Kneesocks Reviews a Collab Like an Idiotic Critic

Jan 1st, 2021 (edited)
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  1. review after-watch [SOME SPOLIOPS]:
  2. -------------------------------------
  3. For this review, I'll give most of the highlights I remember out of the other poopers I admired.
  4. ++++++++
  5. Seeing oogabeluga's entry as the first was a great start for the collab. I do like this one.
  7. EGGS's simplicity over using Ren and Stimpy as a source sure works great.
  9. phijit's phlipside: I didn't think BBC's joke documentary on spaghetti would be pooped. Nice job.
  11. I'm very happy to see more Clone High poops like Fandom Trash's.
  13. TheMistermastermario did a marvelous job on their story poop. I liked the comedy, the animation, it was really fun.
  15. DragonicBlaziken7's plot on Mr. Krabs was sure comedic, and I like the jokes throughout this (ex. "Well, back to the old grind")
  17. JJFBlaster's Vinesauce YTPMV was really entertaining visual-wise and I like the humor in this
  19. Wow Poop's entry was kinda decent, but I wouldn't watch more of their videos.
  21. Rain's ranges from a balance of nice to good. It's mostly okay, but it's at least watchable.
  23. DashieTheYTP Productions's storytelling got me hooked into discovering what happened before in Dashie's series, because the editing and sentence mixing looked very promising.
  25. GamerOfBravery's Morgz poop was kinda fine: There are some parts I wouldn't be laughing much, and some parts are good to be in the collab. It's a mixed bag.
  27. Grass Gestapo is awesome at making Dragon Balls YTPs from time to time; the jokes were really intriguing with a sense of style.
  29. freepornsupplier2003's entry contains the overuse of Rosen references, and I didn't like how some jokes were awkward. (also, fps2003's a jerk in person) Though a few jokes were good, I don't like the overall of this one.
  31. I didn't like CW's entry and I did skip it because I didn't chuckle much on the Star Wars references
  33. Synck Duckzz's Robotnik YTP was very entertaining. I'm looking forward to their future videos!
  35. The Daximus's beginning of the entry was good, but the rest gradually slows down in quality, notably some jokes that would drag on for so long. I skipped that one too.
  37. Patman did a nice job on the YTPMV entry in my opinion.
  39. PDFMan42's did well with the simplistic style. The fusion in jokes and spadinner refences made it interesting.
  41. WWS12 was really great at visual jokes! The sentence mixing was divine, and the other jokes were well executed. The ending was the best part of this entry. I guess it's another ordinary day in Bikini Bottom.
  43. Erractic's entry was short and sweet. The jokes were really nice and the visuals looked good enough.
  45. Oh man, I really wanna see more of FlyingParafin's works: The visuals and gags were mostly chaotic, and the Rick Astley part was fantastic, notably the sentence mixing. The "The Weekend" YTPMV was also pretty clever.
  47. MisterPootisBird's pretty nice. Most of his poops delivers humor that gives me some laugh.
  49. Run for Fun's vid was not bad and it's kinda fine. Some of the jokes got me to chuckle, notably the dick gag at the end of the entry.
  51. Chatoique's take on the Red Bull episode in Family Guy was really funny and fast paced just like the scene. My most favorite part was this: "Gee it sure is [BORING]"
  53. I liked the visual editing in JAPA BR 2; The jokes even managed to be funny. This pooper has potential in their humor.
  55. SonPlaysMinEcraft is fantastic! I LOVE the jokes and editing in that SU poop. I gotta go see more of their poops, because I admire their skills.
  57. "Good luck and [you] s-[uck]"; Showbiz Pizza Master is a master at making jokes. I like the Meet the Pyro reference in the beginning, it introduces the poop in an interesting way. The editing in this poop brings a nice touch to the well made sentence mixing.
  59. I remember KingLeoRio being good at making me laugh and LeoRio's still got it. Go sub this pooper because his other poops are really funny.
  61. UltimateNinetales227's way of sentence mixing was really good and seeing that the source is about Sans, the transition to cancerous troll's entry really fits well which also has great sentence mixing as well.
  63. Sten did well in sentence mixing and editing in this one. I kinda like it!
  65. Krusty's Pacman was pretty funny. The setups to the punchlines really work well.
  67. Wiki's another YTPer I should recommend. That SpongeBob entry was pretty great.
  69. Sauce Boss: It's decent, but I mostly don't like it. IDK why these VeggieTales poops in this collab aren't good in quality. Hopefully there will be a good one thought this collab. I'm skipping this one.
  71. DrPac is fantastic! I really recommend this pooper because he does well in jokes and visuals in a unique way.
  73. holtrenalm has an interesting history I and his close friends know. He does some funny poops from time to time, and I think more people should check out his videos.
  75. Palabra's entry was enjoyable. It reminds me as a hybrid of Lulu Luvcats and early Jimmy Davis.
  77. Schmoopy Tron: nice Viper reference ;) Overall, I like how it was pretty weird.
  79. Recititus is a really good story teller. He makes one of the greatest stuff like "The Untitled Project" series. You should really watch his videos to give it a try. Even his normal YTPs are really interesting.
