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  1. Last time, I had the chief by my side.
  2. But today, I must fight alone to save Maya!
  3. Objection!
  4. Objection!
  5.  田 Ace Attorney
  6.  田 Turnabout Sisters — 2nd Trial
  7. April 6, 10 AM District Court — Courtroom No. 1
  8.  田 Defense Lawyer — Phoenix Wright
  9.  田 Prosecutor — Miles Edgeworth
  10. I'm up against Miles Edgeworth,
  11. the unprecedented genius prosecutor...
  12.  田 Defendant — Maya Fey
  13.  田 Judge
  14. Court is now in session for the trial of Ms. Maya Fey.
  15. The prosecution is ready, Your Honor.
  16. The defense is ready, Your Honor.
  17. Mr. Edgeworth, please give the court your opening statement.
  18. Certainly, Your Honor.
  19.  田 Victim: Mia Fey (27) Suspect: Maya Fey (17)
  20. The victim is Mia Fey.
  21. And the suspect, Maya Fey.
  22. The two of them were sisters.
  23. The prosecution has evidence the defendant committed the murder,
  24. and we have a witness who saw her do it.
  25. The prosecution sees no reason to doubt her guilt, Your Honor.
  26. Thus, let the first witness take the stand.
  27. Witness, please state your name and profession.
  28. Sir! My name's Dick Gumshoe, sir.
  29. I'm the detective in charge of homicides down at the precinct, sir!
  30.  田 Witness: District Police Detective Dick Gumshoe
  31. Detective, I believe you are already aware of this,
  32. but keep your testimony concise and to the point.
  33. Y-Y-Yes, sir!
  34.  田 Witness Testimony
  35. First, describe the details of the murder.
  36. Very well. Let me use this floor plan of the office to explain.
  37. The body was found here, by this window.
  38. Body
  39. And the cause of death?
  40. She died instantly due to being struck by a blunt object, sir!
  41. The murder weapon was a statue of  田 The Thinker 田 , correct?
  42. Yes, sir. It was found lying next to the body.
  43. You immediately arrested Ms. Maya Fey, who was found at the scene.
  44. Can you tell me why?
  45. I had hard evidence she did it, sir.
  46.  田 Receipt April 2 Antique glass light stand
  47.  田 Before she died, the victim wrote the killer's name.
  48.  田 Maya
  49. The word "Maya" was clearly written in blood!
  50. Right there!
  51.  田 Maya
  52.  田 Maya
  53. Test results showed the blood belonged to the victim.
  54. That's hard evidence!
  55. So the victim identified her killer right before she died?
  56. Yes, sir! That's exactly it—
  57. Objection!
  58. Objection!
  59. Hang on a second!
  60. There's no way the victim could've written that bloody message!
  61. Amateurs would do well to keep their mouths shut, pal.
  62. This is your department's autopsy report, Detective.
  63. And it says the victim "died instantly due to blunt force trauma."
  64. That's right, pal.
  65. And after the blow instantly killed her, she used her last ounce of strength—
  66. Wait, there was no ounce or pound! She was dead!
  67. Huh?
  68. But...
  69. No butting your way out of this one!
  70. Th-That certainly is strange...
  71. The prosecution's evidence is contradictory!
  72. This could work!
  73. What's so funny?
  74. My, my.
  75. That won't do, defense.
  76. Autopsy Report
  77. That autopsy report is outdated.
  78. Wh-What?
  79. Yesterday, a second autopsy was performed, which changed the report.
  80. From "died instantly"
  81. to "died pretty much instantly."
  82. P-P—
  83. P-P-Pretty much?
  84. Which means that the victim could have written that message.
  85. After all, she didn't die instantly...
  86. Indeed. The defense really ought to peruse the evidence beforehand.
  87. P-Please wait!
  88. I haven't heard anything about a second autopsy!
  89. Well, I did only receive the results this morning.
  90. Apparently, there was a mistake in the paperwork.
  91. Isn't that right, Detective Gumshoe?
  92. Huh? But I didn't...
  93. Regardless, the defense seems to have dug its own grave.
  94. Y-You're playing dirty, Edgeworth.
  95. Allow me to dispense some advice.
  96. In court, proof is everything. Without it, you are nothing, amateur!
  97. It seems our upstart defense attorney
  98. is "pretty much" DOA.
