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  1. Kate sat at her computer late at night with a frown as she typed furiously on the message boards. It was well into the AM time, and Kate was arguing with someone over the internet about how soda was terrible and should never be drank by anyone. As odd as the late night argument was, the two had replied to each other over 20 times. While Kate continued to link research and statements about how soda in general was, the other person talked about freedoms and how soda wasn't terrible in moderation.
  3. Just as Kate was about to counter an argument about how advertising had tainted the minds of the younger generation, she glanced down at the time of her computer. It had already reached three in the morning, and she had to get up in less than seven hours. "Ugh...this person's opinion is never going to be changed. Why the heck do I even bother arguing?" Kate typed in one last statement, and then after she pressed enter, she closed the website, and turned off her computer. "I'll respond in the morning...after everyone likes and agrees to all of my comments of course." She told herself.
  5. Kate was not a huge fan of people on the internet. While she loved how the internet was a place where everyone was able to voice their opinions, it was also the downside is that EVERYONE was able to voice their opinions, no matter what it was. Kate covered herself up in her bed with her sheets and pulled out her phone to set up her alarm for the morning. "Of course I have to go to work tomorrow too, ugh. I wish I had a more carefree life and was as unintelligible like some of these people, they must be so happy being stupid. I bet he typed up some stupid response in less than a stupid minute."
  7. As Kate browsed her phone, there was a sudden ding on her phone. She had just gotten a message from a strange number that said 'You're REALLY dedicated to proving someone wrong, aren't you?'
  9. Kate blinked a few times at the message. 'NerdRager001, is that you?' she texted back in confusion. The name of the person she typed in was the same name of the one she was arguing with. She had her doubts it was the same person, and even if it was, they'd probably lie about it. Kate was careful about exposing her information on the internet.
  11. 'Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. I bet if you see someone smoking outside that you'll tell them how bad it is. I mean hell, it's bad. I know it, you know it, and they know it. That isn't going to stop them from doing it' a text read back.
  13. "That's...way over the text limit allowed." Kate mumbled under her breath. She decided to try to ignore the message, although it was hard to resist telling a person how wrong they were. She had many questions, but she put the phone number on block, and then her finger reached for the power button. She had to stop arguing with people at some point.
  15. Before Kate could power off her phone, there was a message from the same number. 'You are not going to hang up and you are always going to watch your phone.'
  17. Kate's finger touched the top of the power button, but she couldn't press down on the button, no matter how hard she wanted to press down, she just couldn't send those instructions to her finger. "H-hey...what?! Dammit." She was ready to just toss the phone now, but she couldn't even let it go, she always had to keep watching it.
  19. 'If you didn't know by now, I'm more than your average internet troll, and we're going to have a LOT of fun together :)' the text read, included with the smiley face at the end. 'Tell me what you're wearing.'
  21. Kate didn't want to respond to such a message. The message sounded as if the person on the other end was some sort of large pervert, but she found her fingers moving on their own to describe her outfit. 'I'm wearing a black t-shirt, gray pajamas, pink underwear, no bra, no shoes, no socks' she texted back. She couldn't believe how she just typed up what she wore and sent the message right back to the person without a second thought. She could tell that this troll was indeed not an average internet troll. Nobody should have been able to make her do things. "M-maybe I just subconsciously want to do these things...yeah that's got to be it." She told herself.
  23. 'Send me a pic with your shirt raised' a text came back rather quickly.
  25. Kate wanted to disobey this order much more than the previous commands, but her body moved on its own. Her shirt raised up and exposed her B cup tits, and she took a picture with a serious frown on her face. She then sent the image back in a text, and she couldn't believe what she had just done. Texting the person about she wore was one thing, but sending them a picture where she lifted her shirt was another entirely! She saw her photo with her serious look, her exposed tits, and the only lightning in the room was the flash from the phone. She felt so exposed and humiliated. 'DELETE THAT RIGHT NOW!' she texted right underneath the picture she had sent.
  27. 'Oh no, I don't think I will. This will get a lot of views, but we can do more than just have you send photos of yourself. Did you ever take an IQ test? How intelligent are you?'