  81. Mr. Tingle is great at making me laugh. I'll be subscribing to him to see more of his poops, because the editing is magnificent. That poop I saw was really wacky. I can say the same for JohnPoopsTV since both are fast-paced.
  83. KompacktDisk is another poop I know who's good at this stuff. I like most of his poops, they're ballin'.
  85. Dollar Sign Slate: I admire the comedic storytelling and the animation. The fortress diagram looked pretty good too.
  87. CaptDans SurplusFilmCo is amazing! He reminds me of william_ and Geibuchan because their favorite source as Azumanga Daioh and using it for story-based poops and plot-wise jokes is much akin to CaptDans's use of My Life Me. Go check CaptDans out if you haven't seen his poops yet, they're a treat!
  89. Zero Wing: She's one of my best friends and I love her upbeat personality and charm. Her poops are also amazing too! Go check her out if you love to see extraordinary and chaotic videos like that.
  91. I liked Firefrog101's KOTH poop, its surrealism and humor can get people interested in them.
  93. MisfortuneDarkrai's looks interesting from what I've seen in the entry. I'd watch their videos.
  95. Dale Lover 11: I didn't like it as much.
  97. I loved the story in Dracothe7th's entry. The visuals were impressive and the sentence mixing is really spot on! Looking forward to his vids too.
  99. AvatarAllstar: The sentence mixing was good, but it could've been better if there aren't an abundance of goddamn color bars transitions.
  101. Total Schism: I admire the use of effects in this, especially the surreal editing that comes often. For the rest of the jokes, they're amusing. The overall extremeness in Nichijou really helps with the poop.
  103. SenilePhilosophy's storytelling was solid, even the masking. The in-between jokes were also great.
  105. GrabTheRoys: The source choice was a good idea, because I never though Elmo's World would be pooped again, but here we are. I liked the Mr. Noodle segment and the visual editing was wondrous.
  107. BHUNT799's vid was okay. There are some good jokes, but the long color bars transitions killed the pace.
  109. Katherine Duncan's entry was okay, but I got tired of the references and some jokes so I skipped that. It's not too bad, but something was off there.
  111. NotABee did a great job at that entry. It reminds me much of cartoonlover98's poops.
  113. Daddysyde Phil: Visual humor was fantastic, jokes were crazy, it's a good recipe for a poop fruitcake.
  115. ChroniclerPoops: The source was the perfect choice to use it for something insane for an entry.
  117. I like Gomzard's YTPs. Y'know what they say, a Wishfart a day can keep people from being a SJW.
  119. Gren-Silver Kouga: Finally a good VeggieTales YTP. It had potential or effort, even the editing looks nice.
  121. SirTophamHakurei: It's okay but... It's not my type. Even the out of ideas card dragged long. Blech.
  123. SuperMaster10: "Calling it a thing, you don't even take dicks seriously... I DO!" Clever sentence mixing there. It's a good-a poop.
  125. Da Jiff is the yiff. Nuff said except that he's doing well.
  127. Third Eye Productions: The transitions between sources were creative, and the masking usage was good.
  129. uranium54321: Since I saw R&M S1 and 2, this is obviously my favorite. I got nothing to say except that the editing was really remarkable. You should check out uranium's "Spingebill prolongs the inevitable" too.
  131. The Thomas and TUGS man: "Stuck Muck is fucked." It's another good poop.
  133. Cartoonasaurus Rex: I remember seeing this pooper for the first time and it helped me realized that iMovie isn't a terrible editor, you can push boundaries to make good poops like Rex. In their latest poop, the intro running gag was likeable and funny.
  135. Knight7 a swell guy. I like his humorous gaga he puts in his YouTube Poops.
  137. Enigmaddic's also a swell guy too. Jallerbo has a tweet that explains how fantastic he is for his SpingeBill poop. His style is similar to OrpheusFTW, a pooper I would like to see people be inspired from.
  139. Holy crap, screw me with a hot-dog on a stick, AbsoluteLink is really terrific with his editing! The plot was great, the After Effects/Blender-ish editing was wonderful, I can safely say that he's an alternate Jimmy Davis with a sense of surrealism. I'm also very impressed with the use of custom sprites. Give support to him!
  142. A sub-category of poopers I recommend (because i'm bad at describing some of the poops without saying the same things):
  143. PowerPancake499x
  144. BoyOh123
  145. YAPfNY
  146. T-sHz
  147. ComputerVulture
  148. Chimpalot
  149. Joestar Runner
  150. Mednafen (Vermillion)
  151. Clásikū
  152. CommunistSponge
  153. Moar Industries
  154. MasterTekken999
  155. BIG BM
  156. Super Mario
  157. Plumtopia
  158. Blake Jordan
  159. DudSouption
  160. RinMixx
  161. Doctorwhovian 2
  162. Spherical Josh
  163. Super Mario
  164. Plumtopia
  165. Blake Jordan
  168. nmfourtyone:
  169. Yojimbo Non Grata:
  171. Both are experimental YTPers with different styles
  173. In conclusion: I can understand that Jimmy tried to be less critical with this one, which is great because it lets the collab doesn't have a rating overall and instead it's based on the viewers' opinions on each participant. For the poopers I didn't like, there is a probability that these poopers would get better or not. So that's about it for this review, now you can all throw trash at me for different opinions.
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