Twilight's Coronation Speech. (PISS)

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  1. >You are Twilight Sparkle.
  2. >You have just been coronated a princess of equestria.
  3. >Right now, you’re giving a speech in canterlot.
  4. “I am ecstatic that I have been given this privilege and I-”
  5. >Somethings wrong. You’re still talking, but you have no control over your voice.
  6. >Listening to it for a bit, you find yourself speaking normally.
  7. >Its almost like the part of your brain that is doing the speech, and the part that is your consciousness, are two separate entities, while still being in your head.
  8. >”Greetings Princess sparkle!”
  9. >Oh no.
  10. >You know that voice, that evil, chaotic, voice.
  11. >An image of the other elements of harmony pop into your mind, and you are forced to watch the show.
  12. “Cut it out discord, I’m doing something important.”
  13. >”Indeed you are, and as much as I want you to screw up, I have something much more interesting in mind.
  14. >That is why I have let you continue your speech, while I speak to you.”
  15. “What do you want?”
  16. >”A game, dear sparkle. Now then, you see your friends here?”
  17. >You look at the five ponies before you. All of them are doing something in common.
  18. >They are all pounding on a locked bathroom door.
  19. >”Now you see, all of your friends need to take a tinkle. But they seem to be sort of stuck.”
  20. >Discords paw flash, and each one of his fingers becomes a key.
  21. >”Now here's how it works. You can choose to empty the bladder of all of your friends, and continue your speech. Or you can choose to have them loose all control, and relieve themselves where they stand.”
  22. >Something is wrong. That is way too easy of a choice.
  23. “With the first option, what is going to happen? It seems too good to be true.”
  24. >”It is a simple trick. I will remove the urine from their body. It will be clean and discrete. Their need will vanish completely, and it will be like they never needed to go at all.”
  25. >Almost like an anatomy picture you would find in a biology textbook, you see five bladders, each filled with a yellow fluid.
  27. >”What will it be Sparkle? You know they can’t hold on forever.”
  28. >A timer with 1 minute flashes, and starts to count down.
  29. >Theirs no way you’re going to let this happen to your friends.
  30. “Alright discord, you win. I’ll chose the first option.”
  31. >”Wonderful! I’m soo glad you agreed. When I’m done emptying your friends, I will return you to your speech. Just a word of advice, try not to think about water.”
  32. >As discord punctuates his sentence, his form liquefies, and you see him drain through a toilet.
  33. >With him gone, you turn your view to the only thing you see, your friends bladders.
  34. >Slowly, the fluid inside each one is removed, although you see none passing through the urethra.
  35. >Suddenly, a sharp pain rockets through your body.
  36. >You need to pee.
  37. >You didn't need to pee before discord, and now you do.
  38. >With a sudden horror, you realize where their urine is going.
  39. >Its going inside your bladder.
  40. >Just as the last one finishes draining, everything fades back into view.
  41. >There are over Eight-hundred thousand ponies staring at you. The entire population of canterlot.
  42. >Desperately, you form a magic barrier, locking your sphincter shut.
  43. >Theirs a few murmurs in the crowd as to why their new princess has just stopped talking, and is now bent down, casting a spell.
  44. >You need to wrap this up, and you scramble to form words.
  45. “And I… Will- Forever loyal… Praise equestria!”
  46. >You hurry off the podium, but are stopped by princess Luna.
  47. >”Stay here, Twilight Sparkle, my sister still needs to give her follow up speech.”
  48. “But I really need to pee!”
  49. >”You should have gone beforehoof, not stop acting like a spoiled foal and sit down.”
  50. >You moan and sit down, theirs almost nothing you can do about the situation.
  51. >You try and Teleport the urine somewhere, anywhere but here!
  52. >Hell, you would even teleport it above the crowd, if there was no linking evidence to you.
  53. >You try several times, isolating a bit of fluid, and trying to teleport it.
