Stuck in the Elevator

Jun 22nd, 2017
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  1. >You are Anonymous, a tall man with a penchant for laziness and video games, a master grand strategy player, lord over potato chip eating, and currently in an argument over an online game in Europa Universalis 4
  2. >"You fuckwad!" Screams the Austria player, "Why did you join my coalition!"
  3. >You shrug at his inane screeching, playing the Ottomans means having to stackwipe Europe, especially Austria
  4. >"Shut up dude, you shouldn't have tried to aggressively annex Hungary."
  5. >Leave it to England to mediate things, he doesn't even need a strong army as long as he has the largest navy
  6. >Brittania rule the waves
  7. "Oh well, Austria."
  8. >You smirk as you click on the declare war button, having some 30+ countries in the Holy Roman Empire join your punitive war, as well as Poland-Lithuania and France
  9. >"You motherfucker!"
  10. >A droopy sounding ping resounds in your ears as he leaves the discord server, obviously infuriated
  11. >And unfortunately, since he was the host, the game shuts down as well
  12. >Some people just can't handle video games and take them way too seriously!
  13. >You sigh and lean back into your comfy chair, closing out of the video game and choosing to check out a few news sites
  14. >You click on the bookmark for infowars, because you're an alt-right machoman hungry for the truth
  15. "Let's see what Alex is ranting about today..."
  16. >You scratch your chin, and suddenly have the urge to shave, but you'll just put it off until tomorrow
  17. >The headline on Infowars is something about Pon-E rapidly making its way up the east coast from Florida, having a profound effect on its users, and overall being spread rapidly by word of mouth
  18. >Reports that it heals injuries, cures the sick, and even strongly mediates depression in such a way that anti-depressants can't handle flood your screen as nothing but positive is spouted from various articles
  19. >Weird, usually there's some sort of conspiracy about i-
  20. "Aha, there it is."
  22. >You laugh, a report about Pon-E being distributed by FEMA as a way of getting users to be more compliant with being detained in their secret FEMA camps
  23. >You think about Pon-E for a moment, and remember the bottle you had in your desk drawer
  24. >You've never tried Pon-E before, but a few of your friends have, and they've sworn up and down that it was better than weed, acid, and molly combined
  25. >Considering you've had that combination before, you're not so sure
  26. >Though it wouldn't hurt to try the drug, and then go outside to strut your stuff
  27. >As soon as you figured out walking...
  28. >But then, another thought hits you, why not just do it out in public? There's no laws passed against Pon-E, it's relatively new and safe, and you're in Indianapolis, a friendly city to Pon-E users as far as you've heard
  29. >Fuck it.
  30. >You swipe the bottle into your jean pocket, and make your way out the door of your apartment
  31. >As you lock your door, you spot the stereotypical nice old lady neighbor shuffling to her door a few meters next to yours
  32. >She spots you first however
  33. >"Oh! Hello there Anonymous!"
  34. >You give her a grin
  35. "Hey Ms.Caldwell, out shopping?"
  36. >You nod to the bag in her hand, it looks like dogfood
  37. >Closer inspection, albeit stealthily, reveals that it is actually a bag of alfalfa
  38. >Interesting
  39. >"Oh yes! Just getting some food for my pets, Rosy and Grass just love this stuff!"
  40. >She's in a rather chipper mood today, but you don't have much time to talk as she shuffles into her apartment
  41. >"Have a nice day now, Anonymous!"
  42. "Y-you too." you stutter out
  43. >You weren't very good with social interaction, being a bit of recluse
  44. >Shaking your head at yourself, you make your way to the elevator
  45. >Looking around beforehand to make sure that nobody is around, which nobody was, you decide to pull of a little stupid but ambitious move
  46. >As you walk into the elevator, you pull out your Pon-E bottle and open it, taking out one of the red and white things to contemplate it
  48. "Should I take you...?"
  49. >You remembered what countless form posts said about set and setting when it came to LSD, don't take it if you aren't in the right state of mind, don't take it if you have to do chores or go to work, don't take it alone
  50. >You said fuck it to all those supposed rules for acid, so why not say fuck it now?
  51. >It never did you much harm
  52. >Maybe some mild HPPD...
  53. >But who's judging you? Only yourself, you supposed.
