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Drunk Spider Shimmer Tales

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  1. >Be Anon and you’re in your apartment relaxing at the moment.
  2. >Your roommate, Sunset Shimmer, is out doing who knows what with her little friendship group.
  3. >She probably out doing her usual superhero stuff.
  4. >Yes, you heard right.
  5. >Sunset Shimmer, your roommate and friend, is a superhero.
  6. >Spider-Woman to be precise.
  7. >You’re willing to bet she's fighting some thugs at this very moment.
  8. >....
  9. >Didn’t you already think of that?
  10. >You blinked and look at the table to see two empty beer bottles with another that was half full.
  11. “That’s enough beer for tonight,” you said while shaking your head.
  12. >Getting up from your comfortable spot on the couch, you grabbed the beer bottles while walking towards the kitchen.
  13. >Just as you entered the kitchen and put the bottle in the sink, the news theme came on.
  14. “Must be something important to interrupt some crummy reruns,” you said to yourself while chuckling a bit.
  15. >You don’t pay attention as one of the news casters said, “I'm News Speaker and we're here to give you the news. In recent news the elusive vigilante Spider-Woman continues to evade capture from Canterlot’s finest.”
  16. >You shake your head while smiling to yourself at that.
  17. >Sunset always did this as a form of revenge.
  18. >Something about an unnecessary frisking you think.
  19. > “But today we were able to get this hero to answer a few questions.”
  20. >At that moment, you dropped the bottles, not caring if they broke, and rushed to the living to see Spider-Woman on Tv.
  21. >You knew it was her from the look of the suit and the shape of her body.
  22. >From what you could see, Sunset was fighting a few thugs a bit sluggishly.
  23. “Is she…,” you began to say while watching the TV with baited breathe.
  24. >Spider-Woman dodged a lead pipe and threw a sloppy punch at his crotch.
  25. >The thug fell to the ground while moaning in pain.
  26. “She is drunk,” you said, looking for the remote.
  27. >Without wasting any time, you grab the remote and push the record button.
  28. >You needed this for many reasons which you couldn’t explain at the moment.
  29. >With one of the thugs out of commission, Spider-Woman started doing some crazy ass drunk fist moves before german suplexing another thug.
  30. >She rolled away and shot a web at the last thug’s pants and pulled.
  31. >This resulted in the thug getting pantsed and tripping himself which knocked himself out.
  32. >The very next moment Spider-Woman threw hands up in the air while screaming, “TOUCHDOWN.”
  33. >The person holding the camera moved closer to Spider-Woman while saying, “Spider-Woman. Spider-Woman, over here.”
  34. >Your disguised roommate looked at the camera person and waved drunkenly.
  35. > “Spider-Woman, what heinous crime did these hoodlums commit? A mugging? Grand theft auto?”
  36. >Spider-Woman belched and drunkenly said, “They said i was fat and no one would touch me. Well the jokes on them, i got a roommate who's gonna touch me later. Ha.”
  37. >You're not sure whether to laugh or blush so you settled on just continuing to watch.
  38. >The camera waved his hand and asked, “That’s it?”
  39. > “They also said i was a menace and spiders were stupid. Jokes on them, this spider can bite,” she said, waving her hands around like a crazy person.
  40. > “Okay? So what will you do now?” the cameraman asked quickly.
  41. > “I'm gonna find my bitches and some fun. We're going to space camp. WHOOOOOO,” she said, shooting some web at a building and swinging away.
  42. >The video cuts back to the news reporter as you stop the recording.
  43. “I'm gonna have fun with this,” you said, planning on what to do with this.
  44. >Sunset’s drunk shenanigans always made everything better and fun.
  47. >It’s the next and you’re making breakfast in front of a hot stove.
  48. >The smell of bacon, eggs, sausages and pancakes filled the air with a delicious smell, just begging to be eaten.
  49. >You flipped the food, letting it cook just a bit more before putting it on the plates.
  50. >You continued doing this for awhile until you heard the tell tale signs of Sunset walking towards the kitchen.
  51. >She always groans while acting like a zombie.
  52. “Morning Sunset,” you said happily, not even bothering to turn around.
  53. >You felt two arms wrap around you as Sunset mumbled, “Morning. Smells good.”
  54. “Just give me a moment and it'll be done,” you said gently as she squeezed you slightly.
  55. > “Mmm kay,” she mumbled before letting you go and taking a seat at the table.
  56. >As you start to dish out the food onto the plates, a dull thud told you that Sunset banged her head on the table.
  57. >Smiling to yourself, you turn around to see a mass of red and yellow hair covering the table.
  58. “You’re gonna have to move your head Sunset or else I’m placing your plate on your head,” you said, standing there with your hands full.
  59. >A groan escaped her lips as she raised her head, allowing you to place her food in front of you.
  60. >She takes a moment to smell the food in front her before saying, “I’m so glad we're dating.”
  61. “You can compliment me later, Sunset. We have to finish breakfast quickly,” you said nonchalantly, taking a bite of bacon.
  62. >She looks at you curiously as she cuts a piece out of her pancakes.
  63. >Looking up from your food, you give her a confused look as you stop eating.
  64. “Don’t you remember?” you asked.
  65. >She still looks a bit confused as she takes a bite out of a sausage.
  66. “You must have been tired from your patrol if you're this spacey,” you said,  smiling slightly at your joke.
  67. >You wonder if you’ll get a reaction from her or not.
  68. >It was at that moment that her eyes go wide as she started to cough causing you to pat her back.
  70. >Guess that answered your question.
  71. >After a few hard pats, she stops her coughing while she mutters a “Thanks” to you.
  72. “You ok?” you asked, wondering if this was the right time to tease her.
  73. > “I'm fine,” she said calmly, hitting her chest while letting out a few small coughs.
  74. “You sure. Was it something I said?” you asked, feeling a bit relieved.
  75. >She nods but doesn't say anything else.
  76. “Well if you're good then finish up what's on your plate. But take your time. We don’t want you to choke or eat too much and get fat,” you said nonchalantly as she started to drink some milk.
  77. >She lightly sputters into her drink, spilling some of it on the table.
  78. “Seriously Sunset,” you said jokingly, grabbing a napkin and wiping the spot clean.
  79. “Seriously Sunset, you sure you're okay?” you asked, fighting to keep yourself from smiling.
  80. > “Yeah, I'm just not to hungry,”  she said, standing up and walking out of the kitchen.
  81. “Well if you're done, start getting ready. We have work soon,” you said, hearing rapid footsteps growing quieter.
  82. >You wait for her door to close before you start to chuckle softly.
  83. “This is kinda fun,” you said quietly as you started to clean the dishes.
  84. >But like all things, they must end and be put to rest.
  85. >....
  86. >....
  87. “Then again, I still owe Sunset for being a blue balling tease,” you said, remembering the times when your girlfriend did a few things to you.
  88. >You hope she gets drunk tonight.
  90. >Be Anon and you’re watching Tv while surfing the web.
  91. >It amazes you how productive you can be with the right motivation.
  92. >Maybe if you focused a bit more in the past then maybe you could of had higher grades in high school.
  93. >You push that thought aside as you continue on look through a few programs.
  94. >They were a bit pricy, but it would be worth it just to see the look on your girlfriend's face.
  95. >It’ll be even better if you see your friends faces as well.
  96. “Now what’s the difference between these,” you said, scrolling through the online catalog.
  97. >Just as you were about to click on one of the products, the news channel jingle was heard.
  98. > “I'm Scribbled Notes and I'm here to,” the news reporter began to say before you started to tune him out.
  99. >You had better things to do than listen to some reports on government officials or some stupid interview.
  100. >Looking at this one product, you saw that it had everything you wanted and it wasn't that expensive.
  101. >Buying the program and downloading it, you got up and walked to the kitchen for a small snack.
  102. > “...newest blockbuster movie made over fifty million dollars in its opening weekend,” the reporter said, droning about something or another.
  103. “Whatever. Tell me something interesting, Scribbled,” you said, taking out a bottle of ice tea and some cherries.
  104. > “This just in. Spider-Woman has been spotted once more,” Scribbled said urgently, just getting the news.
  105. >You look at the Tv in mild interest, wondering if Sunset’s drunk or not.
  106. >They change the shot to the reporter from the other day as she looked at the camera with a fake smile.
  107. > “I’m here with Spider-Woman, who thwarted a bank heist,” the reporter said, as the camera turned to where Spider-Woman was.
  108. >You started to laugh at the scene before you.
  109. >The camera showed Spider-Woman using the tied up villains, Shocker and Doc Oct, while lightly patting their heads.
  110. > “Spider-Woman, I have to ask what’re you doing to them?” the reporter asked, holding her microphone towards the superhero
  111. > “I'm playing the song of my people,” Spider-Woman said, her words slurring as she used the villains heads as bongos.
  112. >You quickly walked back to the room and started to record the news.
  113. >It was important that you get every little embarrassing thing to use later.
  114. >The villainous human instruments could only sit there and take it, grumbling the entire time.
  115. > “This is so humiliating,” Doc Oct said, her black hair covering her eyes as she glared at the camera.
  116. > “I'm blaming you, Octy. It was your plan,” Shock said, her purple sunglasses missing.
  117. >The camera turned back to the reporter  who was momentarily confused before composing herself.
  118. > “Spider-Woman, shouldn't you let the police handle it from here?” the reporter asked, wondering if this was really happening.
  119. >The spider themed hero stopped her patting as she looked at the news reporter.
  120. > “But i haven't teabagged or peed on them yet,” Spider-Woman said, swaying back and forth.
  121. >You couldn’t stop yourself from laughing.
  122. >Everything Sunset was saying was just pure gold at this point.
  123. > “You can’t do that,” Shocker said, glaring at the hero.
  124. >You're not sure if she meant she couldn't as in had the ability to, or couldn't as in impossible her her to do.
  125. >Lacking something to do teabagging with you mean.
  126. >Spider-Woman seemed to take offense to that and pushed Shocker to the ground.
  127. > “FUCK YOU! I CAN DO IT IF I WANT TO!!!” Spider-Woman screamed, teabagging the villain as she screamed all kinds of things.
  128. > “YOU GO GIRL,” a young feminine voice said, outside the camera’ screen.
  129. >That was the last straw for you as you fell to the ground laughing like a hyena.
  130. >This went on for a minute or two, nothing else happening as far as you know.
  131. >Once you calmed down, you got back up to see some just appear next to Spider-Woman.
  132. >Wearing a maroon bodysuit with lavender trim and wings was the hero MatterWoman.
  133. >And she looked equally as drunk if her swaying body was any indication.
  134.  “Spidey, we need your help,” MatterWoman said happily, holding Spider-Woman’s shoulder.
  135. > “What cha need?” Spider-Woman asked happily, standing up and almost knocking the winged woman over.
  136. > “Follow me. I’ll tell you on the way,” MatterWoman said, spreading her wings and started to fly into the air.
  137. >Very shakily, you might add.
  138. >Spider-Woman nods and began webswinging, just narrowly missing a building.
  140. >It was some time later and you were just getting up from your seat.
  141. “Guess I was here longer than i thought,” you said, looking at a clock and noticing the time.
  142. >You were just about to go to bed when you heard a faint tapping noise.
  143. >Looking around, you didn’t see anything except for some smudge on the window.
  144. >You walked towards the window to see what it was and saw that it wasn’t a smudge.
  145. >It was a red and black finger.
  146. >Opening the window, you sigh while watching the familiar form of Spider-Woman crawl inside.
  147. > “Hiiiii Anon,” Sunset said,  slurring her words as she fell to the floor.
  148. “Hey Sunset, you done with your patrol?” you asked, looking down at your girlfriend. And closing the window.
  149. >Sunset tried to get off the floor, but she kept falling back down while giggling.
  150. >Being a nice person, you bent down and picked her up while you removed her mask.
  151. >Sunset giggled before wrapping her arms around your neck and her legs around your waist.
  152. >You almost fell from added weight , but you were able to balance yourself while holding Sunset for support.
  153. >She didn’t seem to mind as she began to nuzzle your head.
  154. “C’mon Sunset. Let’s go to bed,” you said, walking towards the bedroom.
  155. > “But I want to cuddle,” Sunset said tiredly, resting her head on your shoulder.
  156. “We’ll do that once we’re in bed,” you said, closing the bedroom door.
  157. >You would worry about your plan later.
  158. >Right now, it was time for sleep.
  161. >It’s the middle of the night and you’re watching the news.
  162. >That means you’re Anon.
  163. >You’ve been going through all of the things you need to carry out your plan.
  164. >It was going as smooth as it possibly could for you.
  165. >You had various clips and the program you need to bring the plan to life.
  166. “I just need a little more to complete it,” you muttered, looking at your progress and seeing that there was still room for more.
  167. >This left you in a bit of a pickle since you wanted to make this as long as possible.
  168. >The problem was that Sunset needed to be drunk for that to happen and you’re sure that she wasn’t meeting with anyone tonight.
  169. >While getting up to stretch, you heard a tapping on the living room window.
  170. >Shaking your head, you walked towards the window and opened it so the next part of the story can happen.
  171. >A red and black hand grabbed the window, showing you that it was obviously Sunset returning.
  172. >Unless it was those clones again then it might get sexy strange.