  54. >Instead of teleporting through, your magic bubble pops, and a brief increase of pressure goes into you.
  55. >Your bladder spasms, and you send more power to your horn, desperately trying to keep the hatch shut.
  56. >You're starting to develop a headache because of it, and it progressively gets harder and harder to keep up your spell.
  57. >Body screaming from pain, you let up the the spell a fraction of a little bit.
  58. >The path opens (abid slightly) and you start to piss in your chair.
  60. >No matter what you do, you can't stop the flow, and soon a small puddle gathers at your hooves.
  61. >The guards have noticed, and are chuckling.
  62. >On your last legs, you put all your effort into stopping the stream.
  63. >The opening closes, and you look up to see luna casting a spell.
  64. >Your bladder is still 6 times its size, and theres nothing she can do to relieve the pressure, but at least you're not pissing yourself.
  65. >Spasm after spasm pulse through your bladder, and you can only wait it out.
  66. >Finally, celestia closes and walks back inside, you following.
  67. >The guards that chuckled are assigned to clean up your mess.
  68. >As soon as your out of sight, you run for the bathroom. The nearest being the royal one.
  69. >You're a pretty princess, you can use this now!
  70. >Locking yourself inside, you position your vulva over the toilet.
  71. >Upon releasing control, however, no such relief is granted.
  72. >Your bladder is spasming too hard, and has locked itself shut.
  73. >You need to open the hole.
  74. >going through every cabinet, hoping to find something useful, you stumble upon a locked box.
  77. >You touch your horn to the lock, and you see it open.
  78. >Its a dildo. One of the longest you have ever seen.
  79. >Its… pulsing too.. Its alive. A living dildo. Well now you've seen it all.
  80. >Hoping that it would know what to do, you turn towards it and present yourself.
  81. >Instantly it floats up and forces itself into your marehood.
  82. >Is this rape?
  83. >It doesn't matter, and it grows while inside of you, seeking out the source of your distress.
  84. >It penetrates your pee hole, and you feel it start thrusting.
  85. >Why does this hurt so good?
  86. >It cums quickly, and your bladder, filled with the bit of extra fluid, gives up.
  87. >The dildo rockets out of your body, followed by a mass torrent of piss.
  88. >Its like a fire-hose.
  89. >You bend over backwards, the stream coating the walls of the bathroom.
  90. >The pleasure of relief overwhelms you, and you pass out.
  92. ——————————
  94. >The dildo, having done its job, rolls over to its box.
  95. >Getting inside, the box closes, and opens back up immediately.
  96. >Instead of having a phallic object inside however, is discord, no more than a foot tall.
  97. >The box has transformed into a doll house, a doll house made of matches.
  98. >Discords snaps his fingers, and the house combusts.
  99. >walking over to the passed out twilight, he sees her finish emptying herself.
  100. “Now now now, Miss sparkle, What seems to be the trouble this time?
  101. >He walks up to her marehood, grabbing it and blowing into it.
  102. >Twilight puffs up like a balloon, her stomach round.
  103. >Discord steps into her marehood, navigating her tunnels like a miner would a cave.
  104. >He ends up in her bladder, and after looking around, comes to a conclusion.
  105. >The walls are stretched beyond capacity, and a large number of blood vessels have snapped under the strain.
  106. “Yes, It seems you have suffered some major structural damage, oh well, I have just the solution for that.
  107. >He snaps his claws, and the entire organ deflates.
  108. >It collapses onto him. Ripping through it with his claws, he looks around.
  109. >He is in twilight's new bladder, much better than that scarred old one.
  110. >Looking around and double checking everything is connected properly, he gets out a crayon, and writes on the wall;
  112. >Perfect.
  113. >Grabbing the old broken bag of flesh that used to be her old bladder, he walks out of twilight the same way he came in.
  114. >The guards are banging on the door.
  115. >Looking around, the piss stained wall are dripping.
  116. >Oh well, Its Twilight’s problem now.
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