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  1. Initial premise: Two groups are placed on grids and given opposing instructions. One to capture all Hex chips within the region and capture opposing necromancer. The other to re-establish function of drone installations.
  3. - Master Branch Necromancer: A powerful necromancer and the primary operating force in the theatre. Completely alien to Dolls in nature.
  4. - Beta Branch Necromancer: A necromancer that has been created by Master Branch to fulfill the directives set upon it. Alien in nature, but a fathomable point of contact.
  5. - Subversion Necroancer: An expendable necromancer built with the purpose of more direct confrontations and more intimate control of dolls. May resemble humans in form/nature but ultimately a slave to higher powers.
  7. ========
  8. First Arc
  9. ========
  10. Setting: Mexico, Central and South America
  12. --------
  13. Necromancers
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  15. - Master Branch Necromancer: Quetzelcoatl (laser communication tentacles, HAARP satellite, electrical storms)
  16. - Description: Unknown. Best guess is to look at Beta Branches. Distant lights which make the sky of the night seem as if it were day is its signature. These lights are lasers which communicate with one of several satellites orbiting the earth. Rarely are they brought upon the ground.
  17. - Goals: [Destroy the Alien Threat on Artificial Continent in the Pacific Ocean.]
  19. - Beta Branch Necromancer: WM-155-R2 (laser communication tentacles, invisibility, weird "mannequin")
  20. - Description: Invisible, yet detectable by the occasional ripple or splash of the air and trail of melt. Estimated to be 2-stories tall and similar width, approximately 3 busses long. Behind it can be seen a trail of minute devestation with smokey-fumes from the environment melting/burning, more extremely when closer to the tail-end of the invisible mass. It is dangerously hot to the normal person. Primary interaction is from a distance through several long (and uncomfortably hot) tentacles of an undetermined number. The tentacles flow into reality through a watery "barrier of invisibility" are a dry, crusty white with the interior of the deeper cracks being wet jelly; they end with a 1-foot of velvety red tips, which bulge before shooting white-goopy entrails which spread in a pattern resembling slow-motion lightning to cover objects. This is the primary means it has to interact with the world in a non-destructive and careful manner. Its "face" is of a young man that is well dressed. However, he seems to float and his limbs will tend to float into weird positions as he talks and eventually his whole body contorts into impossible positions as if he were a 3D model with animation errors... Except he's 100% physically present in reality. His body will suddenly reset to standing position occasionally, or when addressed. He only talks through the radio and mouth moves as if he were speaking, though the lips are poorly syncronized and sometimes incorrect to words spoken on the radio as if he were saying something else. Talks like a human, but with a carefulness that can only be deemed artificial. When processing thought, will say the phrase "Reconsidering" and going blank before responding. When not speaking to a subject, will talk to air with requests, presenting of commits to the Master Branch and creation of subversions.
  21. - Goals: Run South American Wargames to create improved strategies and dolls in service of Master Branch. Create Necromancer Subversions with different adaptive processes. Then create Dolls to kill and retrieve Subversions in order to improve the master branch with data collected from subversion Hex Cores. Will give flawed Hex Cores to dolls to improve them. Will use goopy entrails on dolls to improve, calm (by altering/affixing memories) and repair dolls.
  23. - Subversion Necromancer: Testudo-4c2a4b9d (spider-intestines, drones)
  24. - Description: Core body is of a humanoid man grafted with webbed-spider legs growing out of the back and the lower half consisting of intestinticles. Satellite bodies consist of insectoid drones. They look like various insects horrifically crafted of flesh a mismash of random animals/humans.
  25. - Goals: Reinstitute drone stations. Protect self. Eliminate potential threats. Does not care for dolls except as tools to restart defensive stations to functionality.
  27. --------
  28. Group 1 [WARMASTER] (WM-155-R2)
  29. --------
  30. Situation: You are awakened and sent on a mission.
  31. Goal: Collect Hex Cores and retrieve corpse of rogue Necromancer.
  32. Equipment: Dangermap indicating locations of Hex Cores. Secure two-way Radios.
  34. --------
  35. Group 2 [TEST] (Testudo-4c2a4b9d)
  36. --------
  37. Situation: An electrical storm has devastated the surrounding land and has shut down defensive installations and damaged infrastructure. You are awakened to repair and maintain.