  173. >Luckily, or unluckily depending on the view point, it was just Sunset crawling through the window.
  174. >The surprising thing was that she had Matterhorn, aka Twilight Sparkle, on her back as the two toppled to the floor in giggling fits.
  175. >Crouching down to help them, your nose caught a distinct smell of alcohol lingering off them.
  176. >They’ve been drinking which meant that they might possibly be on the news momentarily.
  177. >Good thing you set up everything to record.
  178. “Had fun, Sunny?” you inquired, helping your girlfriend to her feet.
  179. > “Sure did and Twiley is gonna stay over,” Sunset slurred, leaning on your shoulder.
  180. > “Sleepover time,” Twilight giggled, standing up and wrapping her arms around your waist.
  181. “Yeah yeah. Let’s get you girls to bed,” you suggested, carrying the heroes into your bedroom.
  182. >Once inside, you pulled the covers aside and laid the two on the bed.
  183. >You were wondering if you should remove their suits, but decided not to.
  184. >At the very least you removed their masks and covered them up with the bed sheets.
  185. >You watched as the cuddled each other, making you a little jealous that it wasn’t you in between them.
  186. >With that taken care of, you quietly left the room and returned to the living room to see the news was on.
  187. > “Spider-Woman continues to appear fighting evildoers in the most unconventional ways. We have video proof of what transpired mere minutes ago from one lucky citizen,”  the reporter explain, the video taking up the screen which almost caused you to laugh out loud.
  188. >On the screen was a drunk Sunset, in her Spider-Woman outfit, sloppily dancing  around a downed Songbird  and Psylocke.
  189. >Her dance partner was an equally drunk Twilight in her Matterhorn outfit.
  190. > “This is the way we beat the bad girls. Beat the bad girls. Beat the bad girls. This is the way we beat the bad girls so late at night,” the heroes sang, circling around their foes.
  191. > “These are the ones who defeated us?” Songbird grumbled, blowing her white hair out of her face and away from her glasses.
  192. > “They beat us fair and square,” Psylocke began, “BUT DID IT HAVE TO BE THESE TWO PAIN IN THE ASSES.”
  193. >The camera shook while Sunset and Twilight stopped their dancing and got on either side of Psylocke.
  194. > “You want a pain in the ass? We’ll give you a pain in the ass,” Sunset uttered, grabbing the downed villain and placing her over her knees.
  195. > “What’re you doing?” Psylocke wondered, trying to kick the heroes away.
  196. >Her efforts were futile as Matterhorn raised her hand and…
  197. >SLAP
  198. >Bought her hand down on Psylocke’s ass.
  199. > “WHAT WAS THAT FOR?” Psylocke screamed, desperately trying to break out of Spider-Woman’s grasp.
  200. >This went on for a while as Psylocke’s screaming death threats turned into sexualized moans as she begged for more.
  201. > “What’s my name?” Spider-Woman and Matterhorn questioned, watching the villain squirm.
  202. > “Spider-Woman and Matterhorn,” Psylocke moaned, wiggling in Sunset’s lap.
  203. >That answered earned her another smack on the ass.
  204. > “Got that right,” Spider-Woman cheered, dumping the aroused yet humiliated villain next to her companion.
  205. >Psylocke groaned while Songbird just stared at her.
  206. > “I don’t know you anymore,” Songbird sighed, looking away from her abused comrade.
  207. >With their enemy defeated, the two heroes started to do the macarena in celebration.
  208. >At this point, you were equal parts aroused and confused which was unsettling.
  209. >Luckily it didn’t take long for something stupid to happen as Matterhorn started to float while Spider-woman fell down.
  210. > “I’ve fallen and I can’t see,” Spider-Woman slurred, her face in the ground as Matterhorn tried to swim back to the ground.
  211. >That alone might be on your top five list.
  212. >Muffling your laughter so you don’t wake your guests, you watched as the two got up and looked at the cameraman.
  213. > “This is what you get when you mess with the Spider-Momma,” Spider-Woman yelled, pointing at herself.
  214. > “But your name’s Spider-Woman,” a random person mentioned.
  215. >Spider-Woman or Momma just looked at the guy and pointed at him threateningly like some evil monkey.
  216. > “I’ll remember this,” Spider-Whatever yelled, shooting a webline and began swinging away.
  217. >The cameraman zoomed in to see Matterhorn tried to swim after Spider-Whatever.
  218. > “Wait for me, Spidey,” Matterhorn yelled, breast stroking through the air trying to catch up to her friend.
  219. >She didn’t have to go far since Spider-Woman came back and grabbed her before swinging away.
  220. >With the heroes gone, the cameraman turned back to the captured villains to see them watching the whole spectacle with wide eyes.
  221. >That ended the news causing you to turn off the TV and flop on the couch.
  222. >You don’t know what you’re gonna do with that clip, but you’ll figure it out in the morning.
  223. >All you wanted to do was sleep right now, but that proved to be a bit difficult since you saw Sunset having a threesome every time you closed your eyes.
  224. >Fuck.
  227. >It’s the end of the next day and you’re still Anon.
  228. >What else is new?
  229. >Well there’s plenty of things that happened since Sunset’s last night adventure.
  230. >Sunset seemed to be quiet about something as the day went on.
  231. >If you were a betting guy, and thank god you’re not, she must have remembered most of the night.
  232. >Whatever she remembered, it made the plan even sweeter to finish.
  233. >You could practically taste it and you’re not gonna stop until you get a bite of the main course.
  234. >These food analogies are starting to make you hungry.
  235. >Thankfully your dinner was almost done cooking.
  236. >Dishing the proper portion, you gazed at your masterpiece of a dinner.
  237. >Baked Garlic Parmesan Chicken with cheesy penne pasta and broccoli.
  238. >One of the best meals you've made to this day.
  239. >Taking the time to cut up your meal, you heard the news jingle that signaled that there was an emergency of some sort.
  240. “The one time I didn't want to the news to happen,” you grumbled, walking into the living room to see the news anchor on the TV.
  241. > “Breaking news. We received word from the local authorities that a bank is being robbed as we speak,” the new anchor explained, looking at the camera with a forced smile.
  242. >The image changed to a simple looking bank with police cruisers forming a barrier around it.
  243. >You ate your dinner while watching the show unfold.
  244. >It didn’t take long for a bunch of robbers being flung out the entrance doors, one by one.
  245. >The next to exit the bank was obviously  Spider-Woman, aka your girlfriend Sunset.
  246. >It was the way she exited was surprisingly funny as she moonwalked towards the downed robbers.
  247. >Once she was within a couple of feet near the robber pile, Spider-Woman spun around twice then grabbed her crotch in the process.
  248. >It took all your willpower to keep yourself from laughing while you ate.
  249. >With her impression of a dead king of pop done, one of the robbers got up and pulled out a knife.
  250. > “That’s it? A wittle knife against me?” Spider-Woman mocked, swaying from side to side while pointing at the weapon.
  251. >The robber, in his infinite knowledge, leaped at Spider-Woman with the knife raised.
  252. >Spider-Woman just stood there all relaxed and drunk as the robber got closer and closer to her.
  253. >Suddenly the robber was thrown away from her by a very unlikely person.
  254. >Psylocke in her blue unitard like outfit and katana strapped to her waist.
  255. “Wasn’t expecting that,” you confessed, taking another bite of chicken.
  256. >The once defeated villain unleashed a barrage of energy blasts, hitting each robber and knocking them out.
  257. > “Woooooo. Girl Power,” Spider-Woman cheered, jumping up and down as her assets drew your attention.
  258. >Guess Sunset doesn't wear bras under her suit.
  259. >Good to know.
  260. >After her little cheer, Spider-Woman rushed over to Psylocke and hugged her from behind.
  261. >Her hands landing on Psylocke’s chest causing said woman to blush.
  262. > “Could you lower your hands, Spider-Woman?” Psylocke questioned, her blush getting more clear as time went on. “It's getting a bit annoying you fucking tease.”
  263. > “But this is how Girl Power says hello to its members,” Spider-Woman gushed, groping the breasts with vigor.
  264. >This was getting a bit unusual as you began to wonder if Sunset was bisexual or not or if it was the beer she drinks.
  265. >One of Spider-Woman’s hands lets go of Psylocke while sliding down her body, towards her hip and slaps it.
  266. >You decided not to question Sunset’s sexuality anymore.
  267. >Too much of a headache.
  268. > “But I'm not a member of, um, Girl Power,” Psylocke stuttered, trying to break free of Spider-Woman’s grasp.
  269. >This was looking very familiar to you as Spider-Woman squeezed Psylocke a little too tight.
  270. > “If you’re not a part of Girl Power,” Spider-Woman began, flipping her captive onto her knees.
  271. > “THEN IT MEANS YOU’RE AGAINST ME,” Spider-Woman yelled, slapping Psylocke’s ass.
  272. >This was the exact same thing that happened the other night, except Spider-Woman was doing the slapping while Psylocke begged for more.
  273. >This went on for awhile as Spider-Woman went from slapping the ass to using it like a bongo.
  274. > “I don’t blame you for trying to sneak into my club. It's just natural that you want to join the best thing in the world. I would do the same thing in your shoes and I did when i was a wee lass. But that’s in the past, now we need to commence your initiation,” Spider-Woman slurred, pulling out her cellphone and dialing a number.
  275. >You watch as Spider-Woman sat there with a moaning girl in her lap while she had a phone in her hand.
  276. >That painted quiet the image in your head, but you couldn’t understand what you were seeing.
  277. >Spider-Woman didn’t have to wait long as the person on the other end yelled, “HHHHHIIIIIIII.”
  278. > “HEEEEYYY, I need your help to bring a new member to our group,” Spider-Woman slurred, sitting like nothing was wrong or out of the ordinary.
  279. >In the very next second, Filli Second, aka Pinkie Pie, zoomed onto the scene with a drunken smile on her face.
  280. > “What’cha need, Spidey?” Filli wondered, “Does it involve this meanie?”
  281. > “She wants to join us and not be a meanie anymore. We need…. The Stuff,” Spider-Woman mentioned, leaning forward a little bit.
  282. >Filli gave Spider-Woman a sloppy salute while her friend stood up with Psylocke in her arms.
  283. > “Got it. TO THE STORE,” Fili yelled dramatically, posing like a cheezy hero.
  284. >The group ran and webswinged away as the image returns to the news reporter, causing you to turn off the TV.
  285. >With that out of the way, you started to walk back to the kitchen to clean up when you heard someone knocking on the door.
  286. >You made a uturn, wondering who could that be at a time like this.
  287. >Once you reached the door, you opened it ready to tell the person that you weren’t interested in what they were selling.
  288. >It happened too fast as you found yourself looking at the ceiling with someone laying on your body.
  289. >Looking down, you saw that your attacker was Filli Second, Spider-Woman and Psylocke.
  290. >All of whom were drunk from what you could tell.
  291. > “Sleepytime,” the three girls muttered, snuggling into you.
  292. >Spider-Woman used her web to close the door as they all feel asleep.
  295. >You’re Anon at the moment and you can still feel some pain in your cheek.
  296. >The reason why your cheek hurts is that one of your guests wike up and saw where they were.
  297. >No it wasn't Pinkie
  298. >When she saw the damage, she decided you needed healing cuddles for some reason.
  299. >It did feel nice and made you feel better.
  300. >It was your other guest, Psylocke, that caused you this pain.
  301. >The moment she woke up, she's been doing nothing but ranting, complaining or just insulting you while introducing herself as Sour Sweet
  302. > “I thought what we had was special,” Sour cried, a few tears running down her face.
  303. > “That was the beer talking. I swear,” Sunset explained, tried to while pulling her hair crazily.
  304. “Answer carefully or else you won't get the best ending,” you chuckled, chopping a couple of peppers.
  305. > “You’re not helping,” Sunset groaned, glaring at you.
  306. > “Is breakfast almost ready, Anon,” Pinkie wondered, giving you a happy smile as her stomach grumbled.
  307. “Just another minute or two,” you commented calmly, getting the last few ingredients to finish the omelets.
  308. >You’ve had to deal with some much crazy in the last year or so that nothing really fazes you anymore.
  309. >That made you wonder if you should see a therapist or something.
  310. >Pushing those thoughts aside, you put the finishing touches on everyone's meal and started to place them in front of everyone.
  311. > “Just leave this scrawny shrimp. I can do things that you wouldn't believe,” Sour gushed, looking at the food in front of her cautiously.
  312. > “I'm not leaving him just because you know a few things,” Sunset groaned, putting her head in her hands as you set the food below her.
  313. >In an instant Sunset grabbed her fork and started to eat.
  314. >When you got to Pinkie, she happily took the plate out of your hands while giving you a kiss on the cheek as thanks.
  315. >Shrugging your shoulders, you grab your own plate and start to eat while looking at everyone's reaction.
  316. >Pinkie and Sunset seemed have blissful expressions on their faces, but Sour was looking at the food in confusion.
  317. “It's not gonna bite,” you smirked, watching your guest cut a small piece of the omelet and take a bite.
  318. >Sour’s eyes went wide once the food touched her tongue as the next moment she started to eat like Sunset and Pinkie.
  319. >After a couple of minutes, everyone finished devouring the food as you got up and started to clean up.