  99. So it was a trap...
  100. Mr. Lawyer...
  101. The prosecution would like to call its next witness.
  102. This poor, innocent lady saw the murder with her own eyes!
  103. Sorry to keep you waiting, my dears!
  104. Witness, please state your name.
  105. April May!
  106. At your service!
  107.  田 Witness — April May
  108. The witness will refrain from wanton winking.
  109. Yes, Your Honor!
  110. She's already captured the heart of every man in the court.
  111. Testify to the court about what you saw on April 3rd, the night of the murder.
  112. Sure thing.
  113.  田 Witness Testimony
  114. I saw it all happen with my own eyes...
  115.  田 Testimony
  116. That night, I just looked out the window.
  117. And then,
  118. I saw a long-haired woman being attacked in the building across the street!
  119. The one attacking her was the mousy girl
  120. seated in the defendant's chair!
  121. N-No!
  122. I didn't...
  123. Witness, do you recall the exact time?
  124. Yeah.
  125. I, like, heard a voice.
  126. Testimony
  127. It's 8:50, I think...
  128. The murder weapon spoke?
  129. Yes, at a glance, it doesn't appear to be a clock.
  130. It's a fact the witness couldn't know unless she saw the moment of the murder.
  131. Yes, we should consider her testimony to be true.
  132. With the bloody message the victim left behind
  133. and the eyewitness testimony to the crime,
  134. the prosecution believes the defendant's guilt has been proven beyond doubt.
  135. Beyond a shadow of a doubt!
  136. What should I do?
  137. Hold it!
  138. Hold it!
  139. Wait a minute!
  140. What is it, defendant?
  141. That clock couldn't have gone off—
  142. Who said you could speak, defendant?
  143. O-Oh, right...
  144. Objection!
  145. Please inspect the inside of that  田 Thinker 田 , Your Honor!
  146. Th-The inside?
  147. It's quite empty...
  148. On the night of the murder, it was missing its clockwork, so—
  149. It could not have gone off, yes?
  150. It is empty inside.
  151. Anyone could have drawn that conclusion.
  152. Well, I didn't.
  153. The question is when the clockwork fell out.
  154. Fell out?
  155. Yes, when the clock was used to strike the victim, it spoke the time.
  156.  田 It's 8:50, I think...
  157. And then, the impact broke the base, and the clockwork fell out.
  158. B-But what about the clockwork?
  159. It was found at the crime scene, on the floor.
  160. What of it?
  161. Hmm... That does make sense.
  162. It is futile, my amateur defense attorney.
  163. I use every piece of evidence the police find for my deductions.
  164. I overlook nothing!
  165. Wh-What?
  166. The only way to prove me wrong
  167. would be to prove when and how the clockwork was removed.
  168. But I can state without a doubt that is impossible.
  169. Impossible. Without doubt.
  170. When the clockwork was removed?
  171. What evidence could prove that?
  172. A piece of evidence Edgeworth isn't aware of.
  173.  田 Maya
  174. Oh, I know!
  175. Objection!
  176. Objection!
  177. What's with that cute cell phone?
  178. This is the defendant's cell phone, found at the crime scene!
  179. What?!
  180. And it contains a recording of
  181. the conversation between the victim and defendant on the day of the murder!
  182. This wasn't brought to my attention.
  183. Well, I, uh...
  184. Detective Gumshoe, look forward to next month's evaluation.
  185. Order! Order!
  186. Oh, but at the moment, the clock doesn't talk.
  187. I had to remove the clockwork.
  188. I put some papers inside instead.
  189. Is that the evidence, then?
  190. Sharp as always.
  191. Conversation recorded. April 3, 9:27 AM.
  192. In other words, on the morning of the murder, the clockwork was already gone.
  193. So it couldn't have gone off that night.
  194. Ms. May...
  195. Your testimony contains a clear contradiction!
  196. N-No way.
  197. That call was recorded?
  198. What did you just say?
  199. "That call was recorded"?