  54. >You shrug, mumble "Fuck it.", and pop the pill into your mouth, swallowing it down and nearly choke as the huge thing slowly slides its way down your esophagus
  55. >With absolutely no clue about the coming up on Pon-E, you press the button for ground floor, sure in your mind that nobody would stop you on your way down
  56. >You look up at the floor counter, and as the doors shut and the box capsule starts moving downwards you see the floor tick from 21 to 20 to 19
  57. >You sigh as you feel a calming effect hit you, no drug has ever hit you this quick before, but it's extremely relaxing
  58. >Unfortunately for you, it seemed to hit as a bad time, as the elevator stops at floor 17 and opens to reveal a very pretty looking Caucasian woman, wearing tight jeans and laced up black boots, and a casual slayer shirt
  59. >Being the socially-awkward beta you were, you shift your gaze elsewhere as her beautiful green eyes look upward at yourself
  60. >She steps into the elevator, and decides to stand right next to you for some reason
  61. >Knees weak
  62. >Arms heavy
  63. >Palms sweaty
  64. >"Hey, did you take Pon-E?"
  65. >THEYKNOW.jpg
  66. >She snickers a little
  67. "Uhhhh..."
  68. >Your brain shuts down, how do you cope with human interaction on drugs? The answer is: you can't. Pon-E is supposed to be different though.
  69. "Nooo...? H-how would you know anyway?"
  70. >You're nervous, shaking and sweating profusely
  72. >The girl tilts her head to the side, her auburn hair shifting off her shoulders just ever so slightly, god she's so pretty
  73. >"Because, doofus, I use Pon-E too. I know the symptoms. My name's Clara by the way."
  74. >Your ears tingled, you suspected that the physical changes were starting
  75. >She smiles at you, the kind of smile that projects care and understanding
  76. "My uhh... Name's Anonymous, nice to meet you."
  77. >She looks up slightly, and your ears feel like they're squirming, almost shifting
  78. >Although you knew they were
  79. >"It's a pleasure, Anonymous, can I call you Anon?"
  80. >You smile and nod at her, sputtering out more mouthwords at the pretty girl in front of you
  81. "Oh, yeah, s-sure. Everyone calls me that anyway, except for Miss Caldwell."
  82. >She giggles, hiding her beautiful smile behind a delicate hand adorned with a few bracelets
  83. >"The nice old lady? Yeah. She's into Pon-E too."
  84. >The alfalfa, it made sense now
  85. >"You've got the ears now, they're a nice shade of blue and... really fluffy!"
  86. >Immediately you reach your hands up to your new fluffy ears, and wince as you just about punch the new sensitive appendages
  87. >"Careful, is this your first time taking Pon-E?"
  88. >As you feel up your new ears, taking in the sense of touching extraordinarily soft fur, and feeling up the tufts that seem to come out of and on top of them you nod your head at her
  89. "Y-yeah, never done it before. This is my first time."
  90. >You could've sworn your voice sounded different, a little higher in pitch
  91. >"Oh. Oh! You're one of those! Can I feel your ears, pleaaase!"
  92. >She begs, and you give her a toothy grin, blushing
  93. "G-go ahead!"
  94. >You lower your arms, brushing at the fur growing down from your ears and along your head, spreading down to your neck as well
  95. >She turns to face you, and just as she reaches up to feel your ears, the elevator comes to a screeching halt in between floor 4 and 3 causing the two of you to fall to the floor
  98. >She quickly gets up, angry, and stomps her way to the button that calls for maintenance, pounding it with absolutely no mercy
  99. "Damnit! I have to take the bus to get to the fucking Carcass concert... Mother of, ahhh!"
  100. >She yells and then sighs in defeat
  101. >Wow, she's pretty feisty when she's mad, so were you though whenever something caught your temper, but you found that you were too calm to be angry right now
  102. "H-hey, it's okay, I'm sure they won't be too long."
  103. >Your voice sounded much more higher, feminine too, but not just that.
  104. >As you tried to stand up, you found that you couldn't maintain the proper balance, as your feet ached so much when you tried you just gave up and slumped against the elevator wall, down to the floor
  105. >She looked at you, sullen at first, but then with a much more bright gaze as she saw something you obviously didn't
  106. >"Omigod you're a bat pony thisissoamazing!"
  107. >She squeed and sat down next to you, touching your hair which had grown much longer than it was previously
  108. >"It's so soft..." She just about gasps
  109. "Thanks?"
  110. >You think that's a compliment, this could all just be a ruse and she could be from FEMA though, you never know
  111. >She's pretty nice for a FEMA agent
  112. >And the way she's touching your hair feels so good
  113. >You close your eyes as she touches your hair more
  114. >It feels really good...
