
  58. Banned player’s Roblox name: faultyfasih123
  59. Banned player’s Discord name and tag #: faultyfasih123#4443
  60. Banned player’s Roblox ID: 157057432
  61. Banned from (discord or game): Discord
  62. Appealer’s Roblox name: Water8500
  63. Appealer’s Discord name and tag #: WaterFanatic#9970
  64. Reason for Ban: advertising discord groups
  65. Player's Note: Player's note: SORRY! Please grant me a chance of redemption i was trying to tell that my main  accout faultyfasih123#2144 was banned from Tradelands discord server and i came back with a alt cuz i didnt knew there was a rules forbidding me sorry but the second time i got banned i didnt know why and the bot said evading but that time i looked at all the rules and thought it isnt good to hide myself so i just informed birdie that i was a alt (disc alt) sorry but this time i wont advertise nor shall i break any rules
  66. Status: DENIED (ban evading)
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