  200. Did you know about their conversation—
  201. Objection!
  202. Objection!
  203. That is irrelevant to this case.
  204. No need to continue this line of questioning.
  205. Oh, I disagree!
  206. So that's what all this was about...
  207. Ms. May, you were listening in on the calls of the Fey & Co. Law Offices!
  208. Using this!
  209. I-Is that a wiretap?
  210. I found it in the trash can of her hotel room.
  211. Well, how about it, Ms. May?
  212. You were tapping the phone at the crime scene.
  213. That's a crime punishable by law!
  214. Shut up, Spikey!
  215. Who cares about some wiretap, darn it?!
  216. I'm telling you that girl did it.
  217. Just lead her to the gallows already, darn it!
  218. D-Darn it?
  219. I was just ordered to listen to their conversations.
  220. I had nothing to do with the murder, darn it!
  221. You were ordered to tap the phone?
  222. By whom?
  223. Was the person who ordered you to perform the wiretap
  224. the owner of this cufflink?
  225. H-How'd you—
  226. That's enough!
  227. Your Honor...
  228. What is it, Mr. Edgeworth?
  229. As you can see, some unexpected facts about this case have come to light.
  230. In order to further investigate,
  231. the prosecution requests that court be adjourned till tomorrow.
  232. The court accepts the prosecution's request.
  233. The prosecution and defense are to look into this matter fully.
  234. Yes, Your Honor.
  235. That does it for Ms. Maya Fey's trial today.
  236. Court is adjourned.
  237. April May was arrested on the spot for wiretapping.
  238. Lobby 2
  239. Mr. Lawyer...
  240. You were amazing in there!
  241. You did well hanging in there, also.
  242. I think I might be your newest fan!
  243. You were so cool!
  244. Oh, no...
  245. The guards were all talking about you, also.
  246. R-Really?
  247. They said for such a spiky-head, you were pretty good!
  248. What does my hair have to do with anything?
  249. I'm just so happy.
  250. I'm on cloud nine!
  251. We owe it all to April May's slip of the tongue back then.
  252. Thank you so very much, Mr. Lawyer.
  253. You're welcome.
  254. Then, I'm heading out to investigate.
  255. I need to find some leads before tomorrow.
  256. Okay.
  257. If you need me, I'll be back at the detention center!
  258. Fey & Co. Law Offices
  259. That said, where am I supposed to find those leads?
  260. Mr. Grossberg!
  261. So you came to see the trial?
  262. It's astonishing that you went up against Edgeworth and got the trial extended.
  263. Thank you.
  264. Anyway, what brings you here?
  265. Mr. Grossberg?
  266. I'm truly sorry, my boy...
  267. You're fighting with all you've got, despite being a rookie.
  268. But I ran away.
  269. And seeing your courageous defense made me realize
  270. that it might be time to bolster my resolve.
  271. Resolve?
  272. Investigate this man.
  273. Who is this?
  274. Redd White,
  275. president of a company called "Bluecorp."
  276. Redd White...
  277. Wait, that cufflink!
  278. On the outside, Bluecorp is an information-gathering company.
  279. But in truth,
  280. it digs up dirt on people, forcing them to pay a fortune to keep the company quiet.
  281. Wait, what?
  282. That's blackmail!
  283. And as embarrassed as I am to admit it,
  284. I couldn't defy that man, either.
  285. Is that why you refused to defend Maya?
  286. Yes.
  287. Some attorney I am...
  288. But why hasn't he been arrested?
  289. Blackmail is a crime!
  290. He owns businessmen, politicians, policemen, and the judiciary.
  291. He's the most dangerous man in the country.
  292. U-Unbelievable...
  293. And for years, Mia was following his every move.
  294. The chief was?
  295. S, T, U, V...
  296. W... Wh... White...
  297. Huh?
  298. V X Y Z
  299. It's gone. The "W" file is missing.
  300. And for years, Mia was following his every move.
  301. If White was the one who stole the file...
  302. Yes, it was him.
  303. Are you absolutely sure April May checked in with this man?
  304. Ab-SO-lutely.
  305.  田 Gatewater Hotel — Bellboy
  306. She's such a beautiful lady, I was jealous of the man with her.
  307. Then, the one who ordered the wiretap really was...
  308. Redd White!
  309. What's with the surreal decor?
  310. What's your name?
  311. What the...
  312.  田 Bluecorp President — Redd White
  313. Oh, h-hello.
  314. Your name! What's your name?
  315. Furnish me with the title of your personage!
  316. What's your name?
  317. I-I'm Wright...
  318. I lived in America for a long time,
  319. so I have a hard time with Japanish.