  115. >"Aw, I'm so lucky to be stuck in an elevator with you."
  116. >You didn't pay attention to what she was saying, as long as she kept touching your hair, now mane
  117. >Opening your eyes, you noticed you could see much better, but... You were smaller?
  118. >Yeah, you had definitely shrunk, and you felt something pressing against your back, touching the elevator wall
  119. >"Oh, here, scoot forward. I think your wings are coming in."
  121. >You oblige, and shuffle forward, your shoes falling off in the process to reveal hooves the color of the fur on your new snout
  122. >You never noticed that you grew a snout, but now you have one
  123. "Oh wow, this is way cooler than everyone said it was!"
  124. >Your voice sounded awfully girly, and... Awfully squeaky
  125. >Like, way too squeaky to just be a girl
  126. >Come to think of, you don't believe that anyone actually gets this small when they take Pon-E
  127. >You've gotta be under two feet tall at this point
  128. >Your pants are still clung to your butt, thanks to sitting down, but soon you find yourself engulfed by your shirt
  129. "I'm getting younger too!?"
  130. >You struggle in your shirt with newfound forehooves, feeling fur completely engulfing your body now as the shrinking stops
  131. >You sounded like a little girl, with a hint of rasp to your voice thanks to being what the girl said was a batpony
  132. >"Ohhh you're so cute, lift your hooves up, let's get that shirt off of you."
  133. >You blush, lifting up your hooves as she lifts the tent sized fabric off of you, revealing you to her
  134. >"You're adorable."
  135. >She smiles down at you
  136. "I uh. Thanks I guess. This isn't how I thought Pon-E would be."
  137. >You admit that you thought you were going to be a dude, and not so small
  138. >"Everyone gets a different reaction, I'm a baby blue unicorn when I use it!"
  139. >You wished you were a unicorn, they can use magic and make shit fly around with their minds, it's like they have the wands from harry potter glued to their heads
  140. >Magic still amazes you really, the thought that it exists makes you giddy
  141. >You beam, not sure if being so giddy was from being a pony or effectively a kid again
  142. >Probably both
  143. "Woah, that's really cool!"
  145. >You suddenly decide that sitting with the weight of pants on your back hooves was uncomfortable, and attempt to stand up
  146. >Success! You managed to stand, but your hooves are wobbly and unstable, just as you're about to fall on your side however, you feel two hands grasp your sides
  147. >Your new batpony wings flare up
  148. >"Careful now." The girl calmly states, worry etched in her face
  149. >You scrunch your muzzle involuntarily, trying not to show her that you secretly love the feeling of her hands on your sides
  150. >Briefly, you wonder if this is how cats and dogs feel when you decide to give them scritches and pet pats
  151. >She removes her hands from your sides, and so you stand successfully by yourself
  152. >"There you go Anon, you're a cute little standing batpony filly!"
  153. >She seems proud of you, how odd for a stranger
  154. "I-I am standing, huh?
  155. >"You sure are!"
  156. >She's a user of Pon-E though, so she's probably been in this situation before...
  157. >You miss her hands
  158. >No no Anon, purge the thoughts out, that's just the mental changes coming into effect, you can enjoy this with all the normal thought of a human man
  159. >The girl moves over so that she is sitting in front of you crosslegged, your eyes come up just below her chest at this point
  160. >You guess you're just over a foot tall, a very small filly you are indeed
  161. >She giggles again, and you unscrunch your muzzle
  162. >"Honestly, I think you're the most adorable user I've ever seen. Human and pony!"
  163. >She thought you were adorable?
  164. >You blush, a pink hue coming across your greyish/blue cheeks
  165. "T-thanks I guess."
  166. >You look away, feeling insecure
  167. >You're unsure of yourself, and the girl in front of you seems to sense that as you suddenly find yourself lifted off the ground and into her lap with a quick motion, filling it nicely
  168. "Ah! What're you doi-?"
  169. >You're cut off as the most heavenly feeling engulfs your entire being, effectively killing your care for anything else in the world
  170. >She scratches behind both your ears with both of her hands
  172. >You don't even try to fight it, instead angling your head so that she can deepen her scritches for you
  173. >God, you can see how Pon-E can cure depression, and you can actually see how this is better than any drug combination
  174. >This isn't just a drug, this is like the fountain of youth, the potion of love, and the silver string
  175. >It's the best damn thing that's ever happened to you
  176. >You rest your chin on her leg, and feel the warmth flowing from her body into you
  177. >You think you could fall asleep here if you didn't try to keep awake, but you don't think you had the willpower to care anymore
  178. >Why should you care about trivial things like that when you could just lay in someone's lap and get scratches?