  29. 'I took one in school, and my IQ is 105' that answer she would have texted back to anyone. She often bragged about her IQ being higher than average, even if it was only a little bit higher.
  31. After only a short moment, there was another text. 'You are now dumber. Drop that IQ by 6 points.'
  33. Kate suddenly reached up and held her forehead. She felt a sharp twinge of pain as if a migraine had suddenly come on, but just as soon as the pain came, it subsided. She reread the message again and again, it sounded more like some sort of bizarre command. 'Nice try, but someone doesn't get dumb just by you telling them to. Maybe if they hang out around you long enough they'll get dumber' she texted back with a frown on her face. She then realized that her shirt was still up, so she lowered it back down. She wished she could just end the conversation with this freak then and there, or maybe report them, but she knew reports would do nothing, and no matter how much she wanted to move her hands to hang up the phone, she wasn't able to do so. She couldn't even look away, although she could blink, she couldn't keep her eyes shut.
  35. 'Heh, if you say so. How about you get naked and send me a full body pic?' a text came back.
  37. "NO!" Kate shouted out loud, but she couldn't stop her body from doing what it had to do. She felt her one free hand take off her shirt, and then her pants and underwear. She was naked in bed, and while it was very difficult to get a full body picture of herself, she was able to hold the phone high up enough and get a headshot with her shaven vagina and bare naked pale body, at least down to her thighs. She then sent the photo, and typed furiously how that person had to delete that. Kate wanted to delete it herself, but she just couldn't remember how to do so.
  39. After a short time, there was a response. 'Heh, we should be able to take more pics than that. Why don't you give me a big smile in a pic? Let's make your body feel aroused when you take naked pictures and record yourself. You're a camera slut after all.'
  41. Kate wanted to argue about that, but she couldn't move her hands the way she wanted to. She felt herself take more pictures of her body, and then one with a soft smile on her face that she wanted to erase, but she wasn't in control of herself. She hated how this person seemed to control her so, and worse yet, it was turning her on to take pictures of herself! Each picture she uploaded in the chat for him to see.
  43. 'You're probably a 3 on a one to ten you have a webcam? What am I saying, you probably want to try to make loads of money from home playing damn video games all day. Get up, turn on your computer, and start up the webcam. Then get screenviewer and share it with my IP.' The text then included his IP at the very end.
  45. Kate couldn't believe what the text read, and what was worse how she obeyed it. Her computer was right next to her bed so it wasn't hard to get to it. She turned on her computer, activated her webcam, and followed the text instructions to get screenviewer, a program that allowed remote desktop access to anyone she allowed it to, and then she put in the IP to give that person access to her entire computer. She did this quickly, but it didn't mean she didn't want to undo it the moment it was finished, but she just couldn't move her hand on her mouse or keyboard to close it, but she could move it to anywhere else on the screen.
  47. 'Now, now, get your hands off the keyboard and mouse and start pleasuring yourself. We're going to play a little game.' The text read back. Kate's mouse moved as the person on the other end controlled it. They opened up her web browser and went to a pornography website, at which point they logged in, and with only a few more clicks, they started streaming Kate on the webcam.
  48. 'Smile for the camera! We're recording this for thousands to watch! Make sure to rub those tits of yours and finger your cunt.'
  50. Kate read the text, and then she smiled as she sat in her chair. She tried to block the camera, but the commands made it impossible for her to do so. She felt one of her hands rub her small tits, and another down at her nether lips. "F-fuck..." she mumbled. She hated how much she enjoyed it, but there was nothing she could do to stop it.
  52. 'Oh yes, just like that. Now, let's make some more changes, nothing too drastic, but believable body changes, like say...implants. Grow yourself a pair of Double Dees, and they MUST be implants, not real!'
  54. Kate didn't want to obey that. She wasn't going to go out and get breast implants. It turns out she didn't have to though, as her chest slowly inflated. Her tits grew bigger, rounder, and so perky that it was easy to tell they were fake with just a glance. "NO!" she shouted, but then moaned right after from the pleasure the growing tits gave her. She hated how her hand still squeezed and released her tits. She could feel what felt like sandbags filled up with gel. Her nipples stuck out fully erect right in front of her very roundish tits. "stuhhhooopp!"