  320. Really?
  321. I'm Redd White... The president, el presidente, of this company.
  322. By the way, you are a mere attorney, fresh out of law school, right?
  323. Well, yes.
  324. I heard from my secretariat.
  325. So, "mighty" lawyer...
  326. What's the matter?
  327. What business do you have with me?
  328. Ms. April May...
  329. You know her, right?
  330. Yes, I do!
  331. She was my secretariat.
  332. What a shock it was to hear what she'd done!
  333. "What she'd done." You mean the wiretap?
  334. Yes, we can!
  335. Of course.
  336. Yes, information-gathering is what this company does.
  337. But I assure you, we would never resort to illegal methods, such as wiretaps.
  338. Ms. May says she was acting under orders, though.
  339. She's passing the buck?
  340. What a bad, bad kitten...
  341. The day she witnessed the murder,
  342. you checked in with her at that hotel, right?
  343. Who can say?
  344. I seldom pay attention to mundane details such as time and place.
  345. My motto is "Don't worry, be happy!"
  346. But the hotel bellboy remembered you clearly.
  347. "Never trust bellboys or lawyers."
  348. That is my rule in life!
  349. I found this lying in the room.
  350. I think "Don't worry, be happy" is unlikely to get you out of this.
  351. What is it that you should be doing now?
  352. Investigating me?
  353. No, no, no. I think not.
  354. You should be searching for the one who killed Miss Mia.
  355. Isn't that right?
  356. You are absolutely right.
  357. And that is why I'm here.
  358. Just what are you insinuating?
  359. Mia was onto you. She was keeping tabs.
  360. For this reason you had April May tap her phone.
  361. Then Mia was murdered,
  362. and all the documents about you mysteriously disappeared.
  363. So the culprit would be?
  364. Even a child could work it out!
  365. Right, Mr. White?
  366. Secretary's office.
  367. Tell the Chief Prosecutor
  368. that I'll testify tomorrow at the trial for Mia Fey's murder.
  369. I'll give them some hot, hot information.
  370. Certainly.
  371. Oh, and call the police over at once, please!
  372. Certainly.
  373. What are you playing at?
  374. Did I not tell you, Mr. Wrong?
  375. You are a mere lawyer.
  376. As was Miss Mia...
  377. Then you really did kill her?!
  378. No, it was you who did it.
  379. I'm going to point the finger at you
  380. and have you tried as Miss Mia's true killer!
  381. Wh-What?!
  382. Freeze!
  383. This is the police, pal!
  384. Well done, Detective.
  385. I present to you the man who killed Mia Fey.
  386. Wh-What?
  387. It was you?
  388. Believe me, Detective! I didn't—
  389. Oh, save that for when you're out of my sight, please.
  390. Wh-What in the world?
  391. Go with him!
  392. Take him away.
  393. Farewell, Mr. Wrong.
  394. Redd—
  395. This is Edgeworth.
  396. What?
  397. The defense attorney?
  398. You're free to go.
  399. Get out. Now.
  400. O-Okay!
  401. All right... Get in.
  402. Mr. Lawyer!
  403. Ace Attorney
  404. Objection!
  405. I object to my arrest!
  406. Redd White is truly terrifying.
  407. Just how influential is he?
  408. Of course, I didn't kill the chief.
  409. To help Maya and the late Mia, I must carefully consider all the testimony...
  410. Reexamine all the evidence!
  411. I will expose the true culprit.
  412. Edgeworth, this is my defense!
  413. Find the contradictions!
  414. Reach out to the truth!
  415. Next Episode Turnabout Sisters — Last Trial
  416. Next time: Turnabout Sisters — Last Trial!
  417. Take that!
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