  320. > “So that's how you got her,” Sour implied, looking at you.
  321. “Maybe,” you guessed, not really paying attention to this craziness.
  322. > “Then that means you’re my rival,” Sour pointed out, doing a weird pose.
  323. >You couldn’t say anything while trying to figure out what she meant.
  324. > “It all makes sense. You're basically a culinary master, tempting my Spider-Woman with your delicious food and into your clutches. Well two can play this game. I won't rest until I know all your secrets and then I'll sweep sweep Sunset off her feet as you watch in despair,” Sour declared, grabbing the few things she had on her, “You'll see.”
  325. >She left through the front door leaving a horrified Sunset and a giggling Pinkie in her wake.
  326. >You on the other hand.
  327. “Did i trigger an event flag for your ship or mine,” you smirked, looking at Sunset.
  328. >You were enjoying this more than you should.
  332. >Be Anon cause who else would you be.
  333. >It’s been three days since the sleepover and right now you’re in an interesting predicament.
  334. >After Sour made you her rival of love, she started to watch both Sunset and yourself.
  335. >It made sense to watch Sunset, but watching you made no sense.
  336. >You asked Sour about this when you found her, spying from the other room and got a simple response.
  337. > “If I'm gonna win over my Spider-Woman, then i need to know how you ensnared her,” she explained when you asked, “I also need to know how you make such delicious meals.”
  338. >With that said, you told Sour to get in the kitchen if she wanted to learn a few things.
  339. >Now she was coming by for dinner everyday to learn how to cook.
  340. >If you were honest with yourself, Sour wasn't half bad.
  341. >She just needed a few pointers and a little bit of advice on certain things.
  342. >Right now you were showing her the right way to make Weeknight Pepper Steak with rice.
  343. “Make sure you measure all the ingredients correctly,” you instructed, washing a cutting board and a few knives.
  344. > “Got it, Anon,” Sour cheered, following your advice, “Would never guessed that, Einstein.”
  345. >You nod and go back to cleaning as you’ve gotten use to her personality.
  346. >Just as you were putting the last utensil in the drying rack, you heard silverware clatter.
  347. >Turning around, you saw a knife sticking out of the cutting board.
  348. “Got a bit frustrated?” you inquired, mentally noting to get a new cutting board.
  349. > “No,” Sour snarled before calming down and saying, “Yes.”
  350. >Luckily you were prepared for this as you walked towards the cupboard and pull out another cutting board.
  351. >You had to get a few since Sunset tried to cook a few dishes.
  352. >They came out good, but most of the cooking utensils were damaged beyond repair.
  353. >You even saw that Sour was cutting the ingredients a bit too big.
  354. >Taking the old cutting board and placing the new one on the counter, you motioned for Sour to stand in front of it.
  355. >Walking behind her, you grab Sour’s hand and made her grab the knife.
  356. “You need to cut them smaller,” you stated, making her cut smaller portions.
  357. >Letting go of her hand, you moved away from her and watched her.
  358. >She started to cut the ingredients smaller while blushing slightly, but that wasn’t important.
  359. >Once you threw the destroyed cutting board away, you walked towards Sour’s side to see how she was doing and you could say she was doing great.
  360. “Looking good. Let’s continue before it gets late,” you commented, letting her finish up.
  361. >After the preparations were done, you instructed her to combine the right ingredients at the right time and let the meal cook.
  362. >Twenty minutes later, you and your apprentice/rival were sitting at the table and eating the meal you prepared.
  363. >Cutting off a piece and eating it, you gave her your honest opinion.
  364. “Acceptable,” you praised, taking another bite.
  365. > “You’re damn right it’s acceptable,” Sour gloated, feeling superior as she ate her own food.
  366. >Seeing her happy like this made you chuckle slightly.
  367. >When dinner was finished, you collected the plates and silverware and put them in the dishwasher to clean them.
  368. “If you’re up to it, I can show you some other things tomorrow,” you offered, not paying any attention to your guest.
  369. > “Not afraid that I’ll steal your girlfriend like this?” Sour wondered, walking around behind you for some reason.
  370. >You had to stop and think about her question.
  371. >It didn’t take you long to get an answer.
  372. “I’m not afraid cause I know you won’t do that. Not until you have everything you need to win and you want a legit win. That’s something I can respect,” you informed, getting back to washing the dishes.
  373. > “Aww that’s so sweet of you to say,” Sour gushed, “Doesn’t mean you’re not a moron.”
  374. “True. Just give me a call if you want to learn a thing or two about cooking,” you chuckled, finishing your cleaning and turning to see your guest standing in the doorway.
  375. “Like I’ll do that, moron,” Sour grumbled, “But I’ll be back for another lesson, teach. Anyways I need to go, toodles.”
  376. >Sour then left your home, leaving you alone to do whatever.
  377. >Taking a brief moment to think of what to do, you decided to watch a bit of TV.
  378. >Walking into the living room, you took a seat on the couch and grabbed the remote.
  379. “Wonder what Sunset is doing?” you asked curiously, turning on the TV.
  380. >The very next moment, you were greeted with the familiar jingle of a news report.
  381. >The news report said their name, which you didn’t care about and that it was breaking news about Spider-Woman.
  382. “At least I’ll get an answer to my question,” you admitted, waiting to see what kind of mischief Sunset got into.
  383. >The reporter shows a video clip of Spider-Woman with the villains Vertigo, Silver Sable and Iron Maiden with their arms over each other’s shoulders.
  384. > “Na na na na. Na na na na hey hey goodbye,” the four sang, swaying from side to side.
  385. >That alone made you chuckle.
  386. >Only Sunset could get drunk ad befriend a few enemies.
  387. >Spider-Woman stopped her walk and turned to look at the wall.
  388. >In the next moment, she began to move her hands in every direction while shooting webs at the wall.
  389. >After a little while of Spider-Woman looking like she's trying to swat a fly, she stopped and started to giggle.
  390. >The camera moved to show that Spider-woman did some web graffiti on the wall.
  391. >On the wall was that crazy Jameson person getting a wedgie from a spider.
  392. >Spider-Woman even had the words “Spider-Woman and Girl Power Rulez” under the the graffiti.
  393. >You started to chuckle as Sunset and her posse danced like cheerleaders.
  394. > “This is the best day ever next to the time were my boyfriend made me a quivering mess,” Spider-Woman slurred, hugging herself.
  395. >At that point, you stopped laughing while placing your face in your hands.
  396. >The video was edited as every word Sunset said was bleeped while the other three girls listened with bated breath.
  397. > “You mean he does that,” Vertigo stammered, removing her pink headphones from her ears in shock.
  398. >Spider-Woman continued to tell them all her sexual exploits as the girl’s eyes went wide.
  399. > “Dude, that’s awesome. Wish I could get some of that,” Silver Sable admitted, blowing some of her blue hair out of her face.
  400. > “I sure we all want that, dear. It’s been awhile since any of us received any,” Iron Maiden confessed, typing something on her arm computer.
  401. >They began to discuss their love lives, but Spider-Woman seemed to be looking at something you couldn’t see.
  402. >Or she could be just spacing out.
  403. > “I’ve got an idea,” Spider-Woman exclaimed, getting everyone’s attention, “Let’s go talk to my cutie of a boyfriend.”
  404. >The others looked at her for a few moments and began to smile.
  405. > “Might as well since I can use a good workout,” Silver Sable agreed, flipping a knife in her hand.
  406. > “I would be nice, dear,” Iron Maiden admitted, typing a few more things.
  407. > “Yes. Let’s go meet your boytoy and get fucked beyond belief,” Vertigo yelled, jumping excitedly.
  408. >Spider-Woman looked at the last villain while tilting her head.
  409. > “I meant that we go and talk to him. Maybe have him coach or give you a therapy session,” Spider-Woman confessed, looking at all the villains.
  410. >You let out a sigh at Sunset’s quick thinking.
  411. > “But that sounds like a great idea,” Spider-Woman cheered, giving Vertigo a high five.
  412. >The video ended as the foursome left for parts unknown as you got up to prepare for Sunset’s arrival.
  413. >There’s no way she’s surprising you with this.
  417. >Be Anon and you can’t believe that you can still walk after last night.
  418. “Ow. Ow,” you groaned, walking into the next room.
  419. >Granted you still felt a little numb from the waist down, but otherwise you’re fine.
  420. >Once Sunset and her new posse got home, they demanded sex at that very moment.
  421. >You tried to persuade them to just go to sleep and you’ll talk about it in the morning.
  422. >They responded with you sleeping on the couch with a few broken bones.
  423. >With an argument like that, you couldn’t refuse.
  424. >Luckily the two of the three girls were knocked out after you gave them the oral, finger and teasing treatment.
  425. >The last one, Silver Sable, ask for a crazy threesome position that you sure was banned in five countries.
  426. >When you thought it was over, Vertigo and Iron Maiden demanded their own turn and you gave it to them.
  427. >With the girls passed out from a combination of sex and beer, you were able to relax and fall asleep yourself.
  428. >After waking up and trying to get to your feet, you started to make breakfast for everyone.
  429. >Once the girls woke up, they saw the spread of food and started to chow down on everything.
  430. >During breakfast, you were able to get the three to introduce themselves.
  431. >Vertigo’s real name was Lemon Zest, Rival DJ to Vinyl Scratch.
  432. >Silver Sable was Indigo Zap, professional assassin and soccer player.
  433. >And Iron Maiden was Sunny Flare, CEO of Flare Industries.
  434. >After they devoured the food, the three girls talked to you and Sunset for a bit before they had to leave.
  435. >They even gave you their phone numbers in case Sunset wanted to do a threesome or something.
  436. >At that point, Sunset was blushing while holding her phone.
  437. >You couldn’t tell if she was embarrassed or aroused, but you settled on thinking it was both.
  438. >This wasn't the first time she had a threesome and it certainly wasn't the last time.
  439. >All that happened five hours ago.
  440. >Now you were doing your job, cooking meals at a fancy restaurant.
  441. >You were thankful to be out of the house since you've been feeling trapped in your home.
  442. >You were just finishing a meal when you felt someone tapping your shoulder.
  443. >Turning around,  you saw that it was your boss, Gustave le Grand.
  444. > “It’s time for your lunch break, Anon,” your boss informed, pointing at the clock on the wall.
  445. “Got it,” you replied, walking out of the kitchen and into the alleyway.
  446. >You took a seat on the plastic patio chair they kept in the back and just relaxed for a bit.
  447. >It was nice just to sit down and not worry about cooking, your plan or anything else for a short while.
  448. >Suddenly, you felt the air leave your lungs as you were hoisted in the air.
  449. >This confused you, watching the restaurant getting farther away from you while something wrapped around your waist.
  450. >Looking down, you saw a familiar red and blue suit with a spider symbol on it.
  451. >Sighing, you didn’t say anything as Sunset, wearing her spider suit, web swinged through the area.
  452. >A moment later, she landed on the roof of a building and let you go.
  453. “What’re you doing Sunset?” you wondered, eyebrow rising slightly as you dusted yourself off.
  454. > “Can’t I spend a little time with my boyfriend and have a nice lunch with him,” Sunset answered, walking towards a plastic table with some food on it.
  455. “Sure you can. I just wish you could have just done it without kidnapping me,” you responded, looking at Sunset’s sway ass.
  456. >Damn those hips.
  457. >You quickly snapped yourself back to reality and made your way to the table and took a seat on the metal bench.
  458. >The moment your ass touched the bench, Sunset sat down next to you.
  459. > “Let’s dig in,” Sunset cheered, taking off her mask and grabbing a fork.
  460. >You also grabbed a fork and started to eat.
  461. >A few minutes later, you finished the simple meal as Sunset let out a content sigh.
  462. “So what’s the real reason for all of this?” you wondered, looking at your superhero girlfriend.
  463. > “What do you mean? Can’t I do this every now and then?” Sunset inquired, smiling a bit nervously.
  464. >You gave her a somewhat stern glare causing her to look away.
  465. >It always came down to this whenever she was hiding something.
  466. > “Will I did want to do this since it’s been awhile,” Sunset explained, looking you in the eyes.
  467. >You continued to give her the stern glare as she sighed.
  468. > “I wanted to do this to make up for what’s been happening for the last two weeks,” Sunset confessed, looking at the ground.
  469. “You mean coming home drunk, bringing a bunch of guests and that orgy we had,” you guessed, getting a faint idea of what she’s trying to say.
  470. > “Well maybe not the last one,” Sunset admitted, playing with a strand of hair.
  471. >You nodded at that, slightly admitting that you enjoyed that as well and you're glad Sunset did as well.
  472. > “But I wanted to show you just how sorry I am since you have to deal with me,” Sunset muttered, looking at her tightly suited lap.
  473. >With a shake of your head, you wrap your arms around Sunset while bringing her onto your lap.
  474. >She grew tense, but relaxed a moment later.
  475. “Don’t be sorry, Sunset. I knew what I was getting into when we started to date,” you explained, holding her close to you as she nuzzled your chest.
  476. > “You knew we would get into threesomes with drunk heroes and villains,” Sunset teased, wrapping her arms around you.
  477. >That made you laugh while stroking her silky hair.