  179. >It hits you, and you lift your head up, the scratches stop and your mind becomes clear once more
  180. >Blushing profusely you stutter to try and justify your revelation
  181. "I-I don't know about this, w-we're strangers. T-this really isn't right."
  182. >Despite how much you love it, and how poorly you're acquainted with social skills, you knew that this was extremely uncouth of both of you
  183. >"Aw, no, it's okay Anon. Think of me as a... good friend!"
  184. >You continue to lay in her lap, unsure of yourself once more, torn between the feelings of acting like a decent human being and just laying here without a care
  185. >You hear rustling, you turn towards the noise and see that Clara has gotten something out her purse, it looks like a stick
  186. >Further inspection shows you that it's just a brush
  187. >Why would she brush her hair in an elevator?
  188. >Your question is swiftly answered as she untucks your tail from out of her lap, exposing the frazzled thing while holding it gently
  189. >"Here, maybe this will calm you down."
  190. >You wonder what she's talking about, but that too melts away as she begins to softly stroke your tail with the brush, bringing the navy blue colors and silver highlights back into alignment
  191. >It gives you a sense of bliss
  192. >Why were you even worried earlier?
  193. >You don't want it to stop
  195. >Your eyes slowly close as each stroke of the brush along your new soft tail sends you further and further on the throes of relaxation
  196. >You hear a soft yet beautiful sound echoing against the walls of the elevator, hitting your fluffy pony ears
  197. >It's Clara's voice, singing
  198. >"Come little children, I'll take thee away... into a land of enchantment..."
  199. >It sounds so nice
  200. >Makes you want to...
  201. >Fall asleep...
  202. >"Come little children..."
  203. >...
  204. >Some time later, you don't know how long, you find yourself awoken by a rustling sound, like plastic bags
  205. >Then you hear the sound of one of the apartment doors closing, of course it's loud, all the doors in this apartment complex creak
  206. >Your eyes flutter open, immediately you realize that you're still the tiny little bat pony filly
  207. >You must not have been asleep for very long
  208. >Pon-E lasts for about 12 hours, so it must've only been a few hours
  209. >You take notice of your surroundings, yawn, and then wipe the sleep out of your eyes
  210. "Where am I?"
  211. >It's certainly not your apartment, but it definitely is one of the apartments here
  212. >You're laying on a soft, low to the ground couch, something that would be easy to reach for a dog or a cat
  213. >Or a pony...
  214. >Looking around, you spot several gorgeous paintings with characters that seem to flow into each other
  215. >One that catches your eye is a faceless man relaxing in a park bench on a bright sunny day, hands folded in his lap as a yellow parakeet rests upon his right shoulder, adorned with a brown leather jacket
  216. >They're almost impressionist in nature from what you gather
  217. >"Oh, hey sleepyhead, you're awake!"
  218. >You immediately recognize Clara's voice, and turn your head to her
  219. >She's just setting shopping bags on her dining table
  220. "How long was I asleep?"
  221. >She thinks, staring at one of the works of art on her wall
  222. >Then she shrugs
  223. >"About four or five hours, not terribly long."
  226. >So you still have a while to go before you become the man you were meant to be
  227. >When you fell asleep, you were still stuck in the elevator with her, they must've gotten you two unstuck
  228. "When did the elevator get fixed?"
  229. >"Right after you fell asleep actually, and by then I figured that you were more important than my concert."
  230. >You blushed, feeling flattered that she would choose you over something she probably planned for weeks
  231. >"But it's no big deal really, spending time with a cute pony such as yourself is a great opportunity!"
  232. >O-oh.
  233. >She starts putting stuff away in her cabinets, and you distinctly make out a bag of alfalfa among the items
  234. "T-thanks Clara, I appreciate you looking out for me, but I really should get home. My cat needs to be fed and all."
  235. >You here her laugh from the kitchen
  236. >"Sure, Anon, I'll take you to your apartment so you can feed your 'cat'."
  237. >It's almost like she's mocking you, albeit in a friendly way
  238. "H-hey! I do have a cat! His name is Mittens and he's adorable!"
  239. >He really was
  240. >"Yeah well so are you, but you can't reach the elevator buttons, or turn the doorknob, or unlock your door, or..."
  241. "I get it!"
