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  1. import discord
  2. from discord.ext import commands
  3. import traceback
  4. import datetime
  5. import asyncio
  6. import random
  7. from datetime import datetime
  8. from cv import *
  10. @bot.command()
  11. async def thotrate(ctx, user: discord.Member):
  12.     await ctx.send(f"**{}** is **__{int(random.randint(0, 100)}__**% a thot!")
  14. @cuterate.error
  15. async def thotrate_error(ctx, error):
  16.     if isinstance(error, commands.MissingRequiredArgument):
  17.         await ctx.send(f"**{}** is **__{int(random.randint(0, 100)}__**% a thot!")
  18.     elif isinstance(error, commands.BadArgument):
  19.         embed = discord.Embed(color=0xFFFFFF)
  20.         embed.set_footer(text="Member not found.")
  21.         await ctx.send(f"**babi** is **__not__** a thot, duh. She's loyal to ~~Meg~~ Shiki. 😳", embed=embed)
  22.     else:
  23.         print('Ignoring exception in command av:', file=sys.stderr)
  24.         traceback.print_exception(type(error), error, error.__traceback__, file=sys.stderr)
  25.         embed = discord.Embed(description="{}".format(error), color=0x000000)
  26.         await ctx.send("uh, oops, i guess?", embed=embed)
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