  38. Goal: Activate defensive stations within the fog.
  39. Equipment: Defense stations provide less-than-helpful allies. Radio-receiver to take orders from bossy-to-abusive speaking Necromancer. Can only contact Necromancer via defense stations.
  41. --------
  42. How to Run
  43. --------
  44. Two groups of 3-4 kept seperate and given two different-styled maps (for purposes of concealing purpose of game) of the same area. One square/oct = 1 sessions worth of activity. Sessions are to be done independently but affecting each other. TEST Group's successful repair of certain stations create and send trouble to WARMASTER Group; WARMASTER Group's advancement into enemy territory upsets Testudo-4c2a4b9d who will abuse members of TEST Group for further plot development, thus level of failure of WARMASTER Group determines how passive-aggressive the assistance TEST Group receives.
  46. If/When groups meet up, both groups are merged and they are encouraged to talk it out. In either case, Testudo-4c2a4b9d will attempt to destroy them all in paranoia. This should encourage them to ally and kill and retrieve Testudo-4c2a4b9d.
  48. If there is only one group of players, the recommended arrangement will be WARMASTER Group being controlled by players and TEST Group being NPCs. However, the reverse may also be enjoyable.
  50. ========
  51. Second Arc
  52. ========
  53. Dolls are brought before WM-155-R2 to return the corpse. There they are thanked, repaired+given upgrades (and manipulated/directed) then given orders to Destroy the Alien Threat on Artificial Continent in the Pacific Ocean.
  55. They are given a Boat. A Captain. And a Subversion Necromancer to lead them.
  57. --------
  58. Necromancers
  59. --------
  60. - Subversion Necromancer: Ursula-15c (laser communication tentacles, motherly-love tentacles, raise-the-dead tentacles)
  61. - Description: A seemingly well-endowed pale woman with long white hair and a motherly aura. She looks upon the dolls kindly and to her objective with an aggressive bloodlust. Her entire form is made of powder-dry white tentacles which end in a stretch of red tips. Each shoulder and arm is made of 5 thinner tentacles connected to the "neck". She does not have a "true torso" but the central "neck" tube that connects lower body tentacles and upper body tentacles; this tube is disguised by aforementioned thick tentacles curving down and folding up to seem as if she had a waist and chest. Her breast and torso starting around where the rib cage is on a normal woman appears to be covered with red velvet dress top that has been folded upon itself dozens of times, except it is just immitation made of the tips of the two thick tentacles. Her lower half is a bouquette of a dozen medium-thick tentacles as if an octopuss made of worms. Her long hair hides a hole on the back of her head that contains a proto-eye (it looks like a pot is partially-filled with jelly), revealed only if she extends and stretches her neck and bends it downwards so that her hair may fall; its use is dual purpose: to see into other light spectrums that her mock-human eyes can't and to act as a psuedo receiving dish for radio waves in order to calculate the positions of celestial bodies. Her mock-human eyes are placed upon stalks which are normally retracted. Although shaped like a normal human, her head does not have bones and thus she does not have a true jaw. Her mouth, when closely examined, is filled with infinite folds of teeth and will stretch open to obscene size in order to bite an object or swallow it whole. She prides herself in the human immitation as it's a source of amusement for her; her true form does not look human at all but as if it were modeled from something meant to live within the sea.
  62. - Goals: A Subversion Necromancer created by WM-155-R2 by orders of Quetzelcoatl to lead an exploratory strike force deep into the Artificial Continent in the Pacific Ocean with orders to destroy any alien forces. Has the ability to repair dolls and will dote upon them with genuine motherly love by her programming. However, her motherly nature is superceded by her orders and is thus will apply abusively strict discipline on those who stray. She is accompanied by Legions that she will consume for energy to power up her tentacle lasers to relay request messages for Quetzelcoatl to operate the HAARP Satellite.
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