  242. >You snap, feeling irritated now, you can't even do simple things by yourself at this size
  243. >You probably wouldn't be using Pon-E if you can't do the simple things
  244. >"By the way, I nabbed your clothes and stuff while you were out. Found your bottle of Pon-E too. It's illegal to carry it with you y'know."
  245. >You roll your eyes, standing up and clumsily hopping off her sofa
  246. "I didn't know that, thanks for the reminder."
  247. >Your pony ears pick up the sound of someone walking into her living room, but Clara is still in the kitchen
  248. >Someone else?
  249. >"Afternoon, Clara, who's this cutie?"
  250. >Turning your head, you spot another pony
  251. >A unicorn stallion
  252. >Another pony in Clara's apartment
  253. >Ohgoddidyougetkidnapped.scree
  254. >Your eyes go wide at this sudden, but probably false, revelation
  255. >"Oh, afternoon Caster."
  256. >You stand there, tense
  258. >"This is Anonymous, it's his first time using Pon-E! He ended up as this cute little bat pony."
  259. >Your eyes flick from Caster to Clara as she kneels down to hug him
  260. >Then the dark haired girl turns to you
  261. >"Anon this is Caster, he's my boy- er... Coltfriend I suppose."
  262. >She's dating a pony?
  263. >Isn't that...
  264. >"It's not weird, lots of people and ponies are doing it! It's becoming more common now that Pon-E is being accepted don'tcha know."
  265. >Oh, huh
  266. >You let out an involuntary scree to relieve your stress
  267. >And earsplitting sound hits Clara and the rust colored unicorn's ears
  268. >They both smack their hands and hooves over them as Clara rushes over to you
  270. >As soon as she reaches you, you stop
  271. >"What was that about!?"
  272. >Clara shouts
  273. >Caster leans against the wall, disoriented, eyes rolling around in his sockets as he looks as though he's about to vomit
  274. "D-defense mechanism I guess."
  275. >She puts both her hands on her hips, staring down at you with a scalding gaze
  276. >"Defense mechanism huh?"
  277. >You look away from her, towards the door
  278. "I thought i was being kidnapped at first, but I know that's not the case now."
  279. >Her gaze lightens up, and you feel two arms wrap themselves under your forearms as she picks you up and hugs you against your chest
  280. >It feels nice
  281. >"I'm sorry if you felt that way, but I'd never do something like that, that's very cruel."
  282. >You hear a snort
  283. >"I dunno, sometimes I feel more like a prisoner than a coltfriend."
  284. >Caster trots his way into the kitchen
  285. >Clara shoots a glare back at him
  286. >"Shuddup, you can leave whenever you want."
  287. >"Yeah, yeah."
  288. >Their playful relationship eases you a little more, it feels good to have a friendly atmosphere
  289. >You suppose your pony emotions are much more sensitive now
  291. >"C'mon, let's get you to your apartment. Be back soon, Caster!"
  292. >"Alright sweetie!"
  293. >You hear more rustling coming from the kitchen, your ears swiveling
  294. >Clara walks over to her door, opens it, and then closes it as you two make your way to the elevator with you in her arms
  295. >"You know, I still get can't over how soft and fluffy your ears look, seriously, they look like two mini-pillows on your head."
  296. >You smile at the compliment, two tiny little fangs poking out of your muzzle
  297. "Thanks, I like them too, they're very warm and really sensitive."
  298. >Clara grins, and moves one arm up towards your head, scratching behind one of your ears
  299. >Ooooooohhhhhhh that is definitely the best part about Pon-E
  300. >A softer, not earsplitting scree makes its way out as you ease into her grip more
  301. "eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..."
  302. >"Aww, how adorable."
  303. >The two of you step into the elevator, and she looks down at you, all while scratching your ears
  304. >"What's your floor again?"
  305. >You briefly come out of your trance
  306. >"I-it's uhh... 22. Floor 22."
  307. >"Awesome."
  308. >You hear a ding as she mashes the button, and the doors slowly close
  309. >Up you go
  310. >Floor 18
  311. >Floor 19
  312. >Floor 20
  313. >The elevator slows to a crawl as the doors open to reveal a dark green pegasus mare with a neon green mane
  314. >She looks up in surprise, then smiles warmly
  315. >"Oh how adorable."
  316. >Clara smiles, unbeknownst to you
  317. >"Yeah, he- she's pretty cute."
  318. >"I'm Grown Grass by the way, mind pressing the button for floor 22?"