  56. 'Blonde hair too, let's make you a full on bimbo. Long full large blonde hair, but it has to look obviously fake!' a text read. One could easily read the excitement that came from the message.
  58. Kate's hair went down to her shoulders, but now it grew and inched down to just above her ass. Her hair fluffed out, and blonde washed over it as if the color were a waterfall on her hair. Kate couldn't see behind her as she had to look at the camera with a smile and play with herself, but she could see herself in a small window from the stream how big and blonde her hair became.
  60. 'Heh, stereotypical bimbos, they're a dying breed because there are SO many fetishes. I think you'd look good in braces, glasses, all sorts of dork shit too, a bimbo dork would be interesting...but let's fill out that body first. Grow out a nice plump fake ass, and show it off.'
  62. Kate couldn't control herself. Her body went stiff as she went through a small orgasm as her ass grew. There was minor dull pain from the growth, but it was quick to subside, as if she had just gotten the implants and the side effect of pain went away instantly rather than needing to wait a week or so for it to end. She still couldn't see it, but when given the order, she turned around to show an ass that had grown to the size of two basketballs, and just as round and fake looking as them too. Her asscheeks were permanently partially spread enough to show off her anus to the world, and while deep down she was humiliated and embarrassed, she didn't show it.
  64. 'Cute. You got the ass, you got the tits, you got the hair...we really need to give you the IQ though. Dumb down that brain by another 5 points. I'd go more, but we have to take this in stages.'
  66. Kate read text after text, and just as she read the point about dropping more IQ, her head hurt briefly once more. She wanted to tell herself that there was no way someone could become a moro...a mor...dumb, at least through means of just TELLING them to be dumb, but then again, she also told herself that she couldn't be physically changed either, and her reflection through the screen proved that more than wrong. She still didn't think, at least she didn't want to think that she had gotten dumber just by reading a message. She couldn't even imagine how it was even possible.
  68. 'You can lower intelligence easily, but you can't raise it that easy' a text read as if the person behind the message had read her very thoughts. 'Now, let's tan that skin and change how you talk. Talk like a stereotypical bimbo from now on.'
  70. Kate watched as her skin took on a rich brown color. The color wasn't quite due to her race, but rather excessive tanning. She imagined that most people who had tanned so much to get skin as dark as she had would have likely some form of skin defects, but there was a small circle around her eyes that was normal. "Like, my gosh what the hell?!" she shouted in confusion, and then amazement at just how...stupid and bimbo like she shouted. She also couldn't stop squeezing her tits or fingering herself, and she had another small orgasm. She let out a moan and watched as she grew wet right in front of the camera.
  72. 'Good, good! Let's keep on going with these changes. Pierce those permanently perky nipples of yours. I'm thinking let's keep it simple with round piercings, kind of like silver earrings.'
  74. Kate let out a loud yelp. The piercing didn't hurt that bad, she exaggerated the pain just a little, but at the same time, it still did kind of hurt physically, and plenty emotionally. She took a quick glance down and noticed that both of her nipples had suddenly been pierced with two small hoop piercings. She poked her perky nipples and shivered at the sensation. It felt so cold to the touch, and the process was done in a snap.
  76. 'It looks nice, but it's not THAT nice...I got it. Lips! Big puffy huge ruby red lips. I'm talking ridiculously huge, but not so huge that they'd be impossible for a normal human to have. Grow some of those.' Emotions were hard to read from texts, but this one text easy to detect how the person that typed it felt. The person on the other end was really enjoying this.
  78. Kate could feel her lips swell, and not to a normal size, but a size that looked as fake as her tits and ass. She hated her new appearance, and while she thought she could do something about it, it would cost a lot to fix her body.
  80. 'I bet you're thinking of money now, well don't worry, you're obviously going to be such a camslut. Look at yourself. You'll be free to play whatever games you want, but you won't be GOOD at them.' It almost sounded as if the text had a laugh to it at the end, even if none was visible or audible. 'Now, how do those big fake nails look?'