  478. “I can assure you that i wasn't expecting that. I just knew my life would never be normal and I'll never regret it,” you claimed, making Sunset giggle.
  479. >This felt like one of those moments you see in TV or movies and knowing your luck…
  480. > “SSSSPPPIIIIDDDEEEERRRR-WWWWOOOMMMAAAANNNN,” a very familiar voice yelled.
  481. >Something was gonna interrupt the moment.
  482. >Both Sunset and yourself turned to see Psylocke on the other side of the roof, panting like a dog.
  483. >She must have been running or something to get here.
  484. > “I finally found you two,” Psylocke panted, walking slowly towards you.
  485. >It took her a good thirty seconds, but she was able to take a seat on the bench.
  486. > “Just give me a moment,” Psylocke groaned, relaxing into the bench.
  487. >You took out your phone to see that you needed to get back to work soon.
  488. >Lunch break was almost over.
  489. “I need to get back to work,” you informed, getting the girls’ attention.
  490. > “Hold on. I'll get you there in a bit,” Sunset commanded, grabbing you by the waist.
  491. >She started to web swing away as Psylocke yelled, “Motherfucker.”
  494. “Ok, explain to me what happened?” you inquired, rubbing your temples with your thumbs.
  495. >You’re Anon and right now you feel like slapping Sunset upside the head.
  496. > “I already told you what happened, Anon,” Sunset mumbled.
  497. “I know you did, but I need to know if I heard you correctly,” you explained, kneeling down and pulling some rope from under the bed.
  498. >With the rope in your hands, you started to tie a few knots together.
  499. > “I told you that this girl, with underwear outside of her body suit, started to say something about fighting me. Anyways she called herself The Exterminator and began a little monolog and started to say some bug squashing puns,” Sunset giggled.
  500. “Really? You find that funny?” you asked dryly, looking up at your girlfriend.
  501. >Sunset started to laugh and wiggle around the bed.
  502. > “You should have heard her. ‘You’re beginning to bug me, Spider-Bitch’ and ‘It's time to introduce you to your worst nightmare. The Gas.’ She was hilariously horrible,” Sunset laughed.
  503. >Shaking your head, you grabbed Sunset’s arms and held them over her head.
  504. >After a few minutes, you were able to step back and look at your handiwork which was Sunset tied to the bed.
  505. >It's times like that two questions pop into your head.
  506. >Are you lucky or unlucky to be dating/living with Sunset?
  507. >And is this all worth it?
  508. >Looking at your tied up girlfriend, your gaze slowly travels down her body.
  509. >You take in every inch of her as you memorize her shapely body, child bearing hips and her perky chest.
  510. >That's when you had your answer to both of your questions.
  511. >Damn her sexy body.
  512. “So this Exterminator did what exactly,” you motioned, wanting to know more.
  513. > “She used a gas that was suppose to kill me, but it didn't. Beat that,” Sunset slurred, trying to free herself.
  514. >That meant it basically poisoned and drugged her if this was any indication.
  515. >That and the few times she threw up in the last hour.
  516. “Okay. We can't  take you to a doctor so we'll see if we can wait it out,” you assured, patting Sunset’s head as she tried to nuzzle it.
  517. > “Does this mean you’re Doctor Anon or Master Anon,” Sunset giggled, not even looking at you.
  518. “We'll play those games once your better,” you sighed, walking out the room as she groaned.
  519. >You entered the kitchen to get some aspirin or something when you heard a loud tapping.
  520. >Looking towards the living room window, you saw Sour Sweet waving at you.
  521. “Gonna be one of those days. I just know it,” you muttered, walking towards the window and holding out your hand.
  522. >Without any hesitation, Sour took your hand as you helped her inside.
  523. > “Thanks,” Sour sneered, dusting off her Psylocke outfit.
  524. “No problem, but i can't teach you anything today,” you replied, rolling your eyes at her greeting.
  525. >She looked ready to complain when a loud whine was heard from the other room.
  526. >You ran into the next room, with Sour following, to see Sunset thrashing around causing the bed to creak.
  527. “Shit,” you muttered, getting on Sunset’s side and trying to hold her down.
  528. >Grabbing her arm, you tried
  529. >Sunset seemed to calm down slightly, but was still moving around a bit.
  530. “A little help would be nice, Sour,” you growled, tying her hands back together as the knots come undone.
  531. >It seemed Sour got the hint as she got on Sunset’s other side and began hugging her.
  532. > “Shhhh. Calm down and relax. Everything will be fine,” Sour whispered, holding Sunset tight.
  533. >The knots was finished a moment later and you let out a sigh of relief.
  534. >That sigh turned into a yell the moment you felt something sharp clamp on your hand.
  535. “OWWW. Bad Sunset. No biting,” you muttered angrily, trying to shake your hand free.
  536. >Luckily you were able to get her to release your hand with the help of Sour.
  537. >All she did was force Sunset’s mouth open to let your hand go.
  538. >Glaring at the drugged up Sunset, you reached under the bed and pulled out a plastic cone.
  539. > “What’re gonna do with that?” Sour wondered, making sure Sunset doesn’t try to bite her.
  540. >Instead of answering her, you show Sour by wrapping the cone around Sunset’s neck and making sure it’s secured.
  541. > “Why do you have that thing?” Sour inquired, “Is it a disgusting fetish you have?”
  542. >You looked at your arm to see what the damage was.
  543. >Surprisingly she was able to break the skin, but nothing else besides that.
  544. “We have that just incase something weird or stupid happens. Right now it’s both,” you explained, walking out of the room the get a bandage.
  545. >While entering the bathroom, you remembered that Sunset said that a radioactive spider bite gave her powers.
  546. >Before wrapping your hand, you grabbed the disinfectant and began to apply some of it on your wound.
  547. >You hope you get crazy powers or end up looking like Sunset because of this bite.
  548. > “Anon, Sunset wants cuddles,” Sour yelled.
  549. “Then cuddle her,” you answered back.
  550. > “She wants the both of us to cuddle her,” Sour yelled.
  551. >Shaking your head, you finished dressing your wound and walk back to the bedroom.
  555. >Be Anon and right now you’re relaxing after dealing with a drugged Sunset for two days.
  556. >It was a challenge to keep her in that bedroom.
  557. >She got free at one point and got a hankering for tiger meat or was it loin meat.
  558. >Point is that Sunset wanted to dine and dash at the local zoo and that wasn’t a good thing.
  559. >Luckily Sour was able to help you stop her.
  560. >Once you and Sour were able to drag Sunset back home, you tied her up with your backup restraints.
  561. >Should have used them first, but what’s done is done.
  562. >Now that Sunset isn’t drugged anymore, life can go back to normal.
  563. “A now for a moment of peace,” you praised, leaning back in your chair and sipping your hot chocolate.
  564. >The very next moment, the news jingle came from the TV.
  565. > “We interrupt our currently scheduled program for breaking news. I’m Pixel Pizzaz and I’m here to report the news. We just got news that Spider-Woman has been sighted once more,” a new reporter announced, the camera showing a fairly attractive woman with blue hair in pigtails.
  566. “And the moment has passed,” you groaned, putting down your drink and grabbed the remote.
  567. >While you had enough to make the video, it doesn’t hurt to have a few more scenes.
  568. >The video changes to show Spider-woman web swinging around a gazebo, but she wasn’t alone.
  569. >Swinging with her was another woman in a red bodysuit with a tight blue hoodie.
  570. >That was Scarlet Spider, one of Spider-Woman’s partners.
  571. >Unknown to nearly everyone, Scarlet Spider was a woman named Evening Gleam and she was Sunset’s clone.
  572. >She looked exactly like Sunset, but there were a few key differences.
  573. >Mainly Evening had shorter hair and was more aggressive than Sunset.
  574. >When you were told this, you almost called her a liar that there’s no way that clones could exist.
  575. >To prove their point, Evening show you her organic web shooters which you knew were impossible to have.
  576. >You instantly believed them since the chances of a twin getting the same exact powers were near impossible.
  577. “This isn’t gonna end well,” you sighed, debating on whether or not to record the video.
  578. >After a small mental argument, you decided to just record the video and see what happens.
  579. >You don’t have to use the video if it goes south.
  580. >Anyways the two spider heroes continued to use the gazebo as a swinging carousel.
  581. > “WEEEEEEE,” they cheered.
  582. >And they were enjoying themselves.
  583. > “We’re queens of the world,” Spider-Woman yelled, letting go of her web ad launching herself towards a tree.
  584. >It looked like she was gonna hit the tree, but was able to grab a branch at the last moment.
  585. >Scarlet Spider released her hold on her web and crashed into Spider-Woman, sending them tumbling to the soft ground in a fit of giggles.
  586. “At least they’re having fun,” you chuckled, watching them stumble to their feet.
  587. >You watched as they made their way towards an open area of the park just as a blue haired woman landed in front of them.
  588. >The person in front of the spider heroes was wearing a black bodysuit with a fur swimsuit, leg warmers and a soft looking tail.
  589. > “Hi Spideys,” the new woman cheered, waving at them.
  590. > “Hi Squirrel Girl,” Spider-Woman slurred, giving the squirrel themed hero a big hug.
  591. >Scarlet Spider fell to the ground and tried to shoot webs in any direction.
  592. > “Why can’t I touch anything?” Scarlet Spider wondered, flailing around.
  593. >Squirrel Girl looked at the fallen hero and just shrugged.
  594. > “What’cha doin?” Squirrel Girl asked, being released and set back on the ground.
  595. > “Having fun, humiliating bad girls and getting new members for Girl Power,” Spider-Woman declared, raising her fists into the air in celebration.
  596. >That sentence alone made you wonder why Sunset was set on making this group.
  597. >You couldn’t remember anything that would explain her fascination with making a group.
  598. >Turning your attention back to the TV, you watched as Squirrel Girl bounce around Spider-Woman.
  599. > “Please let me join. Please please pretty please,” Squirrel girl begged, grabbing Spider-Woman’s arms.
  600. >Said hero looked at the girl questioningly.
  601. >Well as much as a person wearing a mask can look like.
  602. > “Sure,” Spider-Woman answered, swaying side to side.
  603. > “For realsies? Yay,” Squirrel Girl cheered, letting go of Spider-Woman and picking up Scarlet Spider.
  604. >Scarlet Spider groaned loudly as Squirrel Girl started to dance with her.
  605. >That caused you and Spider-Woman to laugh at how ridiculous the scene was.
  606. >This went on for awhile before Scarlet Spider was released from the younger hero’s grip.
  607. > “I’ve got a great idea. Let’s raid Doom’s castle and steal his stuff,” Squirrel Girl suggested.
  608. “What? No,” you groaned, registering what she said.
  609. > “Do it,” Spider-Woman giggled.
  610. > “Do it,” Scarlet Spider slurred, getting up on shaky legs.
  611. > “Doing it. Let’s get going and fast. I want to be home in time to show Dagi what I got,” Squirrel Girl announced, running off towards wherever.
  612. >Spider-Woman shot a web and started to swing away with Scarlet Spider following her.
  613. >The video ends once Pixel appears back on screen saying a few other things.
  614. >You didn’t hear any of this as you leapt from your seat and rushed out the door, locking it.
  615. >It didn’t take long for you to reach your car and pull out your phone.
  616. >Once you were in your car, you instantly speed dialed a number.
  617. >Luckily it only took a couple of seconds before the person picked up.
  618. > “Hello?” the voice asked.
  619. “Hey Sour. I need your help and fast. Sunset’s about to try and get into Doom’s castle. We need to stop her pronto,” you explained, starting your car and driving down the road.
  620. > “I'll meet you at the park in two minutes. You got a way to track her?” Sour inquired, something rustling on the other side of the line.
  621. >Must be changing or something.
  622. “I got something, don't worry. Just get there asap,” you groaned, speeding past a cargo truck.
  623. > “Got it asshole. You don't have to repeat yourself like a jackass,” Sour growled. “See you in a bit, Anon,” she gushed, hanging up on the other end.
  624. >With that in mind, you high tailed it to the park too stop your girlfriend.
  627. “Look I only need it for a few hours,” you stressed, standing in front of a screen while rubbing your temples.
  628. >You could feel Sour squeeze your shoulder comfortingly, trying to calm you down.
  629. >It worked somewhat since you felt some tension leave you.
  630. “I know it’s a military grade aircraft, but this is an emergency Celestia,” you said, sitting down in your seat while trying to relax.
  631. > “Could you explain why you need it then?” Celestia, director of S.H.I.E.L.D., asked sternly from the other side of the screen. “And can you explain why do you have Psylocke, Songbird and a few others with you?”
  632. >You turned to see said group looking at you while waving cheerfully.
  633. >All except Songbird, aka Sugarcoat from what you heard, who just nodded respectfully.
  634. “They’re here because of the emergency,” you explained simply as if you were commenting on the weather outside.
  635. >Truthfully they were here to help you according to Sour.
  636. >She thought that having some extra eyes, hands and muscles might help in bringing Sunset back.
  637. >You'll admit that it sounded like a good idea at the moment and it was possible to stop Sunset before she got to Doom Castle.
  638. >There was just a small problem though.
  639. >For some unexplainable reason, Sunset and Evening somehow were able to get their hands on a small two person plane and fly off.
