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  1. ***Tryhard Gaming***
  3. We are a new Rust community, trying to build a better Rust! Currently we are running a 3x modded server, but will be expanding with many other server types. We have a great setup running on a high end dedicated machine. Custom mods, very balanced loot tables, and an exceptional non-playing admin staff. **We are frequently doing skin, kit, and cash giveaways to help promote the server**
  5. Features: Bgrade, TP, Home, Skinbox, Skyfall respawner, Airstrike, Helistrike, SpawnGyro, Kits, Trade, PM, Thunder Dome PVP event, Lock On Rockets, Plane Crash Event, Playtime Rewards, Voting Rewards, VIP Kits, and much much more!
  7. Check us out today!!
  9. **Discord** -
  10. **Website** -
  11. **Server** - steam://connect/
  12. **VIP Store** -
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