  319. >Clara blinks
  320. >"Oh, we were already going there!"
  321. >"How convenient!"
  322. >The elevator doors close on the three of you as the elevator goes up, Clara stops scratching your ears to allow you some reprieve
  323. "We almost there...?"
  324. >"Yeah."
  325. >The elevator pings and the doors open, the three of you step out
  326. "It's apartment 106."
  327. >"Gotcha."
  328. >Grass goes to the opposite end of the hallway as you two make the trek to your apartment
  329. >Grass knocks on Ms.Caldwell apartment
  331. >It hits you that this was the Grass Ms.Caldwell was talking about a few hours ago
  332. >What a small world
  333. >You two stop in front of your apartment
  334. >Clara sets you down, and you stand there patiently as she pats her pockets, looking for your keys
  335. >Her brow twists in confusion
  336. >"Could've sworn I grabbed them..."
  337. "You forgot my keys?"
  338. >She nods her head
  339. >"Yeah, apparently so, mind waiting here for a minute? I won't be long."
  340. >Being alone as small as you are probably wasn't a good idea, but this was a safe community
  341. "Yeah sure, I'll be alright."
  342. >Your ears move down a little bit
  343. >"Great, I'll be back!"
  344. >Clara jogs over to the elevator and gets in, the elevator doors close, and you hear it gently start up and start moving
  345. >Alone
  346. >That's what you are right now
  347. >You look around, not seeing anybody or pony
  348. >So you sit down, leaning your back against your apartment door, making a slight thump
  349. >You hear scratching coming from the other side
  350. >"Mrrrow?"
  351. >Your cat questioned, obviously missing you
  352. >He was very needy
  353. "Don't worry Mittens, daddy will be inside shortly!"
  354. >A pause, then he scratches more
  355. >Of course he wouldn't recognize your voice
  356. >Just then, you hear the door open to Ms.Caldwell's apartment
  357. >Uhoh.jpg
  358. >"Bye, Rosy, be back shortly!"
  359. >A white pony with a rust colored mane comes out, the door closes, and she sticks her tongue out at it
  360. >She grumbles, but your pony ears pick up on it
  361. >"Come back soon my flank..."
  362. >She looks up, and spots you
  363. >"Oh! Hello there young filly, are you lost?"
  364. >Um
  365. "No, j-just waiting for a friend to get the keys to my apartment, I'm Anonymous."
  366. >"Oh, ohhhh, first time using Pon-E?"
  367. >She starts walking towards you, and you shuffle nervously
  368. >Your instincts tell you this isn't good
  369. "Y-yeah, you can do whatever you were gonna do, I'm just waiting here."
  370. >She smiles
  371. >"Nah, I think I know what I'm gonna do."
  372. >You just now notice that she's a unicorn
  373. >BAD BAD BAD
  375. "Y-you really don't need to do anything!"
  376. >The unicorn, Rosy, stops
  377. >"You know, that's a really peculiar suggestion, because I've already made up my mind, little filly."
  378. >You involuntarily scrunch up your muzzle at this remark
  379. "I am not just some little filly! I-I am a grown man who wants some privacy!"
  380. >She smirks, and then quickly lays down in front of you, coming into eye level
  381. >"A grown man, huh? You sure don't look like it to me!"
  382. >Crap, she saw right through you, now you were probably going to be kidnapped, or possibly succumb to a fate worse than death
  383. >A single alabaster hoof reaches towards you, the owner of said hoof still smirking in all her smug glory
  384. >Silly stupid smug unicorn
  385. >It makes brief contact with your snout, then quickly recedes
  386. >"All done!" Rosy cheers in a sing song voice
  387. >She springs up on all four hooves, and then quickly bounds away, giggling while prancing merrily down the hall, turning a corner, then going out of view
  388. >You weren't sure what to make of the experience, other than just being a puddle of confusion
  389. >Naturally, your ears perk and automatically swivel towards the elevator as it chimes and the doors open
  390. >Clara swiftly walks over, then pauses when she sees you in such a confused state
  391. >You didn't realize it, but you were shivering from the contact and in fear
  392. >Stranger danger
  393. >"Are you okay, Anon?"
  394. >She slowly makes her way over, probably not wanting to startle you any further
  395. >"Did something happen while I was gone?"