  640. >Which is why you're asking the director of S.H.I.E.L.D for a favor, inside one of the S.H.I.E.L.D aircrafts.
  641. > “And the emergency?” Celestia inquired seriously, her eyes narrowing a faction while resting her chin on her arms.
  642. >This was the moment you were dreading.
  643. >Whether or not to tell her the truth or lie your ass off.
  644. > “We need to stop Spider-Woman from starting World War three at Doom’s Castle,” Lemon prattled happily from her seat behind you.
  645. >Well lying your ass off was out the window so you might as well just tell Celestia.
  646. “Long story short. Sunset is drunk and about to rob Doom blind with Scarlet Spider and Squirrel Girl,” you confessed pathetically, taking a deep breathe to calm down.
  647. >You waited a moment for Celestia to call you out on that and tell you to get lost.
  648. >But it never came as she let out loud sigh.
  649. > “I'm gonna regret this, but I'll allow this just this once,” Celestia said, glaring at you. “And you will owe me, Anon.”
  650. >You nodded submissively just to get going when Indigo jumped up from her seat and pointed at the screen.
  651. > “That’s not fair. Shouldn't this be a “scratch your back, you scratch mine” kind of deals?” Indigo questioned dramatically, looking ready to fight the screen if she needed to.
  652. > “Anon wants to use a S.H.I.E.L.D aircraft to stop his drunk girlfriend, clone and our secret weapon before they can do any damage to one person. Said person being Doom who has almost every villain on speed dial and willing to go to war with us,” Celestia finished flatly, causing the girl to sit back down bashfully. “Also i had to do damage control on some of Sunset’s misadventures that I'd rather not say. With all that said, owing a simple favor shouldn't be the worst thing to happen.”
  653. >She does have a point all things considered.
  654. >You’ve seen what happened with Fluttershy when she was drunk.
  655. >The college needed a new gym built the next day.
  656. “What do you want,” you demanded desperately, hoping that this wasn't gonna be something idiotic or hard.
  657. > “I want you to cater a lunching for the heroes and myself next weekend,” Celestia stated happily, leaning back into her chair.
  658. “Deal. Just send me a list and I'll make it,” you informed, feeling your eye twitch.
  659. >You couldn’t help it since that request was tame by many standards.
  660. >What annoyed you was that the director wanted to play her mind games on you.
  661. > “Wonderful. I'll send you everything and you'll be there in no time. Good luck, Anon” Celestia cheered, waving happily before the video feed shut off.
  662. >The next moment, you heard the engines came to life with a loud roar as you felt some turbulence.
  663. > “By the way Anon. What was that about a clone and a secret weapon,” Sunny asked curiously, strapping herself into her seat.
  664. > “That was something I want to know as well. Does Sunset have a weapon on her or something,” Sugarcoat inquired, not looking that interested.
  665. >The others seemed interested as well from their vigorous nodding.
  666. “I'll tell you, but get comfortable cause it's gonna take a while to explain,” you began, clearing your throat to tell them a few tales. “I'll try to skip over any stupid and unimportant parts if I can.”
  669. >It didn’t take long for the flight to end just as you put the close to your own story.
  670. >Actually it took about two hours to get there.
  671. >Once the aircraft landed, you and the girls all left the aircraft and began to walk towards Doom Castle.
  672. > “I can’t believe that happened,” Indigo said, her eyes slightly wide.
  673. > “She really has a clone who works with her,” Sugarcoat muttered.
  674. “It wasn’t that bad,” you admitted, zipping up your coat to stop the cold wind
  675. >You and the girls were on a snowy mountain range trying to save your drunk super girlfriend.
  676. >Not what you were expecting to do today, but it’s something you have to do.
  677. >Plus there’s no way you’re gonna let Sunset start a war because she was drunk.
  678. > “I still can’t believe Doom lost to Squirrel Girl,” Lemon laughed, clutching her stomach while leaning on Sunny.
  679. > “It was amusing to hear, but did you have to tell us the parts about the bedroom attack or the clone war thing?” Sunny inquired, making sure Lemon doesn’t face plant in the snow.
  680. “It’s called world building, Sunny. Now let’s get going,” you yelled, walking ahead of the group.
  681. >Everyone was running after you, even a couple passing you, ready to rescue your girlfriend.
  682. >Thankfully Celestia was able to tell the location of the castle which was the easy part of your journey.
  683. >The hard part was actually finding a way inside said castle.
  684. > “Anon,” Sour called.
  685. >It’s gonna be tough that much is for sure, but with the girls it should be a bit easier.
  686. > “Anon,” Sour called once more, grabbing your shoulder.
  687. >And you need to figure out what to do once you find Sunset besides knocking her out.
  688. > “ANON!” Sour screamed, shaking you violently and breaking you from your thoughts.
  689. “What?” you asked, trying to stop her.
  690. >A moment later, she drags you to a ledge and points at something in the distance.
  691. >Looking at where Sour was pointing, you saw a snow covered castle there with a wrecked plane in front of it.
  692. >You could even see that the gate was open with a couple of bodies slumped against the door.
  693. >The girls ran towards the entrance with you following behind them.
  694. >After entering the castle you looked for any sign that would point to Sunset.
  695. >Unfortunately the place looked as if Hurricane Shimmer didn’t even touch the place.
  696. >This didn’t bode well with you.
  697. “Can any of you see anything that looks like Sunset and the others were here,” you wondered, looking around the entrance.
  698. > “Nothing done here,” Indigo observed, looking down one hallway with Sunny.
  699. > “Same,” Lemon yelled, looking at the other hallway with Sugarcoat.
  700. >Sour shakes her head negatively, indicating that she couldn’t tell either.
  701. “Why can’t this be easy?” you muttered angrily, “So any ideas on what to do? All I got is that we split up.”
  702. >The girls were trying to come up with their own ideas, but didn’t say anything.
  703. > “Might be the best plan we got,” Sour chuckled awkwardly, the others agreeing reluctantly.
  704. “That’s what I was afraid of,” you admitted, letting your shoulders sag.
  705. >Someone walked up behind you and gave you a one arm hug.
  706. >Looking to your side, you saw the smiling face of Lemon.
  707. > “Look on the bright side, at least this isn’t a horror movie,” Lemon cheered while trying to cheer you up. “So no monsters stalking us.”
  708. “I’d rather take a psycho killer, mutant, monster or all three over Doom right now,” you groaned, wishing it was that easy.
  709. >She let you go, grabbed Sugarcoat and ran down one hallway.
  710. >Not seeing what else they could do, Sunny and Indigo went down another hallway.
  711. >This left you with Sour, who was already searching one of the many rooms down the last hallway.
  715. >With everyone split up, you followed Sour down the hall while trying to find Sunset and the other two.
  716. > “You think we’ll be able to find them in here,” Sour asked, walking beside you.
  717. “I'm sure we will. At least I hope so, I don’t want to be here any longer than I need to be,” you sighed, looking for any sign of Sunset.
  718. >You were nervous beyond belief at the moment as many thoughts went through your head.
  719. >Where was Sunset and was she ok?
  720. >Did she get captured by Doom?
  721. >Is this gonna bite you later on in life?
  722. >That last one was the most likely to happen and that’s nerve wracking.
  723. “Hopefully we can just grab them and get out of here,” you said, turning a corner into the next hall and stopping to down the hallway.
  724. >You saw that there were doors on each side of the hall which caused your eye to twitch.
  725. > “Anon?’ Sour called beside you.
  726. “What is it Sour? Bad news or Sunset spray painting on Doom’s walls,” you guessed, trying to prepare yourself for the worst.
  727. >It’s not like anything else can surprise you at this point.
  728. > “Your jacket is moving. Your stomach to be specific,” Sour explained slowly.
  729. >That caused you to look down in confusion as it turned out she was right.
  730. >Your jacket was moving.
  731. >Grabbing the zipper, you pull it down to see what was causing the movement.
  732. >Once you had the zipper down and your jacket opened, you were greeted by a very familiar yellow lizard clinging to you.
  733. “Ray? What’re you doing here?” you asked, surprised you forgot about him.
  734. >He blinked at you while slowly climbing up your body and onto your head like he always does.
  735. >A moment later, you heard something shatter while someone screamed “Ray Ray’s here?”
  736. >That caused you to start opening doors and looking inside the rooms as Sour did the same.
  737. >All you saw was a bathroom, a bedroom, some kind of lab, Sunset messing up the library and a torture chamber.
  738. >You were about to look into the next room when your mind just registered what you saw.
  739. >Running back to the second to last door you checked, you opened it to see Sunset ripping about a few books while dancing.
  740. > “It’s snowing, it's snowing,” Sunset sang happily, throwing the pages into the air.
  741. >Yeah that's Sunset and doing something crazy.
  742. “Get over here, Sour,” you hissed, making sure you don't disturb  or spook Sunset.
  743. >The assassin looked at you after closing the door.
  744. >You gave her  the ‘come here’ motion, pointing in the room as well.
  745. >In return, Sour gave you one of the looks that's usually reserved for those crazy performers at the park.
  746. >She didn’t even move from her spot.
  747. >You were about to go over and drag her over when something pulled you into the room by your neck.
  748. >Stumbling backwards, you felt your head hit something soft while two slender arms wrapped around your neck.
  749. > “Anon and Ray Ray are here. Yay!’ Sunset slurred happily, rocking your head back and forth.
  750. >It didn’t take a genius to know where your head was, but it didn't help that you weren’t complaining.
  751. >Especially with Sunset cuddling your head to nuzzle Ray.
  752. >At least this will keep her occupied for a little while.
  753. “Do you mind letting go of me, Sunset? You can hold Ray if you do,” you offered, wanting to see how the others are doing.
  754. >Your superhero girlfriend seemed to think about it if her humming was any indication.
  755. > “No. I want both of you,” Sunset gushed, resuming her cuddling just as Sour poked her head into the room.
  756. >Sunset didn’t stop for anything, even when a phone went off.
  757. >It wasn’t yours and you know Sunset can't carry one in her suit.
  758. > “Yes?” Sour answered, pulling a phone out of her cleavage.
  759. > “WE NEED HELP,” Indigo screamed, shocking everyone in the room.
  760. >It even caused Sunset to let you go and fall to the ground.
  761. > “What's wrong? Did you find one of them?” Sour asked, holding the phone away from her ear.
  762. > “WE FOUND SQUIRREL GIRL AND SHE GOT AWAY,” Indigo screamed.
  763. >Before you could say anything, Squirrel Girl ran past the door and bumping into Sour.
  764. > “We'll call you back,” Sour said, ending the call and putting the phone back in her cleavage while you rose to your feet.
  765. “After her,” you commanded, grabbing Sunset and slinging her over your shoulder and running out the door.
  766. >Sour following not far behind you with her katana in her hand.
  768. >Some people would think that catching a drunk girl on foot would be easy.
  769. >They never had to chase after a drunk superhero/villain in a castle.
  770. > “How the fuck can she run so fast?” Sour yelled, running after the blue haired hero.
  771. > “Thi is fun. Weee,” Squirrel Girl cheered, running faster and farther away from your group.
  772. >Once at the end of the hallway, she made a left turn into another hallway just as a door was slammed shut a moment later.
  773. >You and Sour tried to keep up, but it proved difficult since the hallway had may doors on each side.
  774. “Search the rooms quickly,” you commanded, giving Sour a sideway glance as she nodded her head.
  775. >She went to work opening the doors while you let go of Sunset’s hand and searched the rooms.
  776. >All you found were more libraries, torture rooms, a hot tub and finally Squirrel Girl sitting on a bed in a bedroom.
  777. >She didn’t notice you since she was watching the TV in the room.
  778. >Being careful and quiet, you tried to sneak up on the unsuspecting hero.
  779. >You were able to get to the other side of the bed without alerting her.
  780. >Without even thinking about it, you tried to threw your arms around her.
  781. >Luckily you were able to grab her, but there was one problem.
  782. > “Stranger danger,” Squirrel Girl yelled, leaning her head back and hitting you in face, causing you to let go of her.
  783. >Free from your grasp, Squirrel Girl jumped over you and made a break for the door.
  784. >You just saw her leave the room, running down the hall and out of your sight.
  785. >The next thing you heard was a loud thud with Squirrel Girl yelling, “Why did you betray me, Spider-Woman?”
  786. >Rising to your feet and running out the door, you were greet by an amusing sight.
  787. >Squirrel Girl was on the floor since she tripped over Sunset’s body while they both waved their arms around.
  788. >It was one of the times were you wondered if they were doing this on purpose, but shock your head at that.
  789. >Sunset wouldn’t orchestrate something like this.
  790. >At least not to this extent.
  791. > “We could catch her yet Sunset stops her without trying,” Sour muttered, standing just behind you.
  792. “At this point, you really shouldn’t be surprised,” you sighed, kneeling in front of the downed girls. Turning to look at Sour, you asked, “You mind giving the others a call? We haven’t seen Evening and i want to know if the others found her.”
  793. >She nodded and pulled out her phone from her cleavage.
  794. >Dialing a number, Sour brought the phone to her face as it rang.
  795. >You started to pull Sunset and Squirrel Girl off of each other and prop them against the wall.
  796. >It was better than out right leaving them on the ground.