  82. Kate looked down at her nails. The length of her nails was unbelievable, and the color of a hot pink she could tell they were fake. She looked like an absolute fake bimbo slut, and with it as hard to think for her as it was, she probably thought just like one as well. She still couldn't believe all of this was done over a silly internet argument, one that barely went anywhere.
  84. 'Now that you're almost fully transformed, why don't we have a little...debate? Why don't you talk about your opinion on implants in front of the camera? Oh, you love them by the way.'
  86. Kate would have denied implants. She knew she hated them even before she was changed. Optional surgeries to look artificially more beautiful was a waste of time and money, but now in the blink of an eye, her thoughts had changed. There was only one issue. While her opinion had suddenly changed, her ideas on why implants were good were few, likely due to her new mindset.
  87. "Implants are don't have to get them, but if you want them, then it's like...freedom of choice and nobody should judge you based on your choices." She remembered the very argument she had earlier about choices, and how she was against someone making a choice that made things worse for themselves. Just like that, she now had to side with the very part of that argument that she was against.
  89. 'Good girl. You should add 'but I'm a huge bimbo, so maybe I'm wrong' at the end of every personal thought too. Just so the world knows your opinion isn't THAT valid.'
  91. Kate couldn't believe the text, but she had to obey it without questioning it aloud. "But then again, I'm a huge bimbo, so maybe I'm wrong." She added a girlish giggle at the end, and whether that was her doing, or the texts doing, she didn't know, but she loathed it. She wanted it to stop. She had been transformed from a normal woman, into some bimbo bombshell completely fake almost everywhere.
  93. 'We're nearly done here. There's definitely more fakeness we can add to your body.' the texts continued seemingly endlessly and quickly. 'Let's start with your hair. Your hair definitely is already dyed fake, but let's take it a step farther. Your hair is now a wig. You have sets of wigs in your closet you can change into.'
  95. Kate felt a small headache hit her forehead, but it quickly passed. She also felt a strange sensation atop her head. She reached up to feel her scalp, and she felt the base of her hair, or rather, her now wig. The hair had gone unchanged appearance wise, but Kate knew. She could feel cold underneath the wig. Her real hair was quite horrible. Years of dying and cleaning and grooming wrongly could do that to a person's hair. She could picture herself without her wig. She had whitish colored hair that was incredibly short and frayed. After all, she had to wear a lot of wigs, so she had to keep her real hair shaven down, and it wasn't worth growing back anyways with how frail it had become over the years.
  97. 'Now...I'm thinking one more change. So much of you is faked beauty, your hair, your nails, your lips, your tits, your ass, but...what about your vagina?'
  99. Kate squeezed her puffy fake lips together as she saw the message. Her vagina was really one of the few parts of her body that wasn't faked in any way, shape, or form. She knew it couldn't be faked though, it was impossible. Her pubic hairs could be removed with lasers, but her sex could never truly be faked, well that is unless the person texted one specific change about her, but she dared not bring up that idea she got in her head.
  101. 'Your vagina used to be a cock' the next text suddenly read 'Enjoy! :)'
  103. "You're like, reading my brain aren't you?!" Kate said out loud before she felt her vagina tingle, at least something that now LOOKED like a vagina. In truth, she had surgery down there. It used to be a cock and balls, she used to be a male, but now she was female, and fake in every possible way. She couldn't remember life with a cock, but it was probably for the best. She looked down at her crotch to see that her clit was still there, but the nether lips just didn't look quite right. The size was too big, but the inside was just extremely off. Now most of her entire body was fake, from her hair down to her crotch. "Are you like, happy now?!"
  105. 'Oh yes, enjoy your new life of fakeness. By the way, give the people a show by playing some games happily. You're a full-fledged bimbo slut now.' a text was quick to come back before the chat suddenly ended, but the webcam stayed on.
  107. Kate grimaced at the text, but her grimace suddenly turned into a smile. "Okay, let's play, uhm...this one!" she started playing a 2d platformer game, but even on the first level she was struggling. Just like that, the last text set her new life in motion, her life with her new many fake assets on her body, and bimbo mindset.
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