  396. >She kneels down and reaches a hand out to you, making you flinch back
  397. >"Hey, it's okay." She says in a soothing voice
  398. >Her hand soothingly begins to stroke your head, even going as far as to scratch behind your ear
  399. >It felt really good
  400. >You weren't going to admit that though
  402. >So far this whole Pon-E thing was shaping up to be the best drug trip of your life, if you could even call it a "trip"
  403. >Those sweet, soft, heavenly fingers caressing your ears felt like someone spraying you with a boatload of muscle relaxers with absolutely no negative side effects
  404. >With the way you currently looked, apparently extremely adorable to both human and pony, you wouldn't be surprised if someone ponynapped you and charged others at least 5 dollars just to touch your ear fluff
  405. >You quite liked your ear fluff as a matter of fact, and wouldn't personally charge anybody to touch it, the tactile sensation of having the sensitive fur touched was enough of a payment to warrant touching
  406. >"Anon? You're drooling into my hand a little there, sweetie."
  407. >You snapped out of your dizzy enigma that you deemed paradise, and found your over sized pony eyes gazing up into Clara's
  408. "Uh s-sorry, it feels so good, I can't help myself!"
  409. >Her response was another giggle
  410. >Unfortunately for you, this is when she stopped stroking you, and flicked the tip of your ear before standing up to her full height
  411. >She absolutely towered over you as a human, seeing as you were about the size of a cat right now it made sense
  412. >Your keys in one hand, and the other being pressed against your apartment door, Clara twisted the lock and barged right into your home before you could get a word in
  413. "Yeah, just go in without asking why don't you?"
  414. >Clara smirked without looking at you and trudged right inside, your cat hissed before rushing around the corner to the bedroom, seemingly hiding from the two strangers
  415. "Aw no, Mittens! Come on, don't be like that!"
  416. >You ran between Clara's legs, hauling after your cat
  417. "It's just me, Anon!"
  418. >You hoped your cat would be reassured
  419. >It, however, could not speak English
  420. >The kitty was apparently waiting for you, tucked low to the ground with ears splayed backwards
  421. >He pounced, eliciting a squeak from you and a hiss from the cat
  423. >He pounced, eliciting a squeak from you and a hiss from the cat
  424. "No! Bad Mittens!"
  425. >As the cat launched in the air you closed your eyes and waited for it to strike you, but the strike never came
  426. >You heard a thud, then a sharp mewl as the cat impacted the wall with considerable force, claws tore on the carpet as it dashed off to safety
  427. >You opened your eyes and looked around, your former friend gone
  428. >Looking up, you found Clara standing over you, glaring at the direction where the cat ran off
  429. "Thanks um, Clara."
  430. >You sagged as you shakily got back up on your tiny hooves, definitely not expecting that from your cat
  431. >"No problem, Anon. Sorry about that, but I absolutely did not want to see you get turned into cat food."
  432. "I-it's okay."
  433. >You somberly walked into your small kitchen area and pointed a hoof towards the cat food
  434. "Can you-"
  435. >Clara brightened up
  436. >"Yeah, I can handle feeding a cat."
  437. >She filled up the bowl of cat food, usually that would draw Mittens away from wherever he was sleeping, but for now he seemed to be sulking in a closet somewhere
  438. >You being a pony forgotten, you just went into your relatively clean bedroom and hopped up on the frame-less mattress, flopping over and pulling the covers over yourself into a little makeshift tent of darkness
  439. >Apparently Clara hadn't noticed you hiding
  440. >"Hey Anon! Where'd you go?"
  441. >You heard her walking about your apartment, calling out your name
  442. >It made you feel slightly guilty, but damn these pony emotions for making you depressed about a cat
  443. >You'd heard about Pon-E users become much more sensitive to emotion, but nothing like this
  444. >Finally she noticed your slightly ajar bedroom door, and knocked on it delicately
  445. >"Anon, you in here?"
  446. >You couldn't see her, but she apparently noticed the filly sized lump under the blankets
  447. >"Aw, Anon, c'mon. You're still upset about the cat?"
  448. >You didn't respond, choosing instead to curl into a ball
  450. >As nice as your new friend was, you sort of just wanted to sulk in your pool of depression and loneliness right now
  451. >Clara being Clara; that wouldn't do
  452. >You heard the mattress squeak as she sat down on your bed
  453. >"You have a nice room, you know that?"
  454. >You grumbled, it wasn't all that great honestly, the most expensive thing in your room was your drug stash
  455. "J-just don't go looking around, okay?"
  456. >Unbeknownst to you, Clara smiled mischieviously
  457. >"Oh? The little itsy bitsy filly finally talks!"