  797. > “Lemon, did you and Sugarcoat find the other spider,” Sour inquired.
  798. > “We saw her for a split second and then she disappeared and then we saw her again, but she disappeared again,” Lemon explained from the other end.
  799. >That wasn’t so surprising.
  800. >Evening was more into stealth and silent takedowns than Sunset was.
  801. >They even played a game of hide and seek while using the city as the territory.
  802. >Sunset lost more than the game that day.
  803. > “So where did you see her last? We need to find that bitch pronto,” Sour growled.
  804. > “We saw her near a lab and the kitchen. Other than those two places, we haven’t seen her since,” Lemon admitted.
  805. >That narrows down all the possible places she could be.
  806. “Tell her we’ll meet her back at the entrance,” you called, wrapping Sunset’s arm around your shoulders and lifted her up.
  807. > “Meet us at the entrance. We’ll need help,” Sour explained, ending the call. “Guess I’m grabbing the other drunken hero.”
  808. >She grabbed Squirrel Girl and swung her over her own shoulder.
  809. “Let’s go. Ray, I need you to watch over Mommy. Can you do that?” you addressed, hoping the lizard understood what you were saying.
  810. >It seemed that he did since he moved over to Sunset’s head and looking ready to fight.
  811. > “Aww there’s my special boy,” Sunset slurred drunkenly, petting her lizard.
  812. >You turned to see Sour look at you curiously.
  813. “Sunset taught him a few tricks. Now let’s go,” you said, moving towards the entrance.
  815. >It wasn’t that hard to lead Sunset back to the entrance.
  816. >More of a pain, but Sour was there to help you.
  817. >This was good on your part since you and Sour had to promise a few things to Sunset if she behaved.
  818. >Basically we promised her hugs and her favorite meals for a week if she followed instructions.
  819. >Unsurprisingly your group got there first.
  820. “Where are they?” You wondered, looking around the entrance.
  821. > “Chrome Dome invited them to a tea party,” Sunset giggled while trying to escape Sour’s grasp.
  822. “......I highly doubt that,” you muttered, pulling out your phone to see if they sent a message.
  823. >There wasn’t any sort of message.
  824. > “Ignoring what Sunset said, maybe Doom found and captured them,” Sour suggested, trying to hold on to the squirming hero.
  825. “I hope not. I just want them to get here so we can leave,” you muttered to yourself.
  826. >Just then your phone started to vibrate.
  827. >You pulled it out to see who sent you a message and it wasn’t surprising it was Lemon.
  828. >The message was simple.
  829. >All it said was being chased by Doom.
  830. “Fucking great,” you groaned, causing Sour and Ray to look at you.
  831. >Sunset was to busy laughing at something she found funny or amusing.
  832. >Hard to tell which when she’s drunk.
  833. > “What’s wrong? Did the girls get caught?” Sour asked curiously.
  834. “They’re being chased by Doom and his army,” you replied just as your phone vibrated.
  835. >Looking at the phone, you saw it was another message.
  836. >This time from Sunny Flare.
  837. “They got Squirrel Girl and Scarlet with them. That’s a relief,” you announced, feeling somewhat happy that the girls were caught.
  838. >The drunks you mean.
  839. > “Yay, now we can get more drinks,” Sunset slurred happily while punching the air.
  840. “NO,” you and Sour yelled.
  841. >It was nice to have someone agree with you.
  842. >The phone buzzed once more.
  843. “Now what?” you asked while looking at your phone.
  844. >Surprise surprise it was another message.
  845. > “What does it say? They’re captured? Stole a million from Bucket Head?” Sour asked, listing off a couple things.
  846. “It’s from Indigo and she says they’re trying to lose the welcoming committee in a various rooms and hallways,” you answered, feeling a bit annoyed at this point.
  847. >At least they’re okay for the most part.
  848. >Hopefully they can get here in a bit so you can leave.
  849. >Being a civilian in a villain’s city wasn’t your idea of a good time.
  850. >Especially when you’re trespassing in their mansion.
  851. > “Should we get them?” Sour asked, getting your attention.
  852. “Good idea,” you said, walking towards Sour and grabbing Sunset.
  853. >You and Sour, started to run down the halls with Sunset being dragged around by the shoulders.
  854. > “Weeeeeee. Faster, faster,” Sunset cheered like a five year old getting a piggyback ride.
  855. >Thankfully Ray decided to change spots when you ran out the room.
  856. > “We’re not going faster. Just be quiet for a little bit,” Sour ordered getting Sunset to stop surprisingly.
  857. >You opened one of the doors to see a destroyed robot near another door leading to the next hallway.
  858. >Stepping over the useless metal body, you and Sour look both ways to find a trail.
  859. >Nothing to your right.
  860. >To your left though.
  861. > “I think I found something,” Sour announced, pointing at a couple more destroyed bots.
  862. >Even a few webs and holes in the walls.
  863. “Follow the destruction then,” you said, shuffling down the hall as Ray climbed on top of your head.
  866. “They couldn’t have gotten far,” you said, looking into a room.
  867. >The destruction you were following seemed to be leading on a wild goose chase.
  868. >It seemed that the trail was going in circles.
  869. >You even found your favorite keychain hanging on a nail.
  870. >Right where you left it to test your theory.
  871. “>This was getting you a bit angry.
  872. “WHERE THE FUCK ARE THEY?” you growled irritably.
  873. >Okay you were really angry, but no one could blame you.
  874. > “Calm down, Anon. I’m sure we’ll find them,” Sour said, placing a hand on your shoulder for comfort.
  875. > “We just need to follow the party trail they left us,” Sunset slurred, trying to walk off but fell to the ground. “Who put this wall here?”
  876. >Sour did make you calm down a bit and she was right.
  877. >Sunset’s comment making you roll your eyes aside, you had to figure out what’s going on and why there’s nothing but a trail leading in a circle.
  878. > “Let’s just try and figure out what’s going on. There has to be a reason why we’re running around in circles. It’s almost like….,” Sour hypnothaized before she stopped talking.
  879. >Hearing that made you nervous a bit.
  880. >While you weren’t smart like Twilight or Sunny, you were able to pick up certain things from them.
  881. >Maybe you were good at reading someone.
  882. “Yes…,” you motioned, wanting to hear what she figured out.
  883. >Sour didn’t say anything as she dragged both you and Sunset into one of the rooms.
  884. “What’re you doing?” you asked, watching Sour close the door slightly and Sunset rub her face on the carpet.
  885. > “Testing a theory,” Sour explained while looking into the hallway.
  886. “A theory?” you muttered, standing up behind her.
  887. >All you got was a gesture to look out the door.
  888. >Following Sour’s gesture sounded a bit stupid, but you decided to humor her before saying anything and looking over her shoulder into the hallway.
  889. >Nothing happened for for a minute or two, like you thought, when you heard something.
  890. >It started out small, sounding like a rapid knocking if you had to guess.
  891. >In the span of ten seconds, the rapid knocking turned into the sound of a buffalo herd.
  892. >You weren’t that surprised to see Sunny’s group dragging Squirrel Girl and Evening away from a furious looking Doom.
  893. >And small platoon of of Doom Bots followed as the villain said one of his usual quotes.
  894. > “RRAAAAUUGGHH,” Doom yelled with a crazy glint in his green and red eyes.
  895. >No one noticed you or Sour, but you wouldn’t blame them.
  896. >Looking at Sour, you could tell the smile was practically saying she won or something like that.
  897. “You can’t rub it in if you didn’t say anything earlier,” you said trying to save a bit of pride.
  898. > “Sure I can,” Sour sang, poking you in the face as you waved your hand to stop her.
  899. >It didn’t stop her from doing it a few times and Sunset trying to do the same.
  900. >Glaring at your girlfriend, you watched as she couldn’t reach your face and started to poke your stomach cause a small chuckle to escape your lips.
  901. >Swatting her hand away, you turn back to see Sour looking sug as shit.
  902. “Fine, It’s your win. Happy? So what’re gonna do now?” you inquired as if issuing a challenge.
  903. >Sour didn’t answer you, but she hold up her index finger in the wait a moment gesture.
  904. >Deciding not to question her, you just stood there to see what the hell she was planning.
  905. >A moment or two later, Sour was peeking out the doorway and counting down from five with her hand.
  906. >Once she reached zero, Sour flong the door open, the girls ran by, with her katana in her hand.
  907. >You wondered if she was gonna behead Doom right there just to end this mission.
  908. >That wasn’t even close to what Sour was thinking of doing as her weapon gained a pinkish glow.
  909. >What happened next was Sour swinging her sword at the ground.
  910. >You could see the floor buckle under the combination of sword strikes and the weight of Doom and his posse.
  911. >Sour stopped swinging her sword as the dictator of the country fell through the floor.
  912. >Even his robot posse followed after him.
  913. > “That’s my plan,” Sour gloated with her nose turned up and her chest out.
  914. “Okay, your plan was the best. It proves that you’re one of the smartest, beautiful and talented girls in the world,” you said somewhat truthfully, but mainly to get her to stop goating.
  915. >It seemed to do the job since Sour’s cheeks were turning a bit pink.
  916. >Sour looked ready to say something when you heard someone knocking.
  917. >Turning towards the sound, you and Sour saw the girls peeking into the room like they were some kind of comedy group from the forties.
  918. >Even Squriel Girl and Evening were doing it and they were practically using each other for support.
  919. > “You guys mind having a moment later,” Sunny said frowning.
  920. > “Like when were not in Doom territory,” Sugarcoat suggested, glaring at you.
  921. >Knowing they had a point, you and Sour grabbed Sunset while exiting the room.
  922. “Right. Double time, ondely and any other things that mean run. I don’t want to be here when Doom gets back up,” you admitted
  923. >Rounding the corner, you caught a glimpse of a metal hand rising from the hole Sour made.
  924. >At least the downed villain didn’t see you.
  925. >You and the girls reached the entrance with no problem whatsoever.
  926. >Everyone stopped right by the door for a little breather or in your case getting a better grip on Sunset.
  927. > “All we need to do is just go up the hill, jump in the aircraft and we’re home free,” Sugarcoat instructed, looking outside as Lemon joined her.
  928. > “At least we lost,” Lemon started to say before Sugarcoat put her hand over her mouth.
  929. > “Don’t complete that sentence. I’m not having you jinx us when we’re this close,” Sugarcoat growled causing the green haired girl to sweat a bit.
  930. >The girls, including the drunks, all nodded in agreement.
  931. >You found that a bit odd that they were superstitious, but you weren’t gonna say anything.
  932. >But it did make you wonder what could go wrong.
  933. >A moment later something came crashing through one of the walls, filling the entrance with smoke and debris.
  934. > “So you thought you could leave my kingdom,” a dark gravelly voice growled from behind you.
  935. >You didn’t need to turn around to know who that was.
  936. > “Who jinxed us?” Sour asked in a deathly calm tone which you didn’t answer.
  939. > “Seriously, which of you jinxed us?” Sour asked menacingly while looking at the group.
  940. >It amazed you where Sour’s priorities were.
  941. > “I don’t care who jinxed or cursed you. I want you all to suffer for you transactions in Doom’s Lair,” Doom shouted causing everyone to stop an argument from happening.
  942. >The girls looked a bit scared and you couldn’t blame them.
  943. >Being near the six foot tall man in a full body metal suit that could use magic to destroy you does have a certain effect on people.
  944. >You weren’t that scared mainly cause the fear factor wore off after awhile.
  945. >Doom was menacing, powerful and deadly, that’s for sure.
  946. >But after seeing him a few times, the evil dictator image falls apart.
  947. >Well to you anyways.
  948. “What transactions? We got here about ten minutes ago,” you announced, getting Doom’s attention on you.
  949. > “The damage done to my castle says otherwise,” Doom growled with lightning dancing around his hand.
  950. “And what damage did we cause?” you asked playing dumb to get him to focus on you.
  951. >You were hoping that the girls would do something now that they weren’t in Doom’s sight.
  952. > “That menace destroyed my lab,” Doom said, pointing at Sunset.
  953. >Wouldn’t have expected her to vandalize someone property.
  954. >Then again she did web a building with her club slogan.
  955. > “The other one punched all my servants unconscious. Once they were down, she proceeded to teabag them while shouting ‘I’m Deadpool,” Doom growled angrily, pointing at Evening for emphasis.
  956. >You knew she was a bit of an angry drunk so this wasn’t surprising in the least.
  957. >Claiming to be Deadpool wasn’t surprising either.
  958. >The few times you saw Evening drunk, she claimed to be someone else ranging from celebrities to heroes and even civilians with fake names.
  959. >What kind of a name is Slade Wilson anyways?
  960. “There are many people who claim to be Deadpool. Just look around and you’ll see someone in his costume,” you claimed to play stupid.
  961. > “The squirrel chewed my furniture, broke my favorite chair, ruined my library and brought a plague of destruction to my kingdom,” Doom yelled hatefully as he glared at Squirrel Girl.
  962. “She did all that?” you asked shockingly.
  963. >Okay, you had to admit that you were impressed with Squirrel Girl right now.
  964. >You knew her since high school and she always surprised you like Pinkie Pie.
  965. >It was always a treat to see Sonata Dusk, Squirrel Girl, and Pinkie Pie come up with crazy things to do.
