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  1. "If someone says  you're ugly, they're probably right"
  2. Age: 3,001
  3. Join Date: who cares
  5. Im currently at collag to get my masters degree in awesomeness, however, that course takes 200 years to complete so see you all in 2218.
  7. Check out creations on my profile for things like:
  9. Find despacito 2 obby. I need to update this. In memory of DamionRob1nson whos account kinda just vanished one day.
  10. John simulator. Finally fully working. infact i just did the whole thing over again from the ground up.
  11. The best game on roblox ever. Has portal and gravity gun.
  12. Anarchy. Build to your hearts content!
  14. Follow me if you wanna message me for some reason.
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