  458. >You grumbled again, shifting around irritably, your voice muffled from the layers of blankets
  459. "M'not a filly, you know this."
  460. >Her smile grew as she carefully leaned over your form, trying hard not to let you notice
  461. >The silence was unnerving for you, until you were suddenly blasted with light as the covers were ripped off your body
  462. >You let out a squeak as your eyes were forced to adjust to the light, but in your lapse of nerves, two hands gently yet quickly picked you up and placed you on a warm soft surface
  463. >In no longer than a few seconds you had gone from somber darkness to a warm and safe lap
  464. "Buh-?"
  465. >That was all you could stammer out until you felt your neck being stroked once more, your body sinking into Clara's lap
  466. >"Don't be upset over a little cat, Anon. It's only an animal, just like you're a little filly."
  467. >Your head popped up with indignance, despite the comfort of being pet, you were more than just a little filly
  468. "I am more than just a filly, Clara!"
  469. >Your squeaks laid upon deaf ears as she simply went to pet you again
  470. >You swatted her hand away with a hoof
  471. "Are you listening?"
  472. >Clara chuckled
  473. >"All I hear are the sad cries of a lost man trapped in a foreign body."
  474. >You blinked and got off her lap, staring at her worriedly, you hadn't expected that out of her mouth at all
  476. >She sat there on your bed, staring down at you smugly
  477. "Uh, Clara, I t-think I'd like to spend the rest of my time as a pony alone now."
  478. >Her smugness only grew as she stood up, once more towering over you, only this time you didn't feel like she was being so friendly any more
  479. >"Did you know that it only takes another pill within twenty-four hours to make the user turn into a pony permanently?"
  480. >You hadn't known that, but you did know that you suddenly felt very scared, and was very aware of why your cat may have acted the way it did
  481. >Cats can sense bad people, and were tense around said people
  482. >Your ears splayed back as she procured your bottle of pony from one of her pockets
  483. >"How about we do this the easy way, little filly? I've never seen a man become a mare AND become a filly before, after all."
  484. >You gulped, backing up into your dresser
  485. "N-no I'm good thanks!"
  486. >You dashed away towards the front door, only to find it closed, and you were much too small to reach the doorknob, however instincts kicked in at just the right moment in your primal fear
  487. >For the first time, you used your little bat wings to propel yourself upward, grabbing the doorknob and twisting it, managing to use all of your little strength to pull the heavy door open
  488. >Of course, Clara couldn't have that
  489. >"Oh no you don't, cutie!"
  490. >You were just out the door, even into the hallway, when you felt a certain someone grab your tail, trying to drag you back inside
  491. >You wailed with an iconic bat pony shriek, the pitch much higher being that you were both a filly and terrified out of your skull
  492. >It was like a rape whistle lodged in your throat
  493. "Nooo! I don't wanna be a pony forever! Someone help me!"
  495. >Much to your relief, old Mrs.Caldwell came shuffling down the hall with her "pet" Grown Grass, not really her pet, but Grown Grass benefited from the attention the kind old woman gave him
  496. >They immediately saw you struggling with being pulled into your apartment, face plastered with absolute terror
  497. >"Come on Anonymous, don't you want to be pet and snuggled forever?!"
  498. >You felt her tug once more, your hooves almost slipping from your grip on the doorframe
  499. "Please help!"
  500. >You nearly shouted at the two as they stood stunned, but luckily Grown Grass dashed over, grabbing your forearms with his, and tugged, his strength far outmatched Clara's as you bowled over forward into his chest
  501. >Not without some of your tail hair getting ripped out however
  502. >"Hey, what gives?"
  503. >Clara marched out, and saw Grown Grass holding you in his embrace as you sobbed into his chest
  504. >He glared at Clara with the most hateful look a pony could possibly give
  505. >"You stay right the buck there, miss. Mrs.Caldwell, ring the police!"
  506. >The old lady obliged, giving a final glaring glance at Clara before marching back into her apartment
  507. >"What the buck is wrong with you? You can't just foalnap somepony!"
  508. >Clara smiled innocently, although she knew she was busted
  509. >"I uh, I was just playing games with my boyfriend!"
  510. >You looked up from your sobbing and stared into Grown Grass's scathing gaze
  511. "S-she t-tried to turn m-me into a pony foreverrrr!"
  512. >You once again resumed your sobbing, feeling the stress of the situation overcome you
  513. >The green pony hugged you close
  514. >"Why would you do such a thing you... you... you psycho!"
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