  966. >Her sisters on the other hand were the ones you needed to watch and stay away from.
  967. >Thankfully you don’t have to deal with them.
  968. > “They burned down my statue somehow,” Doom explained angrily while looking at the girls.
  969. >You could tell this was getting ridiculous.
  970. >None of them had fire powers or anything like that and Sonata could command squirrels.
  971. >Looking at the drunks in the room made you wonder if they should get help or something.
  972. >Evening passed out while leaning on Lemon.
  973. >Sunset was trying to strip herself of her sweaty suit.
  974. >And Sonata wasn’t even in the entrance.
  975. >Wait, what?
  976. >Looking around the area, you saw that Sonata somehow left.
  977. >Where the fuck was she and why do you have a feeling something stupid is about to happen?
  978. > “…..Where’s the squirrel?” Doom wondered in a slightly terrified voice.
  979. >Everyone looked at each other and just shrugged helplessly.
  980. >Never a good sign.
  981. > “Find her before she does anything else,” Doom ordered as his army began searching for the missing hero.
  982. >Just as a few of Doom’s soldiers left, the entrance started to shake causing a few paints and other expensive stuff the fall.
  983. > “What is happening to Doom’s fortress?” Doom yelled, looking for the source of the commotion.
  984. >Moments later, you watched as a S.H.I.E.L.D. aircraft came crashing through the ceiling.
  985. >Right on top of Doom and sending him about seventeen feet into the ground.
  986. >You just witnessed Doom being driven into the ground like it was nothing.
  987. “How? Why? I mean what the fuck just happened?” you muttered since this wasn’t something you see everyday.
  988. >One of the doors opened up to reveal a smiling Sonata and a bound up pilot.
  989. > “Give me fuel give me fire,” Sonata sang as the girls pushed her inside the aircraft.
  990. > “Move it and release the pilot,” Sunny commanded as the others rushed inside.
  991. >Making your way towards the front of the ship, you couldn’t help but whistle at the sight.
  992. “Did Doom survive?” you wondered.
  993. >A loud metallic groan from the floor was your only answer.
  994. “He’s fine,” you muttered uncaringly as you entered the ship. “Get this thing moving before Metal Man rises.”
  995. > “Don’t rush me, kid. I’m getting us in the air as quickly as I can,” the pilot yelled with the engine roaring.
  996. > “Can you drop me off at my place? I need to get back before Dagi gets home,” Sonata muttered sleepily while lying on the floor.
  997. >Hearing that brought a cold feeling up your spine.
  998. >You were hoping that you didn’t have to deal with Sonata’s sister.
  1001. >With the speed of the S.H.I.E.L.D. aircraft and the annoyance of three drunks, everyone got back home safely.
  1002. >Even the pilot, who said something about retiring to an island or something, made it back with his sanity and body intact.
  1003. >Considering that he had to deal with the girls for a night, you wouldn’t blame him.
  1004. >At least you’re home free at this point and just had to get Sonata home before dragging the other drunks home.
  1005. “Stop moving dammit, you can do whatever you want once we get you inside,” you whispered, trying to drag Sonata into your home.
  1006. >It was odd to let her do that and anyone with a working brain cells would just drop her off at her own house.
  1007. >You on the other hand had to deal with all the shenanigans your girlfriend brought home like they were groceries.
  1008. >So it was just another day in paradise.
  1009. >Even if you had to chase her into a villain’s bachelor pad.
  1010. >Thinking about earlier caused you to remember the deal you made with Celestia earlier.
  1011. “Gonna need to do something about that,” you muttered, getting a hold of Sonata as she moves on your back.
  1012. > “The girls or the favor?” Sour asked curiously as she struggled to keep Sunset and Evening from running off.
  1013. “Yes,” you said, not bothering to elaborate. “I’ll figure it out after we get some sleep and you’re staying over.”
  1014. > “Why? I mean why have me stay over?” Siur asked shocked and confused.
  1015. >You stopped to look at the energy assassin, seeing if she was seriously asking that question.
  1016. >To your disappointment she was.
  1017. “We just had to go across the world to save these three. At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if I wake up and find out they kidnapped Celestia again,” you explained while giving her a blank look.
  1018. >It seemed to do the trick as Sour figured out that her question was a stupid thing to ask.
  1019. > “Good point, but what was that about them kidnapping Celestia?” Sour inquired curiously as she lifted the drunk spider heroes up.
  1020. >Hearing that question brought a good number of awkward memories and death threats that you wanted to forget.
  1021. >It wasn’t something you liked to dwell on either.
  1022. “Let’s just say Celestia was in our bed when I woke up and leave it at that,” you answered, hoping that there wouldn’t be anymore questions.
  1023. > “But,” Sour began to say as you looked at her.
  1024. “That’s all that happened. Nothing more, nothing less. No more questions,” you scowled, looking at Sour for a moment.
  1025. >She seemed to get the message and dropped the subject.
  1026. >For now.
  1027. >At least it got her off your back.
  1028. > “So why don’t we drop Squirrel Girl at her own home? Would be easier to watch two drunks than three right?” Sour wondered as you walked away from her.
  1029. >You really didn’t want answer those questions.
  1030. > “I mean it’s not like we have to take care of her. Let’s just drop her off and go home,” Sour suggested, walking behind you.
  1031. “It’s not that easy, Sour,” you answered tiredly as you continued walking.
  1032. > “Not easy? We just have to get her home and dump her ass there,” Sour ranted a bit angrily.
  1033. > “Don’t dump me, I’m too adorable to dump,” Sonata giggled while nuzzling your neck.
  1034. >You didn’t answer while letting Sonata do what she wants.
  1035. >It’s better than yelling at her and dealing with an angry drunk.
  1036. >You’ll have to deal with Evening in the morning, no reason to add more problems to your plate.
  1037. “Sour it isn’t too simple,” you sighed, turning to look at your partner in drunk carrying.
  1038. > “And why’s that? Squirrel Girl here have a cat or something?” Sour guessed while Sunset purred like one.
  1039. > “Dagi,” Sonata said from your back.
  1040. >Hearing that name caused you to sigh which Sour noticed.
  1041. > “So it’s a cat? A dog? A chinchilla?” Sour guessed curiously. “You better not be afraid of a fish. That would be the stupidest thing to fear.”
  1042. >Might as well tell her since Sour would just ask again later.
  1043. “It’s not an animal whatsoever, but a person,” you conceded, getting a better grip on Sonata.
  1044. > “Dagi,” Sonata repeated.
  1045. “Right, it’s Sonata’s sister I don’t want to deal with since we go way back,” you answered as Sonata leaned on you for some reason.
  1046. > “Really? That’s it?” Sour asked, looking at you at you in a weird way.
  1047. >Not that you blame her.
  1048. >It probably wasn’t what she was expecting.
  1049. > “Dagi,” Sonata repeated.
  1050. “Enough Sonata. I’ll tell Sour so stop moving,” you muttered while trying to hold on to her.
  1051. > “Dagi, over here,” Sonata yelled loudly.
  1052. >You turned to where Sonata was waving at to see the one person you wanted to avoid.
  1053. >Adagio Dazzle was standing there in a shiny black bodysuit, that clung to her shapely figure, with a white spider emblem on the front.
  1054. >She walked towards you and Sonata the moment you turned.
  1055. > “Hello Anon. How’ve you been? It’s been quite sometime since we talked,” Adagio sang mockingly, stopping just a few feet from you.
  1056. “Hey Adagio. It has been awhile, I believe the last time we talked was when you were dangling me off a building,” you scowled, watching her closely.
  1057. > “Aww, can’t we just let the past stay in the past? I mean we use to have so much fun,” Adagio purred as she leaned forward a little bit.
  1058. “Do those fun times include using me as a hostage after you dumped me,” you replied, looking her in the eye and nowhere else.
  1059. >Didn’t want to give her anymore ammo to use against you.
  1060. >Even if it was tempting to see her suited body.
  1061. >That was something you blame Sunset for.
  1062. >Her and her sexy body.
  1063. > “You two use to date?” Sour gasped from behind you.
  1064. “Yeah. Adagio meet Sour Sweet. Sour meet Adagio Dazzle, Sonata’s sister and my ex-girlfriend,” you explained while pointing at the two.
  1065. > “Um, nice to meet you?” Sour hesitated, looking unsure of what to say.
  1066. > “Charmed I’m sure. Now onto the matter of you carrying Sonata,” Adagio yawned as she pointed at the girl on your back. “What would Sunset say?”
  1067. “As she is then Sunset would say she wants a turn,” you admitted quickly.
  1068. >Your ex looked confused by your answer which you couldn’t blame her.
  1069. >She’s never seen Drunk Sunset in person.
  1070. “Sunset’s drunk same with Sonata and her clone and we’re about to go home so they can sleep it off,” you explained much to Adagio’s growing amusement.
  1071. >Not that you can blame her, but you secretly want to.
  1072. > “Are you pulling my leg or working on your story telling?” Adagio giggled while trying to contain her mirth.
  1073. >Her answer was you pointing at Sour’s feet, where Sunset and Evening were trying to get up.
  1074. >And failing.
  1075. >Seeing this caused Adagio to giggle as she walked towards the downed spider themed heroes.
  1076. > “To think I would see the day Sunset at my feet like this. It’s a good day,” Adagio cheered, standing trumpitely.
  1077. “You did nothing to her though,” you deadpanned unamused.
  1078. > “Don’t ruin this,” Adagio hissed.
  1079. “Sure thing. Just watch out for Sunset,” you warned just as a smile formed on your face.
  1080. >This confused your ex for a bit while Sour started to giggle.
  1081. >It was too late for Adagio cause Sunset wrapped her arms around her.
  1082. >And squeezed some sensitive spots.
  1083. > “So soft,” Sunset muttered, squeezing Adagio’s ass and chest.
  1084. "She get's handsy," you admitted, feeling satisfied for some reason.
  1086. > “Should she be doing that?” Sour asked while pointing at the scene before her.
  1087. >Right in front of her Sunet was attempting to remove Adagio’s suit from her body.
  1088. > “Let go you menace,” Adagio yelled, trying to shake Sunset off her leg.
  1089. >Really, Sunset was holding on to her leg like a boa constrictor.
  1090. > “So soft and warm,” Sunset muttered as she rubbed her face against Adagio’s thigh.
  1091. >You just looked at them for a little bit, thinking your answer over carefully.
  1092. “Should we do something? Yes,” you answered honestly while nodding.
  1093. > “Then let’s separate them,” Sour grumbled, ready to jump in to stop a fight.
  1094. >Only thing stopping her was your hand holding onto hers.
  1095. “Will I do something? No. I want to see where this goes,” you admitted lazily.
  1096. > “What? Why?” Sour asked in a worried tone while looking at your hand.
  1097. >Her cheeks were turning pink for some odd reason.
  1098. “Besides the fact that it’s amusing? I know Adagio won’t hurt Sunset,” you answered truthfully.
  1099. >You instantly regretted saying that as you noticed something being flung at you.
  1100. >Without even thinking, you let go of Sour’s hand and held your hands out as you braced for impact.
  1101. >Turns out that a punted super heroine was more than enough to send you to the ground.
  1102. > Looking up, you could see Sour looking down at you.
  1103. > “You okay?” Sour asked in a worried tone.
  1104. “Ugh just peachy. She weighs practically nothing,” you groaned, pushing Sunset off of you with some difficulty.
  1105. > “She doesn’t look like she’s light,” Sour accused, pointing at you lazily.
  1106. “I was sarcastic Sour. I felt more pain from the fall than by Sunset,” you groaned as Sunset feel back on top of you. “Get off of me, Sunset.”
  1107. >Your superhero girlfriend didn’t move, but squeezed you a bit harder.
  1108. >Being a real big help like always.
  1109. > “Be thankful I didn’t chuck her into the trash, Anon. It was very tempting,” Adagio said, walking towards and looking down at you.
  1110. “Yeah, thanks. Now help us get them home. We’ve had a long day and want to sleep,” you grunted, letting Sunset lay on top of you.
  1111. >Rolling her eyes, Adagio bent down and not so gently flung Sunset over her shoulder.
  1112. > “You do know people are gonna say things if they see us,” Adagio smirked as she looked down at you.
  1113. “Just shut up and follow us. I want to sleep in my bed sometime tonight,” You grumbled while picking Sonata backup and walking towards your home.
  1115. >Thankfully nothing else happened along the way except for a small catch up talk with Adagio.
  1116. >Besides the whole anti hero thing, she’s been doing good since she got a decent job at a jazz club.
  1117. >Adagio informed you that she was a waitress and singer there which wasn’t that surprising.
  1118. >When you asked about the third stooge of her family, you found out Aria was working for Sunny’s company.
  1119. >Small world you guess, but whatever.
  1120. >Once you got home, you instantly crashed on your bed, not caring what Adagio and Sour do.
  1121. >That proved to be a mistake.
  1122. >When your body and mind were basically saying it’s morning, you noticed a few things off.
  1123. >Your bed was creaking a bit and you felt a person infront, beside, on top of you, above your head and below your feet.
  1124. >You knew it was the girls that surrounded you on all sizes if your bed.
  1125. >You just didn’t feel like looking to see who was were.
  1126. >No doubt Adagio was waiting to tease you.
  1127. >Fortunately everyone woke up at the same time and demanded breakfast like usual.
  1128. >After they ate their meals, some of which wanting seconds, everyone left to go to their jobs or homes and out of your hair.
  1129. >For the whole day even as nothing exciting happened at work besides the occasional angry customer.
  1130. >It almost made you laugh at their attempts to look menacing.
  1131. >They had nothing on Thanos or any of the big bads out there.
  1132. >Though Death was a strange one at times, but you’re not going down that road.
  1133. >Not gonna think about that preppy goth.
  1134. >Anyways you finished work and went home to find it completely empty.
  1135. >A bad sign that something was gonna happen.
  1136. “Two minutes until something happens,” you predicted, grabbing the home phone and taking out your cell phones.
  1137. >It’s only a matter of time.
  1138. >While you wait, you start to make a list of possible dishes to make for Celestia’s luncheon.
  1139. >Less than a minute later, your cell phone rang with an annoying ringtone you assigned to one person.
  1140. “Pinkie Pie,” you muttered before answering the phone.
  1141. > “Anon, we got a problem,” Pinkie said from the other end.
  1142. >You resisted the urge to sigh and facepalm.
  1143. >No matter how tempting and appropriate it would be.
  1144. “What’s the emergency? Doom here to steal pies? Deadpool challenged you to a rap battle? A team of idiots in bright colored armor beating you? Or Twilight fused Sunset with Black Cat again?” you inquired sarcastically.
  1145. >Sad thing is that you’re hoping it’s one of those to happen.
  1146. >Those insane suggestions were preferable to what you know will happen.
  1147. > “It’s so much worse than that. Sunset’s drunk,” Pinkie yelled, sounding worried.
  1148. “What else is new? I’ve had to deal with this so much that it became the norm for me,” you yawned, remembering to edit this clips someday.
  1149. > “She also eat one of my sugar bombs as well,” Pinkie admitted sadly.
  1150. >That almost caused you to drop your phone as memories came back.
  1151. >Many unsolved questions as well.
  1152. >Like how the fuck did Sunset TP the S.H.I.E.L.D. base?
  1153. “Where is she?” you asked deathly afraid while squeezing your phone.
  1154. > “My place. We’re trying to keep her here, but she almost got away a few times,” Pinkie muttered fearfully.
  1155. >The sound of portalian breaking was heard.
  1156. > “Sunset, put the plates down. We don’t want to do anything rash….Oh shit, she’s got the spoons,” Rainbow yelled from the other end.
  1157. “I’ll be there in a few minutes. Don’t lose her,” you ordered, running out the door to hopefully stop Sunset from spooning the girls.
  1159. >Reaching Pinkie’s home took a bit longer than you thought.
  1160. >An accident happened on the main road and you had to take a detour.
  1161. >That put another five minutes on your drive.
  1162. >Once you reached the party girl’s house, you ran up to her door and started to knock on it.
  1163. “Open up Pinkie,” you yelled, your knocking turning into fist banging and praying they were still here.
  1164. >It seemed that was the case as the door began opening slowly to reveal Maud, Pinkie’s sister, in all her monotonous and unamused glory.
  1165. > “Hello Anon. Are you here for Sunset?” Maud wondered flatly.
  1166. “Yes, I’m here for her. Please tell me she didn’t escape or started to food fight,” you begged desperately as you got ready to run if that’s what happened.
  1167. >Maud nodded, to your utter relief, and opened the door so you could enter.
  1168. >The emotionless girl lead you to another room were Sunset was pinned down by her friends with Trixie knocked against the wall.
  1169. >Wait, Trixie?
  1170. >What’s she doing here?
  1171. “What’s Trixie doing here?” you blurted out.
  1172. > “Oh I invited her to do some magic tricks while we drink. It was so much fun watching our drinks burn and all that,” Pinkie cheered while straddling Sunset’s waist.
  1173. >That was as informative as  Pinkie’s explanation of her crazy kung fu dreams.
  1174. >At least her stories make you laugh.
  1175. “Okay then. So why did you give her a sugar bomb? You remember what happened the last time right?” you groaned, watching them hold down Sunset’s arms as they blush.
  1176. >Guess they didn’t think things through since Sunset was somehow doing jazz hands and groping Twilight and Rarity.
  1177. > “Of course we remember Anon. We even made a promise not to have them near Sunset,” Rarity shrieked as Sunset brushed her chest.
  1178. > “Numbnuts here used one of her tricks to put the sugar bomb in Sunset’s drink. If you’re gonna blame anyone then blame her,” Rainbow growled, pointing at Trixie who was still knocked out.
  1179. “Well this is just great. Any of you got some rope?” you asked, expecting Pinkie or Trixie to have some on hand.
  1180. >To your disappointment, everyone shook their heads negatively.
  1181. >You were about to ask if there was any tape when you felt someone tap your shoulder.
  1182. >Turning to the source, you only saw Maud standing behind you.
  1183. >Without saying a single word, Maud holds up something for you to see.
  1184. >Rope, chains and a few pairs of handcuffs.
  1185. >You stood there, staring at her as everyone went quiet.
  1186. >At this point you had so many questions, but none of which you wanted answers for.
  1187. “......Why do you have these things?” you inquired curiously.
  1188. > “You wanted something to tie Sunset up so i got them to help,” Maud explained tonelessly with a blank expression.
  1189. >Well that was helpful in a weird way.
  1190. >Now all you need to do is walk away and…
  1191. “Where did you get these things?” you asked dumbly.
  1192. >Ask more questions apparently.
  1193. > “From my room,” Maud answered blankly.
  1194. >Now’s the time to just walk away and get Sunset under control.
  1195. “.......Why was this stuff in your room?” you inquired once again.
  1196. >And why can’t you stop asking questions?
  1197. > “Boulder suggested it,” Maud answer simply before walking away.
  1198. >With Pinkie’s expressionless sister gone, you slowly turned back to the girls to see the same wide eyed expression.
  1199. “We never speak of this,” you said, getting nods from everyone sans Sunset.
  1200. >She decided to voice something you never wanted to think about.
  1201. > “Boulder’s kinky,” Sunset cheered.
  1202. >Getting tired of the day, you made a makeshift gag to silence your girlfriend and get started on restraining her.
  1203. >The moment the girls let her go, Sunset seemed to flip tables on everyone including yourself.
  1204. >She managed to tie Twilight into a kneeling position that you would see in an anime.
  1205. >Applejack and Rainbow were hogtied together somehow.
  1206. >Pinkie was tied to her bed while having the most confused expression you’ve seem on her face.
  1207. >Rarity and Fluttershy were intimately tied together, enough said.
  1208. >Sunset, in her infinite wisdom, handcuffed your own arms and ankles together.
  1209. > “Why isn’t Anon tied up, Sunny bunny?” Pinkie elequitely asked from her spot while trying to look at your captor.
  1210. > “Hostage situation,” Sunset yelled quickly as she pulled her hero mask over her face and stripping her clothes off.
  1211. >Luckily she was wearing her spider suit underneath them.
  1212. >She then grabbed you, opened a window and started to web swing away.
  1213. >Maybe you should have a talk with Sunset after all this.
  1217. >And that talk did happen.
  1218. >The next day, but all that matters is that it happened.
  1219. >You said a few things to her and she didn’t argue with you.
  1220. >Sunset did agree to cut back on the drinking a bit.
  1221. >Cut back, but not give up entirely and you could live with that.
  1222. >All you needed now was for Sunset to stop doing dangerous stuff and everything would be perfect.
  1223. >Unfortunately you knew that was next to impossible, but you could dream.
  1224. >At least you’ll have a good laugh soon enough.
  1225. >With that out of the way, you had to start looking up recipes for Celestia’s food service thing.
  1226. >Sunset, knowing what you were doing, decided to help you out with what she knew about some of the heroes.
  1227. >From what your girlfriend said, none of the heroes had any preference towards anything specific.
  1228. >Except for Celestia.
  1229. >She requested, aka demanded, a good amount of cakes.
  1230. >It took you a day and a half just to get everything prepared even with Sour’s help.
  1231. >You were lucky that she offered to help you.
  1232. >All she wanted in return was to relax in your room.
  1233. >That was odd but you basically said yes since you saw nothing wrong with it.
  1234. >Once Sunset got home, you noticed that Sour didn't leave your room.
  1235. >Not seeing anything wrong, Sunset climbed into bed with you to sleep.
  1236. >You were used to this far more than you wanted to admit.
  1237. >The next day Celestia sent a few of her workers to pick up both you, Sour and the food.
  1238. >Though you had to stop them from gunning Sour down since she’s technically still a villian in their eyes.
  1239. >After they lowered their guns and put the food in their cars, you and Sour were taken to S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters.
  1240. >Which lead you to being here in the S.H.I.E.L.D. cafeteria and serving food to a bunch of heroes.
  1241. “You’ll like this Sir,” you said, handing a plate of garlic butter herb steak with potatoes to the person in front of you.
  1242. > “Thank you young man. I can see why Spidey brags about your food,” Iron Man, aka Fancy Pants, complimented as he took the food towards a table.
  1243. >Seeing everyone eat your food and enjoy it gave you some warm yet fuzzy feeling inside your chest.
  1244. >It’s a good thing no one could see your smiling face right now.
  1245. >You were planning to give your ……. You had no word what to call them.
  1246. >Friends?
  1247. >No, you only talked to them a handful of times and one of them was really a friendly enemy in a sense.
  1248. >Family?
  1249. >You’re not related to anyone here.
  1250. >Associates?
  1251. >That sounds about right.
  1252. >You’re gonna give your associates a show to go with their meal.
  1253. >When one of the lackey of the organization walked by, you stopped him and told him what to do.
  1254. >Simply that he should play the DVD you gave him in a few minutes on one of the screens.
  1255. >He was skeptical at this, but you slipped him a fifty and he instantly agreed.
  1256. >Taking the DVD and walking off to wherever, you stood there waiting for the show to begin.
  1257. > “It seems everyone loves your food, Anon,” a familiar voiced said.
  1258. “You don’t know how much of a relief that is. I was almost thought I would have to deal with some angry heroes wanting a shot at me,” you replied, turning to see Celestia standing there with a smile on her face.
  1259. >Seeing her wear a skin tight catsuit and trench coat was odd, but you’re not gonna say what she can or can not wear.
  1260. >Plus she did look good in it like Sunset admitted one time.
  1261. > “They wouldn’t do anything like that,” Celestia giggled at your answer.
  1262. “Sunset said otherwise about that one guy,” you said, getting a plate ready for her.
  1263. > “True but he was a nuisance and trying to control everything,” Celestia sighed while remembering that unpleasant person.
  1264. >You shrug and cut a piece of cake for the S.H.I.E.L.D. leader, trying not to question anything about that.
  1265. >It wasn’t your problem and you really didn’t care.
  1266. >Right now you were focusing on serving Celestia and waiting for your plan to begin.
  1267. >You didn’t have to wait long as one of the screens turned on.
  1268. >Handing the cake to Celestia, you watched as one of the screens flickered on.
  1269. >Everyone stopped to see what was going on while muttering to themselves.
  1270. >Soon the screen showed a few clips of Spider-Woman swinging around the city above the camera guy.
  1271. >Everyone was confused for a moment before sitting back and watching to see where this goes.
  1272. >The title appeared and everyone started to laugh.
  1273. >With a name like “The Drunken Spider Spectacular” why wouldn’t they laugh.
  1274. >You could see Sunset squirming in her seat and nervously chuckling.
  1275. >The laughter didn’t stop even as the first few clips started.
  1276. > “Girl Power.”
  1277. > “I’m playing the song of my people.”
  1278. > “Shake that ass.”
  1279. > “Why must everyone try to destroy the foundation that beer has made?”
  1280. > “It’s pants dance time.”
  1281. >At this point everyone was either on the floor, holding their sides, laughing out loud or a combo of the three.
  1282. >You couldn’t stop smiling even when you felt something tapping your shoulder.
  1283. > “You planned this didn’t you?” Sour inquired from behind you.
  1284. “Yes and no. I was gonna give Sunset a private screening and no one else, but after the Doom incident I decided to get a bit of payback,” you admitted casually while inspecting your nails.
  1285. >Suddenly someone grabbed your collar and pulled you over the table.
  1286. >At least none of the food fell on the floor as you looked into a pair of furious looking cyan eyes.
  1287. “Hey honey. How’s everything going?” you asked as if nothing was wrong.
  1288. > “Everything’s just peachy. I’m having the time of my life,” Sunset snarked while holding you close to her.
  1289. “That’s great. I just hope you have enough energy to go to your Girl Power meeting,” you chuckled, seeing Sunset deflate in a sense.
  1290. >To think that it wasn’t Crimson Goblin or even Scorpion that defeated Spider-Woman.
  1291. >It was her own drunkenness and her boyfriend.
  1292. > “Laugh it up. I’ll get you later tonight,” Sunset promised as she let you go and pouted.
  1293. >In response you wrapped your arms around her and laughed.
  1294. “I look forward to it. Just know that nothing will ever top this,” you chuckled.
  1295. > “Challenge accepted,” Sunset muttered.
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